leaving atlanta

  • Amber: *talking about Luna* Lies, deception, fraud, trickery, corruption... There's a lot under her name
  • Interviewer: Because she took your food from the fridge?
  • Amber: No, because she took all my pride from the freezer. She took it out, she let it thaw, she let it deep fry... She breaded it, she salted it, she dipped it in ketchup and ate it. Every. Single. Piece.
missing you - tom holland imagine #4

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about : Tom is away at SDCC while promoting Spider-Man Homecoming. Things start to go downhill as a Facetime call ensues and jealousy arises. 

Warnings : a teeny bit sad. drunk tom!


The ID caller showed up on your phone and you grinned, flopping down onto the bed as you answered the call. Tom’s smiling face filled your screen and you giggled, greeting him with a simple ‘hello Thomas’.

“Y/N! It’s crazy here!” Tom shouted, “I’ve never seen anything like this before! There were thousands of people on the panel it was insane!”

“Are you having fun?” You asked, a small yet tired simper reaches your lips.

“Loads! Everyone’s amazing! Laura is here, Jacob is here, Tony is here, oh and Zendaya is here too!” He continued to ramble on about how everyone had secretly arrived to the convention but your heart sank at her name.

Tom was an extremely sweet person, and he was definitely good-looking. Your biggest fear from letting him leave to Atlanta was him finding someone new. What if he found someone else prettier, smarter and better than you? Maybe he was already tired of you.

And it didn’t help that Zendaya was a part of your worry. She was the kind of girl you’d always want to be. She was gorgeous and successful, not to mention extremely talented. You let your insecurity get the best of you sometimes and you would always feel a bit glum whenever you saw them together. However, Tom wasn’t aware that you felt that way.

“Isn’t Zendaya pretty?” you piped up randomly, playing with the hem of your sweatpants.

“Yes, she is. Why?” Tom sounded confused. He looked at something behind the camera and he laughed, slapping his chest.

“Oh, that’s amazing, Z,” he chuckled before looking back at you on the phone, “sorry babe, were you saying something?”

You were about to say something before he interrupted you, laughing again and talking to someone you could only assume was Zendaya. You could hear her laughter too and you flinched, feeling annoyed. Anger and jealousy was already bubbling inside of you. Rolling your eyes, you scoffed at how he was so oblivious to you on the phone as he dropped his phone to his side so all you could see was his pants.

This was the first time in days he had facetimed you, and you felt so put off by how he wasn’t even paying attention to you.

Pissed off, you pressed the end call button hardly, ending the facetime. You put your phone beside you and picked up your laptop, trying to calm yourself down.

It seemed like the world wanted to rub everything in your face when you clicked on a random song on your spotify. Everything I’m Not by The Veronicas came on and you gasped, throwing up your arms in anger.

“Oh, come on!” You yelled at no one in particular.

The song blasted on your speakers and you sighed, letting it play.

Your phone beeped once.



Tom’s face popped up on the screen, indicating a call coming in from him.

You ignored it, letting the ringtone play amongst the loud tunes of The Veronicas.

It stopped for a few seconds before ringing again. This time you decided to decline the call.

A text came in. You peeked.

Tom x : babe, what’s up? u  just hung up?

10. 50 pm

Tom x : y/n? Im gonna call u again.

10. 52 pm

Tom x : why did u decline the call?

10. 58 pm

Tom x : did i do something wrong?

11. 05 pm

You snorted, picking up your phone and typing a quick reply.

Me : idk ask zendaya lmao

Me : im gonna sleep. Have fun at comic con.

Just as you were about to put away your phone, it vibrated.

Tom x : I think I know what’s going on. Are you jealous of Z?

11.08 pm

Tom x : I hope you know I love you, and that I will never eye another girl that’s not you. I understand how you feel, I get sad whenever I think of all the other boys that are with you everyday. So i dont blame you. But you can trust me love. I promise.

11.09 pm

Tom x : z and i are just friends, nothing more babe. Im way too in love with you. Also im sorry if ive been distant. I miss you so much and i havent been able to really talk to you. Ive been very busy with work and everything else i just idk i feel really guilty now.

11.11 pm


Tom x : call me back when u wanna talk. Im sorry, i love you. Xx

11.13 pm

You sighed, giving in. You could tell he was feeling really crappy about it as you watched a livestream of the convention. Marvel was holding a livestream for the interviews and you saw Tom pop up in the screen when you opened the website.

His eyes were downcast even though he had a small smile on his face. Tom was less energetic and gave the interviewer half-assed answers. He kept crossing and uncrossing his arms and he fidgeted a lot on his feet.

His iPhone was gripped tightly in his hand, and every few seconds he went to check it.

Probably for my reply, you thought.

When the interviewer ended, you saw him walk away from the camera. The interviewer was about to interview Lupita Nyong’o next when another text from Tom came in.

Tom x : love i really am sorry. maybe u went to sleep already. Im sorry. I love you. Goodnight. Xx

11.25 pm

“Meh screw it,” you mumbled, pressing the call icon on his contact name.

He picked it up immediately after the third ring.

“Hello?” he said quickly.

“It’s okay,” you sighed, slumping on the bed, “sorry, I just got jealous. I shouldn’t have hung up on you like that.

“It’s just..I miss you so much Tom. And we haven’t facetimed in so long and.. I don’t know I was pretty pissed off by how you weren’t paying attention to me.”

“I know, I know,” you could hear his guilt from across the line, “I’m really sorry. There’s just been a lot going on right now.”

You sighed, “okay, now go and have fun. We can talk more later. I’m not mad at you anymore so don’t worry.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive, I’ll be fine,” You lied through your teeth, even mustering a fake smile.

Tom hummed, before speaking again, “I’ll call you when you wake up. I love you so much, Y/N. Goodnight, love.”

“Goodnight,” you mumbled back as you hit the ‘end call’.

Grabbing a pillow from the top of the bed, you clutched it tightly into your chest as sobs began to rack through your body. The tears didn’t stop flowing, even after half an hour.

You’d think he would notice that you really weren’t okay.

You missed him so much.

And it already felt like, to you, he was slowly drifting away.


The next morning was horrendous. You woke up to the feel of your soggy pillow and puffy eyes. Rubbing your face, you snuggled further into your duvet.

There was no way you were going out today. Your heart felt the heaviest it had felt in a long time and nothing seemed to motivate you to get out of bed.

You missed him too much.

Making calls to everyone, you apologised for not feeling well and rescheduled everything.

Nothing mattered more than the ache in your heart. If your mind wasn’t in the game, there would be no point in getting into the game in the first place.

You decided to check your notifications and was surprised by the amount of texts Tom had sent in.

Tom x : Good morning, babe. I hope you slept well. I’m out here in San Diego, in some bar. Missing you. 💛

7.30 am

Tom x : I hope you’re not angry anymore. It’s been bothering me the whole day. I’m still sorry.

7.45 am

Tom x : baEb i lpve you si much…….im sorry yoi think i luv zebdaya….i dont… i love you im sorry

8.30 am

Tom x : jacOb says in Drunk! Haha@ he keeps tellinf me that i should go homE

8.35 am

Tom x : i sAid wherE? LonDon? He saiD no You IdioT the Hotel

8.36 am

Tom x : i saiD it aInt HoME UNLESS y/n is wit me

8.38 am

Tom x : jeusu chrisy i lovw you

9.00 am


9.28 am


9.35 am

You stared at the screen, taking it all in.

Tom got drunk last night.

Yet, all his words seemed so sincere. Just before you could exit the chat, a new message came in.

Instead, this was from Harrison.

Haz O : hey y/n, i think you probably read the drunk texts tom has been sending. just want to tell you. tom has been drinking a lot for the past 2 hours. he’s upset, y/n. after he puked on the sidewalk, he cried. he cried about how much he missed you and how he didn’t deserve you. that you lie when you say you’re okay. he said that it would be easier if you both broke up. you could find someone better. so, stop being mad at tom. there’s nothing going on between z and tom. If they did, i would’ve told you. he’s feeling so guilty for no reason.

You felt hot tears gathering at the side of your eyes. He was beating himself up because of your jealousy. Guilt took over you as you fumbled to type out a quick reply. A plan was already forming in your head and although it involved a lot of money, you knew it would help in fixing this problem.

It was probably too reckless and spontaneous, but you had enough of missing Tom and clearly, Tom was sick of missing you too.

You : I’m getting on the next flight to San Diego. Take care of Tom for me. x


I have flowers in my hair and have a beautiful view. The vibes are good 🍃

109. Gentleman Jesse - Leaving Atlanta

This may be the weirdest explanation as to why I got into a band. I know there is at least a few people who got into them the same exact way, so here goes. On The Best Show on WFMU, Gary The Squirrel (a puppet) sang a song called “Hey AP Mike”, which was a rewrite of a Gentlemen Jesse song called “Butterfingers” from his first album. I then went out and checked out his new record that came out that year (2012, this one), and really liked what I heard. For those of you who don’t listen to The Best Show, I’m sure this description makes me come off as a crazy person. It’s a really cool modernization of British Pub Rock, and a really fun listen.

When “Hey AP Mike” came out, the subject of the song (AP Mike), reached out on twitter to anyone who lived in the North Jersey area who knew how to record. I was unemployed, in my parents kitchen, and just happened to be reading twitter at the time. I immediately reached out to him saying that I would love to help him out, he gave me his number, and soon I was talking to one of the people who is a key part to my favorite piece of modern culture. I found an instrumental track to the Classics IV song called “Spooky”, and arranged to meet at WFMU in Jersey City the next day to record. Mike led me up to the top floor of WFMU, where all the bands play live on the air, and where the annual marathons are held. I set up my microphone, and we recorded the track pretty quickly. The next week it aired, heard my name being spoken by my radio hero, and had something I worked on be heard around the globe.

Preference: You Steal Their Clothes


Warnings: Cursing and allusions to sex

Rick Grimes

“Y/n, is that my shirt?” Asked Rick as you walked into your shared cell in the prison block. You looked down, realizing that is actually was his shirt. Not thinking about it earlier that morning, you had put it on before going out to the fence for walker control.

“Uh, yes. It is.” You reply awkwardly as Rick raked his eyes across your body. “You can have it back if you want,” you say, reaching to pull it off.

“No, it’s fine. You can keep it. It looks good on you.” Then Rick smirks. “On second thought, you’re right. Take it off. It would look better on the floor.”


Negan had gone to Alexandria for a few days to gather supplies and try to shut down any rebellious behavior, leaving you all alone in the large room the two of you usually shared. For once, he had forgotten to grab his signature leather jacket, leaving it laying on the back of a chair just begging for you to try it on.

You put on the jacket although it was much too big for you, enjoying as Negan’s scent surrounded you and invaded your nose. You sighed, a wave of longing rushing over you as you thought of Negan. It had only been a couple of days, but after being used to seeing him every day you missed him. Real bad.

As if answering your thoughts, the door to the room swung open, revealing the love of your life standing there with Lucille on his broad shoulder.

“Honey, I’m home,” said Negan sarcastically, scanning the room before his eyes landed on you. He smiled immediately at how adorable you were. The sleeves of his jacket went plenty past your hands, and you must not have known how to properly zip the thing because somehow it had become crooked.

“So,” you said slowly. “You’re home early.”

“Well, I wanted to come home and surprise you. And damn, it looks like you’ve been missing me anyway.” Said Negan with a smirk.

“Yea, I did.” You replied, not even bothering to deny or beat around the bush.

“You look fucking fuckable in my clothes. You should wear them more often.” Said Negan as he held you in his arms, pressing you against his firm chest.

“Well then I guess I will.”

Daryl Dixon

When Daryl got into the shower, leaving his sleeveless leather jacket in his bedroom, you couldn’t help but put it on. After being friends for years, you had developed a crush on the man and no way in hell were you going to deny yourself the one chance you had to wear his clothes without him knowing.

You put on the jacket although it was a bit large, turning around in the mirror to admire the wings on the back. So absorbed in the rush of putting on the garment, you didn’t hear the water stop. You also didn’t hear a certain someone’s feet padding back to their bedroom. You did, however, hear somebody slam into the doorframe.

“Shit Y/n, what are ya doin’ in here?” Asked Daryl, using one hand to rub his shoulder, and the other to hold up the towel wrapped around his waist. You blushed deeply and turned around, shielding your eyes with your hand although you were tempted to turn back around to face him.

“I, uh, just wanted to ask you if you wanted to go on that three-day run with me. If you come, I don’t have to bring Spencer.” You said awkwardly, embarrassed that he had caught you. Hopefully, this wasn’t enough for him to catch on to your feelings for him.

“Of course, that guys an ass. But first, is that my jacket?” He asked intrigued, although he obviously already knew the answer.

“Yea. I’m sorry, it was just sitting there and I-”

“Don’t apologize.” He said. “It looks cute on you.” You froze. Did Daryl just flirt with me? The Daryl Dixon? “And Y/n, you can turn back around now.”

You turned to see that he had put a pair of jeans on, but his chest he had left bare. This wasn’t the first time you had seen Daryl shirtless, but it still made your face blush profusely. Quickly shrugging off the jacket and handing it to him, you walked out of the room.

Is there any chance he likes me back?

Glenn Rhee

Rummaging through your closet in Alexandria that you shared with your husband for a pair of clean shoes, you found an old treasure. Holding it up you smiled, memories of how you met Glenn leaving Atlanta flooding your mind. He was wearing this hat then, and for months you were almost certain that he slept in it too. You didn’t know why he quit wearing it; but if he wasn’t going to, it might as well get some use.

“Glenn!” You yelled at your husband happily after searching the town. He excused himself politely from his conversation with Eugene, rushing over to you.

“Y/n, you found my hat!” He said with a smile. 

“Yes, I did.” You said, returning the smile. “Is there any reason it was hidden at the bottom of our closet?”

“No, it just ended up there after I quit wearing it I guess. That thing hasn’t gotten to see the light of day in a while.” Glenn bent down to kiss you, but only succeeded in bumping his face against the bill of the cap. “Y/n, don’t get me wrong. You look absolutely adorable right now. But if I can’t kiss you, you can’t get to comfortable with this hat.”

Abraham Ford

Sitting in the train car at Terminus, there wasn’t a whole lot to protect you from the outside temperatures. Through the drilled-in airholes, both hot and cold air seeped in. As the weather got colder, the train car followed suit. As someone that got cold rather easily, this was a problem for you. However, being in such a confined space meant that you could not hide the fact that you were cold very easily.

“Darlin’, I know you want to be tough and all. But you look like you are fucking freezing.” Said Abraham. You huffed, looking down at your feet . No point in denying the obvious.

“Yes, Abe. I’m cold. But what do you want me to do about it? I’m sorry, but we haven’t exactly got many options in here.” You say snappily, rubbing your arms in an attempt to warm up.

“Well, I actually have a jacket with my if you want it.” He said, rather soft compared to his normal tone which was quite out of character for him.

“But Abraham, I didn’t even know you before we got trapped in here together. Isn’t that a it forward?” You say teasingly.

“Well baby, I’m all about being forward with pretty women.” He said in reply, making you blush.

“Then don’t take this the wrong way, but could I borrow it? I don’t usually do this but it doesn’t seem like a bad offer.” You say quietly.

“Well sure baby. If you don’t usually do this, then I guess I’m the luckiest guy in the world.” He says with a smirk, ending a great start to a beautiful friendship and relationship.

Carl Grimes

Y/n, have you seen my-” Said Carl, walking into the room. “Nevermind.” he said as he found what he was looking for, right there on your head. His sheriff’s hat his dad had given him at the farm.

“Looking for something, Grimes?” You ask teasingly,smiling up at your boyfriend.

“Well I was, but you look way cuter than I do in it. Keep the hat for a while L/n, it suits you.” And with a smirk, Carl was back out the door again.

King Ezekiel

Y/n,” said your husband Ezekiel as he entered your shared bedroom. “Is that my coat that you are wearing?”

You laughed in return, smiling and nodding your head. He giggled back, smiling wide. Although a bit childish, his reaction made your heart melt at how cute he was.

“Well my dear, you look absolutely stunning as always.” He said, smiling and wrapping his arms around your frame. “But I need our help in the garden. We don’t know what to do with the onions, they weren’t planted deep enough and we can see small ones popping through the dirt.”

“Well, we can’t have any tiny onions popping through, can we?” You respond with a giggle.

“Y/n, my queen, I adore you.”

“I adore you too my king.”

Paul “Jesus” Rovia

“How could you do this?” Said Jesus, feigning sadness. 

“I’m so sorry boo. But I had to.” You say in return, also feigning solemnity.

“How could you steal my beanie, Y/n?” He says, trying hard to not break and crack a smile.

“Because it just looks so cute on me. See?” You say, smiling and pointing at yourself. At this, Paul couldn’t help but mile at how adorable you were.

“Well, I can’t argue with that logic.”

“Damn right you can’t.”


Dwight-y boy, I saw that girl of yours today.” Said Negan, walking up to Dwight in the hallway.

“Oh?” Said Dwight, confused as to why Negan was bringing you up. 

“Yea. So did you guys fuck last night?” Asked Negan, not bothering who heard what he was saying. Dwight nearly choked.

“What!?” He asked, stunned and confused.

“She was wearing one of your fucking shirts. I assume she stayed the night at your place then, so logically you guys ‘did the dirty’,” said Negan, making lewd gestures with his hands.

“Woah, no way Negan. Nothing like that. We were watching a movie and she crashed on the couch.” Replied Dwight.

“Well that’s a shame, she’s hot as shit.” Said Negan, reminding Dwight of what happened with Sherry and making his blood boil. Looking past Negan’s words, Dwight calmed himself down.

“Was she really wearing my shirt?” Asked Dwight, as you had left before he woke up this morning.

“Hell yes, Dwight. So you better make a fucking move, or I will.” Said Negan, raising his eyebrows.

“You can fucking count on it boss.”


Did you really think I wouldn’t notice?” Asked Simon, eyeing you as you walked out of the bathroom.

“Oh, what ever could you mean?” You teased playfully, playing with the hem of his button-up that you had layered over your t-shirt.

“I think you’ve got an idea.” He said, smirking. “You look real hot though, so you’d better wear that thing all day.” Simon pulled you towards him, grabbing your ass and getting close to your ear, whispering, “this way everybody knows that you belong to me.”

Merle Dixon

“Well shit girl, you’re lookin’ damn fine today.” Said Merle as he looked you up and down, taking in how sexy all of your curves looked today. “Say, where’d you get that shirt?”

“Your drawer.” You said nonchalantly, knowing that the sight of you in his t-shirt and panties in the morning was making him excited.

“Well, I might just have to tell the governor that I’m going to be a bit late today so that I can teach you a lesson about stealing my stuff.” Said Merle, pressing up behind you, making your breath hitch. You felt how excited he was, exciting yourself even more.

“Well then, I guess you’ll just have to show me how bad I’ve been then.”


Imagine visiting Boston with Chris.

A/N: Epilogue time! Yes, this is the end to Chapter One of my next Chris Evans Mini Series. I guess you can call this a spin off. So glad you all joined me on this incredible journey ❤️ (Unexpected Reader - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A/4B/Part 5A/5B)

Chris’ lips rested against the mouth of his beer bottle. He couldn’t help his smile as he watched you with his niece, Stella. You were both on your hands and knees searching for a four leafed clover in a patch of what seemed like mostly three leafed clovers. She’d asked if you’d help her find one after she’d saw your clover pendant resting between your collarbones and you’d told her it brought good luck. Chris was about to go over and help when he saw you’d found one; you held it up with great triumph and passed it to an excitable Stella, who threw her arms around you to give you a great big hug as a thank you. You hugged her back, looking over at Chris. You smiled when you saw that he was already smiling at you, then chuckled when he winked at you. Your eyes fell to his lips when he deliberately drank his beer in slow motion, the smugness on his face told you that he knew exactly what he was doing to you. You shook your head at him with a bit back smile as Stella ran off and you rose to your feet.

“Stop it, Chris,” you instructed him when you joined his side.

“Stop what?” He wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you into him.

“You know what,” you chuckled and he bit back his cheeky smile. “So stop it.”

Chris just laughed and pressed a kiss against the side of your head. In return, you smiled and wrapped your arm around his waist and leaned your head against him. It’d only been a few days since you officially became a couple, but everything was going swimmingly. It was apparently because you were still going through the honeymoon phase, but you and Chris didn’t believe in that. If you were with the right person, it wouldn’t matter how short of how long you’d been together- things were always going to stay in the honeymoon phase. It was hard to predict the future, but you and Chris were pretty freaking sure the both of you were going to stay in that phase for a very, very long time.

You felt your phone buzz in your back pocket and you took your arm off Chris to check it. You’d taken a week off school to spend the week in Boston with Chris and his family before he had to leave for Atlanta. You’d promised your professors you’d do your studies via distance education so every buzz was either another lecture in MP4, or assignment notes in PDF. Chris felt terrible about making you miss your classes, but you assured him that it was fine. You were a staff favorite and you were on good terms with majority of your classmates; they were all more than happy to help while you pursue a love that was clearly going to bring you a lot of joy.

You knew missing class to be with a boy was dumb, that past you would’ve berated present you for putting a boy over your own education and budding career. But you also knew future you would thank you, she would thank you because the boy you were with wasn’t just any boy. He was a man that was going to give you the entire universe when you thought you only deserved a single star; a man that was going to love you unconditionally and eternally; a man that was going to take care of you and put your needs above his; a man that was going to do anything to help you make your dreams come true. Now making you miss class to spend time with him before he left for his job seemed to contradict that point, but he had something up his sleeve. But that was something he was going to keep aside until you graduated, as not just a graduation present but also an act of incredible love and faith.

“Do you need to get to your laptop?” He asked when he saw that you’d received another lecture. “Are you sure?” He asked when you shook your head with a reassuring smile, slipping your phone back into your pocket because you wanted to be present. “I can take you back, we can grab a plate and head back to the house. Ma wouldn’t mind, she actually yelled at me for making you miss school,” he admitted with a sheepish smile.

“It’s fine, it’s only Professor Killian’s lecture,” you told him and he felt slightly better. “Relax,” you chuckled because he only felt slightly better; his eyes displayed his extreme guilt. “I’m a good student, I can manage missing a week. Plus- it’s not like I’m not working while I’m here, I am. I’m fine, Chris,” you pressed your hand against his face as you assured him.

“Okay,” he kissed your palm; you smiled and pulled your hand away. You heard Chris chuckle as you wrapped your arm back around Chris’ waist. “Incoming,” he whispered into your ear and you smiled at Scott, his brother, who was walking over to join you. He had a frown on his face which worried you until Chris explained, “he’s pissed about your hat.” You laughed, because of course he was; you were wearing a Yankees cap in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. “I told you not to wear it, but you didn’t listen.”

“Navy blue looks good on me,” you pouted.

“Yeah it does,” he nodded, laughing as he kissed your head again.

“You really are smitten with her, aren’t you?” Scott teased Chris, smiling at you because he liked you; he’d made it pretty clear to you and Chris and the rest of his family. “I still remember you arguing with your director because you didn’t want to wear a Yankees cap for The Nanny Diaries, and now you’re actually kissing the uniform of the enemy?” Chris rolled his eyes and you laughed along with Scott. “Wow, the girl’s got you whipped.”

“Fuck off, Scott,” Chris chuckled, playfully shoving his brother. “This is not whipped, this is love.” He said to him, smiling at you; you smiled back. “Yes, I hate the Yankees but- my love for Y/N trumps that hate, so-” he took his ‘Natural Addiction’ cap off his head and swapped it with your Yankees cap; the one that he’d jokingly said would burn his skin if he touched it. “Boom, I’ve put on the uniform of the enemy.”

“Traitor,” Scott pretended to shoot Chris a death stare, but he was secretly happy to see how serious his brother was about a girl. In Chris’ defense, you were a pretty freaking amazing girl; his whole family thought so and didn’t even flinch at the fact that you wore a Yankees hat. “We’re going to have to disown you after this barbecue, you know that right?” You and Chris laughed. “You are a bad influence, Miss Y/L/N. What’s wrong with the Boston Red Sox?”

“Nothing,” you chuckled, “I just like wearing the hat ‘cause I like how I look in navy blue.”

“And if she likes wearing this hat ‘cause she likes how she looks in navy blue,” he swapped your hats back around, “she can go right ahead.” You felt your smile widen; it was a small act, but also huge if you knew what Chris was like when it came to sports and his Boston teams. “I’ll even defend her from fanatics like you,” he told him, squeezing you tightly.

“Aw,” Scott cooed mockingly, even though he found the two of you incredibly cute together. “Okay,” he held his hands up in surrender. “I’ll back off before he pulls another terrible prank on me. Did you hear about the time he made-”

“You pee your pants?” You laughed when Scott shot a laughing Chris a weary look. “Yup, I know all the embarrassing stories. I’m not only a fan, but I’ve been friends with Chris for a while now. It’s okay, Scott,” you called as he walked away, pretending to pout. “I thought it was mean on Chris’ part.” He glanced over his shoulder and smiled at you, winking; you definitely had his approval. “I’m nailing this whole family meeting, aren’t I?”

“Mm hm,” Chris nodded, placing both hands on your waist to turn you towards him. “I mean- I did do the hard yards for you, so don’t get too cocky.” He teased you and you smiled, tugging at his hat before wrapping your arms around his neck. “But come on, did you expect anything less from your amazing self? You had me at 'thanks for the input I didn’t ask for’.” He continued to tease you and you laughed, feeling your cheeks heat up as you buried your face in his chest. He laughed and hugged you tightly, mumbling into your hat, “you know I love you, Y/N.”

“Yeah,” you grinned, looking up to meet his gaze. “And you know I love you too.”

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let our sparks ignite

Originally posted by winter-barnes

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader
Rating: T
Warnings: Mild language.
Summary: Falling face first in front of a celebrity is not really how you pictured your day going, but here you are.
Author’s Note: Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay between fics. This is another request. Anon asked for shy!Seb, and I came up with this idea. Hope you like it!

You’re sort of known for being a clumsy person among your friends and your family, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that on a bright, sunny Thursday morning, you completely eat it on the sidewalk in New York City, your headphones ripping out of your ears and phone crashing to the sidewalk.

“Ow.” You groan, cheeks flushing in embarrassment as several people stop to look at you, whispering to each other.

“Are you okay?” A voice asks, and you grimace before trying to get back to your feet.

“I think so, I—“ You stop when you look up, making eye contact with the set of bluest eyes you’ve ever seen. “I wasn’t paying attention.” You finish, your voice almost breaking at the end of your sentence.

“You’re bleeding.” He tells you, frowning as he glances at your elbow, where you see you’ve got a pretty decent scrape.

“I tripped.” You shrug. “I haven’t tripped in a few days, so honestly it was only a matter of time.”

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Starry Skies in Boston (Chris Evans x Reader)

Starry Skies in Boston (Chris Evans x Reader)

Requested: yes

Heeey, can I request a Chris Evans thing? Like, reader (?) Always dreamed of visiting Boston, and Scott is her friend and tells Chris and he takes her, while there she tells him some emotional stuff about her life (like broken heart, mom sick, problems with work) and he says something cute and fluffy things happen between them?

“What do you mean you never been to Boston!” Scott screamed on the phone to his friend. Y/N had to distance herself from her iPhone once his voice got increasingly louder. She chuckled and sipped on her latte that she just got from Starbucks. The streets of Atlanta were busy, as always. She had to maneuver through the crowds with the phone in one hand and her latte in the other, but it wasn’t something she couldn’t do. This was just a daily routine. “I can’t believe you haven’t told my brother, aka your boyfriend by the way.”

“Hey! I have my reasons, plus we’ve only been going out for a couple of months now, its still new to me.” And it was the truth. Y/N wasn’t used to this yet, with everything that was going on, relationships weren’t her main priority, yet Chris was able to get himself in there somehow.

“Yeah sure, you’re just using excuses now. Listen I gotta go, but I’m sure I’ll speak to you later.” Scott ended the call after what he said. She rolled her eyes and locked her phone shoving it into her pocket. She were so close to her apartment and all she wanted to do was relax at this point. Y/N crossed the street and turned right onto her street, with a couple of steps up some stairs she was in the main lobby. She gave a warm smile to the concierge and headed towards the elevator.

Fumbling with the keys Y/N stepped out of the elevator and went to the third door on the right. Unlocking the door she pushed it open and closed it with her foot. She set everything down on the kitchen counter and let out a big sigh of relief once her AC hit her hot skin. She felt a pair of arms wrap around her from behind. His scruff could be felt on her shoulder, and then made his way up her neck.

“Aren’t you supposed to be on set?” Y/N asked as she leaned her head against his shoulder.

“We finished a bit early.” He said as he kissed your cheek.

“How did you get into my apartment?” Y/N was curious as she turned around and finally faced her boyfriend.

“If I tell you I would have to kill you.” He joked giving Y/N one of his smirks. “And on a more important note, a little bird told me you’ve never been to Boston.” Ugh freaking Scott. “The fact that you never told me really hurts, my soul is crushing.” He placed his hand over his heart and pouted to make his point.

“Never thought it was important.” Y/N point out poking his shoulder so that he could back up a bit.

“Not important? Are you serious?” Chris looked even more heartbroken with the information he just received. “It’s where I grew up! Your family never went there for vacation or something?”

“No Chris, we don’t have family there so there was no point.” She explained as she went towards the fridge to get lunch ready.

“How about if we go there this weekend? I’m off for a bit, and plus I feel like its the right time for you to meet my family.” Chris said as he leaned against the wall with his hands crossed in front of his chest. When Y/N heard those words come out of his mouth, she felt anxiety fill her body. Meet his family? Wasn’t is too early for that?

“I don’t know Chris, maybe another time?” Y/N asked while fumbling with some pots and pans in the cabinet.

“What happens if I told you I bought us a flight for this weekend already?”

“YOU WHAT!” Y/N screamed and almost dropped the pot she was holding. This could not be happening. Oh my god Chris, why did he do that? She couldn’t leave Atlanta, especially this weekend.

“Surprise?” He smiled.

“You are so lucky that I can’t kill you or else I would have Marvel up my ass about it.” She threatened and rolled her eyes while putting some water in the pot getting ready to make some pasta.

“Well, start packing!” And with that he kissed her forehead and made his way to the living room.

*time skip*

Chris was sleeping happily on the plane ride, but Y/N was miserable. It wasn’t the fact that she didn’t want to meet his family, it’s the fact that she didn’t want to leave hers, especially this weekend. But her brother basically forced her to.  She looked out the window of the airplane and was staring at the clouds that they flew by, the sun was just about to set. She put her Y/H/L Y/H/C locks into a ponytail and nervously tapped on the arm rest, ready for the flight to be over.

“We are beginning our decent to Boston, Massachusetts. Please fasten your seatbelt.” The intercom went off and Y/N couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. She nudged her boyfriend a bit and informed him that they were landing.

“Get ready for the best trip Y/N.” Well she was hoping it would be.

The plane landed and they got their luggage from baggage claim and got a taxi to head over to Scott’s place. Boston was beautiful she’ll admit that, they drove by the New England aquarium and the public garden.

They pulled up to a cute little town house that was just outside the city, the location was perfect. They got out of the taxi and Y/N could see Scott coming down the stairs from his home. She sent daggers his way and the little shit smiled back to her.

“Aw look at the cute princess.” Scott joked once he saw her facial expression. Once he was close enough she couldn’t help but punch his bicep. He let out a growl from pain and held his arm where she punched him. “What was that for?”

“For being a piece of shit.” Y/N commented.

“Hey! No fighting children!” Chris said while giving Y/N her bag from the trunk of the car. Chris paid and then everyone went inside. They dropped their bags by the stairs, too lazy to even bring them up. They immediately went to the kitchen so everyone could get drinks and socialize. They caught up on everything that was missed out on, job promotions, family gossip and that sort of stuff.

“I can’t believe you’re finally here.” Scott commented while looking at Y/N.

“Honestly, same here.” With her response, Chris gave her a worried glance. She’ll have to talk to him later probably. “Well its about 8pm, It’s gonna be a late dinner I hope you guys don’t mind.” Scott looked at his watch.

“Nah it’s fine, I was gonna show Y/N around a bit anyways.” Chris looked at her and sent her a flirtatious wink her way.

Chris and her left the house, they walked side by side, holding hands and talked about anything that came to mind. They have been walking for an hour when Chris dragged her into a small area with a bunch of tree’s.

“Oh God! This is the part where you kill me right?” Y/N asked while putting on a serious face to make the joke seem real.

“Haha very funny.” He pulled her in closer while wrapping his hands around her waist, resting his forehead against hers. The moment was perfect. “I wanted to show you something actually.” He confessed. She gave him a questioning glance and then he proceeded to lead her up a hill. They stopped and looked up, the view was breath taking. The skies were filled with constellations, it felt peaceful almost while looking at them. Chris changed his gaze to Y/N. He couldn’t help but love her reaction to the stars, he knew that this spot would be something special for the both of them. She seemed stressed free for the first time since they’d met. He nudged her side and she changed her gaze to him he offered to lie down on the grass so they could relax and enjoy the moment.

“And then that right there, thats Delphius.” Y/N pointed to the sky showing Chris where the constellation was.

“How the hell do you know all of this?” He asked while looking at her.

“My mom taught me everything about the stars, basically anything having to do with space and crap.” Y/N explained while taking a deep breath.

“You never really mention your mom.” Chris pointed out. Well shit.

“Guess it never really popped up into our conversations.” Y/N said hoping that Chris would move to another topic.

“So tell me about her. I want to get to know you better.” Chris confessed.

“There’s nothing really to know.” Hopefully blunt comments will shut him up.

“What do you mean? Whats wrong?” Chris seemed worried now.

“Everything.” She whispered, hoping that he didn’t hear it.

“Talk to me.” Chris got up onto his elbows and looked directly at her.

“Thank you for taking me to Boston.” She said trying to change the topic once again.

“You’re just avoiding me now.”

“It’s just harder than this Chris, you don’t understand.” Y/N got up now resting her head in her hands.

“Then help me.”

“Help you? I don’t even fully understand it! How can someone just wake up one day and not know anything? How can they forget the past 62 years of their lives? Its just not fair.” By the time she was done she was sobbing. Chris immediately hugged her and kept her close, rubbing soothing circles on her back giving her some words of encouragement. He leaned down and kissed her forehead as well.

“Was that why you didn’t want to come this weekend? To see your mom?” He asked. All he got was a simple nod. “Hey hey hey, look at me okay. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. I’ll help you get through this, I’ll make sure to stay in Atlanta longer than usual, we can visit everyday if you want. I’ll do whatever it takes to take some of the pain away.” He stated, meaning every word of it as well. Once he was done, Y/N couldn’t help but shed more tears.

“God how did I find you?” She asked while leaning closer to him, wanting to feel his warmth. He smiled and leaned in as well. They stared at each other, just taking in the environment that surrounded them. They both leaned in and shared a sweet kiss.

God was Y/N happy that she came to Boston now.

Hi! Sorry it took a while but I’m up at my family’s cottage so I was out for like two days! I will be posting part 3 to Unexpected (Steve Rogers x Reader) once part 2 hits 50 likes :)

Thank you