lebanese poster


Samar Haddad (Space Vacation); Rana Zaher; Yasmine Darwiche; and Stephy Ibrahim (Saturn in Motion)

“Critical Mass: Women in Graphic Design” showcased four female graphic designers in a group exhibition during Beirut Design Week (May 19-May 26, 2017)


↳ MUSIC POSTERS : mashrou’ leila

ليه ليهمني اني كون بدل من اني صير؟
كل الاشياء بتعيش لتنتهي بلحن جديد
الفرق بين الحرية والخضوع تخيير
أنا لي اخترت. أنا لي قبلت. أنا لي قلت 

why would i care to exist instead of becoming?
all things live to end as new tunes
the difference between freedom and submission is a choice
i chose it. i permitted it. i said it.