leben in amerika


missing the traditional german “weihnachtsmarkt” (christmas market) very badly, we decided to expand last years’ “keeping german christmas traditions” to “SPREADING german christmas traditions” and hosted a huge FEUERZANGENBOWLE on our deck this weekend.

feuerzangenbowle is a traditional german winter punch similar to mulled wine: a rum-soaked sugarloaf is set alight to slowly caramelize and drip into a red wine/orange juice/cinnamon/star anise/clove-punch.
it’s a lovely spectacle and often served on german christmas markets - a festively illuminated outdoor winter fair that serves all kinds of christmassy goods, food and hot drinks.

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you gotta love the americans:
they have a habit of talking you into getting photographed 
(quote: “oh you two look so lovely, you need to have a picture
of both of you right here, please let me take it!”),
sometimes even forcing you to kiss
(“i’m not going anywhere until you kiss her, aaaaah, yeah, wait, KISS AGAIN, i’ll take one more…”) even when you did not want to have your picture taken at all in the first place ;D.

and well,  then, afterwards…. you LOVE the beautiful memory.
at least i do ;D

so THANK YOU again, random american strangers -
for being so outgoing and lovely!
(this wasn’t the first time americans did something like this to us :)

being a girl from reserved and chilled germany
this kind of approaching strangers really has grown on me!