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Hurts @ Poznań 21.09.2013 by me

I just came back from Poznań and the whole weekend was one of the kind!

The concert was wonderful , I was standing in the 2nd row.

My two friends named Ewelina had  t-shirts with title “Evelyn” and when Theo saw this while singing this song ,he started to laugh pointing a finger at girls.

On “Miracle” we had a sentence on cards - “Photo with Hurts = Miracle” and all song we kept it in the air.

I didn’t know if it would work but we tried really hard.

After the show,we’ve waited outside the brewery and almost everybody wanted to go at once to after party,but I said-“be patient”.

In a short time Lael &Paul came to us and later appeared Mr.Anderson.

We started to chat with them,making photos and collect autographs.

When we asked Adam,where is Theo,he said he ..ate him LOL.

Unfortunately in real life ,he had a cold and went to hotel.

We asked them if they were going to after party  and they said maybe.

We jumped into the bus and went there ,but we didn’t believe they will join us..

We went to have a drink and then we saw that in the corner of the room were sitting all the band!

The rest  of the story is a secret,l ike they say- “What happens in Poznań stays in Poznań” ;)

I ’d like to thank all the Hurts family and new people I met ,especially girls from fandom, you’re awesome and we’ve had a blast :D

Now I have a post concert &after party depression but in 45 days I will see them again in Warsaw..

PS: Adam David Anderson is a GOD ..