Nandi Mngoma looks back at her 2013

Nandi Mngoma, well known as a performer, All Access and SuperSport presenter is one of the talented individuals which ECHO Events has the privilege of managing.

Mngoma who is 25, has a strikingly unique look, charisma and bubbly personality, which has made this Zulu and English spoken Durban native’s journey in the media industry an exciting one in modelling, music and presenting which continue to flourish.

As the year draws to a close we asked Mngoma about her 2013 resolutions and this is what she had to say:

My most important new year’s resolution for 2013, was to inspire a movement - to emphasise to young women that feeling good in their own skin, embracing their flaws and being natural is something to strive for. 

Being in the media industry and having the platform that I have, I wanted to bring something new and fresh into the industry - especially at a time when many personalities feel the need and pressure to be the same in order to succeed. 

My goal was to entrench myself in the entertainment industry, both as a presenter and musician, which is difficult to do. I have been blessed and humbled that in 2013, I’ve managed to experience success in both mediums and have found a comfortable balance between the two. 

2013 was a year where I wanted people who watched my career to believe that with hard work and a willing heart, nothing is impossible! I believe that I’ve taken some big strides in achieving that this year. 

Beyond my career, it was of paramount importance to make sure that in 2013, my loved ones, friends and family, were at their closest to me. I’ve been fortunate that every year, I receive as much love as I give to those near and dear. 

2013 also reminded me that having a successful career is meaningless without having loved ones to share and celebrate it with. Family, friends and your maker are your backbone.

So this was dropped last week or so on twitter: The Official Album Art for Showlove Musics poster child AKA’s Altar Ego album. AKA went onto explain the reason behind the misspelling of the word ‘alter’ crediting it to a play on words basically meaning his alter ego is of holy/godly descent (e.g: bow down to an altar)…

The album art was designed by Camera Shy photographer/producer LeboLukeWarm (S/O)

I personally am not the biggest fan of the cover art.



Denim tells a fearless story.

These THRIFTED items are my absolute fave in my closet at the moment, I got the jeans as a gift and decided to cut them shorter to make them look modern and comfortable. The Levi’s denim shirt was thrifted by my closest friend and she saw how great it looked on me and I kept it lol.

Don’t be afraid to thrift and try out items that suit your taste.

1. Choose wisely
2. You will find a gem, even if it is one garment.
3.WASH that stuff.
4. Construct or deconstruct
5. Match it up with new items in your closet to avoid looking like you are stuck in a different era.
7.look CLEAN.
8. Have fun!!!!!!!

Shirt: Levi’s
Shorts: Levi’s
Shoes: Rubi shoes

Photo by : @lebolukewarm

Burb-Girl [Definition]

Burb-girl (n) < Neologism >

Word derived from two english words [Suburb] and [Girl]

- “suburb” (n) [suB-urb]

= A district lying immediately outside a city or town,especially

 a smaller residential


1350- 1400; Middle English  < Latin suburbium,  equivalent to

sub-sub-  + urb ( s ) 

city + -ium -ium

- “girl” (n) [gurl]

= a young, immature woman, especially formerly, anunmarried one.

1250–1300; Middle English gurle, girle, gerle  child, young person;compare

Old English gyrela, gi ( e ) rela,  item of dress, apparel

(presumably worn by the

young in late OE period, and hence usedas a metonym)

Burb-girl (n) [burB-gurl]

A female that believes that it is right to put her image and social standing before others, a girl that finds comfort in looking her optimum best -even to bed.

She would rather die, than be caught wearing last season’s fashion.  A proud member of “My looks do 90% of the work” and a strong believer of “Social Proofing”

Social Proofing

- Doing things that are regarded as socially Right. e.g.

> Being seen with:

\The right people

\At the right places

\In the right VVIP

\Drinking the right drinks

\Wearing the right clothes

So a “burb-girl” would rather pay someone to do it, as suppose to doing it herself.

- She will NEVER do the dishes, Never clean the house, Never iron your shirt, Never take care of you when you are ill (she doesn’t wanna catch what you have) and she will Never and i mean NEVER Make you a sandwich.