leaving suburbia


“DEADSET” a film By Elvis Di Fazio inspired by the Australia day Celebrations Here in Sydney.

Mathew Clarke & Leeroy Destruction
D.O.P : Elvis Di Fazio
Photographer’s Assist :Fadi Kazmuz

Music / Sound:
Audio sample from an outtake filming Ryan Ward for CRUNK SOCIETY  by Elvis Di Fazio
Nature Sounds from the album “Favourite Australian Birdsong”
Thunderstruck By AC/DC
Down Under By Men at Work


Nygmobblepot Punk!AU [aka American Idiot Verse]: Ed is the prodigal Jesus of Suburbia, leaving his abusive home for a new life in Gotham city. Once there, he fractures and meets the almost mythic St. Eddie, who shows him how to live and crashes him into Oswald “The Penguin” Cobblepot and his Gallery of Rogues. Whatshisname and St. Eddie form a flashfire relationship, consuming each other and all in their path.

For Jude ( @guiltyphandiot ) and our punk au. Hope you like it, babe!

anonymous asked:

Everyone does drugs. My cousin came in high on acid and I know he's not the only one to have done that. Our school is pretty rich and way too white because suburbia. Parents leave their kids with too much time and money. We just had a assembly about opioids, which is funny, considering how many people I know who have taken pills. Or are addicted.

We have a starting of suburbia in our town. It scares me. It might take over one day.
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My cycle home distilled into 9 photos. Each photo is captioned, so if you click on the first one, you get to read a little about the journey. I’m lucky I work so close to home - the cycle takes about 20 minutes without rushing (I have done it in 10 on a good day). I hate to think how big my ass would become if I didn’t cycle every day.

p.s. hello from England, land of green fields, church spires, and quiet suburbia :)

Coat Cards

A fear of crowds.
Don’t forget to check.
Keep your hands away from your face.

A fear of reflections.
Don’t forget to check.
Facing a smile with a straight face.

A fear of my closet.
Don’t forget to check.
A door can’t open on its own.

Have you noticed my Habit?
Meet my friend George.
Stay at home all day with Prudence.

Naming the cards
I keep close to my chest
To make it more real.

Dear God,
Was I created with demons in my brain
To learn hell is in outer space?

Because I see stars during the day
And I have to play it cool
When my reality isn’t real.

I never learned.
What was behind those hands?

My best friend was the me I didn’t like.
Spewing the hate I knew too well.

I watched my lover kill herself
At least sixty-seven times.

Staying quiet
For a year and a half
Made me comfortable.

Until I saw that closet open,
And couldn’t blame my hands,
But still blamed myself.

You missed a certain sensation.
A real fear
That maybe you missed the fear in fog.

There’s dew settling in my head,
So I’ll count to twenty with my eyes closed.
Because I’ve got to find a new path home.

I beat this before for a while,
So I’m showing you my coat cards,
But fuck, I got dealt a shitty hand.