leaves falling from the trees

promise | jungkook

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pairing: jungkook x reader

word count: 3.3k

genre: angst, fluff, smut, college!au

warning: the usual swearing cause i’m practically a sailor tbh

description: your relationship started with fulfilled promises and ended with a string of broken ones.

Stretching your arms above your head and arching your back, you yawned loudly and turned to the side to see an empty, ruffled spot of duvet and a scruffy, scribbled note. You let out a harsh breath upwards and let the long stray of hair, that had fallen, blow up into the air in frustration. This time he had promised he would stay the night and yet here you were, lying in bed by yourself with nothing but the smell of sex in the air, slightly steamed up windows and memories that made your stomach fill with excitement and a hint of regret.

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what makes the signs happy
  • Aries: making other people laugh, burritos, feeling the sun's warmth on their skin, photos of dogs, taking pictures, gaming, long drives
  • Taurus: good food, hanging out with friends, food, sports, lunch, going outside, dinner, stepping into a hot shower after a hard workout, eating
  • Gemini: taking walks in the fall and watching the multicolored leaves float away from the trees, chocolate flavored everything, being introduced to new music, doodling, napping, holding someone they love, exchanging secrets
  • Cancer: a Lot of Money, soft hair, shopping, self-deprecating memes, their mom, going on vacations, taking really good pictures of their pet
  • Leo: memes, dogs, sugar daddies, making successful tumblr posts, mint flavored gum, joining cults, buying athletic clothes and not using them for athletic purposes
  • Virgo: the word of god, the beatles, fucking her right in the pussy, jesus the christ, costco muffins, literally dying, watching the sun set
  • Libra: taking snapchat selfies, exercising, getting a fresh haircut, gaining followers on tumblr, parties, Leaving This Dark Earth™, and a good, hearty pun
  • Scorpio: when they're sitting next to their fireplace with a warm blanket around them and they can hear the strong winds whirling outside but they can't see it because the downfall of snow is so thick that when they try to look outside all they can see is white and their cat snuggles up to them and everything seems so nice and warm in the moment that you actually think life is enjoyable especially after strangling your physics teacher when he didn't give you an a in the class even though you completed every assignment and aced every test he still gave you a B because you didn't give him his weekly allotment of cocaine like you were supposed to and you didn't mean to kill him but he started threatening you for his drugs and he wouldn't raise your grade to an A for ten grams of coke which wasn't your fault and you did nothing wrong no matter what the cops say.
  • Sagittarius: nothing, dying, suffering, waiting for the end of the world, getting anons, ice water, listening to music
  • Capricorn: watching netflix, cuddling, being in love, sleeping in, going on hikes, tattoos, cute vines of puppies
  • Aquarius: ice cream cake, watching disney movies, discussing and analyzing old spongebob episodes in depth, pranking other people, feeling their legs after they shave, fruit smoothies, getting into a good book
  • Pisces: not being sad
period cramps

like every woman gets at that moment where their period cramps are so overwhelming and you just cry and move around on ur bed like a snail

the thought that these cramps we get every month are a blessing is kinda beauts

Abu Hurairah also reports that Allah’s Messenger, peace be upon him, said: “For every misfortune, illness, anxiety, grief, or hurt that afflicts a Muslim -even the hurt caused by the pricking of a thorn - Allah removes some of his sins.” Ibn Mas'ud said: “I visited the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, while he had a fever. I exclaimed: ‘O Messenger of Allah! You have a high fever! ’ He said: 'My fever is as much as two among you [might have]. ’ I asked: 'Is it because you have a double reward?’ He replied: 'Yes, that is right. No Muslim is afflicted with any hurt, even if it is no more than the pricking of a thorn, but Allah wipes off his sins because of it and his sins fall away from him as leaves fall from a tree’." 

so yeah, may that awfull pain be the reason why your sins fall away ladys

Let Me Protect You

Archie Andrews x reader

Prompt: reader catches Ms. Grundy and Archie together and tries to confront him

Warnings: mentions of rape (just once), Boo Boo the Fool (Ms.Grundy)

Author’s Note: I didn’t have time to spell check, so I apologize if there are any mistakes!

The wind blew hard as I walked through the secluded road. Leaves started to gracefully fall from the trees as autumn had begun. The tree lined road was bursting with green and orange. The scenery was truly breathtaking. I looked around and admired the area. One of the calmest places in the small town of Riverdale. A few dandelions were sprouting from the grass as squirrels scurried around. The clouds started to move fast as the sky turned into a slight orange. I started to pick up my pace as I noticed that I was supposed to be home soon.

I was coming back from the library. School was starting soon, and me, being the overachiever that I am, tried to get a head start. I hummed as I continued to walk through the tree-lined path. In an instant, the air around me had become oddly quiet. The atmosphere had become eerie as leaves started to harshly ruffle through the air.  I looked back up at the sky that had now turned perceptibly grey. I pulled up the hoodie on my jacket as I felt rain start to fall. Soon enough I would let out a groan as the rain started to pelt against me. The sky was dark now.

I continued my walk home and detected a car up ahead near Sweetwater River, the headlights quickly became one of the only sources of light in the twilight sky. I continued to walk in silence as my feet crunched the fallen leaves beneath me. The road was unsettling now, something from a horror movie, the lone car was still up ahead. I spotted movement in the car as I continued to walk down the pathway. Just as I got lost in thought, a loud horn pulled me out of my trance. I squealed as I dropped my binder on the ground, it nearly missed a puddle. The settled rain had splashed up on my jeans, soaking them. My eyes were wide and my heart was beating rapidly. The sound blared drastically. I turned towards the source of the earsplitting sound and verified it was the car I had spotted earlier. The fogged windows started to clear up as I tried to recognize my perpetrator. I looked through the car window and dropped my binder again.

“Archie?” I questioned in shock as Archie sat blankly -and shirtless- in the car. I saw movement behind him as another face became visible through the car window.

“Ms. Grundy?” my voice cracked. Coincidentally after I spoke Ms.Grundy’s name, lightning struck nearby. If anyone else had been watching, they would have thought of this moment as something from a soap opera.

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When We Collide (Part 18)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

“I heard your date wasn’t even close to a success?”

Looking over your shoulder to see Ashton stand in the door frame to your office you smiled brightly by his presence. He was standing with a bouquet of lilies in his hands and knocked twice on your door frame just for fun.

“You have no idea. Come in.” You giggled and nodded your head in confirm, his contagious giggle filling the room once he walked fully inside.

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the signs IMO

aries: can’t fuckin chill for one goddamn second. everythin is a fight to u. stop yelling im 2 metres away from you. maybe i should be 200000 metres away from you BYE. u need to get ur ass kicked. egoistic bastards. they’re not even that egoistic in reality they’re just big fuckin babies but they gotta put on this dumbass mask so nobody can hurt their stupid fragile feelings. suck a fuck arians

taurus: fuckin sloths. ur not as cool as u think u are. stop acting so fuckin chill when i kno ur dyin on the inside. also fuckin leave the house once a while alright. ever heard of vitamin d? didnt think so. bitch. chocolate ice cream is their religion

gemini: DEAR FUCKIN LORD FORBID WE HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS. DEAR FUCKIN LORD FORBID I TALK TO U . fuckin blabbing all the fuckin time. 24/7 non stop. can’t chill for 2 secs eve n if it depended on their life. ur like an eastern european old lady at christmas dear god help me. they also leave the house only when the wifi is down. they go to the palce they kno has free wifi. leave me the hell alone two face d bitches

cancer: fuckin cry babies. always the victim and always has a reason to cry. gets offended because the leaves fall from the trees in autumn. tells at least 20 lies a day. manipulates and cries their way through life. probably through sex too. sissy ass little bitches thinkin they the shit. guess what. ur not. fuckin satan in disguise. no t the cool kind of satan tho. 

leo: do u think about anytihng else other than clothes and being in the spotlight? didnt think so . get off social media and get a grip. this isnt fuckin kim kardashian reality tv show. dumbasses. favorite hobby is throwing shade at ppl they kno through statuses on facebook. doesn’t have a life outside of social media unless they get hammered. put s on glitter to go to the store. has 20+ crushes at the same time and gets heartbroken about each and every one. my god. disgusting

virgo: MY FUCiNG GOD. grown up babies. u is not always right. there’s filth in this world too. get over it. and dont bring the vacuum cleaner to the party pls thanx. nobody is interested in shakespeares gay ass poems either. fuck off vorgis. lubes their dick and ass with hand sanitizer

libra: BITCH YOU’RE NOT EVEN REAL. HAVE U EVER HEARD OF STATING UR OPINION WITHOUT GIVING A SHIT. real life words i’ve heard come from a libra “have you tried charming them” BUH BYE. fake ass bitches

scorpio: calm down satan princess/ this isnt hell. and its also healthy to let go of grudges. please dont kill me because i dont like cats. also stop staring at people like they killed your family in front of your eyes. fuckin freaks 

sagittarius: def not as cool as you think you are. def not the party animal u say u are. stop bein a fuck up and a little bitch and settle down for ONE FUCKIN THING IN YOUR LIFE. also u not as philosophical as u think, no real facts just fancy vocabulary. likes big words cuz they think it makes them smart. it doesnt. suck my dick sag fags

capricorn: dear fucking lord. all of u stay the FUCK AWAY FROM ME. always ready to fuk u up without even listening to u first. think they kno what u saying before u even say it. they have a funny way of twisting ur words. shows the convos with u to all of their friends. pretentious little fucks. theyre gonna gauge ur eyes out for asking if they r ok when they’re sad. then they gonna flip out cuz ur “never there for them” or “don’t pay attention to them” and then they gonna go like nothing ever happened a while later. fuck u honestly. fuck u in the ass capricorns. fuckin spawns of satan

aquarius: def not emotionless. definitely too fuckin sissy to show their tru emotions. will wear a dress made out of plastic flowers and shit just to show their “UNIQUE INTELLECTUAL REBEL SIDE”. fuck off aquas . fuck off. their world crashes down when their intellectuality and opinions are being questioned . fuck off alright u and ur dumbass lana del ray aesthetics. they prolly run a hipster blog too. ew. definitely has a poster of a sexy alien in their room

pisces: D R A M A QUEENS. attention whores, m y god have you ever heard of privacy????????????????????????? THE WHOLE WORLD DOESNT HAVE TO KNO ALL OF UR PERSONAL SHIT. if they got a problem with you theyre gonna drag you to a crowd of ppl and start their shit there. god forbid they talk to you alone about it. they all just wanna be super duper artistic but all they do is fuckin zone out and day dream about some gay shit prolly. i dont know. dont wanna go into their heads. i love and respect myself too much to wanna see whats goin on in a pisces head.  they all post pics of their collar bones and their “90′s pastel grunge torn up jeans” on social media. no matter what happens they are always the victim, and everybody hurts them. fuck off and grow a pair and tell it how it is aight. sick and tired of ur bullshit

queen | m

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◇ A queen must always prepared to do anything she needed to do in order to keep her kingdom thriving and growing. Anything.

◇ Himchan x reader x Yongguk

◇ plussized!reader

◇ mafia!au / crime!au ◇ requested by @smutfictionaddicted / @writings-by-cl; Hey Ali, so glad your requests are open! Can I please request some Himcham and/or Yongguk (BAP) smut (can have other story genres and any plot you want)? If possible (optional) could the OC be plus size (don’t need to, tho)? I’ll understand if you won’t accept this request, it’s kind of specific… Thanks so much, have a lovely day/night! Love, CL 💋 (from @smutfictionaddicted) PS: love your blog so much!

◇ aaaaaaaaaaa omg thank you for requesting bc im such a big fan and youre so cute im???? This was an honour tbh i hope i did this request justice… also, so no one’s confused; basically people think the mayor rules the whole city but the mayor and his people are corrupt and basically the whole city belongs to reader, himchan and yongguk — he only controls a tiny area — but no one knows.


You woke up early, surrounded by lavish Egyptian cotton sheets and the scent of fresh lavender. The sun was high in the sky, the sound of birds chirping managing to reach you through your French balcony doors on the 98th floor of the most prestigious apartment block in the whole city.

The First Sector was only beginning to wake at the time, but already the streets were beginning to fill with people and taxis. Not as much as the central city, you were sure, because work never full started around here until 9.

A fluffy bathrobe was slipped over your full figure, the marble floors cold against your perfectly manicured toes as you patter to the bathroom and begin to fill a bath of crystal water and pearlescent bubbles. You were glad to have woken earlier than you usually did; maybe you’d have time for a walk or a coffee shop breakfast before you were rushed to work. It would be nice to relax today — especially because of the events that were to take place tonight.

The only sound heard throughout your apartment is the slump of your bathrobe into a fluffy heap on the floor, looking not unlike the cotton ball clouds outside your window. Carefully, you place one leg into the bath to test the water, and seeing as the temperature was just right, you fully submerge yourself in the warm water, letting your eyes flutter shut in relaxation.

Only a minute later does the silence get stiffling, and you reach a hand over to the wall to search for a song in the built in speaker system. Your breath comes out in a satisfied sigh as one of your favorites begins to play, the hum of violins and tinkering of piano letting your worries trickle from your brain.


Autumn had always been your favourite season. Whether it was fashion-wise, or simply the atmosphere (there was always an air of excitement, and paired with the sunset shades of leaves falling from the trees and the permanent smell of bonfires in the air, it always calmed the most negative of moods), you didn’t know.

You inhale deeply, burrowing your hands deeper into the pockets of your coat. Your breath forms a swirling cloud of heat in front of you, and the child in you continues to exhale heavily to create more. The First Sector is almost fully functioning by now; there are cars everywhere and people bustling on the streets, all dressed fashionably as they pass between designer store to designer store.

You enter a Starbucks on the main street, the comforting smell of coffee and sugar invading your nose and almost instantly making you happier. It had been a while since you had had enough time to yourself to actually sit in a cafè and have a cappuccino or a slice of cake. It was all worth it though, you guess, watching as a small child and his mother walk in, the child smiling brightly and looking over the delicious cases of dessert displayed in front of him. The people deserved it.

You sigh, turning your head and peering out the window beside your table. Passed the main road sat the park, and from your seat you could see the playground; a shock of blues, reds and greens in an orangey-brown pool of colour. A child runs from the end of the slide to the start again, and even from where you were positioned you could see the joyful grin on her face.

She laughs as she slides down the slide once again, but instead of running once again to the beginning, she runs into the arms of a man who you can only guess is her father. She’s swung around, and then hugged tightly before she’s placed on the ground again.

What would it be like, you wonder in amusement, wistfulness creeping up on the tone of the voice in your head, to be so blissfully ignorant? To spend your days living in the best part of the city with the only responsibilities being paying rent and putting food on the table?

With a tired sigh, you turn your gaze from the window and back to the coffee in front of you. Thinking like that is dangerous in your line of work — thinking like that has gotten people killed.

But, you add quietly, as if someone could hear your thoughts, if only they knew about the dirty work that was put towards keeping their home squeaky clean.


The walk to your workplace is shorter than you’d like, but you figure it’s because you’re well aware that the freedom you’d experienced this morning was never going to reappear any time soon.

Your building is on the main street of the First Sector; situated between a bank and the main road, made of glass and metal that formed a modern yet elegant frame. You operated under the cover of a shell company called Boulevard, and to anyone who wasn’t well informed, they would think that the building belonged to a company that specialised in insurance.

Couldn’t be further from the truth, really.

When you enter the building you’re eternally grateful to have woken up early and to have been able to go and get a breath of fresh air; as soon as you enter you hole yourself up in your study and immerse yourself in the numerous papers and documents that needed looking over.

Your workload was increasing with every day, and only because of one decision. You ruled the First Sector, one of the four sectors of the city. The Mayor that had been elected by the people — being the more politically powerful of all 4 rulers — had decided to decrease your territory — for what, you had no idea, but it seemed to give people the idea that you must be too weak to control the large area you controlled. This just happened to be the sole reason for the event taking place tonight.

It was a pity that most people were unaware of your power. Maybe then, they wouldn’t be so stupid and get themselves killed.

It was exactly 3PM when one of your workers entered, dressed in suit and tie, as per usual. He stands in front of your desk, hands behind his back and eyes trained above you. He, like almost every person you employed, had learned how to respect you — you made every person you encountered aware of the power you held and the limits you would go to.

“Permission to take out Secretary Zhang, mistress.”

You inhale slowly, running his words over in your head. In a matter of seconds, you went over every consequence and award the killing of the Mayor’s secretary would present. This was your job — very few people could make the decisions you make and live to tell the tale.

On one hand, the Mayor’s secretary was the most conniving, devilish, twisting woman you’d come across this far into your life. She was slowly yet surely worming her way into the Mayor’s head, and quite frankly, you wouldn’t be surprised if it was really her calling the shots.

On the other hand, the Mayor was infatuated with her. Despite the fact that he was married, it was obvious that his relationship with his secretary wasn’t strictly platonic, and with the recent turn of events, her death would immediately be linked to you. But you take into account that the Mayor is more frightened of you than not, and that his personality is weak and easily persuaded.

“Accepted, and with pleasure,” you finally say, a smile tugging at your features. “And do be quick, would you?”

He bows his head. “Yes, mistress.”

And just like that, the decision is made and he’s gone. At least you’ve gotten Secretary Zhang out of your hair. You feel slightly more at ease as you go back to looking through documents and accepting or denying the requests of every worker that comes to see you.

Drug exchange, 3:37 today at Avensbrooke Burrow.

Intercept and arrest every soul at the scene. Deliver the produce to Yongguk — tell him to consider it a… gift. A gift towards upholding the peace.

Multiple stocks of arms and ammunition have been found, mistress.

Keep half. The other half goes to Himchan. Tell him that he doesn’t owe me this time, would you?

You only pull yourself away from your work when the sky begins to dim, fading from its bright, cerulean blue to an inky indigo, illuminated by the white windows and street lamps of light. The clock above your door reads 7:30, and you realise with a start that you have to get ready for the gala tonight.

It was a gala auction, technically. The richest people in the country would be coming from near and far to gamble their money for antiques and precious items — but of course, that was only the cover up. The gala auction was taking place, of course, but the most important and suspenseful event of the night happened behind closed doors, away from prying eyes and gossiping mouths.

So you pack up from the night, assigning some paperwork to a passing employee and making your way to your home again.

When you return home you’re immediately greeted by your maid-of-sorts; her name is Chaeyoung, and she’s the same age as you, and the only reason you hired her was because you’d seen her fashion sketches and she needed to get into college. She never really cleaned or cooked — even though, technically, that was her job — but she had become more than a maid to you, and you would happily call her your sister if need be.

“Go, go!” She shooed you into your room, pulling earrings and chokers out to accompany the dress laid out on your bed, “Did you have a bath today? Oh, of course you did, I can smell those fancy bath oils on you—”

You barely have time to breath properly before she’s shoving the dress into your arms, gesturing for you to slip it on while she finds you some shoes.

A flurry of outfit changes and an hour later, you’re in your completed attire; a sleek, red, sweetheart-neckline dress that reveals just a sliver of your skin through the slit on its side, gliding over the soft curves of your stomach and sides; a pair of black pumps with high, chunky heels; a golden choker embellished with diamonds and earrings to match. Your hair is pulled up out of your face, and the makeup is kept minimal. You didn’t need much to blow people away.

“You’re not gonna take anything?” Chaeyoung frowns as you slip your phone into the black clutch in your hand. “What, no knife? No gun? Not even pepper spray?”

“I don’t need weapons,” you answer with a sigh as you stand, texting your chauffeur to bring your car around the front. “I always have people watching, Chae. You should know that by now — saves me from getting my hands dirty.”

“But still—”

“I’ll be fine,” you smile gently, patting her head comfortingly. She walks with you to the door, a pout on her face. “You can stay the night, if you want — I’ll be back pretty late.”

She only nods, and you shoot her one last smile before you’re out the door, taking the elevator down to the sumptuous foyer and strutting out like you owned the place — which, coincidentally, you did. You didn’t offer the bell boy and the receptionist more than a delicate smirk; you were getting into character.

Your chauffeur greets you with a small nod, opening the door to the black Jaguar XJ and waiting for you to slip in before he shuts the door gracefully, climbing into the driver’s seat and starting the car up.

The journey to the National Museum was smooth and quiet. Luckily, the meeting would take place in the First Sector, which calmed your nerves the tiniest bit — you would be familiar with your surroundings, and that made you even more compelling than usual.

You stared out the window as you were driven, taking in the empire that you built from the ground up. You remembered when this was the most run-down area of the whole city; but now, the buildings were tall and modern, lit by sparkling lights. The streets were clean and still very much busy, even at this time. And to think, you chuckle, the Mayor is trying to take that away from me. Over your dead body.

By the time you pull up outside the museum, you’re fully in character and prepared to do what you have to do. The chauffeur opens your door and waits patiently as you step outside, rolling your shoulders back and taking in the tall building before you. Numerous people, all dressed as highly as you are, are entering the building, some loitering outside to be caught by the paparazzi. You don’t bother with them.

“Let’s get this over with, shall we?” You exhale, before you begin to walk up the front steps of the museum.


The soft sound of classical music plays from the orchestra positioned beside the auction stage. It’s a lavish affair; waiters floating between the crowds with golden trays of white wine and champagne, the richest, most important people conversing between themselves, fake laughs and careful words, and, when they think nobody’s looking, a disdainful and narcissistic silent scoff at the person in front of them.

It isn’t hard to figure out where you’re supposed to be. You slip through the crowds, earning side glances and amazed stares and even appreciative looks at your body from the more… let’s say scandalous people present.

You take a flute of champagne from a passing waiter, not stopping your pace as you disappear from the throngs of people and into a less populated hallway to the left of the main venue. There are still a few stragglers, mainly drunk or seeking privacy — but as you delve deeper into the deserted museum, a few floors up from the ground, and there is no sign of anybody but yourself, you come across a room that’s guarded by two bulky men dressed in black. Himchan’s men, no doubt.

They say nothing as you take a small sip of your champagne, but as you come to a stop in front of them, the one on the left greets you with a deep bow and a murmur of, “Miss.”

The heavy ornate oak door is opened, revealing a room decorated with expensive antique furniture. The door is on the left side of the room, and opposite is a floor-to-ceiling window that gave a mind blowing view of your Sector — and standing in front of the window, taking in the view, were the men you were there to see.

“Boys,” you greet, a smirk painted on your lips as you bring your flute to them again. They turn slightly, drinking up your image. “Enjoying the view, I take it?”

“Of course,” Yongguk answers first, voice deep and smooth like usual. He takes a hold of one of your hands, pressing a kiss to the top of it, his dark hair flopping over his even darker hair.

“Beautiful as usual, ____,” Himchan comments, only placing a firm hand on your waist in greeting. His own glass of champagne is almost empty, and you suggest that they sit around the glass coffee table with you to fill up their glasses and discuss business.

“So,” Yongguk exhales, leaning backwards comfortably. His eyes focus on you, head tilted to the side as he takes his first drink of the alcohol in his glass, “You wanna tell me why I received multiple kilos of drugs at my HQ earlier?”

Himchan allows his lip to quirk up at the side, eyes lazily drifting over to you too. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were trying to buy our cooperation, ____.”

You offer him a cheeky grin. “Never.”

“The multiple stocks of arms and ammunition delivered to my doorstep say otherwise, sweetheart.”

You don’t answer. You inhale, swirling the champagne in your glass before you stand, strolling back to the window. You hear the sound of their footsteps as they follow you; Himchan on your right, Yongguk on your left.

“Do you remember when I inherited the First Sector from my father?” You ask, the tone of your voice a mixture of nostalgic and serious. It was time for business.

“How could we forget?” Yongguk murmurs.

“You’ve come a long way,” Himchan adds quietly. You allow the ghost of a smile to spill over your lips.

“I built this place from the dirt up,” you agree, downing the last of your drink. “I made this place thrive. And now, the Mayor’s trying to take that away from me.”

Yongguk and Himchan show no reaction of surprise or immediate indignation, and you guess it’s because they’ve already been informed of your situation. Their eyes stay trained on the skyline.

“What do you need us to do?” Yongguk says a minute later, turning his body to face you. Himchan doesn’t object to his inclusion in the matter, and turns towards you too.

“I need support,” you answer, finally meeting their eyes. “The Mayor can’t deny anything I want when he’s against all three of us.”

Yongguk sighs, before he nods. “You have my full support, ____.”

Himchan remains silent, only giving his own nod in response as Yongguk finishes his drink and returns to the coffee table to refill, leaving you and Himchan alone.

“Now that business is over,” Himchan begins, a devilish smile tugging at his lips, “You don’t mind me complimenting you again, do you, sweetheart?”

“Not at all.”

“Because this dress—” he inhales, a hand looping around your waist and tugging you closer— “Is driving me crazy.” He bites his lip, his other hand travelling across the shape of your hips and the swell of your behind, drawing a shock of laughter from you.

“You know, Himchan,” you tease, drawing your lips closer to his neck, feeling his grip tighten on your waist, “I don’t think Yongguk or the National Museum would appreciate us fucking in this room.”

“I have a feeling that Yongguk wouldn’t particularly mind,” Himchan whispers as you draw back, lips inches apart — his words make you instinctively glance over to where the leader of the Second Sector is lounging; the dark eyes watching the pair of you makes you visibly shiver, and Himchan chuckles.

“Why don’t you go and keep him company?” Himchan suggests, voice a mere whisper in your ear. The assertive seductress in you is tugging the leash on your neck and telling you to not even move, but the breathy submissive that you had hidden deep inside of you was choosing the worst time to emerge.

You still manage to keep the sexiness in your stride as you saunter towards Yongguk, the smile growing on your face with every click of your heels against the floor.

“Ggukie,” you coo teasingly, watching as his jaw clenches and his brows knit together. The patronisation was purely to irritate him, because despite his job, it was well known that Bang Yongguk was a gentle soul. You didn’t need gentle tonight.

He sits back, drinking in your figure as you hike your dress up to your hips in order to straddle him easily. You can feel the heaviness of Himchan’s stare on you, on how Yongguk’s hands grasp your hips naturally — but Yongguk’s eyes are only on yours.

Slowly, just to wind him up, you draw your lips closer to his, feeling his breaths against your face before you finally close the gap between you two.

You’re uncertain, at first. You don’t know if you’ve made the right choice in doing this because the air has completely stilled and it feels as if years have passed before Yongguk moves his lips against yours, taking the lead straight away. A soft moan is drawn from your throat as Yongguk presses a hand to the back of your head, holding you against him so he can slip his tongue into your mouth.

You restrain a jump when you feel cold hands on your shoulders, goosebumps following every touch placed on your skin. Himchan’s hands brush appreciatively over the soft curves of your shoulders, down the expanse of your back until his fingers caught the zipper of your dress.

In the mean time, Yongguk must sense that you’re getting distracted by Himchan’s hands, and decides to avert your attention back to him by dropping a hand to squeeze at your thick thighs, veering towards the lacy fabric of your panties. Chaeyoung’s choice — you had scoffed at her for making you wear lingerie (even if it was only underwear), but you didn’t regret it now.

The cold air makes your skin tingle, and with every inch of skin revealed with the unzipping of your dress, you become more and more excited, impatient to get friction where you need it most. You tear your lips from Yongguk with difficulty, standing to slip the rest of your dress off — you hear a low whistle come from Yongguk, and the sharp inhalation of breath from behind you is an equally as good sign.

“Fuck,” Himchan mutters softly, pressing his chest against your back, snaking his arms to your front and drifting his hands from the soft bulge of your stomach to the roundness of your breasts. “You’re fuckin’ beautiful, baby.”

“I know,” you answer cheekily, “But I can’t help but feel a little left out, you know. You’re both looking awfully overdressed.”

You drag yourself from his embrace and sit yourself opposite Yongguk, on an expensive piece of furniture that you’d surely be replacing for the museum tomorrow. “I’d appreciate if you’d both shed some?”

Yongguk shakes his head at your attitude but he contradicts his actions with the smile on his face, standing from the couch and throwing his suit jacket behind him. He barely unbuttons his shirt — only till his toned chest can clearly be seen — and busies himself with kneeling in front of you, dragging his thumbs over your knees and pressing kisses to your calves.

“Who would want to do that when you’re sitting here like this?” He raises an eyebrow, words muffled against your skin. In a matter of seconds, he’s grabbing your knees and pulling them apart, revealing your covered pussy. He doesn’t waste any time; your breath is wrenched from your lungs as he suddenly presses a hard thumb to your clit, pushing the lacy fabric into the bundle of nerves and using the underwear to his advantage.

He doesn’t stop you from rolling your hips against his touch, breathy pants filling the room and the pulsating burning in your lower stomach growing with every passing second. You almost can’t believe that Yongguk’s about to make you cum — and only from a finger on your clit through your underwear.

As if sensing your thoughts, he pushes your underwear aside so quickly you can barely register it; a swipe of his thumb at your entrance lubricates the digit enough for him to roll it against your clit, and as you sense your orgasm nearing you can’t help but bring a hand up to pinch and roll your nipple between your fingers. The collective sensations have you throwing your head back, your hips bucking and toes curling—

“Fuck, Ggukie—” Your gasp is cut short with the onslaught of pure white that your orgasm brings, pussy spasming and pulsating, hips rolling and riding you through the powerful sensation. Your breath is short and your eyebrows are furrowed and you’re sure that Yongguk’s ministrations have caused you to positively soak yourself with arousal — but you can’t bring yourself to care.

Your eyes only flutter open a minute later when the last shocks of your orgasm wear away, instinctively catching Yongguk’s eyes. He has the nerve to smirk before he stands, his thumb slipping into his mouth to taste your arousal.

“She taste good?” In the flurry of movement you had almost forgotten about Himchan. While you were busy with Yongguk he had shed his suit jacket, too, but had unbuttoned his shirt fully and now stood in front of you beside Yongguk, champagne lifted to his lips and hand in his pocket. With any two other people, you would’ve felt cornered, trapped — but you’ve grown strangely comfortable with the boys that their close proximity doesn’t bother you.

“Delicious,” Yongguk answers, eyes still on you. They don’t make any move to rejoin you on the couch, watching as your chest rises and falls with every breath you take. Impatience courses through you as another minute passes and they continue to admire your body.

“I’m getting tired of waiting,” you groan, throwing your head back. You loop your fingers through your underwear and begin to drag the offending lace down your smooth legs. “Somebody come and do something…”

Himchan exhales a small laugh, setting the glass he was finished with back on the coffee table, and sits himself beside you. A few pats on his lap is all it take for you to turn and straddle his hips, shivering at the feeling of his bulge pressing against your sensitive pussy.

In seconds, Himchan has undone his dress pants enough to remove his cock from his briefs; and, mouth almost watering, you’re quick to grasp him in your hands, your touch cold against the warmth of his cock and extracting a groan from the man’s mouth.

“I thought you were tired of waiting?” Himchan muses, though his eyes are focused on the movement of your hands up and down his length.

You allow a sound of agreement to fall passed your lips, shoulders shrugging before you decide to get to the main event — you raise your hips up, running the tip of his cock along your slit with a sigh of pleasure before you begin to sink down on him, your walls burning slightly with the stretch. It had been a while.

You’re clenching around Himchan uncontrollably when you bottom out. He’s more thick than he is long, and your breath has become heavy with the effort of not moaning out at the fullness.

“Come on,” he grunts softly, rocking his hips against yours to start your pace. He places a hand on your hip, the other squeezing your breasts, “Get going.”

Fuck, fuck, fuck, you whine internally as you begin to move, alternating between slow, powerful grinds and short bounces but managing to keep a steady pace. The feeling of him sliding against your quivering walls, every inch of him sending your heart palpitating and mind fuzzy, was almost overpowering.

“Let me hear you, sweetheart,” Himchan groans, removing the hand from your breasts and making you cry out when it begins to rub erratically against your clit. “There we go…”

You don’t bother holding any sound back, then: every gasp, every pant and cry, every moan and groan and grunt and whine fills the room, fueling Himchan’s desire and making his mouth fill with similar grunts. Your fingers dig into the back of the armchair you’re sitting on, your eyes clenched shut.

But the sound of movement not coming from you or Himchan compels you to open your eyes, and you come face to face — or, well face to crotch — with Bang Yongguk.

You manage a tired yet devious smile. “F-feeling — a-ah! — left o-out?”

“I see the attitude never leaves,” Yongguk murmurs, unzipping his pants and removing his cock from his briefs. He begins to pump his length, only centimetres away from your mouth, running his thumb over the slit and smoothing his precum over the head — and then, when he decides you’re ready, he grabs your chin, steadying you enough to sink your mouth onto his cock.

You begin to grind your hips faster and faster, while simultaneously focusing on running your tongue on the underside of Yongguk’s cock, bringing a shaky hand up from the back of the armchair to pump the remainder of his length that you couldn’t swallow.

Every sound you make vibrates onto his cock, and by the deep groans that are falling from his lips, you’d say he enjoyed the sensation — you point your tongue, rubbing it into his slit and pumping him faster and faster — the burning, electrifying pleasure that’s tingling through your entire body becomes stronger and stronger with every push of Himchan’s cock into your pussy and every grind of his thumb against your clit—

“Y-yes — Oh - Oh, my God—!” You let out a final shaky gasp when your orgasm hits you. Your limbs feel weak with pleasure and your lungs aren’t filling with air and everywhere is tingling and your pussy is clenching and pulsating around Himchan. The man in question has his eyes trained on your face, jaw clenched at the combined sight of your pleasure-filled face and the feeling of your walls massaging his length—

His hips thrust into you even when he cums, spilling himself into you and pressing his fingers into your waist. You’d surely be bruised tomorrow, but for the moment your attention is purely focused on making Yongguk spurt his cum onto your tongue.

“Come on,” you mumble against him, looking at him through your lashes. Your hand speeds up, twisting and tightening around him until he cums, a long, drawn-out groan filling the room and his cum filling your mouth.

You continue to pump him until you’re sure you’ve completely drained him, and swallow the white liquid that was deposited in your mouth with a happy hum.

Heavy breathing follows in the minutes after you’ve all finished. Tiredness is ebbing at your mind but you manage to pull yourself off of Himchan, wincing at the feeling of his cum beginning to trickle from your pussy and onto your thighs.

Luckily their had been napkins delivered with the champagne on the table, and you’re quick to clean yourself up while Yongguk and Himchan collapse on the armchairs, eyes closed and chests rising and falling heavily with exhaustion.

And when they open their eyes not more than 10 minutes later, they’re confronted by an empty room — you’re gone, and the only thing that assures them of their previous escapades is the napkin on the table with a red kiss planted on the corner.

You’re halfway across the First Sector when they wake up, tired yet victorious. You had secured the expansion of your kingdom, no matter the cost.

After all, a queen must always prepared to do anything she needed to do in order to keep her kingdom thriving and growing. Anything.

Seasons Change (And So Do We)

They started their relationship in the fall. It was an unseasonably warm night that mirrored the warm blushes creeping up on their faces after their first kiss.

“I’ve wanted to do that since freshman year,” Beca quietly admit with her hands still cupping the redhead’s face.

Chloe smiled and bit her lip, nodding at the excellence that was the situation. “Yeah.”

Leaves were falling from the trees surrounding them in the forest, a full moon shone directly on them, loud music and people buzzing around the initiation party hundreds of feet away. None of it really mattered or was heard. It was just them, them, and only them.

“I brought movies,” Beca turned up after a late shift at the radio station one night.

Since Chloe was the only Bella in the house who didn’t have a roommate, it was particularly easy for the girls to sneak around late at night.

“You hate movies,” Chloe blankly stated, stepping aside regardlessly and allowing the brunette into her room before swiftly shutting the door.

“But you don’t,” Beca smiled, lightly kissing the redhead and pushing her down onto the bed.

Chloe smiled back and allowed the brunette to straddle her lap, helping her with the removal of her jacket. Beca then snaked her arms around the redhead’s neck and brought her in for a kiss which quickly turned heated.

“Bec,” Chloe gasped when the brunette’s hands started exploring under the redhead’s loose fitting v-neck tee.

“Thought about you all day long,” Beca said against Chloe’s neck, smirking sweetly when she felt the redhead’s nimble fingers work her flannel buttons.

The two continued to roll around the redhead’s bed the rest of the night, lazily kissing and tangling legs, laughing against skin and feeling every inch to be felt. They bundled up for the rest of the fall.

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Looking among the tiny, dimly lit space about him, the blonde couldn’t help some nostalgia rising in his throat. A place named home, was never easy to stroll away from, particularly for someone like Naruto but knowing somewhere deep inside, carved in ink to his soul, beckoned him to ponder, constantly, that this wasn’t truly home…

These walls bore homage to his suffrage, his loneliness, no one but he had ever lived here… No one but him. It also was a testament to where this sadness and heart break had also blessed him…Iruka, Jiraya, Sakura, Kakashi…His friends….Sasuke…

Sighing, he looked out the open window, feeling this chilled breeze of the end of spring, whisp across his whiskered, chiseled cheeks. The sweet, smell of Fall approaching from the darkening tree leaves, the sun rays dancing across his resolved and solemn features.

With the lethal grace of the lynx, Naruto jumped from his window,

‘Hold on’, he murmured to his spirit, somehow knowing Sasuke was listening and he was

For he could feel the echoes of the blonde surge within his every vein. It was a magnetic connection, like one has to their own soul, as if they somehow existed within one another.

Cloaked in black, he stood at the gates, Kakashi and Sakura bidding him a farewell for the time being. He had not been surprised Naruto did not accompany the two, they had of course argued of Sasuke leaving again, leaving so soon.

Sakura offered to join him, despite how leaving Ino ached like drinking poison but she had also known the wiser, the best he could offer was not companionship but affection. His heart already claimed. Itachi would have smiled and mocked him for using his same avoidance of emotion, of the distance he kept and now that Sasuke himself had taken habit too.

Sasuke gave them an honest smile before turning away, but it hurt.

Naruto did not call for him again, all he could feel was something like bitter sweetness, only more bitter than sweet. Yet that came from himself, part of him always died when he left Naruto.

As he walked through the bushels of the edges of the forest surrounding Konoha, an all too familiar chakra soared up his spine.

Leaning against a mighty oak tree, stood the boy of his dreams and his nightmares. Blue eyes focused and serious.

“I didnt think you’d come,“ Naruto raised his brows at the statement, feeling one another and their shared residual anger and the distraught, soul scorching feelings that still pulsated between them.

The night before, Naruto had tears in his eyes as Sasuke explained he was leaving again, Naruto had felt it, seen it in every shared look before the day came he told Naruto they had to talk…

“Sasuke what could I do to make you stay? I thought you wanted to do this with m-…together, fix the council…clear Itachi’s name….?

Sasuke would grit his teeth, fists clenched to the point of leaving bloodied crescent moons across pale skin.

All of Konoha, who thought he could be tamed, irritated him, perhaps his burn had begun to fade but this was still no place for him, walking the ground still soaked with so much fucking blood, the blood constricting his chest making his insides crumple in on themselves.

His mind going back to that dangerous place, a place of his sweet mother, smiling… The tainted dirt of the people who had forced his beloved elder brother into genocide, will always haunt each step he takes upon this soil, it was too much, too much.

But how could he explain this, when Naruto was so very different, so bound to the concept of saving every broken and corrupted thing that crossed him?

Compensating for the childhood consumed by knowing he was feared, hated, unwanted…

The night before, when they had fought, Sasuke had lied, lied because for some reason he hated himself, lied because he saw the love of his life through his dead brothers eyes.

“Naruto.” He had said, with a sigh for the ages. “There is nothing here for me now, being here does not make it any easier and - I let you follow far to close, and because of that, I returned only for you but now, we’re getting older, Naruto and I need to see this world, I wont be bound to this place I have nothing else to say.”

Naruto’s eyes stung, his entire body had trembled at Sasuke’s words…

There is nothing here for me now, nothing here for me…Those words kept chanting inside the blondes head.

“You have nothing here now?”  He growled.

That’s when things snapped, Naruto pushing Sasuke against his apartment wall, hard, gripping his jaw with rough fingers, hearts pounding.

“So you give me an ultimatum stay here without you or leave my home and you have nothing else to fucking say?”

“I never said any such thing, you moron.” He spat, tugging harshly at golden locks.

Sasuke was ready to fight, but his body had other ideas and they had crushed mouths instead, leaving this friendship, the possibilities… slipping through their fingertips.

Back in the present of the shaded forest, the two boys stood face to face.

“I came to give you this.” Unruly, blonde hair swayed in the sudden bite of wind and Sasuke eyed the object with surprise, with love, with so much sadness that is was beautiful.

“I cannot believe you kept that thing.” Sasuke murmured, keeping his voice from breaking, all these years…Naruto had held onto this, onto him..

With a smile so soft and tender, he took hold of the headband, brushing fingers with the other, something like euphoria snaked into his soul, and he spared his soul mate a glance.

Who he now noticed, wore a knapsack across his back, a beige travelers coat, a few weapons, supplies and a headband tucked into his waistband, it looked almost as though Naruto were going on a mission, and Naruto never removed his headband during a mission, Sasuke gave a questioning glare but Naruto was not looking at him though, but at Konoha.

“Even when I hated this place, I always loved it. I guess its not goodbye though, I’ll be seein ya, ya know. I promise.”

Could he be seriously…? Sasuke’s eyes widened and all the air left his body.

“Naruto, I would never ask of you to leave behind your dreams for me, you’ve done enough for me, for us.”

“And i’ve done enough for our village.” Naruto retorted, casually.  “I’d say, they can be without me for a couple years. Shikamaru, Sakura and Kakashi…I have faith in them, and ….”

Pausing briefly, bright blues casting a look towards Konoha, once more, “We’ve only just begun to get close again, and well…you know, I’ll miss home, I’ll miss everyone and Ichiraku and Iruka…”

Looking back to Sasuke, Naruto smiled, a little sheepish and then rolled his eyes in seeming frustration with himself. It made Sasuke grin.

“I cant think of anything more painful than watching you walk away from me again. I want to make all kinds of memories with you, like I made traveling with Jiraya, I want to combine our dreams.”

Sasuke did not realize a tear had cast its way down his cheekbone until a soft, warm thumb brushed it away.

“Ready?” Naruto grinned, eyes which rivaled the sun in their piercing, gold warmth.


Grabbing for Naruto’s hand, the blonde intertwined their fingers as they began, slowly, at first, walking through the forest, the lovely hum of nature dancing  about them.

“Oi! Sasuke we have to go see Gaara first!.”

“Hn.” Sasuke smiled. “Sounds like a good start and then you should have a proper meeting of my old team, Karin is actually an Uzumaki, just as loud and stubborn.”

“What?” Naruto shouted, elbowing his bestfriend, roughly “You have to tell me all about them!”

“Relax dobe.” Sasuke demanded, rolling his eyes, shoving his shoulder into the other “We have time.”


Back in Konoha, Iruka was running to the Hokage’s office, a letter gripped in his hands, he was crying yet somehow happy, still.

Dear Iruka,

Iruka, if it wasn’t for you, for you showing me kindness, and love, I would not be who I’ am. I don’t intend to ever abandon you and Konoha, and yet I need and hope very much you can understand why I cannot watch Sasuke walk away again.

I leave the village to Kakashi, Sakura, and Shikamaru, I really believe in them. I know you will continue being the teacher and the guardian angel for all the kids like me, like Sasuke.

Let let them all know I love them, tell the old hag I’m sorry I broke my promise about becoming Hokage, it may still be possible, I’m not sure what this path will lead me.

I just know i have to take it, or it will break me and I would regret it forever.

I’ll keep in touch, eat lots of ramen for me and tell the old man i’ll miss him most of all haha.

Bye Iruka, ill be seein ya.

Uzumaki Naruto

To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven
- Ecclesiastes 3:1

As you walk through life, you walk through many seasons. From fall to winter, to spring and summer, each season has its purpose. So wake up every morning and go to sleep every night knowing that there is a purpose for the season that you’re in. Whether the leaves are starting to crumble and fall from the trees, or flowers are blooming in the garden, there’s a purpose. There is a plan. And you, yes you, are apart of it.

So don’t be discouraged when you’re not in your preferred season. Don’t let yourself get bent out of shape when the leaves are on the ground instead of on the trees. Yes, it might be difficult at times to:

1. Watch the people around you succeed and you can’t seem to keep up
2. Find out that something you were hoping for is going to take much longer to come to fruition than you expected
3. Try to appear as if you have your life together in front of family members or friends and you’re the only one who really knows how much you’re struggling
4. Realize that you didn’t meet the goals you set out to meet this year and now you’re feeling like you’ll never catch up

Don’t let the difficult moments in the season that you’re in cause you to forget to walk in your purpose. Your purpose in this life is centered on Jesus, not what you do or don’t accomplish in this life. So as you walk through life’s many challenges, whether it be disappointment or doubt, or insecurity or frustration, remember that this is not just apart of your journey, but also your destination. In every season, Jesus is there, giving you the strength and the peace to know that you need. Even when you find yourself comparing where you are to where you wish you were on your journey, or to where other people are on their journey, remember that there is a season for everything, even the challenging times. So keep walking with your head high, knowing that even when it’s cold and the branches crack on the barren trees God is still with you, and Jesus is still at the center of it all, guiding you through every season.

Written by @morganhnichols for #QWCDevos


Shouto is curious about a lot of things.

He is curious about the way the leaves fall from the trees in autumn, or how some of the things he sees in malls taste. He is curious about the flowers he sees bloom in spring and the stars in the night sky.

But the most time, he is curious about Midoriya Izuku.

He is curious about that messy hair, which is fluffy when touched. He is curious about the big green eyes, which seem to tell tales upon tales of feelings, that tear at everyone’s heart and rip it apart, or that take the broken pieces and gently kiss them.

He is curious about the many freckles on said boy’s cheeks, and the way the boy stutters and blushes.

But there is so much more to be curious about.

Because Shouto wonders about Midoriya’s mumbling as well. He wonders about the story of every word, that the boy mumbles, as he forgets everything around him. And Shouto wonders about that smile, that Midoriya wears, that never fails to appear, to tell someone that he is here, and they are worth it.

But he is curious about the right hand, that sometimes graces his left. That has so many scars, which are his fault. He is curious about the warm, kind smile that Midoriya wears, whenever he looks at that hand.

And one day, where both sit under a starry sky, admiring it’s beauty, Shouto asks.

“How can you love someone like me?”

And there is a scarred hand on his right cheek and blinding smile on his lover’s face.

“How could I not?”

The response is question, but Shouto doesn’t feel unsure.

I love this one.

ponds under pyramids

by: paris michael

when we were children
under the aurora of our skyline, i searched your eyes wondering who you were.
when you touched me, your fingertips danced with my chakras and I swear I heard the moon give you a round of applause.
appalled at our nature, the mother of all graced us with soft gazes from starlight and sweet kisses from the wind.
they say that we never truly know who we are, and the point of life is the pursuit.
but what if who I am is you?
do I constantly pursue you or do I grab you and hold tight?
twice I memorized the turquoise in your scalp
and the way your fingers weave through the air like shurikens
and how even your tears fall in elegance.
eloquent with your elegance and precise with your pose
i write prose for a soul I barely even know but I’ll be damned if I don’t watch it grow.
and i did.
i watched it grow into a garden of eden
apples don’t fall from trees but are instead nestled in leaves and serpents sit quietly at your feet
you were the quintessential queen who ruled with quick whispers of dreams that even nightmares sat in awe of.
your tongue dripped drowsy delicacies on the restless and painted pictures on my skin that even Michelangelo couldn’t have thought of
if we rewrote the Bible you would be the prophecy that disciples prayed in sought of
but your presence was blessing enough.
and our auras danced
and your smile still shone
and your curves still moaned in search of reprieve
it seems that we all found our queen valuable
the curses left her lips and how dresses fit her hips
who would’ve know that mahogany is malleable.
and even though i am perfectly aware of your divinity and have inspirations to draw through
I still sit here.
and look in your eyes
my hands gripping your thighs
and I wonder
who are you?

Hidden Truths

Summary: Jaebum won’t leave until you hear the truth; painful or not.

Word Count: 1,497

Originally posted by imjaeboms

You watched the dew drop fall from the leaves on the tree outside of your office window. There was a slight fog that covered the streets as the sun started to rise and cars began to fill the streets. You always loved getting to work early and watching the crowds of people form. After hours of people gazing you breathed in the scent of perfume from no doubt, your secretary who always wore Japanese Cherry Blossom everyday of her life. But somehow the smell was a comforting reminder of the office. 

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The Dance of the Butterfly

     The hall was alive with high-spirited festivities and the enjoyment of company. Golden lights adorned the deep red beams of the Tsutsujigasaki palace and music flowed through the crisp, autumn air somewhere between the conversation and laughter. The clatter of dishes being carried to and from the main hall as well as the clinking of sake bottles seemed to punctuate the music in its own creative way.
      You had been busy at work, your long hair tied back in order to keep it out of the meals that you had been preparing. To your relief, there were fewer dishes going out at this point in time, which meant that soon you would be finished with your work and able to get some air. Despite the chill of the late autumn air, it tended to get hot in the kitchens. The other maids had already joined the party in the main hall, but you didn’t mind, afterall they had promised that they would take care of the clean-up afterwards. You put away the rest of the unused ingredients before stopping in front of the wide window above the stoves.
     You gazed out the window longingly, even though you would have some time to yourself, you wouldn’t be able to spend it with who you wished to the most. Your thoughts ghosted to the memories of him. Standing in the snow, his long scarf fluttering in the wind elegantly like butterfly wings, his breath small clouds as he gazed at you, a look of adoration clear in his bright eyes. Your heart longed to see him so badly that it made your chest tighten with the weight of your yearning heart.
     Something shifted in the darkness beyond the window, just outside of the lantern’s gentle glow. Your eyes flitted to the mysterious movement.
     That’s impossible, you half-mocked yourself for the hope even alighting in your mind.Your hands gripped your kimono as silent tears welled in your eyes, blurring your vision. What am I thinking? He told me he wanted me to be happy, so why am I-
     Hastily you wiped away the tears, before taking a deep breath and turning to resume your work.
     As you turned away from the window, out of the corner of your eye you could have sworn you saw a tall figure looming in the doorway. You whirled back around, gazing wide-eyed at where it had been just a moment ago. It was gone. The tears seemed to flow anew, staining your kimono and falling down your cheeks as painful sobs began to wrack your body.
     "Why are you crying?“ A low, familiar voice spoke as you felt warm arms pull you into an embrace, your bodies fitting together perfectly.
         You gazed up in disbelief, there was no way-
     But there he stood, sending all your disbelieving thoughts into the void.
     "Hotaru?” Your tears increased, but the bitterness was gone, all that remained was their sweetness. He kiss them away, warming your cheeks and sending ripples of warmth through you like drops of water on the surface of a calm lake.
     "Shh… It’s okay, I’m here, so please don’t cry.“ Hotaru smiled sadly, that smile that held a thousand emotions.
      You wrapped your arms tightly around his neck as he leaned down to press his forehead gently against yours. You wished this moment would last forever, that time would stand still, the rest of the world be damned, just let the two of you hold each other within the embrace of tranquility.
     "I- I missed you so much.” Your voice was barely a hoarse whisper as your eyes met his gentle ones. They were so deep you felt you could get lost in them.
     "I missed you too.“ He murmured as his hand gently caressed your face, the pads of his fingers tickling your cheeks affectionately while his other hand let your hair down,” I thought I would die if I didn’t see you again.“
     "Hotaru-” your voice broke, tears threatening to return, but his lips chased away all of your thoughts, gently, lovingly, passionately. Your eyelids fluttered shut as his warmth enveloped you and you became lost in his familiar scent. The smell of the hearth, of fire, ash, and the heat that seemed to linger like burning coals within his amber eyes. He was your universe, your timelines intertwining in this moment to become the braided strands of fate that united the two of you over and over again.
     He broke the kiss gently,“I want to show you something.”
      You simply nodded in reply, the flushed color of your cheeks gilding your affectionate smile.
     The two of you ran down the halls, hand in hand, like two young deer bounding after one-another in the meadows. His footsteps were soundless, like snow falling, your footfalls eagerly rushing after him with childlike glee. As the two of you neared the edge of the engawa he suddenly stopped, you practically collided with him laughing, your hair cascading around the two of you. His eyes narrowed mischievously as he swept you up into his arms effortlessly and swung the two of you up onto the rooftop with expert skill. You clung to him tightly as your heart leapt into your throat, the two of you were so high up, you could see all of the Tsutsujigasaki’s palace grounds from here.
     "It’s alright, I’ve got you, and I don’t plan on letting go.“ He gazed at you warmly as you did your best to relax in his arms, the hammering of your heart was not entirely from the excitement. You could hear his heartbeat hammering as your head moved with the rise and fall of his chest.
     "Look.” He whispered, his breath tickling the shell of your ear.
     You raised your chin skywards. The sky was simply breathtaking. So vast, the stars more numerous than grains of sand on a seashore, shining brighter than beacons on the mountain peaks. The clouds shifted so that the moon shone on the two of you as you basked in its ethereal radiance.
     "Hotaru, it’s beautiful-“ Your words caught in your mouth as you saw the stars reflected in his keen eyes, millions of galaxies all contained within his amber irises.
      He smiled again, and you felt as if your heart would take flight from your very chest.
      "That’s not all-” He squeezed your thigh affectionately before leaping from the rooftop. You held on tight, trusting him with your very life as the two of you plummeted towards the earth. Hotaru’s arm left your legs to grasp you firmly with his other arm. You squeezed your eyes shut, the wind roaring in your ears. But the impact never came, you slowly opened your eyes to see Hotaru smiling down at you as the two of you swung from a silver chain that gleamed with metallic vibrance in the moonlight.
     When your bare feet finally touched the ground again, the two of you were in a secluded forest glen within the castle grounds. The only presence watching the two of you was the moon itself as it traced its course across the endless, starry sky. The melodious music from the castle seemed to float on the wind down to where the two of you stood.
     Wordlessly he knelt down on one knee, grasping both of your hands gently in his own larger ones.
      “May I have this dance?” He bowed his head to place a soft kiss on your hand.
      Your heart fluttered at the gentle caress of his lips,“Yes…”
     He grinned broadly, an expression he rarely wore due to his more reserved expressions. You returned his smile, glowing with happiness as he rose and began to guide you through the steps.
      The two of you moved as one, with the grace of butterflies fluttering to meet each other over and over again in the sky. He twirled you around, letting your hair alight on the wind freely as you laughed with joyous mirth. He tugged you back to him and you once more met his chest, your free hand coming to rest on his broad shoulder. As the music increased in momentum, the two of you danced in synchronization with the rising and falling of the notes. Your breaths mingled together in little warm clouds as the dance continued to sway your forms back and forth as if you two were under a spell. Hotaru picked you up by your waist and raised you up to the night sky as you spread your arms laughing. He brought you back down to earth and ran one of his hands through your hair as you continued to dance around him. A great wind came through the trees, circling through the clearing where the two of you were dancing. And then it happened. As if they fell from the trees like fall leaves, hundreds of swallowtail butterflies soared through the air around the two of you, alighting on Hotaru’s scarf and your hair as the two of you danced in the clearing. They circled around the two of you, their vibrant, sapphire wings reflecting the moonlight causing an azure glow to hang in the air.
     As they flew off into the night, Hotaru closed the space between the two of you, his lips melding with yours passionately, stealing your breath away. He lightly tugged at your lower lip with his teeth, asking, begging for entrance. You opened your mouth and his tongue explored your mouth with a hunger unlike any you had ever experienced before.
      When you both finally came up for air, he was now nose-to-nose with you as he gazed into your eyes panting heavily,“ I love you.”
      You felt the color blossom in your cheeks as you smiled,“I love you too. I can’t live without you.” Your shoulders began to shake as you realized that you didn’t know when he was leaving, or how much time you would have together. He seemed to understand, leaning in to place a slow, gentle kiss on your forehead.
     "I’m not going anywhere, I’m staying here for a good long time.“ His voice reassured you gently as his lean body drew closer to yours, his voice rumbling gently in his chest as he nuzzled into the crook of your neck.

~          ~           ~            ~             ~            ~              ~            ~           ~         ~
      That night the two of you slept snuggled up together in your futon, his scarf wrapped around you and your arms around each-other.

From Anas Ibn Malik رضي الله عنه that the Messenger of Allāh صلى الله عليه وسلم passed by a tree with dry leaves, so he struck it with his staff making the leaves fall then the Messenger of Allāh صلى الله عليه وسلم said:

“Indeed saying الحمد لله, سبحان الله, لا إله إلا الله and الله أكبر remove the sins of the slave just as the leaves fall from this tree.

سنن الترمذي رقم ٣٥٣٣ و صحيح الجامع رقم ١٦٠١ خلاصة حكم المحدث الﻷبا ني :حسن


So Gemma ( @utaprimagines ) and I were talking, and we realized that everyone’s birthday corresponds with something about them.

  • January is in the middle of winter, perfect for Ice King Camus
  • Ren’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day. Need I say more?
  • The beginning of March is the beginning of spring and the end of winter, like how Ai develops emotions (or warmth)
  • Spring is a time of sunshine and warmth, like our sunshine child Otoya
  • May is on the brink of summer, so the brink of extreme heat, for Ryuuya-sensei
  • Syo and Natsuki are Geminis, not much more to say there. Also 6/9 is a mirror image in numbers
  • Tomochika’s birthday is in the midst of summer, a time of extreme warmth and fun
  • Reiji’s is similar, although in some parts of the world, there’s also monsoons. Rain can symbolize sadness.
  • Tokiya shines bright like the sun, and was born in August, a time where the sun shines brightly.
  • September is the time for apples, so of course Ringo was born then (his name means apple, if I remember correctly?)
  • Towards the end of September, the leaves fall from the trees to start anew later. Like how Ranmaru lost his family and band, but started anew with Quartet Night.
  • October 31 is Halloween, a time of black cats and magic. Two essential parts of Cecil’s story.
  • December is a time for blizzards, like the storm within Masato’s heart.

That’s what we came up with. If there’s anything to be added on, let me know.

Camping - Bucky x Reader One Shot




He was so handsome.

And you loved him more than anything.

It had really been Steve that had set you two up. You had only started working with the Avengers a month or two before, but you later found out from Bucky that Steve had told him you guys had been friends for a long time.

That punk.

But you didn’t complain.

Who would?

Bucky was the sweetest, softest being you had ever known - once you got through his hard shell of an exterior, that was. He had been quiet at first, resulting in awkward conversations. There was quite a stretch of time where you thought he just didn’t like you, and you felt bad and embarrassed for even trying. You thought that maybe you were ugly… 

After a stern talking to with Natasha, you were assured you weren’t ugly at all, and that it was just Bucky being… well, Bucky.

So you tried talking to Buck again. 

Maybe it was the determination.

Maybe it was the confidence.

Something made him open up, and soon you were close friends. You talked about wacky stuff and serious stuff. You messed around or were dead serious - mostly on missions, though, you weren’t a very serious person unless you needed to be. And you just straight up loved one another in a friend-to-friend way.

Or so you thought.

It was a crisp fall day when you woke up pretty early, deciding to get a nice, healthy breakfast and then go take a walk. Maybe a few pictures of the pretty fall leaves that were beginning to drop from the branches of the trees. God-damn, you felt like an inspirational Tumblr page!

So you did. You had never used the kitchen in your apartment, so you went to the main one, surprised to see Bucky. You knew he ate earlier than all the others so he could spend the majority of his day training, but not 5:30 in the morning early.

“Hey, (name),” Buck said when you walked in.

“Hey, Buck. Good morning!” You said cheerfully. 

You were still tired, but you could never be tired of Bucky.

“I was going to eat an early breakfast and then go take a walk - and some pictures with the new Polaroid Camera I got.” You explained your early morning odyssey to the kitchen. “You can tag along if you want.” 

Bucky smiled at you. “I’d love to.”

You smiled back and poured yourself some grains before chopping up fruit and putting it on top. Boy, you regretted leaving your camera in your apartment, the finished arrangement of fruit pieces looked amazing. You patted down your pockets, and sighed in disappointment when you realized you had left behind your phone as well.

Bucky realized your sudden change in mood and came over to see what was wrong. “What is it?” He asked, looking around for some explanation. He walked over and looked at the bowl of food you had put together. “This? You don’t want it? Fine - I’ll take it.”

“No!” You slapped his hand. “I wanted to take a picture of it, that’s all.”

Buck almost laughed, then he realized you were serious. “Why would you want to take a picture of your - you know what, never mind. Just use the camera on my phone,” he handed you his smartphone.

It was the same kind and model as yours, so you knew how to use it. 

“Thank you, Buck. Sorry for slapping you,” you smiled, before using tip-toes to get up to Bucky’s face and peck him on the cheek.

He nodded and as he turned away, you swore you saw him blushing.

“Uh - I - I guess I’ll go get ready for our walk.” He stuttered. “You can give me my phone back when I come back down. The password is 4v3ng3rs.” He rushed away before you could say anything about his funny password.

You took the picture, adding a filter and messing with a few other effects before going to his messaging app to send it to yourself. You had to look for a while until you found your contact, because it wasn’t your name. You smiled when you realized he had you in his phone as ‘My Sunshine :)’.


You and Buck stepped out of Stark Tower. You took in a deep breath of the crisp, cool air. Due to deciding to take a walk at this ungodly hour, the paparazzi wasn’t there to bother you as you made your way to Central Park. 

People didn’t bother you or stare, both of you had long sleeves and gloves on due to the cold weather, so Bucky’s metal arm was hidden. The leaves were falling all around, gusts of cool air blowing them off their perches and sending them floating down to the ground. You took plenty of pictures, shaking them relentlessly until they cleared out. You’d then tuck them into your pocket, saving them to share with Buck until later.

“It’s a nice day,” Buck spoke up.

You had been enjoying the sounds of nature - and humans on their way to wherever the heck they were going - before he spoke. But now that he had talked, you didn’t mind his voice at all. 

“Yeah. It really is. I used to go camping with my family all the time in weather like this,” you told him.

He looked down at you, and although you were trying to hide it, you knew he had seen the sad expression cross your face. 

You had been an only child, and both of your parents had been S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Unfortunately, they had both been killed by Hydra during a mission years ago. You had been 18 by then, so it was up to you to decide what you had wanted to do with your life from that point on. You decided to join S.H.I.E.L.D. and work as hard as you could to get back at Hydra for what they had done to your family. Later, when S.H.I.E.L.D. had plummeted to ruins because of Hydra, you had started working with the Avengers.

And here you were, leaning against The Winter Soldier on a fall morning while going for a walk.

“You don’t need to think about that right now.” Buck’s voice broke through your thoughts. You looked up at him, confused.


“You don’t need to think about Hydra or what they did to your family right now,” he repeated. He gave you a weak smile. “Let’s just think happy thoughts right now. Look at us, we’re almost-normal people!”

You laughed. Then you looked back up at him. “I like thinking about my parents. They were good people. I was just thinking about our old camping trips. That’s all.” You bluffed.

“Oh - okay,” he said. You knew by the tone of his voice he could tell you were lying, but you didn’t say anything about it, and neither did he. “Then let’s go camping.” 

Your face broke into a smile. “Really?”

“Yeah! I haven’t in a long time. Like, 70 years and counting long time,” he joked, ruffling your hair.

“Can we make smores and go hiking and all of that?” You bounced up and down like a small child getting a new toy.

“Yes, most definitely. Especially the smores part.” 

“Oh my God. James Buchanan Barnes, you are the best person ever,” you said, skipping off ahead of him.

Before he followed you, he just stood there for a little bit, thinking, I’d do anything to make you happy, my sunshine. 


“Barnes, are you trying to kill me?” You whined.

You and Bucky had been walking up this path for hours. Your back hurt, your legs hurt - your, I don’t know, everything, hurt.

“We’re almost there, doll,” Buck replied. He was panting more than you… and he was behind you, so you figured he was telling the truth. And then you remembered. 

“Hey, didn’t you say that half an hour ago?!” 

The only response you got was a chuckle.

“C’mon, Buck, really,” You argued, stopping and turning around to look at him. All this walking was making you cross.

“I thought you… said you did this… with your family.” Bucky said in between pants.

“We had a car.” You complained through gritted teeth.

He laughed.

“Thanks for letting me catch up,” Buck teased.

You wanted to kick him in the family jewels.


Bucky and you had finally made it, and just finished making the tent. You had only gone with one, because that was all you could bare to carry up the long trail. You had both agreed to sleep on one side of the tent, and set it up so your lanterns and shoes were in between the two sleeping bags.

Finally, you and Bucky just relaxed. He found some firewood and you started a nice campfire, sitting down on towels around it and soaking in the warmth. 

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He got out the marshmallows and skewers, as well as the Hershey’s bars and graham crackers, and soon you were enjoying smores. You laughed when you realized you two had completely skipped an actually dinner and gone straight to the good stuff. 

You and him were alike in that way.

After the fire had died down and you and Bucky had eaten way too many smores, you both went into the tent and settled down for bed. You took turns changing into pajamas and going to the bathroom in the forest - what, where did you think you were going to go? - Before you finally got in and zipped it up for the night.

“(Name)?” Buck said suddenly. 

You were about to turn off the lantern, but you stopped when he spoke.

“Yes, Buck?”

“I need to tell you something… God, I hope this doesn’t mess us up… I just. We’ve been friends for a while now, and I think I feel more than just those kinds of feelings for you… I, uh… I like you, (name).” He stuttered.


“Buck, I like you, too.” You told him.

He looked up and smiled. 

You proceeded to move the lantern and shoes so you could move your sleeping bag next to his. Once you were settled down, you and Buck began to make out. It felt so right, you loved every second of it. The making out soon became… more, you could say.

The sounds of owls and rustling of branches soon faded off into the background, and all that was there in your world was you and Bucky, there, having sex in the forest, grinding against one another, filled with pleasure.

You wanted to stay here forever.