leaving our home

ok so life update:

I’ve been hella stressed out lately (Kae too probably more so) for lotsa different things but one of the major issues is having to face up to the fact we may have to leave our home and end up somewhere far worse (honestly we have it way better here for this price range than anywhere else) because I’m in need of a service dog and the landlord had already said no to a dog in general (as a pet)

so today Kae managed to muster up the courage to just… spill all the beans essentially, say exactly what our situation is with health and all that shit and give them all the details to make a decision before we essentially had to choose between a comfortable home and no service animal, or a service animal and a shitty home (along with leaving the area that has my therapy campus, the stress of moving etc etc etc)

long story short though, once it had been properly explained the landlord said they were happy for us to get a service dog, Kae is a trainer qualified already, we’d have two separate charities aiding with the specific training the dog needs blah blah etc etc omg i can breath again….

*collapses and sleeps for 2 solid weeks out of relief*

Adored by Him (Part 2)

A/N: So I got distracted playing Mass Effect, so I’m sorry if this seems rushed. #itried 

Warnings: Idk last time this made people cry so grab tissues.

Word Count: 1, 450

Your POV 

“Well I am, so please move…I’m sorry” 

“Y/N, wait-” 

This was the tenth time I replayed the past events in my head. I feel like I didn’t even take time to think about how Dan felt with all of this? Overwhelmed? Guilty? All I remember was leaving our home, my already red, puffy eyes flickering up to his glossy ones. I didn’t know where to go. I was too impulsive…maybe I should have just lied about what was wrong with me? No. Phil was right the best thing to do is get it off my shoulders. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, I let out a big sigh and checked what it was. 

Dan: Y/N where are you?

Dan: Y/N I’m sorry. Are you okay?

Y/N: I’m fine Dan. Pls don’t tell me you’re out looking for me.


Y/N: Daniel

Dan: look you left, and we need to talk about this.

Y/N: Hard pass

Dan: you can’t just “hard pass” your way out of this.

Y/N: Just did.  

I closed my eyes, looking up at the beautiful London night sky. It was mostly just black, but with some stars scattered in different places lighting up the sky. I guess there’s something to calm me down. That thought quickly escaped my mind when I felt my phone vibrate again. 

Phil: Found you

Y/N: sounds like ur bout to murder me m8

Phil: Shut up, turn around. 

I sat up on the bench, and twisted around in my seat to see Phil standing a few feet away. The moment I made eye contact with him all I could see was sympathy in his eyes. I almost broke down crying again but I was already drained from the previous crying. I got up from the bench and ran towards Phil, he caught me in a warm embrace. After a few moments, we pulled away and I tried my best to give him a small smile. 

“You need to talk to Dan.” Phil said in a very stern voice. 

“Not you too.” I groaned, rolling my eyes. 

“Avoiding your problems isn’t going to do anything to help." 

"Please don’t tell me you told Dan where I was.” The second after I said that, I heard a relieved gasp from behind me. I turned around, but I was greeted with someone throwing their arms around my waist. I almost instantly knew who it was. Black coat, scruffy brown hair, and that distinct scent that emitted off of his body. Dan. I felt my throat go dry, and my heart rate increased. I started shaking my head, and pushed Dan off of me.

“My job is done. See you guys back home.” Phil laughed. I stared at him with a questioning look. Why was he LAUGHING at this?  

“Dan I told you not to-” I turned my attention back to Dan, but I was still avoiding eye contact.

“My turn to interrupt you. Let me talk.” Dan put his finger up so I would stay silent.

“Dan please. I know what you’re going to say and-” Before I could even say the rest of my sentence, Dan grabbed my cheeks and pulled me in for a warm, soft kiss. I wanted to reject it, because I knew he was taken. He was dating a beautiful, adventurous girl that I could never be compared to. But I couldn’t help myself. I melted under his touch and as cheesy, and cliché as it sounds, the kiss felt magical. He pulled away and smiled at me.

“Can I talk now?” He smirked, still holding my cheeks. I felt my face heat up, and I knew that my face was super red. I was still caught up in his kiss. I still felt his lips lingering on mine even though they weren’t even there.

“Why did you do that, Dan? You’re dating Allison.” Reality hit me, and I took his hands off my face. I stared at the ground after a realization that I’ll never be able to kiss him again.

“But I’m not.” Dan’s voice got softer, and my eyes flickered up to his. His eyes looked at me with care, and love. I felt a spark go off in my stomach, has he always looked at me like that?

“W-What do you mean?”

“I was lying when I said we got in a fight. She actually broke up with me because she knew I still loved you.”

“Wait you…what? Still?” My eyes lit up and I was staring into his wonderful eyes.

“I don’t know where to start really. The moment we met I knew you were going to be this amazing person, and I adored you almost instantly. I spent my time convincing myself I wasn’t good enough for you and that you would never have feelings for me back. So I moved on.” He shrugged his shoulders and now he was the one avoiding eye contact. 

I felt my heart sink, and I tried searching in his eyes to see if I was able to tell if he was lying or not.  

“Then I met Allison. She’s an amazing girl don’t get me wrong; I wasn’t lying when I said I thought I felt something strong with her. That’s only because I was still in denial that I still had feelings for you. Then earlier today when she broke up with me, it did hurt. I thought she was my only chance at having a long lasting relationship because I thought there were unrequited feelings between me and the person I really loved.” He grabbed my hand and stared at it for a while. He started stroking the back of my hand with his thumb and continued talking. “But I lied to you because…I don’t know actually. I felt vulnerable and pathetic." 

"Dan…” I lifted my free hand to his cheek. He leaned into my touch instantly, closing his eyes. I dropped my hand from his cheek and he looked into my eyes again. Looking…guilty? 

“But then you told me you loved me, and that me dating Allison hurt you a lot. I thought ‘damn, only I can fuck up this much.” He chuckled, trying to lighten the mood. “I saw how hurt you were and I felt…well saying guilty is an understatement. So I tried to explain myself, like I’m doing right now. But you being the stubborn bugger you are, you didn’t give me a chance to speak.”  

I didn’t know what to say. I got lost in his eyes for a while. Trying to process everything he said. He loved me? Wait not loved, he LOVES me. I felt so relieved and happy, I burst into happy tears. A change from all the sad tears I spilt that night.

“Oh my god did I fuck up again? What did I say? Y/N are you okay?” Dan let go of my hand and backed away from me, scared that he hurt me again. I shook my head, laughing at his reaction. 

“Yes, I’m okay Dan. I’m beyond okay.” I opened my arms, and wrapped them around his neck. I held onto him tightly, scared that I would choke him, I loosened my grip around his neck. I felt him wrap his arms around my waist, holding me close.  

“I’m sorry for everything I put you through, Y/N. I never intended to hurt you.” He nuzzled his face into my neck. The feeling of his hot breath caused shivers to go down my spine. 

“I know you didn’t Dan. I love you.” I pulled away from him, though I left my arms still wrapped around his neck. 

“I love you too, Y/N.” Dan smiled at me, his eyes flicking down to my lips then back to my eyes.

“Are you thinking of that kiss from earlier too?” I chuckled, leaning my forehead against his. 

“Maybe.” He looked into my eyes one more time before pulling me into another kiss. My hands went up to his hair, and I felt his grip tighten on my waist.

“Maybe we should get out of the cold.” I pulled away to catch my breath.

“That might be a good idea.” He laughed, pulling away from me. 

On the walk back to our flat, we laughed, telling stories of random things that happened to us over the past week. Our hands were intertwined the whole way. I knew this is where I wanted to be, I didn’t have to decide where to go because I already knew. With Dan, I was already home. I finally knew how it felt to be adored by him, and I was never going to let what we have go.

ADHD parkour

Leaping from one hyperfixation to another 

balancing between too little stimulation so we get distracted and too much stimulation so we get distracted 

climbing over the piles of crap we leave lying around our homes 

Bonus: Ft Rejection sensitive dysphoria: Jumping to conclusions about what insignificant actions of our friends mean. 

Concept: The Great Hall

We’re all vikings and there’s a winter storm raging outside. The severity of the storm has prompted everyone in the village to leave our homes and gather in the Great Hall.

Though the storm rages outside, its sounds are muffled by the strong, sturdy walls of the Hall. Inside we are all safe and warm. Many sit together by the central hearth, while others are spread out among the nooks, crannies, and rafters of the large space.

Some sleep beneath thick blankets, while others simply sit to listen, think, eat, or observe. There is room enough for all to have the space they need in the Great Hall.

Those who sit by the fire share jokes and stories, sometimes loudly, sometimes in dramatic whisper. Plans are made for the far-off Spring that will surely come. Everyone, from the children to the elders, are given their turn to be heard, and all are given full attention when they speak.

No one knows how long the storm outside will last. It could be hours, days, or weeks. But nobody is concerned about it. Inside the Great Hall, there is plenty of wood for the fire, plenty of food and drink to go around, and everyone in the village is safe and accounted for.

We’re all here, safely gathered in, and enjoying our time together as we weather the storm.

don’t even try to argue with me about how canon it is that sana and her brother have always, since they were kids, and even now when they’re feeling a little childish and silly, will, as soon as their parents leave them home alone, blast music from their devices and literally have a party of 2 where The Bakkoush Siblings™ full on have a jam out session T B H 👏👏👏👏

Tapir Important Message
Tapir Important Message

Seymour Looks Over Endless Dunes

And Hears The Wind Make Songs And Tunes

Lights Shine At Night And In The Day

And It Has Always Been This Way.

He Sees A Sun That Rises Bright

And Sets Before The Black Of Night

He Knows He Can Control This Ball.

Seymour Makes Day And Sculpts Nightfall.

He Sees The Cosign’s Serving Him

Innumerable Legions At His Whim

These Boys Are Young, Psychic Weaklings

Seymour More Ancient Than All Things.

A Desert Sphere, In Cosmic Frame

The Oldest World. It Has No Name.

When Tapirs Fly Through Airless Foam

We Leave The Border Of Our Home.

Tapir More Ancient Than You Know

Seym Seen Ten Foams Expand And Grow.

The Cyclic Whamp Reborned Them All

Your World, Seym Knows, Will Also Fall.

You Need Not Fear, All Will Be Well

Much Time Before Your World’s Death Knell

You Live Beneath A Sun And Moon

As Beautiful As Any Dune.

Live Well And Goodly, No Bad Things

And You Will Be More Great Than Kings

Also, It Does Not Hurt At All

To Buy Some Sands At Seymour Stall.

Please keep my city, Guadalajara, Mexico, in your thoughts, right now there are shootings and narcobloqueos (burning vehicles blocking roads) happening all over the city because an important member of a drug cartel was captured by the authorities. We are being asked not to leave our homes because this people won’t go down without fighting. They shot down a military helicopter killing three people right now. Pray for the safety of my people.


Winter is filled with a thirst for improvement. Frigid air keeps us from leaving our cozy homes. I’ve been longing for a change in my work. Small, but significant. In the years past I’ve always gone to a photoshoot hoping to walk away with that “one shot” I’ve since learned that it’s more beneficial to walk away with a series of photographs that while separate, still speak to each other. This year will be filled with new faces and collaborations such as the one above, but also new experimentations to hopefully unify my entire body of work.

Tumblr: having a lovely chat about meme’s and popular accounts




Tyler Seguin Imagine •Requested•
Offseason is the time when families can rekindle with each other. Tyler’s hockey career has taken a toll on our marriage and his relationship with our 8-year-old son, Parker. It is the near end of June so Tyler felt the need to surprise our son with a trip to Disney World. In the past Tyler and I have discussed the trip but we felt that Parker was too young; but now he is the perfect age. We told him the news by buying him plush toys of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy then telling him that we’re going for two weeks. The day came to leave our home and fly to a family filled vacation. After the long flight from Dallas to Orlando we are unpacking our belongings and heading to the beach for the rest of the day. Tyler had surprised me with staying in the resort’s hotel. The dinner was full of Parker’s favorite characters, “Daddy, look! Over there is Pluto. Can we go say hi?” With a chuckle Tyler answers the rambunctious boy by saying, “I don’t think so you see, Parker, Pluto has to say hi to everyone here. So he is walking from table to table doing so”. Soon enough the large dog makes his way over to the hopeful boy. Once Pluto came over Parker began telling him about our two dogs back home; it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. To be honest I have never seen Parker so happy. His eyes resemble his father’s when he won his first gold medal and Stanley Cup. We have ten days waiting for us at the magical world. The first morning Parker woke Tyler and I up by jumping on the bed shouting, “Mommy, Daddy, wake up! We’re going to be late for Disney”. I couldn’t tell who was more excited Tyler or Parker. Tyler could finally spend quality time with the both of us and not have to focus on hockey for a change. Parker thought that it would be a good idea if we all wore mouse ears; Tyler and Parker are matching while I am wearing Minnie ears. Our first stop was the Princesses and Parker couldn’t have been more nervous to meet them. Plenty of single women were eyeballing Tyler as he walked with Parker. Tyler was wearing a black shirt emphasizing his tattooed muscular arms along with black shorts; he looked hot. To stop the stares I joined my little family by walking on the other side of Parker and holding his hand. In the distance in front of us was his favorite character; Peter Pan. Parker had taken off in a quick sprint headed towards the character’s direction, “Parker! Come back here!” I was running after the small boy like a lunatic as Tyler was trailing close behind. Our son had make it to Peter before we caught up to him, “Parker, please never do that again”. The man playing Peter Pan was almost like the character in Walt Disney’s movie. He was childish, immature, but fun, and imaginary. No wonder why Parker loved him. Our family day ended with riding various child friendly rides, eating junk food, and watching the annual fireworks under Cinderella’s Castle. When we got back to the room Parker was passed out in Tyler’s arms. The staff gave us a complementary wine bottle and two glasses so Tyler and I went out on the balcony together, “Thank you so much Tyler. Did you see how happy he was today? He loved spending time with you.” Taking a sip of his red wine he answers, “I know, (y/n). I just wanted to apologize for being away days to weeks at a time. I think this vacation will patch everything up”. Tyler and I end our hectic day with the clink of our glasses and a kiss under the moonlight as our son lays asleep in dreamland.

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It has been over 50 years since we left Earth. We are now almost 14 trillion miles away from home. Out here, where the stars are distant, and faint, is a place no one has ever seen before. The Alpha Centauri system, with its seven planets, the farthest worlds to ever be explored by humankind.

Half a century ago, we left our home in search of another. We had left our planet in waste and ruin. A dark chapter in human history, where we threw away our home. Our only home. We poisoned ourselves, and we drove ourselves to the brink of extinction, over money and resources and power. While some accepted the fate of the human race, a bright young generation of scientists, with the stars in their eyes and the universe in their hearts, led us down the only path we have left. To leave our home. To fight for our right to exist.

Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.

From an unpublished story of mine by the same name. The basic concept was the story of a generation of kids born on a starship, they never saw Earth, and they won’t live long enough to see their destination. It’s the story of them struggling to find meaning and a purpose. Listen here.

Midnight (Part 2) [John Murphy]

Part 1

Title: Midnight (Part 2)
Fandom: The 100 (TV Show)
Characters: John Murphy aka #stophurtingmycinnamonroll2k16 x reader, Murphy’s parents
Warnings: A tiny bit of cursing, some jokes that are probably a little inappropriate for young readers lol
Word Count: 1,086
Requested: No
Short Description: Part two of ‘Midnight’, which is before Murphy’s parents died and before the 100 were sent to Earth in the drop ships. You go to dinner at Murphy’s house and his parents frequently state how perfect you and Murphy are together; despite the fact that you guys aren’t dating.

“I’m heading over to dinner at the Murphys’!” I called to my parents, before leaving our home and making my way into the corridor. It was cold in the Ark, the way it always was, and so you pulled the sleeves of your sweatshirt over your wrists.

Once you got to Murphy’s home, you reached out your arm to knock on the door but stopped halfway when the front door was ripped open, revealing a frantic-looking Murphy. “John?” you asked, and he pulled you towards him in a hug before you could say anything else.

“Please don’t come inside.” Murphy pleaded quietly, hiding his face in your hair. “They’ve already embarrassed me and you’re not even inside yet,” He added, which made you break out into laughter.

“Your parents are amazing!” you reminded him, detaching yourself from Murphy’s body so you could examine Murphy’s expression. “What’s wrong?” you asked, knowing there was something else.

“Nothing,” Murphy lied, his eyes focused on the floor. “I’m just… not in the mood to listen to my parents tell me how perfect you are, and how much I should be more like you,” he added, meeting my eyes again and giving me a fake smile.

“John,” you frowned, running your hands up Murphy’s arms and cupping his cheeks. “That isn’t true and you know it,” you stated firmly. “You’re a really great person, and your parents love you so much.” You reminded Murphy. “And I’m not perfect.”

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How peculiar
that our
cage of bones
can be opened
by human touch.
As we leave our
temporary homes,
there is naught
left to contain us.
Without walls
and closed doors,
we rise higher,
by the wings of love.
We’re all
but roaming souls,
looking for another
to get lost with us.
—  Roaming souls, by M.A. Tempels © 2015
Shit Abled People Say #9

“Your family should get out of the house more!” - Said by people who don’t seem to understand that my family’s collective mental and physical disabilities make even leaving our home for an hour very… difficult, to put it simply. We pick our outings carefully, which causes people to get offended when we don’t go to certain events.

  • Galinda: If you look inside your bags, you will find a few things. A bouquet of hand-crocheted flowers, a mosaic portrait of each of you- made from the crushed bottles of your favorite diet soda, and a personalized 5000 word essay on why you're all still awesome.
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  • Galinda: What's Galentine's Day? Oh, only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it breakfast style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It's like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas.