Evernia prunastri
Family: Parmeliaceae (Lecanoromycetes)
Genus: Evernia
Species: E. prunastri
Common Name: Oakmoss
Location: NT378632
Habitat: This common lichen grows on both broadleaved and coniferous trees. It has a highly branched structure and is pale green on top, white on bottom. It reproduces with small fluffy soredia at the edges of the thallus.
Determiner: Ewan Cole
Authority: (L.) Ach.

Xanthoria parietina
Family: Teloschistaceae (Lecanoromycetes)
Genus: Xanthoria
Species: X. parietina
Common Name: Common Orange/Yellow Lichen
Location: NT378632
Habitat: This foliose lichen is very common and usually grows on stone, but can also be found on dead/living trees. The species reproduces via apothecia and has small pale rhizoids, when KOH stain tested, the thallus turns bright scarlet. Don’t get confused between this and Xanthoria polycarpa, which is smaller. The colour can vary depending on sunlight and pollution levels - A grey shade indicates stress.
Determiner: Ewan Cole
Authority: (L.) Th. Fr