Submitted by MycroftsAngelEyes

Mycroftsangeleyes, I’m actually ecstatic that you submitted this. The reason Lecter is unique is because he has a completely different value system from “normal” society. What we might consider a small offense, such as rudeness, he considers “unspeakably ugly”; what we view as a horrifying crime- for instance, cannibalism- to him is justice. However, many of his cultural values are in sync with the upper classes. Also, he is capable of having human emotions and of having feelings towards others, unlike the true sociopath. In this sense, you are correct in saying that he really cannot be labeled.

Lecter never could exist in the real world. His actions, reactions, thoughts, and emotions are all too exaggerated to be anything more than fiction. However, I believe we can all agree he is a fascinating theoretical subject. Thank you for this fabulous submission!