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Inspiring Literature Quotes in Minimalist Posters

American illustrator Evan Robertson from design studio Obvious State has designed graphic posters in black and white illustrating famous quotes of worldwide authors : Sartre, Hemingway, Verne, Beckett, Baudelaire, Hugo, Austen, Fitzgerald, Faulkner, Orwell, Melville, Poe and also Salinger. Prints are available on his shop.

2015 will officially end in approximately 4 hours in my time zone.
Thank you for the support through this year and please treat me well in the next year and many years after that too~ :)

Happy new year and may God bless you!

—-Mao Kousei, 2015

The larrie purity test some bloggers must pass in order to avoid lectures is ridiculous. If posters have denounced bullying, accepted Freddie, respects Eleanor and are a supportive fan of Louis, that is enough for me. I honestly do not care what people privately think otherwise. If I did, I’d have to police the entire fandom.

My hard line has always been Freddie deniers, the evangelist larrie bullies/abusers who torment both guys and anyone in their orbit and the ‘big’ larries who are honestly viscious in their behavior, bullying and manipulation.

I think 1D’s stated (or unstated) sexuality should be acknowledged, respected and off limits for debate, but as an avid fic reader, I can’t lie and say that I never speculate about these guys inner workings or fetishize that they would be hot in a gay pairing. So who am I to judge?

Personally, I think a couple of the larrie giffers are exceptional when it comes to Louis content. I mean this is a fandom based on media, and sometimes my decision to reblog really does come down to laughter or nostalgia or entertainment or a certain aesthetic. I also really appreciate the large update account immensely, and I am happy when they share Freddie content and when they do champion Back to You. I also have a ton of respect for the recent home grown anti content creators who make edits, share audio, spread the recent denials and delight in Freddie more frequently.

I have always been a middle of the road anti who picks my battles and is vocal over shitty tinhat behavior toward Louis, Harry, Liam or Zayn or their families and loved ones, but I’m not perfect and I’m never going to pass a purity test and I don’t even want to in the first place.

I’ve seen hardline antis have breakthrough moments when they are sharing insights, myth busting/dropping truths and offering compassion. The larrie jokes and mocking all have their place, and I’ve certainly participated in laughing, pointing and venting, but that is all it is. It’s not doing anything to change the fandom dynamic or its problematic belief system.

Not trying to lecture. Honestly. But sometimes I see condescension aimed at people like me (why are you giving larries notes!!!! On nuetral posts!!! The shock and horror!!!!! They are all the same!!!) or mutuals who have come a long ass way in the past year (yes fine you accept Louis, Eleanor and his kid now but you must put your hand on this anti bible and repel or unpure thoughts of the past), and I can’t help but shake my head at the pettiness of it all.