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Magic is in your heart, not on things you buy or other superficial stuff.🎃 Something to celebrate fall! (best season ever ❤ )
The comic in the upcomig artbook will be colored like this, so yeah… 

Laura Rothstein and Ywain.


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Victorian autumn [Explored #24] by Jen
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a pretty house down the road

at the risk of restarting sherlock discourse

is that show even relevant anymore? 

like it took them three fucking years to make three episodes of their shit, trashy, albeist, racist, sexist, fat-shaming, homophobic trap show, only for them to murder the only decently written female character for the sake of man main. sweet, queerbaited man pain. 

like does anyone actually care about sherlock anymore? we have better shows with better representation that are not honestly one of the most offensive shows in popular media today.

so basically, leave sherlock in the victorian era where it’s ideologies belong, because in 2016, we can – and we have – done better.