Last November, BTS cemented their status as a global K-pop phenomenon with their first major visit to Los Angeles, where the seven-member band was greeted by rabid crowds and an onslaught of media attention. On a rare free evening toward the end of their whirlwind trip—right after the AMAs, just before Ellen—the boys boarded a party bus with Vogue and took the city by storm. Here’s what happened. 

Director Rony Alwin 

Fashion Editor Yohana Lebasi

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Lady Beetle, Neda aequatoriana or norrisi or Anatis lebasi? by Andreas Kay
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Wolfstar living together

yes, good. let’s see

  • remus is a fucking slob, and sirius sort of knew this from when they lived at hogwarts, but he didn’t really understand the extent of it. like, i sort of headcanon remus to be like me, in that he’s in his head so frequently that he sometimes forgets he exists in the real world, and just sort of leaves stuff all over, never notices his surroundings, and always, always, always forgets about leftover food in the fridge. like, constantly. and sirius–who grew up in a spotless rich person house (and then moved in with james, who also lived in a spotless rich person house)–is just aghast, like, “moony, just eat it or throw it away, it’s really not that hard,” to which remus is like, “oh, i forgot i even had that food, my bad”
  • sirius likes to be touching remus almost all the time. like, if they’re sitting on the couch, their knees have to be touching. if remus is cooking, sirius is always right behind him, gently touching his waist. obvi they cuddle in bed a lot. idk, wolfstar touches
  • remus wants pets, but sirius is like, “you are messy enough without animals, besides u’d probably betray me like james and get a cat, so no,” but to help fill remus’ pet void, sirius will turn into padfoot sometimes and especially if the full moon is close, just as a comfort to remus. eventually, remus gets a fish, and they call it good
  • they eat out a lot. like a lot
  • their place is small, but sirius made sure to make a dedicated reading nook area for remus, which remus uses all the time as his sort of escape, and it has like every book in the world, and rly comfy pillows
  • they give james and lily shit for being dumb married nerds, but they’re secretly hella domestic, and do ridiculous domestic things, like brushing their teeth together in the mornings, and having in-depth conversations about what color they should paint the sitting room
  • sometimes they cancel all their plans and watch muggle television on the couch, because they just want to be alone together, and fuck the world, amirite?
  • idk
  • wolfstar, guys

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Of Disasters and Dates

Prompt for lebasi-dee, jily - disastrous first date. I don’t think this was what you had in mind, but hopefully you like it.

“Well, this didn’t exactly go to plan.” 

It was twenty-two minutes past eleven, and she was freezing. They’d missed it, the bus just departing as they had come sprinting in to the station through the pouring rain, and now they were stranded until midnight. She huddled closer to him, blue fingertips lacing with his warm ones willingly now, where just an hour before she had sworn never to set eyes on the boy again. It was in between hiding from pursuers who turned out to only be his friends, and begrudgingly accepting his offer of a piggyback when she couldn’t run any further while the heavens opened above them that the lines blurred. 

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