leavin' early

Shy (Ch. 6)

Summary: While Ian gets completely wasted at a party, things go very downhill, and Mickey finds out about the possibility of his boyfriend having bipolar disorder.

Word Count: 3445

Notes: I meant to post this earlier, but I just got to a laptop now, sorry!

Warnings: Mentions of sexual assault

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 57 8 9

It had been about four days since Mickey, Lip, and Mandy told the football team to back off, and damn, did they listen. Even at football practice, where Mickey was surrounded by the dumbasses, the boys would steer clear of him. Rick looked like he finally understood the severity of Mickey’s threats for some reason. A few other people though were becoming more warmed up to the couple— doing things as simple as saying hello in the halls or making small talk in class; Mickey would normally tell them to ‘shut the fuck up,’ but Ian appreciated the conversation.

As Ian and Mickey were walking through the hallway, a skinny boy named Justin walked up to them. He was so high it was ridiculous— definitely one of the biggest stoners in the school. “Hey, guys,” Justin slurred out, as he stuffed a brownie in his mouth. “Open house at my house tonight— since we don’t have school tomorrow. I have the hard liquor and shit, but BYOB if you want beer!”

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