lebanese memes


↳ MUSIC POSTERS : mashrou’ leila

ليه ليهمني اني كون بدل من اني صير؟
كل الاشياء بتعيش لتنتهي بلحن جديد
الفرق بين الحرية والخضوع تخيير
أنا لي اخترت. أنا لي قبلت. أنا لي قلت 

why would i care to exist instead of becoming?
all things live to end as new tunes
the difference between freedom and submission is a choice
i chose it. i permitted it. i said it.


[Fairytales Retold] Disney in Ancient Asia ~ Aladdin ~

↳Set in Ancient Lebanon with Joelle Behlock as Jasmine, the beautiful princess who lives in the palace, and Omar Borkan al Gala as Aladdin, the falconer that falls in love with her. Jasmine, determined to see how her people live and tired of her sheltered palace life with only her pet tiger for company, sneaks out dressed as a commoner one day and ends up in the bazaar. She gets in trouble when a merchant thinks she’s but a vagabond trying to steal his wares and Aladdin quickly runs to her aid. They spend the day together and by nightfall they’ve fallen in love. Knowing that her father won’t approve of marriage with a commoner, Jasmine sneaks out every day to spend the day with Aladdin till one lucky day when they find a magic lamp in the abandoned house they’ve sneaked into. The genie grants the lovers their wish of Aladdin becoming a prince with enough riches to tempt Jasmine’s father and he presents himself to the sultan who quickly approves seeing how in love they are.