Tune in tonight for a special episode of TEEN TITANS GO with guest star (& professed TTG fan) LEBRON JAMES!  The challenge of designing a TTG-styled LeBron was a co-design by me & Supervising Director Peter Michail.  Check out this new segment of DC All Access where I talk about designing the TTG-LeBron (I’m at the 1:10 & 2:15 marks):


“It was hilarious. It was so funny. Once I knew he was OK, the jokes write themselves. That was a good time.” - Kobe Bryant’s reaction to D’Angelo Russell’s misfortune

Kobe & LeBron’s Final Duel & Hug in Cleveland
"It was just a lot of mutual respect," Lebron James said of the hug he shared with Kobe Bryant…

“We never had the matchup that everybody wanted, that we wanted,” said James, who never faced off against Kobe in the NBA finals despite the fact that one of the two appeared in the Finals for the past 9 seasons: Kobe from 2008-2010 and LeBron in 2007 & from 2011-2015.


Yep. That about sums up how Monday night went for LeBron and the Cavs.