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I'm looking for a fic where Regina and Emma are sleeping together and Emma's stressed because people keep asking her to do things. The only place she feels at peace is with Regina but then Snow finds out and has Blue kidnap and torture her to stop her from liking Regina. I don't know if it's finished because last I remember Regina and Emma leave Storybrooke for a little while so Emma can leave.

I don’t know this fic, sorry! Has anyone else read it?

Someone should write a fic in which Regina goes to find Emma in New York (without magic) and, as soon as she leaves Storybrooke, her real age catches up with her and she has to win Emma over as a lady “of a certain age.” Then, sure, when they go back to SB, she reverts to her younger self. Love my May-December romances. And I’m ridiculously bored at work today.

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Rumbaby Prompt: Kid Gideon likes trains so something cute. Either Rumple plays with model Thomas trains and makes choo choo noises, or do they have heritage steam railways in America? That could be a sweet daytrip if they can leave Storybrooke.

There was a balloon tied to the back of his chair when Gideon pattered into the kitchen, Belle trailing behind him. 

“Happy birthday, son,” Rumpelstiltskin said with a smile, adding the last present to a small, gaily-wrapped pile in the middle of the kitchen table. “How does it feel to be four?”

“I don’t know yet,” said Gideon matter-of-factly, holding up his arms in a blatant request to be picked up. 

Rumpelstiltskin obliged, giving the top of his son’s silky brown head a kiss before depositing him in his chair. “Good point. I’ll ask you again tonight.”

“Froot Loops?” Belle asked, getting his favourite luridly-coloured cereal out of the pantry. 

“Yes.” Gideon eyed his presents with happy anticipation. 

Rumpelstiltskin placed his cup of juice in front of him. “Would you like to open one present after breakfast, then save the rest for later?”

“Yes!” He dug into his cereal, trying to decide. Should he choose the biggest first? Or save it till later? He ate in record time, then climbed down from his chair and carried his dishes to the sink. “I’m done,” he announced. 

Still eating his own meal, Rumpelstiltskin plucked a present off of the pile and held it out. “I suggest opening this one.”

Gideon tore off the paper and squealed with delight as he discovered a train conductor’s cap. “Cool!” He put it on and tugged at an imaginary pull-cord. “Choo-choo!”

Belle laughed. “You need a train to go with that.”

Gideon promptly ran to his room and came back with one of his toy trains, which he ran along the floor while his parents finished their breakfast, weaving it in and out of the chair legs while making appropriate train noises. 

Rumpelstiltskin cleared away his and Belle’s dishes when they had finished eating and exchanged a look with her. She nodded, fighting back a smile. “You know, Gideon, now that you’re a year older, I think you should have a bigger train than that.”

Gideon looked up with interest. 

“Have you looked in the back yard lately?”

Gideon’s eyes widened, then he was up and running for the back door like a shot. Rumpelstiltskin and Belle followed in his wake. 

A train!” he yelled in ecstasy. 

It was not a real train, of course, but a sort of wooden playhouse that looked like the engine car of a train, painted blue with yellow trim. It was built high enough that a plastic yellow slide extended out from the front of the car where the cow catcher would normally be. Gideon ran across the grass and clambered up the two steps that led into the car. There were benches to sit on, on either side, and further in a wheel waiting to be turned. He turned it, imagining he was rounding a bend on a track. 

“Why don’t you try the rope?” Belle suggested, coming up to lean against the side of the car. 

Gideon glanced at and grabbed the rope hanging from the roof. He pulled it with hope shining in his eyes, hope that was fulfilled and turned into a look of glee as a beautiful steam whistle sound rent the air. He turned back to his parents, watching him with grins on their faces. “It’s perfect,” he enthused. 

“What’s down by your feet?’ Rumpelstiltskin prompted. 

Gideon looked, and realised it was the opening to a tunnel that must lead out to the slide in front. He dropped to his knees and vanished, emerging a few moments later at the top of the slide. He pushed off and slid down and ran around to his parents, throwing his arms around each of their legs in turn, his face wreathed in a huge smile.

“Thank you! It’s the best present ever!” 

“You’re welcome,” Belle ruffled his hair affectionately. 

“So, Gideon, I’m going to ask you again.” Rumpelstiltskin said, grinning. “How does it feel to be four?”

Gideon knew the answer this time. 

“It’s awesome!” 


Once Upon A Time Hiatus MemeFamilial Ships — Emma x Snow
“Because when Regina framed me, and you bailed me out I asked you why and you said you trusted me. And then when I wanted to leave Storybrooke ‘cause I thought it was best for Henry, you told me I needed to stay because that was best for him. I realized all my life I have been alone. Walls up. Nobody’s ever been there for me except for you. And I can’t lose that, I cannot lose my family.

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That promo did scare me for Snowing a lot. I think it's very possible Charming die at the end of the season especially if they can't get Ginny and Josh to sign for another season. I don't see Gosh being guest stars on the show next year if they don't sign back on because Snowing is to involved in Emma's life. The only way to write them off and still continue with the show is to kill them unless Emma just moves away from Storybrooke and leaves her parents there.

Nahhhh! They will be fine! It doesn’t make sense for them to curse Snowing, wake them up in order for one of them to die! That’s just CRUEL!

Roommates, Ch. 1

Title: Roommates

Summary: Canon-divergent at the end of S5. After they succeed in saving their child from Hades’ contract, Belle and Rumple return to the land of the living only to face a greater challenge: a future together with their unborn child. Three months later, they leave Storybrooke for a new life in New York. A fresh start without magic, without the shackles and crutches of their old lives. But they might find that the darkness and light of the past have followed them.

Rating: T

Genre: family, angst, humor, feels

Chapter: 1

Characters/relationships: Rumbelle; appearances by Grumpy and Tiny

AO3 link

Note: This is the VERY FIRST story in the Our Fine Town verse, chronologically. Rumbelle-focused, eventual appearance by Téa (Rumbaby).

They had rented an apartment in a family-friendly neighborhood, according to sources on the Internet. The stately brownstone stood on a comparatively quiet side street nestled between two avenues close to but not buried in Brooklyn’s downtown. Money wasn’t an issue right now, but the rent was prudently priced for the area. It was meant to be a one-year trial, after all. One year in a new home, a new city, removed from everything they’d comfortably known, for a chance at something better.

All built on a promise that they would make things better, Belle reminded herself.

She studied her new room. She was was trying to mentally arrange her bookcase, dresser, future bed, future crib. Just what anyone in her place would be doing. In those terms, the scenario sounded mundanely straightforward. The technical elements were falling into place without exceptional effort. Rumple had handled the bulk of research on rented apartments and showed her the most attractive choices. Grumpy had volunteered to handle the furniture with Happy and Tiny. Tiny, or Anton, was the most enthusiastic of anyone to pay a visit to the Land Without Magic, if only while transporting Rumple and Belle’s belongings. A debate over whether crossing the line would keep Anton at his reduced height or restore him to giant size had thrown in some levity that Belle welcomed.

Reality in its devilish details was far from straightforward. For Belle, those details made it a battle to keep waves of panic at bay, especially in solitary moments. Back in her modest apartment above the library, while packing a suitcase or a box, she’d suddenly feel ill. Not from morning sickness or about living with Rumple again. They’d discussed at length how the arrangement would work. She carried a flickering torch of hope that Rumple’s bad habits would be derailed by the absence of magic. No, what upended her stomach was everything to be left behind. She would say goodbye to her father again. She would give Archie and Granny final hugs. Snow and David would send her off with encouraging words. If only she’d heard more while living there.

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A Good Mother

Over the last few days or so I’ve been seeing a lot of comments about whether or not Emma is a good mother. So, I would like to open it up to a friendly discussion! Here’s my thoughts on the matter and I would love others to chime in with theirs!

A good mother puts their child first. Example: Such as Emma giving Henry up for his best chance. Staying in Storybrooke when she sees he didn’t have it. Leaving her family behind to ensure her son isn’t alone. She tried to leave Storybrooke because she thought he would be better without Regina and her fighting over him. Twice. She set aside her differences with Regina to save him. And again in Storybrooke after the trigger was activated. She set aside her differences with Regina, Hook, Rumple, even her parents in Neverland because it was best for Henry.

A good mother is concerned for their child’s wellbeing. Example: Pushing Henry away to protect him from her out of control magic. Trying to talk to him when Regina pushed him away. Staying in Storybrooke and talking to his shrink about the best way to handle his belief system. She wanted him out of Regina’s home because it wasn’t safe for him.

A good mother also puts their child’s well being before her own. Example: Trying to destroy her magic, a part of herself to keep Henry safe after accidently hurting him. Fighting a dragon. Willing to destroy Killian and the other Dark Ones because now Henry’s life hung in the balance. Even after nearly freezing to death she was still more concerned with Henry’s feelings than her own life. She worked with Regina several times to save his life even when Regina was the last person she wanted to be around.

A good mother is there when they’re child needs them. Example: She refused to leave Storybrooke until she knew he was better without her. She’s there even when he pushes her away. She saved him in the mine. She went to Neverland after him. She saved him from Cruella. She was there after Archie tried to make him think he was crazy.

A good mother is there for their child no matter what’s wrong in her own life. Example: She didn’t refuse to see her son just because she lost Killian. She didn’t stop being his mother for one minute just because she almost froze to death. She didn’t stop fighting for the way home when she was lost in another realm.

A good mother will make mistakes because no one is perfect, but she will always try to fix them. Example: Him hearing her say his behavior is crazy. Lying about his father. Trying to kidnap in the middle of the night. Trying to keep his real memories from him. Having Violet break his heart.

No one is perfect, not even Emma Swan but she has always tried to do what is best for her son. When push comes to shove she’s there for him. Always has been. Always will be. He’s always her main concern.

Example: In the new clip Henry was Emma’s first thought. Before she went on a date with Killian she talked to him. Before she decided on pursuing a marriage to someone she talked to him. Wanted to make sure he was comfortable. Her magic spiraled out of control and injured her son. She decided to get rid of it instead. She told him to stay away from her for protection unlike Regina who pushed him away because of an emotional turmoil over a guy. Henry was in danger around Emma. Then she calls to make sure he got home alright.

In the fight against Regina in the first season Emma was concerned about how it would affect Henry. Tried to leave twice in order to protect him from their constant war over him because she knew he was getting hurt. Separated by realms Emma’s only concern was getting home to Henry so he wouldn’t feel abandoned. Same thing again in Neverland she worried if too much time passed Henry would believe she wasn’t coming. Fought to get him a message to say she was coming for him.

After Neverland she refused to think about herself after everything Henry had gone through. More concerned about his feelings than her own. She was unsure about returning his real memories to him because she knew they would hurt him. She wanted to protect her son from pain. A natural mother’s reaction even if it was wrong. Almost died freezing to death but she was more concerned with how he was fairing after the message from Regina. Put his life before the wellbeing of her own heart by killing Cruella. Was there another way? Maybe. Does it matter? Every mother put in the same situation would most likely pick killing the person threatening their child over losing their child.

She protected him against the Dark Ones. She stopped trying to save Killian after Henry’s life was threatened because he was more important. Her family was more important. She kept thinking it was crazy to bring Henry to the Underworld, that she would out of her mind for doing it. I don’t remember Regina saying anything of the same. If I’m wrong, please correct me!

She went after him when he ran away. Convinced him he hadn’t completely lost their family. Reminded him of who he is. Was proud of his ability to make people believe the impossible even if it was just a minute.

Emma has always been a mother to Henry, from the moment he was born. I don’t care if she didn’t raise him for ten years of his life. Feeding him, putting a roof over his head, clothing him, and keeping him healthy are not the only important things in being a mother to a child.

Henry didn’t have a mother for those ten years. Not the kind of mother every child needs. She met his basic human needs and that’s about where it ended.

Emma is an excellent mother to Henry. And I implore others to please share their opinions on this matter because I’d like to know what other people think about this too.

Hope to hear from you soon!

there’s no place like home...

A/N: This started as an AU from a bed sharing prompt, but I changed course. What if Zelena’s portal never opened and Killian and Emma never went back in time? What if Emma really decided to leave Storybrooke for New York? (don’t worry, I kept the bed sharing)

He wonders if he will get even a wink of sleep tonight. With the filled to the brim yellow bug parked outside of the loft and it’s driver teetering on the far edge of the bed, he doubts it very much. From the moonlight streaming in from her open window he can just make out the knotted mass of her blonde curls piled atop her extra pillow, leaving her neck and shoulders bare and beckoning. But she’s leaving…so he can’t. The divide is too wide and if he reaches, he know he will fall.

Fall farther, that is.

Is there really any farther to go?

He loves her. He loves her so much that he has no other choice than to let her go. Tomorrow morning, he’ll watch her drive away with Henry, off to find whatever she thinks is waiting for her in New York City. The possibility of what they could be will always be just that, a possibility unfulfilled. Pushing her further will do no good and he’s already tried with no success. He has to let her go and hope that she “misses it”…misses him.

The fact that he’s sharing her bed on her last night, it just doesn’t mean as much as he wishes it could. With Henry passed out on the couch after the revelry of the farewell celebration went late into the night, he had been unexpectedly confronted with Mary Margaret’s unrelenting demand that he not walk back to Granny’s in the bitter cold. David’s incredulous expression had added much needed humor to the tension filled moment as the suggestion of Killian sharing Emma’s bed had fallen without second thought from his wife’s lips. Emma had shown the necessary reluctance, but eventually relented as there really was no other option left available.

But he needs to be more than an option. He needs to be her choice.

She shifts beside him and he closes his eyes, not wanting her to find him still awake watching over her. Stinging as it may be, he does have a sliver of pride still remaining that needs to be protected if he’s to find his way here without her once she’s gone. Slowing his breathing, he feigns slumber and fails miserably in his attempt to clamp down the buzzing beneath his skin growing stronger with each creak and dip of the bed beside him as she moves. His facade almost cracks as her breath warms the skin of his neck, signaling how close she has come, too purposeful an action to be unconsciously made. This proves to be true when the fingers of his hand resting atop his stomach are tentatively covered by hers, her blunt fingernails tickling his skin through his thin shirt as she curves her fingers between his knuckles.

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Just Make Believe [TW x OUAT]

Requested: No

Song: None

Warnings: swearing

Plot: Reader is Maleficent’s daughter. After being reunited, they decide to leave Storybrooke, so they decide to move to Beacon Hills. Reader starts school at BHHS, and Scott suspects something up about Reader. This is pretty Long ish

A/N: I really liked this plot, and I really like cross-overs. So this is gonna be an Au, and the magic at Storybrooke is also at Beacon Hills. So fire, dragon, magic, blah blah blah. Anyways, I really hope you like this imagine. Sorry if it doesn’t make sense, I’m not good at describing things and stuff.

Your name: submit What is this?

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You and me.

“Grandma? Are you there?” the fourteen years old ask and walked into the house and looked around. “Grandma? I picked something from the Diner. I know you want to be alone but I’m not leaving you. So tell me where you are” Sofia wanted to talk with her. She knew that her words hurted her that she wanted to leave Storybrooke. “Regina c'mon!” She said again and walked into the bedroom and sighed “Don’t push me away, please” she added and sat next to her. “I don’t have it in me. But I can’t lose you” @queen-regina-mayor-mills

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I’m Crazy Proud of Rumple

I’m dismissing the Rumbelle drama for a moment to talk about how amazing Rumple’s character development has been.

Please note: This is not a Belle-bashing post. This is a Rumple positivity post. If you have something to say against Belle, please do so elsewhere.

1. Rumple shattered the chipped cup to free himself from Merida and to warn Belle that she was in danger.

2. Rumple spoke to Belle in the library with total honesty about his fears, his failings, his wrongdoings. And he apologized.

3. Rumple wanted to run from Bearida and force Belle to leave Storybrooke, but he didn’t. He stood up for himself and protected his love. He solved the problem using what he had at his disposal–a little bag of magic that he didn’t even know would work and his considerable wits.

4. Rumple embraced Belle after their Bearida scare with complete abandon–nothing held back, no hidden agenda, no secret plans. He just buried his face in her neck and held her as a man for the first time EVER.

5. Seeking nothing in return, Rumple bargained with Dark!Emma for information about Merida’s brothers and got Emma to return her heart.

6. Following an impassioned speech in which he promised to “change everything” for Belle and she told him “it’s never too late,” Rumple pulled the sword from the stone proving himself to be the hero we know he has ALWAYS been.

7. Rumple was kind and helpful to Hook when he barged into the shop looking for a way to talk to Emma. He suggested a way for Hook to draw her out.

8. Rumple accepted all the shade that Dark!Hook threw his way without biting back with a single return insult. He accepted the challenge of the duel. No manipulation, no tricks, no hiding. He was just his wonderfully witty, intelligent, brave self.

9. Rumple worked with the other Heroes. Again, he didn’t skulk off and solve his problems in secret in his own way. He behaved like he was part of a team. And hearing Henry acknowledge his changes just slayed me. Grandpastiltskin rises again!

10. Rumple told Belle that he knows there’s a difference between not wanting him to die and wanting to be with him. He asks for a chance to love her with honesty and courage. HUGE onscreen character and relationship development.

11. Rumple fought Hook and he won. More importantly? He. Walked. Away. If Rumple had wanted to be the Dark One again and take back the power, all he had to do was run Dark!Hook through. But he didn’t.

12. Rumple let his True Love walk away (again!) because it was what she said she needed.

Again, just some incredible character development from Rumplestiltskin. We are seeing the hero we have always known was there behind the Dark One. In spite of the Dark One eating him alive and drawing on his darkest impulses. Without the darkness he is free to be the man he wants to be. To accomplish lasting change, a character has to want to be different for himself–not just for the people he loves. Rumple’s not doing this for Belle or for Bae. He’s doing this for himself. This is his journey and it’s so special to finally see Rumple get the credit he deserves.

Battling the Darkness by omgregina (shawishot)

Art by joanacteixeira


Regina and Emma connect briefly but meaningfully before Emma becomes the Dark One. Afterwards, Emma struggles with keeping control of her emotions and thus, her magic. Finally, she is forced to leave Storybrooke for another realm as she learns how to control her powers and not give into her urges to hurt and maim others, especially Robin. It is not for a very long time until Emma is able to retain control of her magic long enough to sit down and have a long conversation with Regina that leads to the discovery that they share true love… and a daughter.

Excerpt: “Why did I do it? Maybe, I don’t know, I was tired of being the Savior and who wouldn’t appreciate the irony of it all, the Savior saving the former Evil Queen from the darkness, only to be taken by it instead? Now I’m free. Free from the obligations and expectations I never even fucking asked for.”

the feel of solid ground

(according to microsoft word i haven’t touched this since december 2. or: sometimes i write things and get super critical and perfectionist-y and they never see the light of day. but, given the finale, i felt like this was worth bringing out. no spoilers, not canon - but not quite an au - i dunno. it would maybe fit somewhere in 4a, if frozen hadn’t happened - i took liberties, basically. 

but have some emma leaves storybrooke - and killian - angst. inspired by the song ‘so anyway’ from the musical next to normal, which you should most definitely go listen to here.) 

so anyway,

i’m leaving.           

i thought you’d like to know.


The words hang in the air after she says them and she almost wants to take them back but she can’t. Doesn’t want to. She meant it, she—

            “So you’ve made up your mind then,” he says finally. She bites her lip, unsure of how to respond. He meets her eyes, then, and the look on his face makes her want to close the distance between them, soothe him, take it back, it’s okay, it’s okay. But she stays where she is. “There’s nothing I can say to change your mind.”

            She shakes her head in agreement. He sighs, nodding, looking away again. She blinks back the tears.

            “It’s not forever,” she tells him. “I just—”

            “You don’t need to justify it, love.”

            But she does, doesn’t she? To him, if no one else.

            And she needs him to know—she needs to make sure he understands.

            “It’s not you, okay?” And God, it’s such a cliché, but it’s true. “I’m—it’s me, and I just—”

            He doesn’t interrupt her, doesn’t take her into his arms. Just remains where he is, eyes trained on the floor, seated on the edge of the bed. (Their bed.)

(Not anymore.)

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Peter Pan Imagine/Moving

In this imagine you are going to move and Peter confesses his love towards you.

You live in Storyboroke, and You were the daughter of Emma Swan, you loved where you lived and loved the people there, but Emma was doing something drastic, she decided to move, that it was best for you and Henry.

She told everybody at Granny’s you ran out of the restaurant crying, you loved your life why was this happening?

You called for Peter, he told you to just whistle and he would be there, and there he was.

“P-Peter!” you cried running to him.

“What’s wrong love? Why do you have tears in your eyes?”

“I’m moving!”

Peter looks confused and frowns, “If you leave StoryBrooke, you will forget about me.”

“I know ..”

Emma and the gang find you with Peter, they never liked him, considering he tried to kill your brother, Peter apologized so many times for that and proved himself to you, but the others wouldn’t listen. So you are the only one in your town who likes Peter.

“What are you doing with him get back!” Your mom yells.

“I’m not moving mom I’M staying you can leave, this town is my home.” you say.

Everyone was so shocked that you were with Pan, he was just so evil.

“Why are you with him anyway?” Mary Margret asked.   

“Because he is my friend! Why else would I?” you yell.

“He tried to kill your brother.” Regina said.

“He proved himself to me, he is good, he really is.” you turn to look at him, but Peter is looking down, trying not to let others bring him down and look happy still for you.

“I’m gonna go love.” He turns and starts to walk away. 

“Peter wait!” You run after him.

“Get back here now!” Emma yells.

You ignore her and hug Pan, he’s shocked but hugs you back, with one arm around your waist and another in his pocket.

“Oh no.” Margret says.

“What ? What’s happening?” Emma says.

“I know that look, she loves the boy.” Margret says.

Emma looks shocked and confused.

You break the hug from Peter, “I’m so sorry, you’re good to me, and that’s all that counts.”

“Sure thing love, I should go now.”

He leaves but smiles at you before he goes, Peter liked you, a lot, but he never showed his feelings, and if he did, it was by accident.

You walk back to the gang, “So coco anyone?”

“Stop acting all innocent we know you love Peter.” Regina blurted out,

Your eyes widen, you look back and see if he heard, and 0h yeah he did, he looked at you and studied your reaction.

You shook your head, “Wh-what do you mean?”

“Oh cut the bull the only reason you hang around that monster isn’t because you’re a lost boy.” Regina said.

Your head turns and looks at Peter, he looks at you, but just simply continues to walk away.

“Listen I know I don’t love Peter or like him , he is my friend that’s all okay?”

They all roll their eyes and head into Granny’s, Whew, you let out a sigh, “That was close.”

That night before you went to sleep you called for Peter, he came for you.

“You look sad, whats wrong love?” He asked.

Tears came from your eyes, “Nothing, well something…Everything.”

He picks up your chin with his fingers, he kisses you , which you had no idea but loved every second of it. 

“Peter wh-what are you doing?”

“You don’t like it?”

“Oh no I do I just thought you didn’t feel the same way.

He smiles, “I thought the same about you, but clearly you do.”

You giggle, and he laughed, you two kiss and talk all night, until sunrise, he leaves, and you get ready for school.

You could barely wait to get home to see Peter, he said to meet him in the forest at 4:00pm, it was 2:30pm. You had to go home and get ready, he wanted to ask you something, and said to dress nice.

You got home and everybody was packing for the moving, you ignored it, until you saw boxes in your room, you suddenly became a little sad, you looked around your room, remembering when you first got here. You get to your clock, it was 3;30pm you had to hurry!

You got dressed in your cutest outfit running out the door, nobody noticed.

You get to the forest and see Peter on a blanket, its a picnic! You couldn’t stop smiling

“Peter this is amazing!” You yell.

He pats on the blanket signing you to sit next to him, “Would you liked some apple cider love?” .he asked. 

You nod, and take sip. He gives you a sandwich and some napkins, boy does he know how to be romantic.

“Listen love, I need to ask you something, Don’t say yes, unless you know the consequences.” You nod and wait for the question.

“I want you to be my girlfriend but in order for that, you need to come to Neverland with me, and live with me.”

“W-wait, come to Neverland?” You are hesitant. “That means I would never see my family or friends again.”

Peter nods, “I know “y/n, that’s why I said don’t say yes unless you know what you’re getting yourself into.”

You’re about to say something then all of a sudden “STOP!”

You look up its your mom and her gang. “Ugh what do you want?” you said to your mom.

“Are you on a date ?” Henry said.

Peter smirked “Maybe.”

Regina gets mad, “So let me get this straight you’re on a date with the guy who tried to kill your brother? Oh fantastic let me know how it goes!” 

Margret steps in “Enough Regina lets hear her out.”

“I’m going o Neverland , with Peter, that way you won’ have to worry about me and we can all be happy .” You say softly. 

“Oh hell no , you NOT ever going anywhere with him!” Emma says.

Peter rolled his eyes and got up, “Like I said love, only say yes if you know the consequences, I’ll be back in 24 hours to help you decide.”

Peter flew off and you watched him. You turn around see your family. 

Emma looks at you, “Look kid i can’t let you leave, you’re my daughter plus i don’t trust him and you’re not an adult yet.”

You just cry and go back to the house, you were torn, you loved StoryBrooke but you loved Peter, you wanted both, but Emma had a plan up her sleeve.

You woke up and heard the moving truck outside and ran downstairs “Whats going on I thought we weren’t moving for a another month?”

“Nope today.’ Emma said happily.

You thought all was lost until killian did something unusual.

“Ms. Uh Swan, uh love I have something to say and before I do it, I must say,I did not steal it.” 

You looked at him he was on his knees, he proposed to you mom!”

Your mouth dropped. “Wait you two are a thing?” 

“Why yes , we are, and I hope we stay a thing for a long time, Ms, Swan your finger?” He asked.

She cried, “But I don’t know how to love, you know my past my relationships, come on now killian.” 

“Aye I do, and that is why we are good for each other, please stay in Story Brooke, with all of us.”

 All the gang show up “Are we late did she say yes?”

“She hasn’t said anything yet.” killian said nervously.

“Ugh dammit yes!” She said happily. You were stayng in Story brooke but that didn’t help you from your problem.

You called Peter he came. “You made up your mind love?” he asked.

“I want to stay  in StoryBrooke, but I want you, and I’m scared, you don’t have family and friends the way I do, It’s not fair that you get to have your lost boys and I only have you, and I know that sounds selfish but Damn Peter.” You fall and cry on the floor. 

He kneels down to you, “Love, I understand, Can I make you a deal ?”:

“what is it?”

“Stay with your family in Story Brooke, for school, then for the weekends, stay with me until Sunday, deal? 

“”You’re the best Peter” You grab him and bring him in close kissing him like crazy and thanking him, it proved to you that he truly has changed , and wasn’t evil like he said.Your mother agreed to that and even invited Pan for dinner, you and Peter were as happy as ever, and with killian you were happy because you knew your family would grow even bigger.


Walking on Wires and Power Lines by NegativeBlue

Art by PinkRabbitPro


After leaving Storybrooke a year ago, Emma returns to attend her parents’ renewal of vows. But even with all the time that has passed, she still finds herself being conflicted about the woman she left behind. The woman she married. The woman who broke her heart and caused her to leave town.

So Close

There’s been too much angst in the cs ff tag lately (they’re all so lovely, they break my shipper heart that’s too invested in these idiots).

So here’s some slight smut and fluff and maybe bit of angst after the hug/bed scene. As I and potentialheartofdarkness believe, Emma and Hook intensely made-out after that as for god’s sake she was straddling him!!!

I’m accepting prompts!

So Close

“It’s all in the day’s work for a hero, love” Killian whispered, keeping his voice steady in order to not have Emma sense his disappointment. He knew what she was about to say – or at least hoped she was going to muster the three magical words. Oh well.

He knew she loved him. Funny - as a couple of months ago, Killian honestly thought this woman was going to get back with the father of her child, or then later just leave Storybrooke and him behind to run away to New York (though in his heart he knew she would stay).

But she loved him. He knew it the day when tears were brimming her eyes and after a day of being mad at him she finally blurted out in the middle of the street, “I can’t lose you too”. He could see her love for him in the way her eyes crinkled and her lips formed into a happy smile when she saw him - pulling him in for a kiss or a hug as a way of greeting him. The way her hand always found his hand or his waist. The way she would touch his hook just like she would touch his hand. The way she smiled and licked her lips after they kissed. Her emotions were all evident in her actions.

Killian knew Emma wasn’t so eloquent or daring with her words the way he was. It was his duty to deliver beautiful speeches while she reciprocated them with a kiss. He had told her that she was his happy ending basically admitting that he’s in this for the long haul and wants to be with her forever - but he wanted her to say the first words of love since he wanted her to be comfortable and sure of her feelings.

He was brought back to the present as Emma’s forehead rested on his and her hand caressed his scruff.

“We’ll go check on the others and the Author” Charming called out from downstairs and soon after a loud thump was heard indicating that they were both alone in the loft, and in Emma’s bed.

Killian was so lost in his thoughts that he hadn’t realized that she was straddling him. They sure had messed around before this entire chaos with Gold and the Queens of Darkness started, but one of them usually pulled off once things started to get heated. They had even made out in Emma’s bed like horny teenagers, trying to remain silent as her parents were downstairs preparing for dinner and Killian really didn’t want to be kicked out by a disgruntled David.

Killian saw the realization hit her as well of their current position and so he moved his hook from her waist to the bed. He was pulling back slightly to allow her to move but gave out a little yelp of surprise as she tugged on the lapels of his jacket and moved forward, settling herself more firmly on his lap and Killian had to clench his jaw in order to not let himself be aroused (not that the feeling of it would be foreign to Emma). She held his hook and hand and brought them to circle her waist as she cupped his jaw, leaning in.

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leaving-storybrooke  asked:

Ooooh okay okay, how about ☾ and ☄ (any AU because ALL THE AUs) (actually no) (maaaaaaybe babyverse or faebyverse) (i am weak ok)

SO after some consultation i am giving you MamaBear&BabyBear sleep headcanon and then faebyverse sleep headcanon because THEMES.  Also I am maybe interpreting this as bedtime more than sleep.  

☾ : Sleep headcanon: mama bear & baby bear

Henry’s favorite bedtime story (until he was six) was Guess How Much I Love You.  For a while, Regina was petrified that it would kick off a crisis about the lack of a father in his life and tried to find other books, but he was dead set on that particular book.  

(When anxiety preys on Regina, she loses sleep. She has nightmares.) She dreamt of her father and her mother and the kind of father Daniel would have been–

–and when she is crying silently in bed one night, hours after Henry’s dropped into dreamworld, he comes tiptoeing into her room with his stuffed Eeyore and cuddles up next to her, waits until she wraps her arms around him before he whispers, “I love you right up to the moon, Mommy.”

And then, after a moment in which Regina hiccups in an attempt to stifle her tears and kisses his hair again and again, he adds, “and back.”

☄ : Any AU headcanon (modern, school, medieval, and so on): faebies and sleep

The faebies, tiny hellions that they are, are almost impossible to get to sleep all at once.  For their first year, they basically sleep in rotation.  (Regina and Emma sleep in shifts, Henry spends school nights at his grandparents’, and the Lucas women both gain keys to the mansion.)

But once they are old enough to sleep through the night consistently, they start doing this… thing.

Light shows would be the best term.  Sparks of light, glowing arcs–auroras dancing all around the nursery.  And while two of them sleep, one of them keeps the show going.  

It’s self-soothing in tandem, and the first night that Regina, in a panic, rushes into the nursery because none of the faebies have cried in three hours, she curls up in the rocking chair with one hand over her heart and the other adding small shapes into the lights and listening to tiny faeby giggles.