leaveawhisper  asked:

What was the order you did the Divine Beasts in?I did Ruta,Nabooris,Medoh,and Rudania.Thunderblight as my second Divine Beast wasn't a good choice,but hey I did it!?

The first time I did them, I completed Medoh, Ruta, Nabooris, Rudania. My second playthrough I did Nabooris last.
I think Waterblight was also kinda hard so you doing the hardest first is actually pretty good

leaveawhisper  asked:

Thank you ! I needed that. Going back to school where all your friends suddenly aren't your friends is tough.

Oh I’m sorry that happened :( that does sound really tough but please don’t let it get to you too badly, high school is a hard time for everybody and things will shape up soon xx