I photograph a lot of stuff that I never get paid for. Most stuff actually. It’s not a business model they would teach at Harvard.

This photograph is just one example of why I do. A few months back, early one foggy morning I was out wandering and stumbled upon Katy and her dad and their two dogs. They graciously gave me about 30 minutes of their time. We photographed, and chatted, and then I moved on. Less than two weeks later their dog Duchess (on the left) suddenly passed away.

I printed up a few 8x11 prints and finally got around to dropping them off this evening, and they were touched by the sight of them. That experience, of seeing them look at a two dimensional print and becoming filled with emotion, and love, and gratitude, is more valuable than any paying gig I can imagine. It’s important, and intrinsically, it’s why I document.   © Darrell Lecorre