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here’s a list of theories for the upcoming episode “The Audit” (note: most of them involve jazz brunch):

  • Jake and Amy find this DOPE jazz brunch place which they declare their new fave, when they run into Teddy. “What are you doing here?” “This brunch place has pilsners. You two should try some.” Jake and Amy are immediately disgusted because they both kind of really hate pilsners and secretly make plans to leave and never come back. Half because they don’t like pilsners and half because running into teddy would be awkward since Amy stomped on his heart and all. And as cool as finding a jazz brunch was “Is it really important that our brunch place is jazz-themed? I mean who are we? Ryan Gosling?” “Didn’t we already make a membership card for this place though?” “Ugh, don’t remind me Jake, I’m going to spend a month untangling that mess.” “Don’t you mean we?” “No, Jake. No.” Anyway their secret plans turn out to be not so secret because Teddy overhears them and is hurt and the next day they are all shook because they run into Teddy again- but this time it’s not just their brunch place that’s at stake. It’s their work place.
  • The Nine-Nine gets ready for their precinct evaluation. They’re confident, they’ve got confetti prepared to celebrate for when their precinct is declared Not Shut Down, and they’re bragging about how they’ve heavily contributed to the drop in New York’s crime rate. “Our precinct single-handedly took down all crime this year!” “No we did not, Detective Peralta. Please do not say anything like that to our auditor when they get here.” “Sure, Cap’.” Holt only sighs at Jake winking and goes back to his office with a slight smile, because even he is confident that they’ll do great. And then Teddy comes in, Amy lets out a little shriek, and as part of their emergency plan Jake and Amy are forced to leave the building lest Teddy finds out they still work there. (Which he does, because Teddy’s a good detective. Also Amy and Jake’s names are still on their desks.) Jake and Amy decide to hide out in this jazz brunch place, and whilst everyone is having the Nightmare of their lives trying to make sure Teddy’s kept happy and doesn’t shut down their precinct, Jake and Amy are in Jazz Heaven.
  • Teddy walks in on Jake and Amy doing something intimate- hugging/kissing/bantering/holding hands/making eyes at each other. He interrupts them and they both nearly have a heart attack when he reveals himself to be their auditor
  • Jake and Amy panic when they find out Teddy’s their auditor. They spend the entire day walking on eggshells because they could lose everything, and the work family they love so much could lose everything too, and it’d be their faults. But then at the end of the day they find out that Teddy ain’t at all bitter about them being together. In fact, he has his own girlfriend/boyfriend/non-binary date mate now. And they love pilsners just like he does. In fact, they met at this Pilsners Appreciation Getaway and it was very romantic. Teddy still understands why they’d be worried though, and because he thinks it’d be best for them to have an auditor who they won’t suspect has any unrelated objectives or ill will, he gets himself replaced with another auditor. Except he had no idea his replacement used to date Terry. 
  • Jake and Amy pretend that they’re not dating the whole day, even acting as if they hate each other, setting up fake arguments and the like. Teddy eventually buys it and decides not to shut down their precinct. He supposedly leaves, but when Jake and Amy are caught making out by Teddy himself in the carpark/bathroom/some supposedly hidden place, he gets a heart attack and has to be replaced by another auditor. “Our fake fights got us really horny! Can you really blame us for making out and accidentally giving our auditor a heart attack in the process?”

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Alec gets turned into a vampire and looks to Magnus for comfort

Send me all the Malec prompts

The sun was warm, like it always had been, but Alec never noticed how much so now that he couldn’t feel it. At least not directly. Not now that it would burn him if it touched him. It was weird how much Alec missed the sunlight now that he couldn’t ever stand in it again. Part of him wanted to laugh, Alec was now one of the monsters he use to hunt, but mostly he just wanted to forget everything that happened the past three days. Alec turned away from the window and went to sit on Magnus’s bed.

He was glad to be here, even if he felt trapped at the same time since leaving would mean death. It was familiar and comforting, almost like home. Maybe now it was since he couldn’t live at the Institute anymore. The thought of not being able to call the place he lived his whole home reminded Alec of just how lost he felt.

Thankfully Magnus had amazing timing. Alec heard a portal open up in the living followed by Magnus walking through it. He also ignored how much louder it was now compared to before; how much louder everything was now.

Magnus was as quiet as he could be, he had an idea of what Alec was going through. He sat down next to Alec on the bed, who hadn’t even looked up from the floor, and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. Magnus wanted more than anything to help his boyfriend, undo what had been done, but there wasn’t anything he could do. It just wasn’t possible to turn someone back from being a vampire. No matter how much both of them wanted it to happen.

For awhile, both men just sat there not saying anything. Neither of them knew what to say. Alec’s life had been completely turned upside. Magnus was amazed at the fact that he was taking it this well. Or perhaps he was just trying to be strong, trying to regain the control he lost, go back to being the person he was before.

That’s why Magnus was completely caught off guard when Alec started to cry; especially since he had never seen him cry before. It wasn’t loud or vocal in anyway, but heartbreaking all the same. The sight of it brought tears to Magnus’s eye, who was barely able to hold them back. Alec needed him and he wasn’t going to let him down. So Magnus pulled Alec closer to him, holding him tightly, and kissed the top his of hair.

It wasn’t much but to Alec it was everything. Something that reminded him of what he still had. Despite seemingly have lost so much, Alec still had the that cared for him; still had his family. He still had Magnus. It was a small comfort in the face of uncertainty he now faced.

“I’m scared.” Alec’s voice cracked and was hoarse from lack of use. It was the first time he really spoke since the night he crawled up from that damned grave. This time Magnus did cry. Not as much as Alec was though.

“I know. I am too.” Magnus wrapped his arms around Alec even tighter. “But I’m here. I will always be here for you, I promise.” Alec nodded his head as Magnus spoke, knowing it was a promise he would always keep. One Alec would do everything to keep as well.

Episode 10 time!

“Steven’s Lion” sounds pretty interesting, espically since so far all episode titles have been literal.

I love this kid so much.

Also, it’s nice to see they are still bringing him on missions with them!

First gem-powered mechanisms, now that? Is this structure powered by a gem as well? Or is it just magic?

The design of this desert is really neat, though

I mean you guys are just leaving him alone in a magical desert that is building structures out of nowhere uncontrollably, gems don’t seem to feel heat but Steven is probably going to pass out from the hotness sooner or later, if he doesn’t get crushed by some structure until then.

I think sometimes they forget how humans work.

Very great mantra. Keep reminding yourself that, Steven.




🌸 This was the first year I got to personally customize my birthday cake, and I couldn’t be more grateful! My sister loved the design so much, she wants the very same design for her upcoming birthday as well (of course, we’d change the 19 lol)

🌺 How is everyone doing? Spring is finally here! The weather here in Okinawa is gradually improving. Being reminded of just how beautiful this island is, in both spring and summer, makes me not want to leave… but college is just around the corner…

ATTENTION: For anyone who reads fanfiction without leaving feedback

Here’s a few things you should know:

Fanfiction is a gift

Fic writers don’t have to share their works with you. They don’t have to write them at all. They do it and they share it because they’re fans of the show/book/movie etc. just like you, and they want to contribute to everyone’s enjoyment of fandom.

Fanfiction is hard to write

You need a lot of creativity and passion to write fic. You need a ton of motivation and drive to write a complete fic, let alone a good one. Fic authors write for hours and hours and hours, often staying up late into the night just to write. They write through job struggles and personal issues, resorting to phones and tablets when their computers are on the fritz, tapping away on public buses and trains just because they can’t find any other time to write.

Fanfiction is free

Fic writers give away thousands and thousands of words of pure fandom magic, and you get to consume all of it for the wonderful price of nothing. The only reward writers receive for themselves (besides a sense of accomplishment) is the response they get from you, the reader. Some don’t even feel that accomplishment until they see kudos and comments telling them how much their work was enjoyed. 


No matter how much time you have, even just clicking the kudos button takes less than a second. And if you have time to read 5k words at one go, it’s no stretch at all to take a few more seconds to type ‘good job!’ or ‘i loved this!’ in the comment box and hit send. 

Still not convinced?


Fic authors LOVE hearing from you. Don’t worry about whether you think you’re going to phrase your response well. That’s literally the last thing we care about. Just knowing that you had a good time with something we made is EVERYTHING to us.


I have a very special challenge for you, my friend.

Write a fic.

Go forth, and write a complete, well-structured, well-characterised fic with organic, stimulating dialogue interwoven into a proper, fully fleshed-out storyline. 

Publish your work for all the Internet to see.

And then get back to me.


I love this detail in Episode 10.

Victor is staring out at the seagulls in Barcelona. Here he says the place reminds him of Hasetsu.

But let’s rewind to Episode 4 when Yuuri and Victor had their conversation on the beach together.

He then goes on to say, “I never thought I’d leave that city, so I never used to notice the seagulls’ cries.”

Seagulls make Victor think of home. It used to be St. Petersburg … but that’s not what Victor thinks about when he hears the seagulls in Episode 10.

Victor now thinks of Hasetsu as home.

  • 707: I changed my password on everything to "incorrect".
  • MC:
  • 707: That way when I forget it, it always reminds me that my password is incorrect.
  • MC: ...Aren't you supposed to be a professional hacker?
On the care and keeping of your scientist
  • Congratulations on adopting a scientist! Regardless of their field they will require much coffee, free food, and love. Here are some field specific tips for keeping your scientist happy and healthy!
  • Biology: make sure they don't get overly invested in their model organism by reminding them about the flaws inherent in their system on a regular basis, but also make sure to join in when they criticize other models in favor of their own
  • Chemistry: don't let them do that 'just one more reaction' at 10 pm. make sure they get out of the lab and see the sun on a regular basis. try to keep them from partying too hard when they do leave the lab
  • Geology: humor their rock puns but don't let the lick the rocks (they will tell you they need to lick the rocks to identify them, but don't fall for it)
  • Astronomy: try not to let them become completely nocturnal. point out nice stars to them and look suitably impressed by their "pictures" of planets that don't look like anything to you
  • Physics: take them to the park on a regular basis to remind them that things larger than subatomic particles exist. bring a frisbee or a ball to play catch with and be impressed by their ability to calculate trajectories
  • Math: always make sure to have free batteries for their calculators and a mathmatica user guide on hand. Humor them when they tell you why space without angles is important
  • Ecology: make sure they remember to wear sunscreen and keep an eye on them in the field. Remind them to come inside and analyze their data occasionally
  • Psychology: don't mention Freud or ever call them a soft or social science, but make sure you gently remind them that social factors can impact reproducibility and try to keep them from drawing sweeping conclusions about the inherent nature of humanity
  • Neuroscience: be suitably impressed by their newest experiment and then remind them that people are not mice as often as possible
  • Computer Science: make sure they take breaks while debugging by limiting their supply of coffee. Nod and smile when they go off on indexing and arrays. Make sure they always have a rubber duck.
  • Make sure to keep your scientist away from engineers unless they have been properly socialized to interact in a translational household. The most important thing is to remember to hug your scientist on a regular basis and remind them that there is life outside the lab

See you in a year Geoffrey… 

WHY’S THIS SO SAD AND EMO WHAT HAPPENED HERE,,, no but… imagine geoff’s leaving the fake ah crew for a while too and this is gonna be their last ride together for that period of time!!!! a reminder of what they’ve achieved together as a crew, they run this town, shape up man! …. also it was just an excuse to draw a sunset


maggie going home after alex leaves because she can’t fucking stay at the bar anymore. maggie touching her fingers to her lips because they’re still tingling. maggie hovering over alex’s contact name, wanting to text her, wanting to remind her that she’s here, but knowing that it’s not the right time because she just rejected her, she just pushed her away. maggie trying to focus on something, anything else, and only being able to think about alex’s face as she was walking out of the bar. maggie only being able to see alex when she closes her eyes to sleep. maggie knowing that she just hurt both of them but at the same time, knowing that she had to because alex needs to know what she wants, what she likes, knowing that she had to because her heart is still aching and is still on the mend and she can’t make that someone else’s burden - not yet.

PSA: Tomorrow is March 22, so here is a reminder to NOT TWEET ANY OF THE GUYS ABOUT MCR
They’ve made it clear they don’t like it, it’s annoying, and honestly I’m sure they might be a little upset themselves. Or maybe not who knows but that is besides the point

Heres one of those Gansey Pics I had. I touched him up a bit to make him a bit more presentable for posting. It’s more of a work in progress right now, I was hoping to draw some flowers around him or mint leaves but photoshop kept lagging.

@kitteh-coincidence thanks for reminding to post these up lol. 

Oh and heads up to @sallyjacson for introducing me to the series. Love your blog fellow mazlim!

Context: Two of our characters had died and after being brought back to life, the bard kept wanting to sing songs to them.  After suddenly getting teleported from the desert to the tundra this conversation ensued.

Bard: It’s freezing out here. Remind me not to wear the mini skirt again.

Rogue: Just take these pants and stop complaining.

Bard: You do love me! Can I play your death song now?

Rogue: I gave you pants and if you start to sing or even touch that banjo I will rip them off your body and leave you to die of hypothermia.

Everyone’s a critic…

When things hit the fan I need to go. I have a distinct need to drive until I no longer know where I am and I need to just stare at the stars in the sky to remind me what I’m composed of and remind me that I have a bigger purpose and it’ll all be alright.

For the first time I cannot just leave and I swear the walls I’m surrounded by are suffocating me and I can’t breathe. I need to go but I’m being forced to stay and I can’t find the stars here and I’m starting to think it won’t all be alright.

248, 303, 310, 348 with charles xavier

hi guys, i’m so sorry i haven’t been doing all the drabbles you guys have sent me, i’ve been having a hard time at home theyre still open btw guys love u x

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(For this Charles isn’t in his wheelchair)

No.” Charles voice was firm, startling you. “You’re staying here, Y/N.”

“But-But-But.” You wanted to join the x men on a mission, one that was dangerous. Plus you believed your mutation could help them out tons. “Charles do I need to remind you that I can see and walk through objects, and control things with my mind? You guys need me on this mission!” You yelled angrily.

“My god. Y/N just drop it, you’re not going. And that’s final.” Charles said, turning to leave the room.

You growled, done being treated like a child. You focused your eyes on the rug your boyfriend was walking on, pulling it from under him. Charles fell with a humph.

“Y/N! What the hell was that for?” He growled, standing up and walking towards you.

“I’m not a child, I’m going with you Charles. And you can’t stop me.”

“I’m not gonna let you get yourself killed!” He screamed, his breath hitting your flushed cheeks.

“I’m strong enough to fight!”

Charles laughed bitterly. “No you’re not. You can barely control your mutation. In fact if anything you let your emotions control your mutation. Do I need to remind you why the hell you came to this school in the first place? You set your parents’ house on fire!”

“Technically it wasn’t on fire.” You shot back.

“Of course it wasn’t on fire! You completely blew it up!” Charles threw his hands in the air, voice raw from arguing for so long.

“I’ve come a hell of a way since then, I deserve a chance. I deserve to help.” You didn’t back down, not breaking your intense gaze.

His eyes softened and he looked at you sadly. “My love… just.. please stay.” His voice was no higher than a whisper.

“Why won’t you let me go? Why won’t you give me a chance.”

“Because I’m scared. I’m scared ill lose you. And you’re all I have, all I want and I can’t lose you.”

In light of all the boob talk around here this evening
here’s a little drabble


From the second you stepped foot into the house, his eyes were on your chest. You had to remind him before he kissed you hello that your eyes were up here, pointing to your face, and not here, pointing to your chest. He just smirked and laughed into your laugh, groaning a bit when his kiss took a playful turn when he squeezed your chest gently, pulling away, leaving your breathless.

           That night after dinner, you two were relaxing watching jeopardy as usual, but you couldn’t help but notice his head on your chest, instead of your head on his lap. This time you were playing with his hair while he hummed into your skin happily.

           And by the time he had kissed you all the way to the bedroom, you noticed he took special attention to your chest when his thumbs circled over your nipples that were covered by his old shirt, making them hard in record time. He pushed you on to the bed as he normally did, you felt your insides warm as usual, heating to the normal flame, but this time, you pushed back.

           Frowning, you plucked at his bottom lip pout, smiling as you sat up.

           “Want to try something different, baby…” you bit your lip and his eyebrows shot up when you pushed him back off the bed, the two of you stood before each other for a moment.

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I’m just gonna leave this here because I was too affected by that sneak peek, and I need to remind myself that in every episode that started with Captain Charming’s fight (at least since Hook’s redemption arc) it also ended up with David recognizing Hook as his friend.