Hi, I’m Chelsea I’m 14 turning 15 in December. I’m a lesbian. I live in Lebanon pa. I wanna met some new friends maybe more then that let’s just see where stuff goes. I listen to country, pop, rap songs. I’m going to be a freshman. I love to play sports like softball, field hockey, bowling. I love to hang out with friends and family. If you wanna know anything else just text me.
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Lebanon, PA (2010)

To be honest, the only reason I watched Lebanon, PA  was because I was shown the introduction at a film festival workshop in 2010 as proof of the benefits of collaboration, but never saw the end which was immensely irritating. 

Will is a successful advertising person in Center City Philadelphia, who gets called to rural Lebanon PA to manage his father’s thing after his death. He becomes intwined with life in this rural town and has to tackle issues of teen pregnancy and what meaning in life means. The town is more conservative that the liberal life he’s known, and Will also struggles with how to adapt into a town where not all of his ideals are welcome.

This is a solid low-budget indie movie. Admittedly, the plot can border on trite, but the humanity displayed makes up for it.  Josh Hopkins (Will) does a solid job portraying not too complicated a character, but Rachel Kitson really made this movie an enjoyable watch. She played her character with the uncertainty, depth and likability deserved. I would be excited to future movies she’s in. 

It might not have been worth seeing in theaters, but it is definitely a worthwhile streaming flick. 

Things I Have Learned:
  • State College, PA is the second smartest city in the nation, according to this site
  • Lebanon, PA (where I practically grew up) is the 28th smartest city in the nation, making it the second smartest city in Pennsylvania.
  • Philadelphia, Fredericksburg, VA, Chicago, and Richmond are not on this list, but Blacksburg, Harrisonburg, Pittsburgh, and Charlottesville are.

Case in point? How the hell is Lebanon the 28th smartest city in the entire United States? I DON’T GET IT.