lecter's office

Character aesthetic:
⠀⠀Will Graham

Steamy warm coffee and a good book
Bloody flaked knuckles
Dark silent woods housing a raging river
A family of seven stray dogs
Closet filled with flannels
Hannibal Lecter and his office

Hannibal AUs

AU where Hannibal Lecter is a dolphin: The Chesapeake Flipper 

AU where Hannibal Lecter plays soccer: The Chesapeake Keeper

AU where Hannibal Lecter sells office supplies: The Chesapeake Clipper

AU where Hannibal Lecter is a dominatrix: The Chesapeake Whipper

AU where Hannibal Lecter only drinks through straws: The Chesapeake Sipper

AU where Hannibal Lecter is generous with the serving staff: The Chesapeake Tipper

AU where Hannibal Lecter is footwear: The Chesapeake Slipper 

AU where Hannibal Lecter loves jumping: The Chesapeake Skipper 

AU where Hannibal Lecter is a device for binding the edges of an opening of fabric: The Chesapeake Zipper   

AU where Hannibal Lecter can only be woken up by true love’s kiss: The Chesapeake Sleeper 

AU where Hannibal Lecter works for FedEx: The Chesapeake Shipper 

And their heart in their throat


Jonathan’s one suit was getting a lot of use these days. Today he was out of dress shirts, so he went for his lucky sweater vest over a SANTA TADEO PLACEBO CENTER t-shirt he’d gotten for buying six rocks in a row. 

They’d ordered a therapist for him, after everything he’d been through. More likely, they thought a therapist could coax a coherent statement out of his broken, frightened mouth where a lawyer couldn’t. The first therapist hadn’t ended well–she’d taken his stuffy from him and made fun of him when he’d cried and begged her to give it back, and he’d ratted on her for that. For this reason, he’d left his stuffed animal at home, where he couldn’t be taken away. He’d brought a notebook, like his officer had suggested, so that he could remember what they went over. 

Outside Dr. Lecter’s office, Jonathan hesitated. Was there any proof in psychoanalysis? Then he chuckled, a wild horsey sound like a sprinkler going mad. Was there any proof that what happened to him really existed? He remembered there was a dark place, and his boyfriend, who bit him and cut him, but then there was something about the fishes, there in the dark, and fishes can’t be doctors. Funny, funny fishes.

Still chuckling, he walked up the stairs and took out a novel to read while he waited for Dr. Lecter to call him in.

We are just alike. You’re as alone as I am.

Hello, everyone!
I finally managed to finish something, yaay! This is actually not my first version of this drawing, but I went too overboard with details on the first version and decided to settle for this one xD
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