lebowski remembered

scienceofficer-willowrosenberg  asked:

Dazed and Confused, Shaun of the Dead, Carrie, The Big Lebowski?

i’ve seen about 5 minutes of dazed and confused and like 20 min of the big lebowski but i barely remember any of it so really nope to both

never seen shaun of the dead

and finally yes i love carrie so much (and the book is one of my faves ever)

new ask meme ! send me iconic movies you think everyone should’ve seen in their lives and i have to respond honestly if i’ve seen them

Day 6. Walter and Donny’s debut continues. The first use “you’re out of your element” got me thinking about catchphrases in the movie. I like to imagine an alternate universe where The Big Lebowski was massively financially successful and characters and catchphrases were printed on as much merchandise as physically possible. Just like Simpsons merchandise in the early ‘90s. I want to see boxes and boxes of t-shirts, hats, and dinner plates with Walter’s face and “You’re out of your element” written on them. I want to see bad Mexican knockoffs that have the Dude’s face and “This chinese man peed on my carpet” written on them. I want to see bowling shoes with Donny’s face on the toes. That would be a universe much fairer than ours.

“Fuck"s: 15

"Man"s: 3