leaves eclipse the light


Leaves Eclipse The Light - Eluvium

Album: Similes

Casting Shadows


Rating: T (warning for some intrusive thoughts, suicidal ideation)

Summary: Based on this comic. @sightkeeper
Lighthouse Keeper AU
Stan wakes up in very precarious predicament.

AN: You shall pry this AU from me when Ran stops making cool art in it… So that may take a long while. (Also woo~ Something to post ♥)

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Our Trip

We’re finally home! The weekend trip involved almost 2,000 miles, a truly awe-inspiring sight, good coffee, listening to a lady proclaim the eclipse is truly a miracle, and spending LOTS of time with Janet.

I know you’ve all seen LOTS of eclipse pictures by now, so I won’t show more. I will instead talk about a few things surrounding it. 

Here’s a picture of how you could see the image of the sun thru the leaves of trees.

As the eclipse progressed, the light started changing. The following picture is before the eclipse started.

This picture is about a minute before the sun was blocked. Notice how the lighting is different. Other things are shadows became much sharper and the temperature started dropping.

As the moon started blocking the sunlight, birds started swarming.

When totality happened, a collective “Wow!” happened with the people around us and wherever you looked, it was look seeing the sunset. 

We hit the road very soon after the eclipse ended and we managed to make it to South Lake Tahoe. Here’s the view from out room this morning.

We’re now home. Boo was thrilled to see us! 

Not tonight

Originally posted by booyahbarisi

Imagines: Imagine being in a polygamous relationship with Carisi and Barba and Imagine dating both Carisi and Barba and you end up pregnant

Warnings: Polyamory, Pregnant!Reader

Pairings: Rafael Barba/Reader, Sonny Carisi/reader, Barba/Reader/Carisi

Word Count: 1,590 words

Reader Gender: Female

Author: Ilariya_Lavoro

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I’m losing your train of thought
watching my mind get lost
appended to the breeze
talking amongst the trees
cannot find the words to use
the thoughts that I would write
over-analyzing how the leaves eclipse the light
constantly find meaning and naivety inside
lost within my wonder as the day turns into night

All of the mysteries, conflicts, discoveries
hiding in frequencies
keeping the mind at ease

Staring at the sky while you are blurring out the line
if the colors and the shapes were clearly more defined
thinking on a concept seems like getting off the course
writing to myself then later questioning the source

as beautiful as it was to wake up and start my day with this; a skipped class, an abortion of an advising appointment and laundry attempt, a couple of anxiety attacks, a solid 4 unproductive hours at work in the library, a class registration snafu and some sold-out concerts later, a much needed ‘chill the fuck out, marina’ playlist has been assembled. now, time to breathe oxygen and get painting. alas, tomorrow is 420, and all is soon to be well.