leckie x hoosier

Loosier AU idea (yes, I am team Loosier)

AU where Leckie is a famous author/poet and Hoosier is a reporter

Hoosier is supposed to be interviewing Leckie about his recent book but he won’t stop fucking flirting with him

It would be slightly less awkward for everyone else in the studio if Leckie wasn’t flirting back

Luckily Chuckler is a really good editor so the studio has something to submit to the Tv network

But someone on the camera crew got ahold of the cut clips where they’re flirting with each other and posts it on YouTube (probably Snaf tbh)

It goes viral and rumors start to fly that Leckie and Hoosier are dating

Runner, Leckie’s agent, is freaking out that he’s involved in a scandal but Leckie just thinks it’s hilarious

He starts inviting Hoosier to dinner parties and get-togethers just to fuel the rumors because he’s a major troll

And Hoosier plays along because they’re both cynical little shits

One night at a party Hoosier gets drunk and kisses Leckie and someone gets a photo of it

The media goes nuts

Leckie and Hoosier think it’s the funniest thing to ever happen to them

They start dating a month later

A Lesson in Distance Romantics - dolly_dagger87 - Band of Brothers, The Pacific [Archive of Our Own]

Title: A Lesson in Distance Romantics

Rating: Explicit

Fandom and/or Pairing: Band of Brothers; M/M: Joseph Liebgott/David Webster, Charles Grant/Burton Christenson, Robert Leckie/Bill Smith

Characters: Joseph Liebgott, David Webster, Charles Grant, Donald Hoobler, Robert Leckie, and Bill Smith

Warnings: This fic contains consensual sex between two undger age males.

Word Count:47974

Summary: “We’ll figure it out,” Webster said. “We will test the limits of my parent’s long distance plan. We’ll text, we’ll email, and we’ll figure it out.”

This is the story of how David Webster and Joseph Liebgott figure it out. A sequel to A Lesson in Summer Romantics.

tomasortegxs  asked:

OMG I HAD A THOUGHT in the wee hours between sleep and awake this morning: what if in the college AU leckie and hoosier start out as friends with benefits?? leckie would be trying to hide the fact that he's caught feelings while hoos would be denying the fact that he has any at all for such an annoying literature nerd

shssjskdm okay but how did the whole fwb thing happened? who proposed it? does everyone know and keeps asking them if they are dating? or do they keep it hush hush until someone finds out (Sid) and yells out a “oh my god! ARE YOU GUYS FINALLY dating?”

  • Chuckler: How long have you been sleeping with Leckie?
  • Hoosier: What?...I don’t even get…Why would…I…I’ve never had sex with anyone anywhere. It’s none of your…You have the nerve, the audacity…And how…How do I know, frankly, that you’re not sleeping with him? Maybe you are. Maybe you’re trying to throw me off.