Fuck. That episode was hardcore.

Felix. I understand where you were coming from, but that was fucking horrifying.

That was the first time I’ve ever felt sorry for Rachel. The first time I’ve ever been able to identify with her.

The bit with Gracie, that’s how you touch on the whole infertility=monster trope. It’s not just categorically stated, there’s a whole range of possible reactions, of possible outcomes, and Gracie’s upbringing is clearly shown as feeding into it.

I can’t even words about the whole Sarah/Paul/Beth thing. Just overwhelming, and I know there’s shit in there that I missed.

On a lighter note, I keep expecting Alison, at some point, to just lose it and snap “Shut the fuck up, Donnie, you’re out of your element!”


San Francisco-based artist Andy Stattmiller (previously featured here) made this awesome set of hand-painted Big Lebowski nesting dolls for the Crazy 4 Cult 8 group exhibition at Gallery 1988 (West) in Los Angeles last year. Stattmiller incorporated all sorts of great references to The Big Lebowski as small details on the dolls.

The largest doll, standing 8 inches tall, is Walter Sobchak, whose holding a Folgers Coffee can in one hand, with Donny’s anthropomorphized ashes billowing out of it, and a pet carrier with his ex-wife’s “pomeranian” in the other. Next is The Dude, who’s holding a White Russian in one hand (he’s got some on his mustache as well) while, slung over his opposite shoulder is the “ringer” briefcase (no doubt containing Walter’s dirty undies) and Brandt’s cellphone, which is probably still ringing. The third dolls is Jesus Quintana, who’s busy polishing his magenta bowling ball. “…that creep can roll, man.” Next comes Maude Lebowski dressed in her dream sequence Valkyrie costume, followed by Mr. Lebowski in his motorized wheelchair, and then our enigmatic old-time cowboy narrator, The Stranger. The tiniest and innermost doll, a mere .75 inches tall, is the Nihilist’s unforgettable ferret marmot. Don’t let him anywhere near your bathtub.

Speaking of Folgers Coffee can urns, did you know that we also offer a modestly priced receptacle?

Visit Andy Stattmiller’s Behance portfolio to check out more of his fantastic sets of nesting dolls, including this wonderful tribute to the inimitable Robin Williams:

[via Geekologie]