As a multicultural actress working in Hollywood, which culture do you most strongly resonate with — the Mexican, Lebanese, or American culture? All of the cultures are a part of me, and I couldn’t choose just one, but I must say it is all part of what being an American is all about. This country is a melting pot of so many cultures and that is one of the great things about being an American.

Nadia Aboulhosn Gif Pack II

# 3 8 small/medium sized gifs of the American / Half-Lebanese plus-size model and fashion blogger Nadia Aboulhosn. I made all of these with the intent that they’d be used for RPing purposes. Should one want to include this in a gif hunt or their own resources, please link back and give me credit.

There are 117 gifs I made of her that I made here, raising the total to 155 gifs.

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L.A. Hyder | Lebanese American

Self-Portrait at 40, 1987

Ivy & Acey, 1996 

Photographer and LVA (Lesbians in the Visual Arts) founding director L.A. Hyder (b. 1947) uses her self-awareness as an American of Lebanese ancestry to encourage diverse participation.

“I feel all my work is informed by who I am as a lesbian. That no matter what it is, it’s lesbian art…I photograph a lot of doorways and a lot of stairways. I like the feel of possibility and looking through things. I feel it’s not always the content that makes it lesbian. Texture and form to me is very lesbian. My installations have much more direct lesbian content than my photographs, and they have more of a political bent. Installations involve transforming a concept and often mine are about being lesbian or being of Arabic heritage.” - L.A. Hyder statement

under the cut, you will find a number of underused and common poc faceclaims organized by age. most of this information is from various sources, so if you find anything wrong with the list, please do not hesitate to send me a message!! this list will be updated often, so if you have any suggestions, shoot me a message here!! please like or reblog if you find this helpful!!

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hey everyone !! i’ve never rly seen plus size fc masterlists around, and as a plus size girl myself i feel like we definitely need more representation in the rpc, so under the cut you’ll find 36 plus size fcs under 40. hope u enjoy !! this list will be updated in the future.

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Name: sydnie
Nickname: syd
Zodiac Sign: virgo 
Height: 5′8″
Ethnicity: american/lebanese ?
Orientation: very gay 
Favourite Fruit(s): strawberries, pineapples, those cherries that have the seeds in the middle 
Favourite Season: rainy or snowy seasons 
Favourite Book(s): idk its been awhile
Favourite Flower(s): i agree with pretty ones 
Favourite Animal(s): i think im gonna go with dogs (but yeah cats are awesome as well)
Favourite Beverage: as of right now lemonade
Average Hours of Sleep: 6-7 
Favourite Fictional Characters:  all my power ranger children (movie), alex danvers, waverly earp, nicole haught, sameen shaw, root, parker, elena alvarez, america chavez, rosa diaz, amy santiago, korra, asami sato, katara, toph, my sense8 kids and theres a lot more but i would be here a while
Number of Blankets You Sleep with: one
Dream Trip: a road trip with my friends and doggo could be fun, into the void, or maybe a visit to canada
Blog Created: oct. 2014
Number of Followers: a bit over 1k

Tag 20 blogs: im not gonna tag 20 thats a lot of people @darlingpeg​ , @triniskwxn​ , @batwlwoman​ , @kimberly-trini​ , @ginarodrigucz​ , @knockfivetimes​ (although yall dont have to do this)


I SAY DUST || Darine Hotait

Cinephilia Productions presents I SAY DUST written and directed by Darine Hotait
An Arab American take on identity in a diaspora context
‘I Say Dust’ tells the story of Hal, an Arab-American poet belonging to the Palestinian diaspora in New York City, who meets Moun, a free-spirited chess sales girl. Their brief love affair eventuates in challenging their understanding of what makes home.
Starring Hala Alyan and Mounia Akl

We’re obsessed with this new film by Darine Hotait, a Lebanese American writer/director. We’ll be putting up our own review of the short film up soon along with an interview with Darine. 

A couple of notes on what “token” means, and why it doesn’t apply to Welcome to  Night Vale. 

The problem of tokenism is mostly related to mainstream media. TV writers get negative feedback if all characters are white and straight and most characters are men. However, they know that adding representation would alienate some white straight viewers. Since most TV writers, directors, and producers are white staight men, they might not really understand the need for representation. Often, there is also pressure from the production company, also run by white straight men. The production companies don’t want to take the risk of losing viewers. It’s all about money and mainstream appeal, and the mainstream in the US wants white bread only. 

TV writers who add minority characters might even face cancellation. They have to please the people their money comes from. In this situation, it might seem like a good choice to add a few minority characters to say a few lines, or be seen briefly with a main character. 

A token character is written for one purpose: to showcase how non-racist/non-homophobic/etc. the writers are. It’s a character that pleases no one; racists will still be unhappy that there are non-white characters, and homophobes will complain that the gayness is “not relevant to the story”. 

These characters are often very stereotypical to the point of being ridiculous. The worst part is that the actors cast in the roles may not even belong to that minority. Gay men are often played by straight men, for instance. This robs minority actors of jobs they should rightfully have.  

Tokenness is the flamboyant gay best friend who only exists to support the white straight woman. Or the sassy black friend with no life of her own, who serves one-liners. Tokenness is “Is this because I’m a lesbian?” thrown in randomly after several seasons. 

While the WTNV writers are also white straight men, they’re in a very different position, being independent artists. They get to decide what goes in the show. They have friends and colleagues who are non-white, non-straight, women, trans, etc. They hear from these people how much representation is needed. 

The problem with token characters is not representation, or even representation for its own sake. There’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to represent minorities. 

If the writers are saying to themselves, “We need more positive representation of Muslims and lesbians,” it’s empathy on their part. Empathy is a good thing, always. With Basimah, I can see they did many things right. They cast a Lebanese-American actress, they explicitly mentioned mosque and hijab and girlfriend, but they gave her a whole life and personality beyond these things. Since there is no stereotype of “lesbian Muslim girl whose father went off to war”, Basimah can’t be called a token character. 

If there are Muslim or lesbian fans who take issue with the episode, that’s a completely different thing. I don’t want to talk over them, as a non-Muslim bisexual. 

But if you are white and can’t relate to a non-white character, or you’re straight and can’t relate to a lesbian character, I encourage you to look into that. Maybe try to approach the character from a general human level, not from a viewpoint of otherness. 

I’ve intentionally left out “cisgender” when talking about the white straight male writers. The thing is, I don’t think there’s enough trans representation to talk about “token trans character”. Please correct me if I’m wrong. 

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NAME: lettie
NICKNAME: see above
ORIENTATION: holding hands-
ETHNICITY: lebanese american

FAVORITE SEASON:  fall ( sweater weather )
the grisha trilogy & accompanying novels
FAVORITE FLOWER:  jasmine ; they grow all over the front of my grandmother’s house and it smells like heaven
FAVORITE SCENT: baking / homey warm scents that make you feel cozy & safe / floral & fresh
FAVORITE BAND/ARTIST? changes daily ; the goo goo dolls / coldplay / angels & airwaves
FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER: too many to pick from ; A ;

COFFEE, TEA, OR HOT COCOA? tea & hot chocolate !!


WHEN WAS YOUR BLOG CREATED? rebooted may 2017
WHAT DO YOU POST ABOUT? no.6 & shion & rp 
DO YOU GET ASKS ON A REGULAR BASIS? i think i get a fair amount, it always makes me happy to see a surprise message !!
AESTHETIC: ( im assuming this is for shion- ) flowers / books / bakery items / pastels / science equipment / storms 

FICTIONAL CHARACTERS I’D DATE: kdslf;jasf it changes daily-


FAVORITE FANDOM: star wars, it was such a welcoming & encouraging community !
LANGUAGES YOU SPEAK: english, about five words in arabic, quickly losing my 6 yrs of french
FAVORITE FILM OF 2016:  rogue one
LAST ARTICLE YOU READ: earlier this morning about isis in the phillipines 
1. finale - maedon 

2. where we belong - thriving ivory

3. pictures of you - the last goodnight

HOW WOULD YOUR ENEMIES DESCRIBE YOU?  uhhhhh idk?? selfish maybe??
WHO WOULD YOU TAKE A BULLET FOR? family / loved ones / friends probably-