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What's ur diet/workout routine? Ur body is amazing xx

Thank you! I eat whatever I want [but usually my body starts to freak out if I have had too much sugar- I get breakouts, or I start feeling physically sick if I eat too much bad food.]

Maybe I will write a blog post about it, but my friends think I have the weirdest snack cravings ever. I am gonna sound like one of those stuck up internet hoes, but I literally always carry a snack bag of lebanese cucumbers and eat those, and baby carrots during the day.

My workout is honestly nothing intense, but I aim to workout 3-4 times a week and I do the following:

1 x20 folds (lie on back and slowly bring legs and arms up to meet in the middle of your body, then lower them to hovering 2 inches off the ground, fold back up and slowly back again.)

1 minute plank on elbows into a 30 second plank on hands.

1 x40 bicycle crunches (I think everyone knows what these are)

1 minute of mountain climbers

1 x 30 squats (I am tiny and use a 5kg weight)

1 x 30 sprinklers (sit with feet out in front of you, lean back until you feel your abs engage, spread your arms out each side, and bend one arm at the elbow across your body, then alternate arms).

Then I repeat this routine 2-3 times.