lechon belly


Lechon Belly

It was my first day in my hometown and I was bombarded by food. The highlight of my night was when I tried the new craze in town - Lechon Belly. It’s actually Lechon without the bones, which makes it so much better! 

Located at a corner of Cebu’s Parkmall, it is filled with people. Knowing that it just opened last Easter, people have been wanting to try the new craze. My family wanted to try to and we loved it! Provided with a reasonable prize, you would not be filled with dismay as you can eat almost everything given to you unlike eating an ordinary lechon where you have to avoid the bones.

If you are in for a cheap treat, I recommend you trying this! Though I do not recommend for you to eat it everyday :)) If ever you’re craving for Cebu Lechon, you can always go to Parkmall to try! :D