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So the unlikely plot twist is that the US won’t destroy North Korea and start WW3 because the President is too busy fighting with star athletes on Twitter and has forgotten all about it? I’m not complaining, but who the hell is writing 2017?

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are such friendship goals.

Like they’re about to play each other here and LeBron just STRAIGHT UP GLOMPS HIM.


Like LeBron got in trouble with his coach for bro-ing out too much with Wade on the sidelines during a Miami vs Cleveland game.


And then there’s shit like this:

“If we played ‘The Newlywed Game,’” Union [Wade’s wife] admits, “I don’t know if I’d have more information on my husband than Bron would.”

Wade laughs. Like the fact that whenever he is running late to meet James at a group dinner, there is only one person the finicky Heat guard can entrust with the culinary decision-making. Even when Union is also waiting at the table. “My wife wouldn’t know what to order,” Wade says, “but Bron’s like, I got it.” Two years ago, at just such a dinner in New Orleans, Union could only watch, deeply confused, as James unilaterally picked sea bass for a man who’d expressed a lifelong distaste for fish. “It’s what I wanted,” her husband would later explain, shrugging. “Bron got me on sea bass.”

There are, by Union’s eye-rolling estimates, “a thousand and one instances like this” – each of them underscoring a rapport as heartfelt as it is quotidian. Like how often Wade and James trade not only text messages but voice notes, shamelessly played on speakerphone. (“Texts take away from the tone of what you’re trying to say,” Wade points out.) Or how the two used to stay at each other’s homes during road trips to their respective NBA cities instead of at hotels. Or how relentlessly they crack each other up, in person, without uttering any actual words. (“They’re like twins,” more than one mutual friend suggests.)

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade: an NBA Bromance.


[ENG] 170823 GOT7 Jackson practicing for 2017 Super Penguin Basketball All Stars Game


Man down!


March 1st 1954: Capitol shooting

On this day in 1954, four Puerto Rican nationalists opened fire on politicians in the U.S. House of Representatives. The shooters fired from the spectators’ gallery, injuring five representatives - Alvin Bentley of Michigan, George Fallon of Maryland, Ben Jensen of Iowa, Clifford Davis of Tennessee, and Kenneth Roberts of Alabama. Holding a Puerto Rican flag, the assailants began shooting at the 240 representatives of the 83rd Congress as they debated a bill concerning immigrant Mexican farm workers. The date was chosen by the attackers because it coincided with the opening of the Interamerican Conference in Caracas, Venezuela. The shooters - Lolita Lebron (who was the leader), Rafael Miranda, Irving Rodriguez, and Andres Cordero - were immediately subdued and arrested. The assailants were members of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party, who called for the nation to be independent from U.S. influence; America had controlled the country since the end of the Spanish-American war in 1898. The shooting was a direct protest to a new Puerto Rican constitution which made the nation a commonwealth territory of the U.S., giving Congress control over their affairs. All five injured Congressmen ultimately recovered from their wounds and returned to the House. In retaliation to the shooting, the president of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party was arrested, but authorities found no eevidence that he was directly connected to the attack. The four shooters were given lengthy prison sentences, but one was released in 1978 due to illness. The remaining three were pardoned as President Jimmy Carter allegedly sought to secure the release of American hostages in Cuba; they received a heroes’ welcome from nationalists when they returned to Puerto Rico. The incident remains one of the most violent episodes in Congressional history, and bullet holes are still visible in the chamber to this day.

“I did not come to kill anyone, I came to die for Puerto Rico!”
- Lolita Lebron upon her arrest


This never gets old!

Come out of Nowhere. | October 25, 2016

Your circumstances don’t determine your outcome. Come out of Nowhere like LeBron James. For those who are strong enough to believe, strong enough to pick themselves up off the ground, strong enough to do what the doubters say can’t be done… Whether you are supposed to be here or not… Here you are.


Day 05 :   Favourite photo of Catherine with a celebrity.

When The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were introduced to LeBron James, who had brought them a gift-wrapped box of cup cakes from his hometown, Akron, Ohio. James asked William what size shoes he wore. ‘Half the size of yours,’ he replied. Kate was pictured bursting into fits of giggles and brushing her hair back from her face as her husband pointed at the sportsman’s huge feet.


Over the past few months a twitter campaign has gained momentum in hopes that Ebony Nettles-Bey, a teenage basketball player battling stage 4 cancer, would meet her idol LeBron James. After thousands of retweets her wish was finally granted tonight as the Miami Heat faced the Milwaukee Bucks. 

Ebony not only met LeBron, she was also part of their warmup preparations, including joining in on the team huddle, leading the guys out onto the court and shooting around with the King. LeBron even wrote a message of hope on his sneakers in honour of this courageous young woman. 

What an incredible story of hope. Stay strong Ebony; cancer who?

Images via Miami Heat


As you may or may not have heard, we live in a blessed time full of countless wonders, and there is probably going to be a Space Jam sequel. I have seen many criticisms of this project, mainly from #HATERS who really need to step back, search deep inside their souls, and think “do I want to live in a world where no one has even TRIED to make a second Space Jam?”

However, one criticism that keeps cropping up is pretty valid: Kids these days don’t know who the hell the Looney Tunes are. Which is true! BUGS BUNNY COULD SELL ANYTHING IN THE NINETIES. The United States Postal Service scammed an entire nation of children by using Bugs Bunny to convince us that stamp collecting was cool! But today, Bugs Bunny isn’t as popular as he used to be. You can’t count on him to draw a crowd like he could twenty years ago.

You know who can draw a fucking crowd, though?


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Growing Up Ebony Nettles-Bey Showed natural ability as a basketball player and showed great promise early on. Basketball became her love and her dram when she was in 2nd grade. Ebony excelled in the sport so much so that by the time she was a sophomore in high school she was named all conference and had a scholarship offer from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee At the start of one of her games she felt abnormally tired and couldn’t run up and down the court Ebony went to the hospital where she found out that she had a lump on her rib, a lot fluid on her lungs, and that she had sarcoma cancer at 16-years-old.

Ebony was devastated because she thought she was going to die and was feeling defeated. Now Ebony is no longer as scared and doesn’t think like that. She became strong and determined to fight Cancer and battle through the Chemotherapy, surgeries, weight loss, and hair loss. It is Currently in the works for Ebony to meet LeBron James who is one of the players she looks up too. Ebony at less than 100% earned her spot to still be a starter on her Basketball team and is determined to win against cancer as well.

Written By: @Champion_Us