OH ALSO I went out to dinner with my parents and brother earlier because it’s my brother’s birthday and even though I don’t like him much, it was free Chinese food so y’know

and at one point he was showing us pictures from the brony con he went to, and he was wearing a hat with a unicorn horn and ears or something, it was elaborate and 3D printed and he’s apparently had it for a couple years, and my mom said “Wow, I had no idea you had that! That must be the best-kept secret in our house!”

reader, I should have an Oscar for the straight face I managed to keep.

Haikyu is such a great series tho, you know? I was thinking about how I always have someone I hate and love in a series so I thought about Ushi as the biggest enemy (so far) but I don’t hate him either. What I’m trying to say is that Haikyu’s character writing and development is so good that you kind of come to understand everyone’s point of view and connect with the characters and why they are like they are. I like Ushijima and I like everyone else too. 

Sorry I’m emotional ‘cause it 7:39am and I woke up listening to the Haikyu!! Vol.3 Soundtrack.

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heyo NICE ICON! ;) May I get another ~fic I would write if I wrote fic~ pretty please?! Thanks boo <3

GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE OBVS <3 (also I fully believe we can find someone who will write this for us ;D)

honest conviction is my courage: Rhaegar is nervous when he gets word that Sansa Stark has taken up her late father’s last project, A Conviction Unit, and would possibly looking into his brothers cases that were won without the most innocent of means. He asks Jon to join to project to stonewall Sansa from discovering too much about the cases. Jon is in a dilemma when he begins to fall for Sansa and realize the importance of what the conviction unit is doing.

send me your archive of your own name & I’ll make you a title + summary for a jonsa fic