leaves house

thewolfpackkid  asked:

((Don’t cha think that your overdoing this a bit friend? Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with seeing a good movie a few times😅, but this is a bit muchXD.))

((i kNOW it’s a bit much but like first of all i’m not the only enabler in my friend group surprisingly and second of all

my options in terms of movies rn are limited and someone who wanted to go with us last week couldn’t and i had already gotten my ticket or else i would’ve reconsidered then

don’t tELL ME how to LIVE MY LIFE

to be fair i’ve been wanting to see It again since i really enjoyed that and nothing else honestly really interests me rn so that’s probably next on the list while i’ve still got a chance))

so i didn’t want to say anything until it was official, but today is my last day at my current job…bUT i start at a new preschool this upcoming monday!!


We all love Nicole, and there is no way in hell that she is dying today.