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My sister knows a chemistry professor from Harvard who won the Nobel Prize in 2013. He’s coming to my university to give a physics related colloquium lecture. I’m not a huge fan of physics, but have a lot of respect for this professor, so I am very interested in attending his lecture. Furthermore, my sister even told him in person that I am planning on attending; so he is expecting me to be there. Problem is that I have physics discussion/quiz at the same time as his lecture. The quiz is administered during the last 20 minutes of discussion. If you miss the first 10 minutes of discussion, you get an automatic 0 for the week.

My physics TA told me that I can’t take the quiz early unless I have a disability.

My physics professor told me that I can’t make it up and that my reason is not valid.

I emailed the chemistry professor and he himself suggested that I be excused from discussion that week to attend his lecture.

I emailed the head of the physics department at my university explaining my situation, and he says he’s going to make an arrangement for me to get an excused absence and be able to attend the professor’s colloquium lecture, therefore not impacting my quiz grade.

TL;DR: A chemistry professor who won the Nobel prize and the head of the physics department is overruling my physics professor and TA’s quiz attendance policy in order to let me attend the colloquium lecture. 

So to my professor and TA who told me I had no choice but to take a 0 for going to a physics-related event:

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4/100 days of productivity [6-4-2017]
ANOTHER DAY OF PRODUCTIVITY 💃🏽💃🏽 .. I had to TRY to finish this lecture -CKD- & I still couldn’t do it 😂😩

-Me : 0
-CKD Lecture : 1 😏

*This me studying 📖 01:00 a.m [ the mac 💻 is my lightening source 🤦🏽‍♀️🔦]*

I’ll finish it tomorrow because I need to sleep 😴

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hey kylie, do you have any cute dress recommendations??? i really like the ones that are on kfashion instagrams at the moment

  • i recently received this collared skater dress from boohoo and it’s so cute omg i got so many compliments and the material is super comfortable
  • reallyyyyy cute grid print pinafore dress from 99bunny
  • i’ve had my eye on this mesh skater dress for so long but they only ever had one size and the bust was way too small… but i just saw this again now and there’s bigger sizes!!!
  • sleeveless corduroy dress, a cute kfashion style, the preview pics have good coordinate ideas! use code ‘kylie’ for a discount
  • sleeveless gingham dress, another adorable kfashion style, use code ’kylie’ for a discount!
  • i really like t-shirt dresses atm, they’re really chill and i can go to lectures with 0 effort haha

CSULB Tumblr Meet-up!


A bunch of our Art-110 students will be using tumblr this semester, and I know a bunch of students already use tumblr for all kinds of stuff… so… CSULB Tumblr meetup!

Tuesday January 24, 1-3pm CSULB, AS-114D Everyone welcome!

(AS-114D is a conference room at the very south end of the AS building (Next to the Beach Hut) you go in the outer door and walk thru a small hallway to 114D. I’ll bring gallons of iced tea! :)