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Otayuri Week 2017, Day 6: Pair Skate or Rivalry

I decided to give art a try and go back to my drawing days. Some traditional art with watercolors for today’s prompt (I haven’t consistently drawn or painted in years and it shows, please forgive me). No matter how much anatomy knowledge I’ve absorbed from college, I couldn’t do Otabek’s jaw justice OTL. I googled pair skating pics and selected this pose because I loved it. I sort of like how it turned out. Just sort of. But especially Yuri’s face.

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I’m really bad about this kind of thing. Can I just hand out stars to all my followers and mutuals instead? lol I hate the feeling of forgetting anyone and I know what it feels like to feel left out and forgotten so..STARS FOR ALL YOU AWESOME PEOPLE OUT THERE WHEREVER YOU ARE~ 

A small Dieselpunk-inspired Shiro that I needed to get out of my system

Bonus mask thingy for maximum aesthetic:


shinee + space-y things for the birthday girl, @leejinklies. ♡


ナルバキスン (look at me gwisun) ☆ d-lite

a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy