Sabra and Shatila: Still no justice for Palestinians (2009)

By Joyce Chediac

Beirut, Lebanon - It has been 27 years since the massacre of at least 2,000 unarmed Palestinians and poor Lebanese in the Sabra and Shatila refugees camps here in Beirut.

U.S. imperialism, Israeli Zionism and Arab reaction were all in on the mass murders. The U.S. government left the camps disarmed and vulnerable when it ordered the removal of Palestine Liberation Organization fighters from Lebanon.

The slaughter was ordered by Ariel Sharon. The massacres were committed by the neo-Nazi Lebanese Phalange.

What is life like today in these camps?

Lebanon’s Palestinian camps are easy to spot. It’s not just the Palestinian flags and pictures of Palestinian heroes. It’s the overcrowding, the sewage seeping into the streets. It is the maze of jerry-rigged electric wires that run from building to building and snake through the cramped alleys. It is the bullet-pocked walls and collapsed buildings, testimony to decades of attacks by Israel and right-wing Lebanese militias.

On entering Shatila, this writer could see that while the civil war in Lebanon ended in 1990, the war against the Palestinian camps goes on.

لك سيدي الرئيس احمدي نجاد… من ارض الوفاء من ارض جبل عامل، من تراب الجنوب اللبناني المقدس… لك منا كل حب ووفاء واحترام… شكرا لاياديك البيضاء التي ازهرت في وطني عزة وكرامة… بناء واعادة اعمار… سيدي الرئيس شكرا لك