L.A. Hyder | Lebanese American

Self-Portrait at 40, 1987

Ivy & Acey, 1996 

Photographer and LVA (Lesbians in the Visual Arts) founding director L.A. Hyder (b. 1947) uses her self-awareness as an American of Lebanese ancestry to encourage diverse participation.

“I feel all my work is informed by who I am as a lesbian. That no matter what it is, it’s lesbian art…I photograph a lot of doorways and a lot of stairways. I like the feel of possibility and looking through things. I feel it’s not always the content that makes it lesbian. Texture and form to me is very lesbian. My installations have much more direct lesbian content than my photographs, and they have more of a political bent. Installations involve transforming a concept and often mine are about being lesbian or being of Arabic heritage.” - L.A. Hyder statement

Meet the Lebanese-Canadian Ultimate muscle god Anthony.

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As a multicultural actress working in Hollywood, which culture do you most strongly resonate with — the Mexican, Lebanese, or American culture? All of the cultures are a part of me, and I couldn’t choose just one, but I must say it is all part of what being an American is all about. This country is a melting pot of so many cultures and that is one of the great things about being an American.

Just because I have pale skin does not that I’m not Arab, Italian, Cherokee, and Greek.
Just because I was born with black eyes and have black hair and olive undertones (I’m a pale olive. I’m pale with green and peachy undertones)  does not mean that I’m not Irish.

Stop making stereotypes of what mixed/ethnic girls should look like and if someone tells you your ethnicity, don’t say,”No you’re not because blah blah blah.” Ethnic girls, women of color, and mixed girls, don’t let anyone trash you for your looks.  

Nadia Aboulhosn Gif Pack II

# 3 8 small/medium sized gifs of the American / Half-Lebanese plus-size model and fashion blogger Nadia Aboulhosn. I made all of these with the intent that they’d be used for RPing purposes. Should one want to include this in a gif hunt or their own resources, please link back and give me credit.

There are 117 gifs I made of her that I made here, raising the total to 155 gifs.

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。 ゚♡  PURE TEMPTATION. | @rivierarp

Goddamn, she murdered everybody and I was her witness……

Mix up a little Lebanese, African American and Boricua background and you’ll get nothing short of a handful. Overflowing with lust, poise, desire and drive, she is ultimately a beautiful mess just waiting to explode: Indya Rose.

anonymous asked:

I'm Lebanese and Native American but i'm white passing. And idk it makes me feel not Native enough. I've been told i'm not allowed to try to connect with my culture because i look white and it makes everyone else look bad. What should i do? I'm Iroquois and I just want to learn more about that part of me and understand what happened and why there aren't many Iroquois Natives being represented. But every time i try to learn i feel wrong. What are some ways i can respectfully learn abt my culture?

this is very relatable to me, i’m 25% cherokee with a few drops of blackfoot and registered w the cherokee tribe. i’m white passing and people often tell me i’m “too white to be native”. i have blond hair and blue eyes. the best way for me to learn about my culture was to just connect with other native people, to research and watch documentaries and collect small cherokee mementos, native jewelry, share my heritage with my friends, etc. you’re not less native bc you’re white passing, friend! i see you, i’m here for you! my biological father is quite obviously native, and somehow, i came out White As Snow. but i’m still indian. YOU’RE still indian. people can’t take that away from u!!!! surround yourself with your culture. personally, i love documentaries, i love native clothing and jewelry and around thanksgiving, making native dishes. indigenous ppl are still indigenous ppl even if white america doesn’t agree!!!!!!!


I SAY DUST || Darine Hotait

Cinephilia Productions presents I SAY DUST written and directed by Darine Hotait
An Arab American take on identity in a diaspora context
‘I Say Dust’ tells the story of Hal, an Arab-American poet belonging to the Palestinian diaspora in New York City, who meets Moun, a free-spirited chess sales girl. Their brief love affair eventuates in challenging their understanding of what makes home.
Starring Hala Alyan and Mounia Akl

We’re obsessed with this new film by Darine Hotait, a Lebanese American writer/director. We’ll be putting up our own review of the short film up soon along with an interview with Darine.