lebron's has nothing on this one

On the Nicki Minaj/Remy Ma beef

So yeah, this happened.

Nicki for some reason took a shot at Remy Ma in two songs. In fact, Nicki has been doing subliminal disses at Remy for the longest. And then Remy shot back at her with ShEther.

Most of the bars are Remy sex-shaming Nicki. Like a good chunk of it is about that much to my consternation. However, I interpret as Remy calling Nicki a fraud and a liar, which is still pretty shitty to involve sex. Of course, people say men do not get attacked for physical appearance or their sex life, and that is not true. On the very beat Remy rhymed on, Nas criticized Jay-Z thinking he is a pimp and super attractive when women only liked him for his money and he still ugly. He called him a h* and spreading STDs. And even shamed him for being proud of eating a girl out. Tupac shamed the fuck out of Biggie sex life. So no, while there is gender history and misogyny that makes Remy’s comments worse, don’t act like comments like these haven’t not been made in rap disses.

That said, Remy also made some valid points about Nicki’s 360 deal and her brother. She signed a 360 deal, contrary to what Nicki said in her response. Her 360 deal is slightly different in that she owns all of her 360, including merchandise and promotions. However, it is as Remy said. She still is paying for it. And also, a lot of Nicki’s fame has to do with those promotions and advertising.

And her pedo brother? I have never actually bought that lame ass excuse about Nicki not releasing her brother on bail, it was just her mom using her name to do so. Even then, after dude was released, she posted a picture on instagram claiming to support the fuck so yeah. She ain’t shit.

The one thing about this diss song was Remy brought bars, alliteration, homophones, and clever ass double entendres.

Then Nikki released No Frauds, and it was lame as fuck. I was expecting Monster and got lazy ass rhymes from all three who were involved. Drake and Wayne said nothing about Remy, and Nicki’s retort was whack as fuck. She keeps throwing her accolades at Remy like that shit matters. She does realize that her fame has lot to do with absolutely no competition, right? Can’t really compare yourself to Lebron James and Michael Jordan when the next closest is Shawn Bradley. Especially when most of your success came from pop songs. Femcees are far and few in between and that has a lot to do with Nicki shutting them down with these subliminal disses. She tried to do the same to Remy Ma. 

And before you say some shit like dudes don’t support female rappers, bull fucking shit. Women are the main consumers of female rappers or rap in general. Yes, it is true that a lot of accolades are given to women because of their looks, but Remy had that trouble from the get-go in her career. She tried that pretty girl rock, but that was not true to her character and came back with Ante Up. Even now, she still comes with that hard ass hood chick flow. Not to say that Remy is not attractive, but there is a clear difference between Remy Ma and Nicki.

I don’t really care that Nicki enlisted Drake and Wayne. But the thing is that they clearly had nothing to say and also, it makes her look weak. When Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit came at Ja, it was because Ja came at 50 Cent and Eminem. That is a fact. And honestly, people should not make that comparison because it was later revealed that G-Unit lawyered up and prevented Murder Inc from saying anything about 50 Cent…similar to how Nicki may have gotten Shether pulled from Soundcloud.

Remy won this. Nicki can laud her accolades on she wants, but she still got bodied. She can hide behind Jay-Z, Beyonce, and apparently Ellen Degeneres all she wants. She still got bodied. I suspect that Remy is going to respond to Nicki bringing up Remy’s son and questioning her parenting in this diss. I am just proud that Nicki responded and respected the culture.

Enough is enough.

I’ve been a Miami Heat fan since I knew what basketball was. I grew up with the team, even from before Wade was drafted.

And heres what I have a problem with.

What is with the criticism of Miami Heat fans?

Yes, LeBron joining the Heat brought a long a lot of more fans, but its not like the stands were empty until 2010.

The Heat has been in the top 10 in attendance for 7 of the last 10 years, one of those being the year we only won 15 games…

After Lebron left the Cavs their attendance dropped from top 5 to barely getting in the top 20 the last 4 years. But now he returns and tickets sell out in hours. And yet nothing is said about this? 

When LeBron came obviously the team got more popular, but people just decided to label all Miami Heat fans as bandwagons, or fickle fans.

Then some fans left early in a game where it seemed winning would be impossible. 

Literally every team’s fans do this. But the media never points it out because who cares about ruining the name of any other team? They’re not Miami. 

Now after LeBron’s stint in Miami, we have turned from a team who was respected for its hard work and hustle, with one of the best organizations in the league, to a team that was “Hollywood” or “Bought”.

With all the good he brought, LeBron managed to ruin the reputation of our team, but not to his fault, but to the medias portrayal of everything.

And its ALL because of the media. People pay too much attention to what is said by TV and ESPN that they believe in what they are hearing. 

So now the biggest silver lining in LeBron’s departure is that we will show the world why we were a Championship organization before LeBron, and will continue to bring success to Miami.

White House Gives Up On William Thomas, Gay Black Judicial Nominee Blocked By Marco Rubio

WASHINGTON – The White House has thrown in the towel in trying to confirm William Thomas to a federal court seat in Florida, signaling an end to a puzzling case of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) blocking his own judicial nominee. In a pile of about 200 judicial nominees President Barack Obama resubmitted to the Senate at the start of the year, Thomas was noticeably absent.

WASHINGTON – The White House has thrown in the towel in trying to confirm William Thomas to a federal court seat in Florida, signaling an end to a puzzling case of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) blocking his own judicial nominee.

In a pile of about 200 judicial nominees President Barack Obama resubmitted to the Senate at the start of the year, Thomas was noticeably absent. An administration official confirmed Tuesday that his resubmission isn’t coming.

“The nomination of Judge William Thomas was returned by the Senate and Senator Rubio has made his objection clear, so the President chose not to renominate him,” the official told The Huffington Post.

Thomas would have made history, if confirmed, as the first openly gay black man to serve as a federal judge.

Rubio has been single-handedly blocking Thomas for months, despite recommending him to Obama in 2012 as a nominee to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. Rubio indicated in September he would not submit his “blue slip” to the Senate Judiciary Committee – a courtesy, but not a hard rule, honored in the committee that allows a home-state senator to advance or hold up a nominee. Florida’s other senator, Bill Nelson (D), submitted his blue slip months ago.

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, has hinted in the past that he would revisit the blue slip process if Republicans abuse it. Asked for his thoughts on the White House sinking Thomas’ nomination after Rubio used the blue slip rule to block him, Leahy said only, “Let me find out about that one.”

There’s a particular urgency to filling this Florida judgeship, which has been vacant for more than 20 months. The court backlog is so bad that the Administrative Office of U.S. Courts has deemed it a “judicial emergency.“

Rubio spokeswoman Brooke Sammon said Tuesday she had nothing new to say regarding why Rubio became so adamant about blocking Thomas. She pointed to a past comment on the senator’s concerns with the nominee.

"The nomination of Judge Thomas has also been thoroughly reviewed, and Senator Rubio has determined that Thomas’s record on the state court raises serious concerns about his fitness for a lifetime federal appointment. Those concerns include questions about his judicial temperament and his willingness to impose appropriate criminal sentences, particularly in the two high-profile cases of Michele Traverso and Joel Lebron last year. After reviewing Thomas’s record, Senator Rubio cannot support moving forward with the nomination,” Sammon said.

HuffPost previously reviewed materials provided by Rubio’s office that outlined the senator’s justification for sinking Thomas’ nomination, and nothing egregious stood out in either of the two cases. Instead, Rubio appears to be critical of Thomas for being too lenient in one case and too emotional in the other.

Florida Democratic lawmakers say Rubio’s opposition is political as he tries to win back support from tea party members after angering them by advocating comprehensive immigration reform in 2012. Rubio’s name has also been floated as a potential 2016 presidential contender.

“Judge Thomas is a well-qualified jurist,” Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.) told HuffPost in the fall. “There is a serious underrepresentation of minorities on the bench and partisan obstructionism isn’t making it any better.”

Hastings is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, which has railed against Rubio for blocking black judicial nominees at a time when black judges make up about 12 percent of federal judgeships. In addition to Thomas, Rubio had been withholding his blue slip for another black judicial nominee, Brian Davis. But Rubio ultimately agreed to move forward with Davis, who has since been confirmed.

“I am upset and concerned. Senator Marco Rubio himself said that Judge Thomas had passed all the tests, and then all of sudden for Senator Rubio to say Judge Thomas is not suitable is just not right,“ Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) said Tuesday. "I don’t know what more I can do to make Senator Rubio understand that what he is doing is wrong.”