Marjoun and the Flying Headscarf
A fiction feature inspired by James Dean about a teenage rebel who comes of age into a headscarf and a motorcycle.

James Dean. Little Rock, Arkansas. Hijabi/Muhajiba. Racial inequality. Motorcycle. Terrorism Charges. Americana. Coming of Age. Arab-America.

Sounds intriguing doesn’t it?

ALL IN ONE? Unbelievable? Think again. Marjoun and the Flying Headscarf is about a spunky, free-willed, and rebellious Lebanese-American teenager in Arkansas who searches for identity with her headscarf and a motorcycle, channeling a James Dean intrigue, in the aftermath of her father’s imprisonment on dubious terrorist-related charges.

The Kickstarter campaign for the film I’ve been working on with the brilliant Susan Youssef was launched TODAY! COME. GIVE. LOVE. SHARE. Projects like this need your support to come to life! This is the last bit of funding we need before we can shoot, and we need to shoot by the end of the year, so timing is of the essence!

We have a variety of rewards for those who participate (like goodies from 5ive Pillars, a beautiful scarf by Faissal Al-Malek, and a Habibi Rasak Kharban poster designed by the genius Reza Abedini), and even the smallest donation, even $10, helps us get one step closer to making this film a reality. Even if donating is out of your means, if you could share the page to our fundraiser and help build a community of support for the project, that would be beyond amazing.


So apparently we’re going to see a part of my family I haven’t seen in ages

The “traditional Lebanese” part

Who don’t know I’m a lesbian

Mentally preparing myself for the “what’s your boyfriend like”/“when are you getting married”/“when are you having kids” questions.

Hey! My name is Raven Phan, I’m a 22 year old, half Lebanese, half American, I was born in Texas but moved to Buffalo, NYC after I graduated
My parents unexpectedly died in a car crash, leaving me behind, orphaned. My grandmother took me in but later died 2 years after.
Living alone as a teenager was pretty damn hard. I came out as bi in high school.  After I graduated I moved into my own loft.
I’m born on December 13, making me a Sagittarius.
One word that describes me? Lifeaholic. I’m always up for adventures and possibly cuddling with my future other half.

Honestly, I fucking suck when it comes to describing myself. I guess I’ll end it here.

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anonymous asked:

Hello I love your blog but I think you made you made a mistake. Salma hayek is Mexican American bot Lebanese as far as I know.


Her father is Lebanese, which makes her Lebanese too.