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Never Ever - Joker X Reader

Request…Pranking the Joker goes a bit wrong. You decide to pretend you left him in the middle of the night, leaving a note that says ‘I’m leavin, Puddin, Goodbye’. You leave for the day, planning to come back later but he flips out and tracks you down.

Note- I’m so sorry this look so long also this may be like this for the others I have a lot of requests and I’m trying to get them done, please don’t be mad, love you guys for being so patient.

Never Ever- Leto!Joker X Reader

Warnings- A swear here and there, Gets mildly physical, nothing major though.

You had woken up in a little bit of a playful mood. You looked to your sleeping boyfriend and smiled, kissing his cheek gently being careful not to wake him. The clock read 6:00 am. It was early. You lift yourself off the bed slowly, tip toeing across the room to your closet to get dressed for the day. Your thoughts stirring up a plan for a little prank. It’s harmless, you thought to yourself and the more you thought on it the more you would smile and giggle silently to yourself. Oh how you loved a chase. You made your way over to the desk and pulled out a small note pad and a pen, letting the pen in your hand glide across the paper writing the words in the thick black ink, ‘I’m leavin, Puddin’, Goodbye’. You take the note pad and place it on your bedside table, turning and rushing out, a small smile on your face. You exit the building and head into the city for the day, you we’re sure to take some money alone with you.

Few Hours Later

His hand scanned the bed, starting to wake up from his rest. He needed you. Needed to hold you. When he couldn’t find your sleeping body he got a little confused. Furrowing his brow, he peaked his eyes open and looked to where you once laid. He sits up and looks around and there’s no sign of you. His eyes land on your bedside table and the little note sitting there, he snatches it into his pale hands and reads over it, he’s confused. He rereads it over and over. No explanation, no clue to where you’d be going, nothing. He gets up, anger overcoming on his face, he dresses himself and grabs his gun. Storming out of the room and down the stairs. He heads to his car and calls his henchmen.

“I don’t give a shit if there’s someone new to go and discuss business with, we are going to find her” he growls into the phone, starting the car and driving off starting his search for you.

Hours Later

The moon was high in the sky as you started making your way back to the building, you basically dedicated the day to shopping. You turn a corner and come face to face with the man you love so much. His eyes wild, he looks down to you and growls, clearly very pissed off.

“Hey” you say with a smile although on the inside you are terrified.

“Where have you been? You think you could just…just leave me like that?” he barks grabbing your arm causing you to freeze, your e/c eye going wide. His grip grows tighter as he pulls you along and back to the loft.

“Puddin, I was just- I was trying to pull a prank on you, It was a joke” you confess, pulling your arm from his grip, getting some space between the two of you in case he gets worse. He turns to you, approaching you, his tall figure making you feel a little bit intimidated.

“Does it look like I’m laughing, Y/N?” he growls, grabbing your face in his hands, glaring down at you. “You can’t leave me-” he begins but you shove him away, giving a glare of your own.

“You think I don’t know that? also…I love you, I’m a little hurt you have such little faith in me to think I’d ever actually leave you…I love you too much to do that” you retort. He stares at you, dumbfounded on the words you just spoke. How you spoke them. Your movements, just everything you had just done. You step to him, cupping his face in your hands, gently kissing his cheek. “I would never ever leave you” you say to him, looking into his emotionless blue eyes. He stares back at you and puts his forehead to yours and kisses your lips. You find yourself kissing back and wrapping your arms around him, letting your fingers run through his vibrant green hair. Both savoring the moment and feelings rushing through you.

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Imagine you getting hurt on an away mission and trip being super protective 

Requested by Anon~

As you re-positioned yourself to get more comfortable, you accidentally moved your ankle and winced very audibly. This attracted Trip’s attention away from the main console, whirling his head around with wide eyes at your hiss of pain.

“Y/N, you’re not supposedta move your leg.” The engineer scolded, coming up to your side at once. His eyes examined your ankle worriedly before looking up at you. “We’re not even sure if it’s broke or not.”

As the pain subsided, you cast a guilty look up to Trip. “Sorry.” You mumbled out. “But I still think you should just leave me here and climb up that mountain. Enterprise might get a better reading on the distress beacon-”

“And I already told you that I’m not leavin’ you all by yourself.” Trip sternly replied. “Now you rest that ankle, and I’ll work on boostin’ the beacon. That’s an order.”

When people ask me how this chapters goin 😂😂😂
  • Harley: I wanna play
  • Joker: you're 9 months pregnant
  • Harley: And???
  • Joker: I can't enjoy sex when all I'm gonna be thinking about is whether or not my dick is hitting a baby in the head
  • Harley: Think of it as making my body a bouncy house instead. Bouncy houses are fun.
  • Joker: sleep's fun, too.
  • Harley: oh yeah? If it's so fun then how come you never let me get any before I got pregnant?
  • Joker: *shifts eyes left and right and blinks* well now I'm sayin' sleep's fun so shut up and get some.
  • Harley: *sits up in bed and throws the covers aside* PPPPPLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSEEEEE!!
  • Joker: *hits her in the head with a pillow* FINE! But the second your water breaks I'm tossin' your ass in the bath tub and leavin' you to it
  • Harley: bitch.
  • Joker: What?
  • Harley: What?
  • Lucius: You and Granger seemed pretty chummy yesterday.
  • Draco: Dad..."chummy"?
  • Lucius: It's ok. You can tell me.
  • Draco: No, really, I can't.
  • Lucius: You can't tell your dad, who can you tell?
  • Draco: [deadpan] Gee, I don't know. Uh, Blaise....the tree over there.
  • Lucius: You're gonna miss me when I'm gone.
  • Draco: When are you leavin'?
What is Love? (Jacob Black/Imprint)

So, I’ve been even more obsessed with the show Empire, and I’ve been in a big Jake mood, so here goes

I recommend listening to the song while reading, but I’ve got the lyrics in the imagine, but I would still recommend listening to the emotion she has while singing it.

Word Count: 700+

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I hummed, getting into the mood of the song with the hums. I needed passion for this song, and if it wasn’t on par, the whole song isn’t being done justice. The band is having an Empire themed month, and this was the only song that was left and seemed the most interesting.

I would tell you that I love you tonight
But I know that I’ve got time on my side
Where you goin’? Why you leavin’ so soon?
Is there somewhere else that’s better for you?

I pointed to nobody but the wall, imagining my ex standing there. The song needed passion, and if means bringing back bad memories, then so be it.

What is love if you’re not here with me?
What is love if it’s not guaranteed?
What is love if it just ups and leaves?

What is love if you’re not here no more?
What is love if you’re not really sure?
What is love?
What is love?

Tell myself I wouldn’t cry when you’re gone
But I know it’s easier said than done
Look at me, look at me, choked up now
Try to tell you but it won’t come out

What is love if you’re not here with me?
What is love if it’s not guaranteed?
What is love if it just ups and leaves?

What is love if you’re not here no more?
What is love if you’re not really sure?
What is love if it just ups and goes?

I can’t live without you (I can’t live without you)
I can’t live with you (I can’t live with you)
What goes around will come right back around, you won’t know ‘til it hit you
We were supposed to be (an empire)
We were supposed to be (an empire)
We were supposed to be an empire

What is love if you’re not here with me?
What is love if it’s not guaranteed?
What is love if it just ups and leaves?

What is love?
What is love if you’re not really sure?
What is love if it just ups?

I had to wipe the tears from my ears that were starting to pool in my eyes. What’s to say Jake won’t be like the other guys? There’s a connection between us that I’ve never felt with any of my other boyfriends, but that could just be a stronger honeymoon phase.

“Hey are you okay?” Speak of the devil. I turned around and wiped my eyes. Jake’s look of playfulness turned to seriousness as he noticed my expression. I nodded as he crossed my room in a stride and pulled me into his arms. Must be the “imprint bond”.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Jake asked, and I shook my head.

“Nah, I’m good. Just bad memories resurfacing,”

“Does it have anything to do with the song you were just singing, which sounded amazing by the way,”  I smiled at the compliment.

“Yeah, kinda. We’re having a month that’s centered around the show Empire, and we have to sing different songs from the show. This is mine,” I shrugged my shoulders and Jake plopped on my bed, patting the spot next to him. I walked over to him and his gaze never left mine when I sat next to him, cross legged.

“Y/N, if you ever need me, just call me and I’ll come running. It’s what a wolf with an imprint does. I can’t hurt you, and if I do, I won’t be able to live with myself until you forgive me,” Jake reassured me, even though he gave me a version of this when he told me about being an imprint and what it entails.

“Jake, how am I to be sure this isn’t a phase and you’ll just ditch me when you see the next best thing?” I asked, my voice breaking at the end. Let’s just say I haven’t had the best luck with boyfriends within the last few years. Jake laughed a little before my glare silenced him.

“Sorry Y/N, but have you been asleep for the last three weeks? Whatever you need me to be, it’s what I’ll be, no questions asked,” Jake reassured and I nodded. He sat up and pulled me into his warm chest.

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So basically what you’re telling me is that...

Mobius keeps Ruben because he’s a genius at his work…

But no matter how many times Mobius gives him what he wants, Ruben doesn’t do any progressive shit at all…

So they put his brain into a machine…

But the machine doesn’t want to do shit either because he’s still conscious or whatever…


Travelin’ Man (Adelbert’s)

Brewery : Adelbert’s
Beer : Travelin’ Man
Style : Belgian IPA / IPA / Belgian Style IPA
Variance : None

8.5 / 10

Lord, I was born a Travelin’ Man, tryin’ to make a livin’ and doin’ the best I can. And when it’s time for leavin’, I hope you’ll understand, that I was born a Travelin’ Man. Thanks to The Allman Brothers Band for making the perfect theme song for this delicious beer and for pumping out some of the tastiest guitar riffs that have ever passed through my ears. Also, thanks to Adelbert’s for not only sending me some brews out to review but for also creating this beer because I would never use a song from The Allman Brother’s Band for a beer that wasn’t deserving and this definitely is. I love that this beer is my first experience with this brewery because the only thing that could have possibly set a better mood for me would be if it was being poured out of a bottle that was jammed between Lindsey Pelas’ gigantic chesticles which might actually warm it up too much, so scratch that. This has a nice Belgian ale sweetness to start with almost a champagne like flavor before some floral hops mix in bringing a nice bitterness with them with some dry malt and almost grape flavor mixing in to close. For a 7% ABV beer, this shit is smoother than that dickweed “Mystery” and his bro “J-Dog” from The Pickup Artist but luckily this beer won’t scam on your girl like those douchers, it will just take your tongue to pound town and pleasure it all night long. That got weird. Anyways, this is a great first beer for the freshman class of beer drinker and for the seniors out there about to graduate from the 2016 class of craft, pick this up and enjoy it because it kicks ass and is better than any shitty diploma. Cheers!

Written by: Steve B.

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“Alright, let’s go.” You grabbed your purse off the couch as Louis raised an eyebrow, bring a finger to his lips. 

“You’re not wearing that.” He said simply, scanning over your outfit. 

“Wha- It’s a party, Louis. It’s not even that short. It goes past my thighs!” You protested as his bum remained glued on his seat. 

“Nope. We’re not leavin’ until you change into something less revealing up in this area.” He motioned to his chest. 


“The longer this conversation goes on, the less time we’ll have at the party..” Louis hummed, pulling his phone out. “We have all night if you want, babe.” 


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Imagine Birthing Class with Kozik. *Mini Imagine*

WARNINGS: Language

I have no clue about birthing classes so I asked my ma. I hope I got it right, I’m not pregnant don’t plan on being pregnant lol so I hope I did okay :D

Request: Imagine having Kozik go to birthing classes with you! 💕

Your breathing was quick like the instructor told you and you heard Kozik clapping, “We so got this in the bag babe, you can do this.” Kozik smiled and you raised a brow at him, “We?”  You grunted and he nodded, “I ain’t leavin’ you know that.” You smiled and gave him a kiss, “Mr. and Mrs Kozik please pay attention to the class.” The teacher said and you groaned, this bitch had been bothering you all day and it was pissing you off. “I’m gonna put my swollen foot up her…”

“Babe.” Kozik hissed and sat back, “Sorry ma'am please continue.” He said professionally with a straight face, you loved it when he talked like that, “Can’t we go?” You smirked and he sighed, “No babe we have to finish the class.” He told you and you pouted, “Okay everyone, we’re going to learn how to swaddle.” The instructor said in an overly cheery voice that made you want to scratch your ears, during your pregnancy your patience went out the window in the first two months. “Kozik.” You grumbled as she went around and taught each couple how to properly swaddle the fake baby doll.

“Come on Y/N please.” Kozik sighed, “This is our first child, I want to do this right.” His voice was that of a beg and you pouted, “But baby…” Kozik glared slightly, “No buts, we payed for this class we stay till the end.” You groaned not even forcing a smile on your face when the teacher went to you and Kozik, “Well aren’t you two a happy couple.”

“We sure are peachy.” You said and she put the baby in front of each of you. “Well anyways, what you want to do is set your blanket down, oh Y/N make sure the pattern is against the table.” She said, “See like your husband here.” You looked over at Kozik’s perfectly placed blanket then back to the instructor, “I doubt my baby will care if everyone can see the print.” You told her and felt Kozik squeeze your thigh but you hit his foot making him grunt. “Well that is not the proper way. Things need to be perfect and proper.” She cheered and you rolled your eyes as you flipped the blanket over.

“Now lay your baby down, and you fold like so.” She said demonstrating, you and Kozik repeating the steps, “Oh now Y/N you don’t want to suffocate your baby, that’s not the proper way.” You sucked in a harsh breath, “Well how about I suffoca…”

“Careful there honey. Don’t want to catch any charges while your pregnant.” He laughed, but there was a hint of seriousness in his voice, “Just loosen the blanket a bit that’s all baby.” Kozik said his voice calming you down…slightly. You fixed the blanket on your fake baby and you wanted to hit her in the face when she spoke again, “It’s a little high around his face. See watch me this is the proper way.”

You grit your teeth and stood up quickly, your 7th month belly showing proudly, “Kozik if we don’t leave now I will properly shove this fake ass baby down her gullet.” You growled and your Old Man was up in a second, “Alright we should go.” He said quickly, his hand going to your lower back, “I was only trying to help, and show you both the proper techniques.”

“THAT’S IT!” You shouted as you went to reach over the table, Kozik pulling you back and taking the baby from your hand before you hit the other woman with it. “Dammit Y/N! Stop your shit before you hurt our damn child!” Kozik yelled and you stopped, tears filling your eyes quickly when you looked down at your stomach, “I’m so sorry baby, I’m such a bad mommy.” You told your child as you touched your stomach, Kozik sighing, “No you’re not…you’re just…crazy. But I like crazy.” He smiles and you return the look, “I love you.” You said, “I love you too but we need to leave cause I’m still pissed.” You said, your tears gone in a second making Kozik’s jaw drop.

You both walked out quickly, “I can’t wait till this baby comes out.” Kozik chuckled and you smile, “What can’t handle the hormones?”

“Not one bit.” He admitted before kissing you lovingly, his hands going to your belly, your child was loved and you were sure it knew that.


Josh Klinghoffer / Wild World / Oslo 2016

Now that I’ve lost everything to you
You say you wanna start something new
And it’s breakin’ my heart you’re leavin’
Baby, I’m grievin’
But if you wanna leave, take good care
I hope you have a lot of nice things to wear
But then a lot of nice things turn bad out there

Oh, baby, baby, it’s a wild world
It’s hard to get by just upon a smile
Oh, baby, baby, it’s a wild world
I’ll always remember you like a child, girl…