leaves of my tree

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Kashi: Hope you don’t mind, but I thought of an idea for this crack-fic and couldn’t get it out of my head.

“You know, Hinata,” Sousuke said quietly as he stared at his twin, “I never noticed how beautiful your eyes looked.”

At the compliment, Hinata raised his hand to hold Sousuke’s cheek, smiling gently as his fingers stroked. “When you say things like that… you make me never want to leave your side.”

“But you know that I never want to leave yours.” Sousuke’s fingers reach up to wrap around his brother’s, holding them tight as the wind shook the tree above them, casting leaves off the branches—

“Oh my God, you guys.”         

At the interruption, laughter breaks out between the twins. From across the table, Ai held his head in his hands, groaning. Hinata and Sousuke turned back towards their company, trying to stifle their amusement before it got louder.

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one time hunk called keith ‘sasuke’ as a joke and keith was like “….who’s sasuke.” and hunk was like “y'know, the naruto character.” keith went “what’s naruto” and hunk was like “??? it’s an anime i love dude you have to watch it it’s great you should watch it” and he went on to describe how great it was, and he was so excited the entire time he was telling keith to watch it and he was so cute

so keith did. all at once. everyone kept telling him “keith… keith u should sleep” but he didn’t. his eyebags had eyebags and he was like “no… hunk loves this… i’m watching it” and he is Fighting to stay awake so he can watch this thing hunk loves and when he finally finishes he goes to hunk and says “sasuke’s pretty cool” and then he Passes the h*ck out but it’s ok cos hunk caught him before he could hurt himself too bad and when he finally wakes up hunk lectures him on the importance of going the gosh darn h*ck to sleep and actually taking care of himself



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like the leaves
on the trees
in autumn
I changed my colors
for you
just so I could hear you say
I’m beautiful.
—  autumn leaves by shelby leigh

keith: hunk is right

hunk, immediately pulling keith down into a kiss: man i love hearing that