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It’s a special mother-daughter trip for Angelina Jolie Pitt and 9-year-old Shiloh. The mom of six brought her daughter to Lebanon on Friday to spend time with a 12-year-old Syrian girl named Hala, whom Angelina met a year ago during a trip for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

“Shiloh is very aware that I hold refugee families in high regard and has been asking to come on missions and meet them for many years,”  Jolie Pitt tells PEOPLE. “She had heard about Hala since my last visit to Lebanon, and has been wanting to meet her and her brothers and sisters.”

She continues,“It was wonderful that they were able to meet, play together, and make friends. So many refugees are children. I’ve often heard them say that the most painful thing is not that they have lost their homes – it is that they have lost their friends.”

Hala, who has no parents, lives with her five brothers and sisters in a tented settlement in the Bekka Valley. Over 50 percent of the 1.2 million refugees in Lebanon are children. Hala’s situation is unfortunately representative of a growing problem. UNHCR says over 60 million people worldwide are displaced – or one in every 122 people – is either a refugee, displaced, or seeking asylum, up from 51 million last year.

“It was humbling and emotional to see Hala and her siblings again, and realize that their situation only becomes harder as time goes on, and aid for refugees is stretched beyond all limits," says Jolie Pitt.

 "Their memories of Syria are fading. They have stopped counting the days in displacement. Nothing is certain and they feel abandoned.”

She adds, “Upon leaving the family, Shiloh asked many questions. It is of course hard to explain all of the harsh realities of war and displacement. She said she felt sad, but was happy that she went and is looking forward to the next visit." 

  After leaving Lebanon, Angelina and Shiloh are headed to Midyat Camp in Turkey to mark World Refugee Day on Saturday with UNHCR High Commissioner Antonio Guterres and meet with Syrian and Iraqi refugees before joining Brad Pitt and the rest of the family for Father’s Day for a big celebration.

Bodies of Armenian Genocide survivors to be exhumed for beach resort - Beirut Report
Barely two months after the 100 year anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, relatives of those who survived the mass killings are now
By Habib Battah

Barely two months after the 100 year anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, relatives of those who survived the mass killings are now fighting to prevent the graves of their loved ones from being exhumed to make way for a luxury resort in the coastal town of Byblos.

Escorted by police, a group of laborers arrived at the historic cemetery Monday morning to begin digging up the graves, but they were stopped by a last minute court order filed by the relatives of one of the deceased. Relatives had previously filed a complaint in March soon after the project was first announced and a judge had opened an investigation into the case.  Yet despite this ongoing investigation, an attempt to dig up the graves was made yesterday, according to Vartan Avakian, great-grandson of Hagop Avakian, who was born in 1894 in Turkey and among the earliest genocide survivors to settle in Lebanon.

Lebanon Just Did a Whole Lot More Than Legalize Being Gay
LGBTQ rights supporters rejoiced on Thursday with news that homosexuality is no longer illegal in Lebanon. A court ruling abolished a case against an unnamed transwoman – accused of having a “same sex relationship with a man” – stating that homosexuality can no longer be considered a crime because it is “not unnatural.” Lebanese law …

In other news, a trans woman was just instrumental in having marriage equality made legal in Lebanon (but most news outlets are overlooking the T, as per usual).

Lebanon = Manakish

In Lebanon, Manakish is a flatbread comprising part of the morning meals. With it’s roots in Levantine Arabic food, the dish is also considered to be a staple mezze dish. 

Sliced/folded, cold/hot, the dough of the pizza bread is topped with with a spice mix of thyme, sesame seeds and sumac, called za’taar, before you throw it in the oven to bake it. If you would rather have it fancy, then dress it up with cheese or meat - it is equally delicious with or without it!