anonymous asked:

Can you suggest your favorite blogs?

Okay, I knew this question would arrive. *wears helmet*

  • meatelpresidente
    I reblog like ¾ of her posts and I laugh every time I see the hamburgers over the title of her blog with Simon like ‘:O’ and also the sammich thing. :’) 
  • allaboutthe1980s and all her side blogs
    Whichever icon she uses, I will always love it. And I like how she organizes them. 
  • johnsbassguitar
    Everything about her is perfect: I like a lot her theme, her music taste (hehe especially when she posts like 30 gifs of Planet Earth), every single post, and she’s very nice.
  • macaparket and lebontaylor
    She is SO nice! And she can speak Italian u.u if you share your passions and tastes you’ll love her blog.
  • nicknightboat
    Oh, Alanis… where can I start? She’s the nicest, funniest, kindest, cutest, most beautiful, most lovable and most everything ever. She’s just the best! Among the links on the left side of my blog you can find hers indeed. She’s the greatest fan of Nick Rhodes and Duran Duran, and an awesome friend. I love her! And everyone should follow her.
  • seventhstranger
    I like a lot her theme and her posts. I think it’s one of the first blogs I started following two years ago when I got into the dark world of Tumblr and I don’t think I will ever unfollow her.
  • theunionofthesnake
    One of the best blogs ever. Always new great pics, great like her! I think the Duran Duran fandom wouldn’t be the same without her, and if you don’t follow her, you will miss a lot of cuteness!
  • duransarethefaith
    My beloved pen-pal! Besides the fact she’s probably one of the nicest persons ever, I love her theme and her posts. I did it since the first time I saw her blog. We became friends here on Tumblr indeed, and I’m so happy of this! I’m sure you’ll like her if you start follow her.
  • bonlesimon
    She’s such a kind person, I wonder how she can be so kind. She’s beautiful and nice and her blog is one of the best I’ve ever seen (does this sentence exist in English?). Awesome theme and awesome posts. You must follow her.
  • dustyshadow
    Tumblr says she gets 2% of my love, but trust me she would get more if there wasn’t johnsbassguitar and her post to get like 44%. :’) her posts are great! And I love the fact she still keeps the picture I made as icon u.u
  • adecadeinthedark and all her side blogs
    What can I say, I’m in love with her damn background, her posts, her gifs, her everything. If you like Depeche Mode, Duran Duran and Youthkills (ops, that’s me) then this is the perfect blog for you.
  • i-love-ziggy-stardust
    You should follow her just for the fact she’s very very nice, as her whole blog. Russian people rock!
  • lagrigia
    I still don’t get if she’s Italian, but I suppose the answer is yes and I’m dumb. Her blog rocks anyway u.u
  • lilyhatesjazzhands
    She deserves your follow, trust me! 
  • foreverthatduranduranfan
    She’s so nice! And she’s a great duranie, is there something better?

Okay, these are some. There are a lot of blogs I like, you can see what are the ones I reblog or like the most. So don’t get offended if I didn’t mention some! I follow too many people! Ah, I mentioned only Duran Duran blogs. If you want Depeche Mode/Youthkills/80s stuff/Once Upon A Time/Italian blogs tell me. (:
I think that’s all.