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Hold On, I’m Coming (Part 6)

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Summary: You hear news of the fire and decide to take action. Dean, injured and trapped, fights for his life. 

Pairing: Firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,400

Warnings: angst, so much angst, language, house fire, being trapped, difficulty breathing, panic, fear, injuries…

Check out the Series Masterlist for previous parts and the schedule!

A/N: Okay, take a deep breath and please try not to kill me when you’ve finished reading…

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murderking: part deux

it’s here my friends, just in time for the release of trr book two, we are about to board the ss conspiracy yet again,, set sail for…. MURDER

  • so lets talk about the coronation and sis there is LOTS to talk about
  • king constantine?? more like…. king constant murders
  • first off, everyone’s favorite ginger bitch
  • if u poor like me and didn’t buy the scene to follow her, let me fill u in with these screenshots i stole from tumblr
  • so her parents were traitors
  • believable enough right?? i mean this family does not have the greatest track record (read: fuckin luther #tbt to the medieval ages)
  • but like….. why tf would anyone try to start a goddamn coup in cordonia
  • first of all the main export here is apples,,, one shitty winter and there goes the GDP
  • pick a better country fam!!! coup the shit out of like sweden or something, idk!!
  • like really tho what was their supposed “plan” here
  • assassinate the king? uhhh fam he got two damn sons
  • the nevrakis not even really that close in relation to the royal family,, they ain’t heirs!!!! how tf they gonna get this damn kingdom to support them after they overthrow a monarchy
  • cordonia really does it By The Books as we have learned from the ridiculous marriage/coronation law so p sure they would have just crowned leo’s teenage ass and wifed him up
  • and if the nevrakis took him out too then u best believe liam’s royal diaper would be sitting on that fuckin throne
  • toddlers & tiaras whoMST
  • cordonia don’t fux with logic!!!! democracy???? no place for it here!!!!
  • there’s no way that traitor shit is true
  • notice how she only says “King” and not queen or monarchy or royalty, etc….. hmmm yes very interesting….
  • oh also forgot to mention this but all this info is delivered by an ANONYMOUS LETTER?????? With PROOF ENCLOSED???
  • who is out here keepin receipts like this!!!
  • not maxwell!! he’s like fuckin three when this shit goin down; a bich out here concerned about potty training or w/e like he aint keeping a burn book
  • not madeleine!!! i mean she an old hoe for all we know (tryna marry liam’s older brother smh) so what she’s maybe like 8 or 9??? old enough to be shady on the playground but not in the damn palace
  • so who do we have with the means to make convincing old ass royal documents proving an assassination attempt/planned coup as well as the motive to get olivia the fuck out the way??????
  • hmMMmMMMmMmmM i wOnDeR wHo it could bE
  • cLEArLy cordonia is ready to bust a nut for the royals ok
  • bust a nut……. OR……. believe a completely implausible assassination story cop-out??? believe that two members of a prominent family (the nevrakis) were ~mysteriously killed~ for some god-knows-what reason, apparently with absolutely no thorough criminal investigation into the matter???????
  • 👀👀👀
  • more likely than u think
  • ok now we get a plot twist: whos the one who has CANONICALLY been keeping this (bull)shit a secret all along?
  • “i don’t know why he did it” ME NEITHER!!! MAKES NO SENSE!!! PROBABLY BECAUSE IT’S A LIE!!!!!!!!
  • maybe a small mercy for the surviving daughter of [the people he goDtDaMN murDeRD]
  • “maybe because revealing the plot would’ve been worse for cordonia’s stability than covering it up” uhhhh OR HE MADE THAT SHIT UP SIS!!! REVEALING THE PLOT GIVES PEOPLE THE CHANCE TO POKE THE DAMN HOLES
  • tbh she right tho i mean revealing the plot (of MURDERKING) would have been v bad for cordonia’s stability so can’t argue with her there
  • literally why this ominous as fuck final line
  • what the fuck u got this king to thank 4 sis
  • what he ever done 4 u
  • nnnnnnnn get in ur rolls royce and GO olivia!!!!!! run ur bich ass all the way to the POLICE
  • ok so now, from the mouth of the man himself
  • a sappy speech for his son?
  • “always hoped”????? ummmmm sir
  • sir did u forget
  • ur son leo
  • he’s here like he’s not on a damn cruise rn he in ur ballroom fuckin watchin u say this shit
  • miss me with that ivanka/tiffany dynamic
  • “it feels as though this outcome was……. inevitable
  • ok so i added that emphasis but don’t even lie,, u totally read it like that didn’t u
  • do i even gotta!!!!!! like what!!!! this some frank underwood type foreshadowing right here
  • reliable??? steady??? sounds like an excellent pawn to me!! let me just house of cards his ass!!!!!!!!!!! (ʘ‿ʘ✿)
  • “you will be the king that cordonia needs”
  • sir…… u really gotta get them speeches PROOFREAD by ur shady ass wife
  • regina be like uhh take out the part where u deadass reveal the plan maybe?
  • meanwhile liam just :)
  • not knowin shit
  • not helpin our ass for shit
  • w/e i got a bone to pick with liam rn like he’s still a Snack but he’s a Messy Snack like one of those nature valley bars out here leavin damn crumbs everywhere
  • tbh i don’t even know where this is going anymore I forgot my thesis time 2 conclude
  • the king that cordonia needs
  • basically murderking knows that liam is the spineless one
  • LOOK ok DO NOT COME FOR ME liam is a sweet bean and a gentle gingersnap but also he whipped out his dicc for madeleine waaaaay too fast if u ask me,, he been Trained
  • idk what olivia’s parents knew,, some shit probably or else they wouldn’t be worm food
  • but it’s pretty clear madeleine is the Chosen One™ 
  • leo fucked it up so now he out
  • liam ABouT to fuck it up,, so the king got rid of option #1 (mc) and option #2 (olivia)
  • and now madeleine is gonna be the queen, liam is gonna be the king, and constantine has… TRIUMPHED?!?!?!
  • stay tuned biches
  • xoxo gossip sarah

anonymous asked:

Hi could you pretty please write a part two for the anniversary problem? I kinda wanna see her not give in because hello! It is their one year anniversary!! Like ignore him or something! Sorry haha, I just get very into the stories I read.

The Anniversary Solution

External image

Days like this were always the ones you dreaded the most.  It all started when you woke up 30 minutes after your alarm was supposed to have gone of, causing you to have to shove a bagel in your mouth after one gulp of coffee, drive and put on makeup at the same time only to make it to work with 22 seconds to spare.  

And the day just got worse from there.  

Your boss was on the warpath due to a system glitch that caused some kind of major outage overnight.  Though you had nothing whatsoever to do with it, he was still grumbling and cursing and slamming his office door.  

So it was gonna be a headphones kind of day.  You couldn’t remember the last time you’d had one of those.  Had to have been at least a week ago when the girl a cubicle over had the flu and was coughing like a major organ was gonna exit her mouth.  You pushed the ear buds into your ear and tapped play on Spotify.

Ugh, big mistake.


Niall’s voice filled your ears.  His stupid fantastic new CD.  His stupid beautiful ballad he’d written just for you.  His stupid emotional words making you miss him so much more than you wanted to admit.

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Vital: Part One - Terra (A Yondu x Reader Fic): Chapter Sixteen: Don’t Leave Me This Way

Click here for: Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven | Chapter Eight | Chapter Nine | Chapter Ten | Chapter Eleven | Chapter Twelve | Chapter Thirteen (NSFW) | Chapter Fourteen | Halloween Special | Chapter Fifteen (NSFW)

Woo, another chapter up already! And just a reminder that I did post a little one-shot Halloween special (link in the chapter index above). :)

Yondu flips the light switch, and a tall, skinny man with a mohawk straightens from where he was crouched halfway up the stairs. He blinks in the sudden light, raising a hand to his eyes until his vision adjusts. When he lowers his hand, he looks up and offers a shaky smile. Aside from the outlandish maroon jumpsuit with the knife sheathed over his left shoulder, he looks like a Human – like a Terran. But there’s something just slightly off about the way he moves and the bone structure of his face that tells you he isn’t.

“Shit, boy!” Yondu says with a laugh, catching the arrow as he flies back to his hand, “I could'a killed ya." 

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50, 57, 72, and 91 with Yondu

50: there’s nothing wrong with you
57: You’ve always got me
72: you need sleep
91: that’s in the past

Late pregnancy reader and comforting Yondu

You were laying in bed propped up on a few pillows. Your back was aching and even though you couldn’t see them you knew your feet were swollen. You rubbed your swollen belly slowly as you laid thinking. You gave Yondu a small smile as he walked into your bedroom shutting the door behind him. He gave you a smile walking over to you. He kicked off his boots and pulled off his jacket. He sat next to you putting his hand on your stomach. He rubbed your stomach gently giving you a smile

“Hey there. My little outlaw.” He leaned down talking to your belly.

You smiled putting a hand over his. As adorable as Yondu was the fears running through your mind. You held his hand tightly looking at Yondu’s face. He glanced up at you worried at your sudden change.

“What’s wrong darlin? Something with tha baby?” He asked sitting to be face to face with you.

“No and yes. What if something’s wrong? They haven’t moved in a while. What if something’s wrong with me or the baby?” You worried.

“There’s nothing wrong with ya. The baby’s just been missin me .” He assured you.

He leaned down and kissed your stomach. As he did your baby kicked hard. You gave a puff of air out and touched your stomach. Yondu grinned up at you knowingly. He moved back up to face you.

“But what if another scare happens? What if something happens when you’re gone again?” You asked still worried.

“That’s in the past. Yer fine. Ya ain’t goin on missions. Peter ain’t buggin ya no more. You’ll be fine. The baby’ll be fine.” He assured you kissing you softly.

You kissed back feeling the baby kick again at Yondu’s hand rubbing your stomach. He was right. You didn’t leave the ship much anymore and Peter had left you alone once you got moody. Yondu moved to lay down next to you keeping his hand on your stomach.

“Ya always got me. I ain’t leavin you until the baby’s here and ya don’t need me around as much.” He promised.

You nodded moving one pillow out from behind you so you could lay down. You couldn’t lay down comfortably anymore so you’d been having a hard time sleeping. Your face didn’t hide that. Yondu moved to lay right behind you putting a leg in between yours to help support your legs and back. He pulled you into him putting an arm under your pillow to help support your head. You sighed in comfort for once leaning back into him.

“Ya need sleep.” He whispered in your ear kissing the back of your neck.

“You sure you wanna sleep like this? It can’t be comfortable.” You said smiling at the soft kisses.

“Anything fer ya. Gotta make sure my baby’s mama is taken care of.” He teased as he moved his free arm to rub your stomach.

through blue. i

good afternoon everyone! as promised here is (finally) the first installment in the latest series i will be posting here on tss, through blue! blue will be a series of one shots (or, for larger scenes, small ‘parts’) all from jamie’s pov. i am currently accepting suggestions for scenes both here on tss and on my main blog, @cagedbirdsong, so feel free to send them in! i am accepting both scenes from the book series and television show. 

i am also accepting prompts for scenes we didn’t get to see! feel free to send in requests for any scenes you wish we had gotten as well. :)

without further ado, the first part of through blue: the scene where jamie falls off his horse. as requested (and inspired) by my other lovely kilt kult ladies! this chapter, in particular, is for my tumblr mom @kaitrionabalfe (aka @mibasiamille). i love you lots 

Roadside Revelations 

In hindsight, perhaps the whiskey had not been the best idea. His shoulder was hurt bad enough, and a full night and day of riding had done him no good. His shoulder had nearly come out of place again twice, by his count, and the gunshot wound he had suffered was troubling him something horrid.

Come to think of it, between the exhaustion, pain, and adrenaline coursing through him - not to mention copious amounts of whiskey - Jamie Fraser was starting to feel well and truly wretched. He gave a small grunt as his vision swam and blinked hard, trying to clear his head.

It didn’t help.

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Groot’s (Adoptive) Parents

“I am Groot,” Groot declares.

“Our friends will be pissed when they find out that you tried to hurt us,“ Rocket translates.

“I am Groot!”  

“Yeah, that’s right, I can tear this guy to guy to shreds with my bare teeth.”

“I am Groot!”

“But the people you should be worried about the most are his—Groot, I told you, they’re not your real parents.”

“I am Groot!”

“You should be worried about his adoptive parents.”

Starmora Week 2017, Day 4: Parents

(read on ao3 or ffn) // (read prev. starmora week 2017 works here!!)

Groot’s not a fan of being captured.

He doesn’t think anyone really is a fan of it, ‘cause it’s scary and stuff, but at least he’s only been captured one time before—by the Ravagers, back when Peter and the others left to go with that crazy, evil Ego guy. Then, Groot had been kept in a small cage and bullied by the Ravagers before escaping with Rocket and Yondu.

These Kree people are something else, though. They’re blue, like Gamora’s creepy sister, Nebula, and Yondu, but way more mean. He and Rocket somehow got separated from the rest of the team during a big fight earlier, and then Rocket got hurt, so they got captured. Rocket held onto him the entire time so they wouldn’t lose each other, and now they’re stuck in a small cage together in a dark room, no other Guardians in sight.

Rocket mentioned earlier that Kree guys hated the Guardians because they’d killed Ronan a while ago, when Groot became “little.” He doesn’t remember much of his life before being little, aside from weird things he’s seen in dreams here and there, but for the most part, he doesn’t really know anything.

What he does know is that he’s got this really cool family within the Guardians of the Galaxy. Rocket always looks out for him and protects him from bad guys. Drax is loud and doesn’t like dancing, but holds Groot really gently for someone who can be so violent. Mantis and Kraglin are new, but they’ve only ever been nice to him, so Groot approves.

Then there are Peter and Gamora, who Rocket reminds Groot at least once a day are not his actual parents, because he’s technically adopted. Peter loves to listen to music and dance with Groot while Gamora always cheers him up when he’s sad and lets him play with her hair. He loves them a lot, and he thinks they love each other a lot, too (even if they haven’t really realized it completely yet).

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A Human Shield

Fandom: Boku No Hero Academia

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences

Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence

Summary: Basically Kirishima gets hurt and Bakugou gets angry

Read on AO3: x

Based On: This amazing fanart by @syblatortue!! Keep up the awesome work!

The clinging soot from the blowback of Bakugou’s explosion still stung his eyes and burned his nostrils. Dust hung in the air and shrouded the scope of his vision from seeing more than a couple feet in front of him; obstinate and barely there when you swept at it with your arm, like a pair cheap of drapes.

A pinprick corner of his mind wondered where the hell the other pros were. At the report of a villain attack of this caliber, Bakugou thought more than two recent UA graduates would show up to the battlefront. But that hardly mattered then; harboring on the hollow faith of help that may or may not arrive did approximately jackshit to handle the turmoil of the present moment. He was more than enough hero power to take down the scattering of villains that had surged into the now-evacuated city street; even with Kirishima there helping him, he knew there was no obstacle he couldn’t hurdle on his own.

Laying flat on their back about fifteen feet away was one of the villains who’d been wreaking havoc a few minutes ago; a big scaly lizard-looking person, Bakugou had to get crafty when aiming a hit to avoid the villain’s long talons that secreted an inky residue the young hero had no desire of examining more closely.

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Love in Unexpected Places

Anonymous asked: Great blog! If you’re writing GOT I’d like to request a Sandor one where the reader is the eldest Stark child & goes with ned and the girls in the hopes they can find a suitor for her. Instead of a Lord or highborn, she and Sandor fall for each other and someone finds out and threatens her with exposing it but she and Sandor run off together. Maybe there could be a happy ending where they find Robb (he married for love maybe he’d be accepting?) although I’ll leave the ending up to you :D

Here it is, anon! I do not own Sandor, Petyr or Robb. They belong to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: Fluff, but no more that I can think of. Please let me know if I missed something.

Pairings: Sandor Clegane x fem!Stark reader, mentions of Petyr Baelish and Robb Stark.

Originally posted by bisexualsweeney

Why in all of Westeros did you have to fall for him? That wasn’t your father’s intention when he chose to bring you to King’s Landing with him and you younger sisters. Your father had intended to find a young lord or another highborn man to marry you off to, not him. Not Sandor Clegane. The rough around the edges killer had caught your attention in a big way and you had caught his.

              All the journey to King’s Landing, you rode with Sandor and had gotten close to him. Before you realized it, you had fallen in love with him and he with you, although he’d never admit it out loud to anyone but you. You never said anything to anyone either, knowing your father wouldn’t have approved when he was alive. So, your feelings for each other had to be kept secret, even after your father’s death. Meetings in empty corridors or in each other’s chambers late at night made up your relationship, but you didn’t mind. All that mattered was that the two of you were together.

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This is all hands on deck
Callin’ out to lost boys and girls
I’m gettin’ tired of the disrespect
We won’t stop till we rule the world

It’s our time
We up next
(Next, next)
Our sail’s about to be set
(Set, set)
They ain’t seen nothin’ yet
Tell ‘em who’s in charge
So they don’t forget

What’s my name?
What’s my name?
Say it louder
What’s my name?
What’s my name?
Feel the power

No one’s gonna stop us
Soon the world will be ours
What’s my name?
What’s my name?
What’s it? What’s it?
Say it loud!

All eyes on me
Let me see ‘em
What’s it? What’s it?
Say it, say it
Heliaa - a - a!

Hanky, Hanky, la la ky
Harrel, Harrel, la la Harrel
Harley, Harley, la la ley
Hart, Hart, la la art

I’m the king of this town
I call the shots
You know who I am
I don’t need to wear no fake crown
Stand up to me
Ya don’t stand a chance

It’s our time
We up next
(Next, next)
My crew’s as real as it gets
(Gets, gets)
The worst are now the best
And leavin’ us here
Will be their last regret

What’s my name?
What’s my name?
Say it louder
What’s my name?
What’s my name?
Feel the power

No one’s gonna stop us
Soon the world will be ours
What’s my name?
What’s my name?
What’s it? What’s it?
Say it, say it

You know what they say
Bad boys have all the fun
Never learned how to count
'Cause I’m number one
Ready, here we come
We always get our way
It’s a pirate’s life
Every single day!

Hey, I’m the captain
He’s the first mate
Enemy’s seasick
Can’t see straight
Call 'em fish bait
Throw 'em on a hook
Homer’s so hot
They get burned if they look

It’s all eyes on me
Let me see 'em
I see your eyes on me, girls
You know what my name is
Say it, say it louder!

Tentacle me!
Ha! Ha!
Come on!

What’s my name?
What’s my name?
Say it louder
What’s my name?
What’s my name?
Feel the power

No one’s gonna stop us
Soon the world will be ours
What’s my name?
What’s my name?

All eyes on me
Let me see 'em

What’s it? What’s it?
Say it, say it
Ooh, say it louder
Ooh, say it louder

What’s it? What’s it?
Say it, say it

Hartwig, Hartwig, la la wig
Horace, Horace, la la Horace
Harvard, Harvard, la la vard
Horatio, Horatio, la la Horatio
Helmut, Helmut, la la mut
Hammy, Hammy, la la Hammy
Helsinki, Helsinki, la la ki
Hellmouth, Hellmouth, la la Mouth


Harry: I refuse to believe some o’ those are even real NAMES.