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Chapter 7: Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (Part VIII)

Corinne was stirring her coffee with Vera’s favourite doggie-face spoon, completely engrossed in her novel. She had no plans for today and decided to spend the day in bed, reading and watching movies she didn’t have time for during the semester. But to do that she first needed to get rid of the massive hangover she brought home with her last night with a proper mug of strong black coffee.

The book, a deep psychological criticism of today’s society from the point of view of a young, unwanted delinquent, was brilliant enough to keep pretty much everyone on the edge of their stool, but today Corinne found herself distracted. She was worried about Věra and the glances she and the new lecturer exchanged in the club. V never had things under control. Since age six she had been a reckless, wild nightmare that got into fights with boys and threw pebbles at the girls who made fun of her braces. Her father hoped it was her rebellious stage, something that will come and go before the year was over, but the truth was V’s rebellious stage never ended. It just got worse.

When she was sixteen boys started noticing she went from an ugly tomboy to an attractive off-the-hook grunge goddess and started expressing their interest in her. Between the two of them there were hundreds of boys trying to get friendly with them. They always came for Corinne’s beauty and fell in love with Věra’s charm. Corinne tried not to be jealous of that, but failed. She knew V felt the same way – like she was always the second choice. Silly, thought Corrine. Věra has never been a second choice. She was the one that stayed with those boys until they found someone who managed to erase the memory of that one hot wild-child with crazy hair and the summer that never ended.

Sadly, V didn’t see it that way and in her mad rush to find someone to love her for her she turned into a reckless, dismissive fool. She set things on fire to gain attention, which only ended up with her winning the hearts of the Chicago PD. And when her father died and the authorities decided to send her to live with her mother? V just lost it. She packed her bag overnight and flew herself to Prague - her father’s place of birth - sending her mother into a rage. It only lasted a day and her mother did not try to fly her back. Corinne guessed that was as much care as V was worth for her - a day. Never more. 

You could say Věra never found a centre for her violent emotions, but she did find her heart. Since day one in Prague she refused to come back, proclaiming she was at home there. Yet, without her, Chicago was a boring place. Corinne went about her senior year, missing her best friend terribly. It was not always easy with her, but it was always fun. Eventually you could say friendship won over practicality when the first day of the holiday Corinne packed up her things and left for Prague.

Like Věra she never thought about returning.

It was a good life. Easy, with Věra acting her usual unhinged self, but being regulated by her love for this city and the life she built for herself here. Corinne started to believe this was it. The two of them, in this city, for ever and ever, without collateral damage. And then this thing happened. Věra turning and looking at a man like that – like there was no one else but them under this big, great sun of ours. The problem was, it was not just any man. It was their teacher. And wasn’t it just like Věra to go and mess everything up without stopping to thing about the consequences for a moment? 

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Quidditch Confessions: Oliver Wood One Shot (Requested by Anon)

Request:  One where during quidditch i get hurt really bad and oliver says that he loves me. Please make it cute 😀 oh and if you do personals my name is Cato

A/N: I don’t do personals!

Your P.O.V 

“Now (Y/N), remember what I told you.” Oliver Wood lectured me again, following me out onto the field while our weekly Quidditch practice was about to begin.

“Always dodge the bludger, and don’t get tempted by it.” I recited, annoyed. I scoffed and went on top of my broomstick and hovered over the ground a bit.

“I’m not kidding you, (Y/N). We can’t have a repeat of last time.” He warned me.

A couple of months ago during one of our practices like today, I decided it would’ve been a splendid idea to see if I was able to dodge a upcoming bludger. I had a little too much pumpkin juice that day during lunch, and I ended up getting hit right in the stomach. Yes, I did throw up. And yes, I sort of stopped drinking pumpkin juice that day since I thought it was bad luck.

I couldn’t keep up my fast long enough. I eventually gave in and started drinking it again. Who doesn’t love pumpkin juice?!

“Yeah yeah yeah, I know. Can I go now?” I asked, growing impatient.

“Off ya go.”

I smiled and instantly sped up to the sky. I stopped along the barrier of the field, looking down at the grass below me. I always loved the feeling of being in the air. It somehow soothed me.

I looked over at Harry. He was struggling to put on his goggles. Fidgeting like a mad man, I flew over to him and giggled.

“What do you want now, (Y/N)?” He whispered, tugging at the strap behind him.

“Those aren’t being put on right.” I chuckled.

“What do you mean? This is how Fred told me to do it!” Harry fired back in astonishment. I giggled even more as I peeked back at him.

“You know, the strap isn’t supposed to be on top of your head.” I said, trying to contain my laughter but failing.

“Dammit, I knew there was something off about his instructions.

“I thought you knew better, Harry.” I continued to laugh while fixing his goggles. In a second, they were properly fit and a smile gazed onto his face.

“Better?” I asked.

“Better. Thanks.” Harry said back, setting his hands onto the tip of his stick.

I hovered beside him and looked down, preparing for the workouts we’d have to do today. A loud whistle blew from above, signaling all of us to hover back down and be given information about our practice.

Fred and George were right next to me. Fred looked over to Harry, completely astonished at the sight.

“Harry! That’s not the way I told you to put on your goggles!” He yelled over.

“Oh, shove off! I knew you were lying the second you told me to do a back flip off my stick to get them tight!” Harry shouted back, an annoyed tone in his voice. I began to laugh once more.

“Everyone! Attention!” Oliver shouted from below. All eyes and heads shifted downwards, looking at the young leader.

“Alright. Now, today we’ll be practicing our turns! I’ve noticed that some of you haven’t exactly mastered the sharp turn yet so we’ll be going over that today!”

“Great. Now we’ll just have another accident.” George scoffed.

“I heard that Weasley!” Oliver shouted.

“Which one? Number one or number two?” George joked, earning laughs around the circle. Oliver just rolled his eyes.

“Now remember, grip onto your sticks and lean to the side just a bit and lunge forward. Follow that, and you’ll do just fine!” Oliver lectured once more. Nods were exchanged as we all headed off.

Turning was just about one of the easiest things we could ever do during practice. We would all just chat amongst one another, exchanging laughs and grins in-between. The only hard thing was the large group that was around, so you had to be careful with where you went.

As we went into our final round of turns, Fred came a little close to me. I had no room to move, and I became worried that I would end up crashing into something.

“Fred, can you move a bit?” I asked, getting a bit scrunched up in-between.

“Just hang in there, (Y/N). We’ll be finished soon.” He mumbled. I gave him a weak smile.

As we took our final turn, my broom spun out of control. I crashed into Fred’s left arm and went flying down. Gasps and shouts escaped out of people’s mouths as I fell arm first onto the ground. I let out a whimper as I held onto my arm, trying to get up as Oliver’s arms wrapped around me.

“Oh my god! (Y/N), are you alright?” He asked in a frantic tone.

“Yeah yeah, I’m fine.” I said in almost a whisper. He sat me down on a bench inside one of the tents, and I fell over with a plop!

“Oh good Lord.” He said to himself, helping me up. Oliver gently set my head on his shoulder, sullenly shushing me when I whined from the pain.

“Don’t move. Just stay like this for a while and I’ll get you some ice soon.” He warned me.

“Why are you so nice to me?” I grumbled.

“B-Because I love you, dammit.” Oliver said under his breath. Even under all the pain I was in, my eyes went wide and I was utterly surprised at his sudden outburst.

“Wait, what!” I almost yelled.

“Shush.” Oliver quieted my down. In his tone, I just knew that he knew that I heard him. I could hear the panic in his voice.

“Just rest up a bit and I’ll take you to the hospital wing. Your arm is growing even more terrible by the minute.”

“Ehhhh, alright.” I slugged out my words, drifting off to sudden sleep as his arms hugged my waist.

“Fucking hell, Wood! Why would you say that?!”

Bárcsak lenne több időm...

Exchange is change. Rapid, brutal, beautiful, painful, colourful, unexpected, overwhelming and completely constant change. Change in country, language, friends, family, habits, slepping patterns, dependency, experiences, intelligence, smells, likes, loves… a change in priotities and a change in life. Exchange is realising that everything you thought was wrong is simply a differing alternative to what you once thought was right.

Exchange is moving from thinking you know who you are, to having no idea who you are at all, and it’s slowly becoming someone new. Not entirely new, because you are still the person you were before, but with a simple difference: you climbed the mountain that so many people told you was impossible. You know how it feels like to be on your own and it made you grow. You swam the ocean and it’s tides took you and changed you and made you better. 

Exchange is thinking. All the time. About everything. Thinking about those strange costumes and customs and that strange culture, the strange food, the strange language. You think about why you’re here and not back home, and about what it’s going to be like once do go back, but not back home because you know that your home has forever been split into a thousand tiny pices and spread across the world. You think about how your friends will react when you see tham after so long, You think about how to spend your afternoons, about which movie to watch or which series to start watching. You’re constantly thinking about what is right and what is wrong. About how stupid you just sounded with your comments or how rude you just were to someone without meaning to be. About whether you should go home after school or hang out in the city or at someone’s place until midnight - someone you didn’t even know existed 12 months ago. You think about whether or not you will have plans. At first about who is inviting you at all, and in the end about where you’re supposed to go because you’ve been invited to ten different things. Yoy’re always thinking about the point of this all: the sense of it, of life, of who you want to be now that you’ve done everything that you have. And you’re always about what the hell that old lady at the bus stop just gave you a lecture on.

Exchange is music. New music, weird music, cool music, music you will remember your whole life as the soundtrack to your exchange. Music that will make you cry because of the love and the memories you have or because the lyrics express every feeling you could possibly feel. Music that makes you feel like you could take on the whole world. And then there’s the music you make: the conversations, the constant battle with pronounciation, the laughter, the tears…

Exchange is uncomfortable. It’s feeling out of place, like you have a 3rd eye or 7 fingers. It’s talking to people you don’t like in a language you barely know. It’s giant insects, it’s cold, it’s hot. It’s homesickness and actual sickness, it’s awkward silences and its feeling guilty because you didn’t talk to someone that day, be it at home, on skype or at school.

Exchange is connecting, and learning. It’s feeling the bonds between you and your host parents and siblings grow. It’s knowing in which cupboard the chocolate is and how to work the oven and how to work the shower. It’s creating relationships with people from all over the world. It’s having a place to stay in almost every country you can name. It’s having your heart split so much that home is no longer a single place, but rather more places than you can count on your fingers and toes.

Exchange is people. Those incredibly strange, beautiful, amazing people who look at you like you’re an alien but who have let you into their lives and into their hearts like the differences between you are nothing. There are people who know your name, even though you have never met them and there are times when you feel like you know the entire city. There are people who talk about you behind your back and people who make fun of your country and the way you speak and who comment and contradict every little thing that you know how to do, people you are told to stay away from, people who aren’t worth your time.

Then, there are people who are too afraid to talk to you and who you have to be content to admire from distances, people who ooze confidence and people who are incredibly funny. There are people who are incredibly frustrating, but who are often the same people that wil gladly feed you when you have no money left for the month. There are people you could stare at for hours or days or weeks, people you could talk to for hours, people who hold you in just the right way, people that invite you into their homes and into their families. People who keep you company, people who make you smile. These are the people that are priceles - the people what became your friends.

Exchange is falling in love. With this amazing, beautiful, wild, different, incredible country, with the people that live there, with their way of life - with your way of life. It’s falling in love with food and with friends, it’s falling in love for real. It’s also falling in love with your home country: realising how truly great it is, but never the less not wanting to go back to it.

Exchange is growing up and realizing that everybody is the same, no matter where they’re from. That there are great people and douche bags everywhere and that it only person who can determine how good or bad a day is going to be is you. It is realizing that you can be on your own, that you are an independent person and it’s trying to explain that to your parents.

Exchange is an extension of yourself:  it’s nothing like you expected it to be, and everything you wanted it to be. Exchange is the best year of your life so far. Without a doubt. And it’s also the worst. Without a doubt. 

Exchange is learning that time passes, and people change, and that life doesn’t stop, not for anyone.

Exchange is realising that life is short: that time really does run out.

It is something no one back at home will ever truly understand.

anonymous asked:

Since I saw some people sharing their SS stories with you I thought why won't I share as well? I was the happiest guy when I read chapter 699 and went to my lecture (I was exchange student in Seoul) and since I was so happy I smiled so much my prof noticed it and was like "why u so happy" and I was like "well,SS is canon now". Of course,I didn't expect him to understand but SURPRISE. My prof stopped the lecture asked if I can send him the link to the newest chapter. Well I did. (Part 1)

I was taken aback by such request cuz I mean he is my prof and SS fan? Holy cow! The next day I had tutorial with him and we just sat there discussing last chapters and he just wouldn’t shut up how he always knew that SS were a thing from the beginning. It was so weird but funny. Obviously,he is still my favorite prof!^_^ btw, your blog is very interesting,keep up the good work man! (Part 2)

Hearing all these amazing stories from you guys regarding SS kinda leaves me feeling a little deflated about my own experience. When I discovered their canonisation along with NH, ST, SI and CK, I literally just said “huh! that’s nice”, and continued reading. Lol, that was literally it. I just read the chapters in my room like any other day, lol.

But man, that must have been great! :D

I Just Dont Know Yet (Jack Barakat)

Not Requested. My Personal Choice. And I’m doing this one in chapters if you guys want. nope im doing it in chapters fuck tards

“You’re such a dork” I mumbled quietly making sure only Jack would hear me. He was drawing dicks on the side of my note paper while Ms.  Sanchez lectured us about the war. Like she did every day.

 “That’s not nice” he stopped his laughter and gave me a pout.

“I’m sowwy” I pouted as well mocking him.

“Shh…”  Several people simultaneously said toward me and jack.

We just exchanged looks and tried not to laugh. Jack grabbed a piece of paper from his notebook and tore one out. He grabbed my pencil from my hand and wrote something on it. He folded it up and pushed it toward me.

I unfolded the paper and read it my head   ‘hey ;) ‘

I smiled to myself and grabbed the pencil back to Jack.

I wrote down hey back and I folded it up and gave it back to him. I looked back at the presentation my teacher was giving but before I knew it jack had placed the paper in front of me and gave me a cheesy smile.

‘Wanna come to my house after school?’

‘Hmm, sure.’

‘Heck yeah’

I smiled at the paper. But before I could put it away, a pair of hands with claws snatched it away.

“HEY!” I yelled but quickly stopped myself from getting out of control. I realized who it was it was Ms. Sanchez and her ugly oversized nails.

“What’s this?” she said unfolding it.

“I’m pretty sure you know what it is. Now can I have it back?” I said in a stubborn tone.

“Not with that attitude, little Miss.”

“I guess I’ll just have to read it out loud don’t I” she said unfolding the paper.

“NOPE” jack yanked the paper out of the teacher’s hands.

“Mr. Barakat, Hand me the paper” but before the teacher could take it back. Jack crumpled up the paper and placed it in his mouth.

“See me after class”

“Okay” He said looking at me and laughing because the paper was all soggy.

The teacher soon went back to the causes of WWI & WWII. While she was lecturing me and jack exchanged faces mocking Ms .Sanchez.  But I’m pretty sure she noticed. But what does it matter she was kind of a Bitch to us to. But who knows what’s up with her. After 10 minutes which felt like Hours. The bell had rang. We packed up and I started walking out. Jack tried sneaking out knowing he had to stay to deal with Miss. But she caught him. And called him back in.

“Jack” she said.

“Dammit” Jack mumbled under his breath.

“May I see you for a couple of minutes?”

“Yeah” he said turning on his heels back into the classroom.

“Wait for me babe” he turned around one last time to tell me. My checks instantly turned red. And my stomach twisted. I stood outside of the classroom stuck in the thoughts of what Jack said. Could this mean anything? Or was that just what best friends do. I mean I’ve heard him say it a couple times before but I wasn’t sure if he really said it. What if he does like me, like I like him. I smiled to the ground. The thought of me and jack always made me happy.

What are you all smiley about?” Jack said while walking out of the classroom.

“Oh nothing. What she say?”

“Nothing much Just that I got to stay afterschool Monday for detention. Shall we go to my house? ” he shrugged.




“Wait for me Babe” I turned around quickly walking to miss. Did I really just say that? Oh god, hopefully she doesn’t find out that I like her. I don’t want to ruin this relationship we have. But it’s just that she’s so pretty and her smile, god that smile, and her eyes, and everything about her. I should tell her. But then I shouldn’t why this is so difficult. She’s spending the weekend with me. I should tell her then. 

“Mr. Barakat! Mr. Barakat!” The teacher snapped her fingers in my face. Wow did I really just ignore everything she said?

“Yeah?” I said looking toward her.

“Did you hear a single word I just said?”

Yeah, yeah.” I said rather quickly.

“What did I say?”         

“Mm detention Monday and Tuesday” I said grabbing my backpack and note book from her desk and started walking outside where (y/n) was.

I took a quick peek out the door to see if she was still there. She was smiling to the ground. She looked so beautiful. I wonder why she’s smiling; she probably got a text from someone I don’t know.

“What are you all smiley about?” I said rather creepy. Dammit why did I just say that?

“Oh nothing. What she say?”

“Nothing much Just that I got to stay afterschool Monday for detention. Shall we go to my house? ” I shrugged. Wait didn’t she say Tuesday as well? Whatever there’s nothing important anyways?

There was an awkward pause. I was stuck in my thoughts and she was stuck in hers.

“Hmm to my house” I said as I rubbed the back of my neck.

“Oh yeah”

We walked out of the campus and started walking to my house. It wasn’t very far. It was about 3-4 blocks away so it didn’t take long. We started talking about plans for this weekend. Movies, junk food, video games, and other possible activities. We did this probably every weekend either at my house or hers. Before we knew it we were at my house and I opened the door.

“Where’s your mom?” she asked me placing her stuff down.

She had to go to something in Wisconsin.”

“Wow all the way out there. And what about your little sister?”

“She’ll be here in a little bit she went to one of her stupid friends houses.” I rolled my eyes. I loved my sister but at the same time she irritated me.


“Are you sure your goanna leave your little sister with your dad?”

“Hell no! I told her to spend the weekend with one of her friends. As much as I love her I need a break from family and I think she need on too” she said as she walked into the kitchen with me. We made sandwiches and got soda out to eat for a while. After a while my little sister came home.

“What’s up (y/n)” Joanna said to( y/n)

“Hey Joanna”

“Are you staying?”

“Yeah actually”

“Joana stops being a little pain and go play with your dolls or something.”

“I’m 13. I don’t have dolls. You ass”

“Don’t use that tone with me”

“Shut up stupid. I’ll tell mom you bring (y/n) home without her permission”

“Dammit you little shit. Okay what’s it goanna take for you not to tell mom?”

“$50 bucks”

“Fuck you”

“Okay ill just tell mom when she comes back”

I reached into my pocket and grabbed two $20’s and a $10. And handed it to her.

“Okay” she said

I glanced at (Y/n). And she looked back at me and started laughing.

“Hey that’s not funny” I pointed at her.

“Actually it is. You just gave your 13 year old sister $50. And how old are you? 17 that’s right”

She started laughing uncontrollably.

“Oh be quite I’m older than you too!”

“I’m 16” she crossed her arms and furrowed her eye brows.

“Still older” I said picking up our plates and put them in the sink.

“Well the older one gots to make the popcorn while I go play the movie” she said running into the living room.

(Y/N)’S P.O.V

I placed my favorite movie into the DVD player. I sat down and waited for jack to come. All I was waiting for was the popcorn but jack had other plans. He brang 2 cups of lemonade chips and popcorn. He placed it on the coffee table.

“Ironman? Again?”

“Yes Again” I said. Sticking my tongue at him.

“Whatever. But the Next Movie is going to be Home Alone”


“Bitch” he said throwing Popcorn at me.

“Ass” I said tossing chips at his face. And taking a sip of his soda. But I ended up spilling it all over myself instead.

“Dumbass” he laughed

“Shut up”

“Pause the movie and meet me up stairs.”


“So I can’t give you one my shirts”


I paused the movie and ran up to jacks room. He was standing in front of his closet.

“blink-182 or GreenDay?” he said holding up 2 shirts.

“You should already know the answers GreenDay”

“Blink182 is still better” he said tossing me the shirt.

Sure, now where can I change?”

“Hmm change in here because my little sister in the restroom taking a shower.”

“Cool” I said as he walked out. I took off my shirt and changed into jacks. I had shorts from P.E in my backpack so I changed into those. I put my clothes into my backpack and ran downstairs.

“Damn” jack said causing me to blush”

“Oh shut it” I said and sat right beside jack. And hitting him on his shoulder.

“Don’t hit me”

“Well I just did what are you going to do about it Barakat.”

But before I said anything else he attacked my sides tickling me in the places he knew it affected me the most. Next thing I knew I was on the ground.

“Stop! Jack!” I said trying to catch my breath. He pinned my down and stared straight into my eyes. And I did his. His big brown eyes.

“HOLY SHIT!” I heard a familiar voice saw from the other side of the room. Around where the door was.

“Hmm, oh god. I’m sorry” he said standing up and pulling me up.

“Alex what’s up” jack and I said almost simultaneously.

“Hmm nothing sorry to barge in.”

“What are you doing here?” jack said with furrowed eyebrows.
“Well I remember texting you telling you I was going to come over. But I didn’t know you would have your girlfriend over and you guys were going to be making out”

“Alex” jack said a little quietly almost telling him to stop.

“Um were not going out” I said interrupting there conversation.

“Oh, really.” Alex said winking at me making me blush.

“Alex” jack said another time.

“That’s my name. You should be remembering it because you’ll be screaming it later (y/n)” he said smirking.

“Oh god” I mumbled.

“You’re a dick” jack said under his breath.

“Why don’t we just watch movies until we fall asleep” I said hoping they won’t say another word.

“Yeah” Alex said sitting down between me and jack. It was kind of irritating but I don’t know I’ve known Alex for a long time to. And he was kind of cute. I mean Jack obviously didn’t like me so why don’t I get to know Alex a little more.

Half way through the movie Alex did one of those cheesy guy things when they yawn and wrap their hands around my shoulder. It was kind of adorable.

I looked over to jack who was obviously didn’t notice. And leaned a little into Alex.

The movie finally ended and we were worn out. Jack offered me his bed to sleep in but I didn’t want to take that from him. I laid on the couch and Alex in the other one. I didn’t fall asleep easily stuck in the thought of Jack but could I also like Alex? I didn’t know anymore. My phone rang and it was a text from Alex.

‘Hey, it’s cold’

‘Oh yeah? What do you want me to do magically make you warm?’

‘come lay with me?’



‘okay’ I sighed and went over to where Alex was. And laid down with him. He placed his arm around me and I laid on my side next to him. I quickly started dozing off, I was thinking about jack. And how we would always sneak into each others rooms and lay down together. Maybe Alex was a sign that I should move on. But its kind of hard. I don’t know what to do anymore.

____________________________________ Sorry for all the mistakes I wrote this one rather quickly.
What happens when I go to bed drunk:

I was literally dreaming about McHanzo and here is what I remember:

- Teachers/professors at the same school/college. They do a good job of keeping their relationship under wraps until Hanzo walks out of McCrees office wearing McCrees shirt (and vice versa). Bonus ruffled post sexytime hair.

- Same setting but Hanzo got really sick. Didn’t tell McCree he was coming home from hospital and McCree opens his door to see Hanzo in the hospital wheelchair, with a tired smile on his face. (Still with oxygen cannula thing but he was stubborn about going home)

- Same setting where they hook up in McCrees office and Hanzo gets dressed so fast he doesn’t realize his shirt got torn in the sex process. (McCree tore his shirt off too enthusiastically jfc). Doesn’t realize until he gets to his class/lecture and the students start exchanging money and laughing. (Bets were taken on whether or not he and McCree were getting it on)

- In this setting for some reason Hanzos parents were assholes and didn’t accept their son dating a guy. It was raining heavily but Hanzo just walks to McCrees place and when McCree opens the door to see his sad partner, he just pulls him inside and hugs him, even though Hanzo is soaked from the rain.

- They got drunk and they got each others names tattooed on their asses.

Eloquence [college au]

Fandom: Zootopia
Pairing: Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps
Rating: T
WC: 876

Part of the Impressions series!

“As you can see, the Mammal Inclusion Initiative is a great proposal that would provide countless opportunities to our population,” Judy stated, using her clicker to skip to the next slide of her PowerPoint. She glanced at the large lecture hall in front of her, heart wavering a bit at the sight of so many emotionless, unblinking faces. It’s not that she was afraid of public speaking (she actually enjoyed it, probably more than she should have), she just didn’t want to do a bad job. Her fellow classmates weren’t giving off any feedback though, and she had to grit her teeth to not fume about the ones blatantly on their phones.

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