leconte creek

This is LeConte Creek, which flows behind the abandoned homestead known as the Noah “Bud” Ogle place. Located right outside of the bustling tourist city of Gatlinburg, this charming location offers a lovely nature trail that isn’t difficult to walk on at all. In this photo, you can definitely see why the Great Smoky Mountains National Park would be considered to be a rain forest.

The Noah Ogle place is part of the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail.

I’m not entirely sure on if this waterfall has a name, so for now, I’ll refer to it as LeConte Falls, named after the creek it can be found on. LeConte Falls flows behind the remains of an old tub mull, which was built alongside the creek. It can be found on the nature trail that can be found behind the Noah Ogle place in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.