Sleep, my fallen cedar
Let me have your weakened pride to hold
And join my barren soil
Sleep, my aimless river
Let your torrent rest against my shore
And leave me what was washed away before

Shore Leave: Breathe

Summary: Jim x Reader x Leonard:  It all started when the crew of the Enterprise took some much needed shore leave on Yorktown. On the first night, you decide to go out with Scotty, Jim and Bones to the local bar. It’s when Scotty calls it quits for the night that things took a turn for the..best? If “best” meant being in between the most handsome men on the U.S.S Enterprise. Nothing like a good ole romp in the sack with the Captain & Doctor, at least for one night. One night, right? Or will this be the best shore leave you ever had?

Warning for this part: a little breath play.

Part 1 - Midnight Whiskey   Part 2-  Surprise  Part 3- Beautiful   Part 4- Screwed  Part 5- Blind Sided Part 6- Coming 

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The greatest excuse of all time.

Context: We were playing homebrewed pirate campaign based heavily on d&d. My character was a Siren from Greek Mythology. And at one point, while on shore leave, I think it’s a good time to go person hunting. I find a young child in an otherwise empty alleyway.
Siren (ooc): “I sing my siren’s song to subdue him.”
DM: rolls “The child succeeds his will save. He screams at the top of his lungs, which attracts nearby people into the ally”
Town person: “why did that kid scream? What did you do?”
Siren: “Nothing. it’s just because, uh uh… The kid’s got rabies” rolls bluff
Townsperson: “Oh god the kid’s rabid! throw the kid into the ocean!”

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Prompt:  Hello you’re taking request yes? Could you write a bones fic where the reader gets a bit too drunk and he has to carry her home, please? :))
Word Count: 1195
NaNoWriMo Word Count: 6423/50,000
Author’s Note: I love this.

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