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You have more faith than I do that the writers won't use Sara to shit on Laurel again.

Remember that Sara gave Laurel that jacket, knowing exactly what that meant. Sara knew that Laurel would see the justice system fail and pick up that mask. And when we see Laurel’s hallucinations with the vertigo, Sara was very out of character on purpose to show that could never happen. 

And remember:

These were Laurel’s last words to Sara before she died, and this really gets me. That’s how you say goodbye. Laurel didn’t know this would be her last exchange with her sister, but I bet you neither of them would have changed a thing. (Well, maybe Sara leaving with Laurel, but that’s not the point.) 

These two love each other so much it’s beautiful. So no, anon, I don’t think Sara will shit on Laurel. Especially if Nyssa had a hand in her training. Sara will be proud of her, I know it.

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Oh boy, this one powergamer asshole. His VtM character was being blood hunted, but he came back to our city anyway because he heard that the only guy that could kill him wasn't going to be there that night. So, Powergamer shows up, we text Other Guy to stop by, and the MOMENT that he sees Other Guy, Powergamer throws up the out of character sign and goes to the bathroom to change out of his costume then promptly leaves. Neither he nor his little toadie of a friend play VtM with us anymore.

Season 1 Bryan Fuller: Sexual tension. That’s it, we’ll have sexual tension. And a very obvious shot of Hannibal checking out that ass.

Season 2 Bryan Fuller: Gay subtext. All of the gay subtext. We’ll tease the idea of murder husbands but leave everyone including the characters confused about what they want. I should probably leave out Hanni saying “ily Will” though


Season 4 Bryan Fuller [probably]: We wanted to explore their relationship deeper than ever before.
With gay sex. Tons of gay sex.

Caroline has always been the mean girl. If you fell in love with her after she turned into a vampire, then yeah, I guess I can see why you’re starting to hate her now. I actually fell in love with her in the very first episode so I don’t see what the big deal is. She’s judging Elena. So what? I would be too if my best friend started to date someone who in the past had traumatized me! Bonnie isn’t judging her. Good for her since she literally has no reason to!  


Characters: 1358

Warning(s): Swearing


Request:  Can you do a dean x reader where it’s reader who makes the deal to save Sam instead of Dean in season 2. And then when Dean finds out he starts being mean and Ignores her and flirts with other girls in front of her. Then one day she has enough and leaves and everyone has to find her


Sam laid on the mattress.

Lifeless. Cold. Dead.

Dean, who stood next to me, stared at his little brother, his eyes darker than usual and filled with sorrow and anger.  

“Dean? Y/N? I brought this back,” Bobby said when he entered the abandoned house with a bucket of chicken.

“No, thanks. I’m fine,” Dean replied.

“You should eat something,” persisted my father.

“I said I’m fine,” the older Winchester repeated loudly, approaching closer to Bobby while taking a swig from a bottle. On the other hand, I remained in my spot next to Sammy.

“Dean…I hate to bring this up, I really do. But don’t you think maybe it’s time…we bury Sam?” Bobby asked.


“We could,” my dad sighed. “Maybe…”

Dean retorted, “What? Torch his corpse? Not yet.”

“I want you to come with me.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” answered Dean.

The conversation continued as I sat beside Sam and held his hand, which was getting colder by each minute. Tears trickled down my cheeks and dropped onto the mattress.

“Remember Sammy?” I quietly let out. “When we were little and whenever I cried, you would always give me a hug and tell me that tears create more monsters for us to hunt.” I let out a small chuckle. “And then you would always do that stupid dance just to make me smile again.”

“What am I suppose to do now, Sammy?” I thought. ”What exactly?” It was immediately after that did it hit me, a way to bring my best friend back to me.

By that time, my father has left and Dean sat on the chair, facing away from me. Quietly, I grabbed a thick wooden stick and hid it behind my back while I walked up to the older Winchester.

“Please forgive me, Dean,” said I under my breath. With all my force, I whacked the back of Dean’s head with the stick, instantly knocking him into unconsciousness. I dropped the stick with a heavy sigh and grabbed Baby’s keys, racing off with the impala to the closest crossroad.


“Well, well, well,” the crossroad demon appeared behind me immediately after I have buried the box. “Y/N Y/L/N, right before my eyes. What can I do for you?”

“I want you to bring Sammy back in exchange for my soul. Just give me ten years and it would all be yours.”

The demon scoffs, “No deal.”

“What? But that’s the contract you have made with everybody else!”

“Oh yes, but you,” she pointed at me. “You are not everybody else. Plus, my boss what to see your head on a stick as soon as possible.”

“Fine,” I glared at her. “How long then?”

“Darling, I will give a full year before I come for you. And don’t even try to weasel out of the agreement because there will be no way. Understood?”

I breathed out heavily, making up my final choice, “Yes.”

“Good,” she said. “And now to seal the deal.”

We walked closer to each other, and I quickly pecked her on the lips.

“Oh you are no fun, sweetheart,” the demon smirked. “See you in a year.”

With that she disappeared and left me on my own. A few minutes later, my phone rang while I was driving back to the abandoned house. It was Dean.

“Y/N, where are you?” Dean asked. “Why was I unconscious, and where is my baby?”

“You just suddenly passed out Dean, and I went to grab us some food,” I replied. I hated lying to him, but I had to, knowing what his reaction would be. “Anything else?”

“Sammy is alive, he just woke up.”

“He did? Oh thank god. I’ll be there in a couple of minutes,” I sighed in relief.


“Y/N!” Sammy exclaimed, opening his arms wide so I can jump into them. It seemed like a years until I had let go of him. “You know that monsters are created by your tears right?”

“Shut up,” I smiled, gently punching his arm. “How are you feeling?.”

“Never have been better,” Sam grinned.

“Y/N, I need to speak with you alone,” the older Winchester blurted out suddenly, leaving the building to go outside.

Sammy and I looked at each other and shrugged before I followed Dean.

“What’s up?” I asked, sticking my hands in my jean pockets.

“I know what you did,” Dean said when we were at a good distance away from the house.

“What do you mean?”

“Stop playing dumb with me,” yelled Dean. “You reek of sulfur, Y/N. Which means that you either went to gank those fuckers or you left to go made a deal with them. “

“Fine, yes. I made a deal with a crossroad demon to get Sam back” I confessed. “Happy now? Dean, I-“

“How long?” the older Winchester interrupted.

I quietly let out, “One year. But Dean, listen-“

Dean stopped me again, “Don’t, Y/N. Just don’t.”

He walked back into deserted shack, leaving me by myself. For the rest of the mission, the older Winchester barely spoke to me nor even gave me any acknowledgement.


2 Months Later…

The three of us were all in a bar, Sam and I were researching more about the Greek gods and goddesses while Dean was well, being Dean. Seeing him being together with other girls still infuriated and upset me, even after two months. Dean and I was together for about six months, however when the older Winchester had discovered that I had exchanged my soul for Sam’s he decided it was best for us to not be together.

“Hey Sammy,” Dean said approaching our table with a girl next to him. “I’m going to leave first. You have fun with the slut alright?”

That was it. The final string. I got up and smacked his face with the back of my hand, storming off to my car afterwards. Quickly, I raced off to the motel we were staying in, entered the room, and began to stuff all my belongings into a duffle bag.  ”How dare he,” tears threatened to fall. I quickly wrote a note and placed it on Sammy’s bed and then left the motel room, never looking back.


Dean’s POV

“Seriously Dean!” Sammy exclaimed with anger. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Yea!” the brunette in my arms agreed. What was her name again? Chloe? Brittany? Tiffany? Before I could even blink, I received another slap on my face. The girl removed my arm that was wrapped around her and left to go back to her friends. She must’ve told them about the events because a few seconds after the girl was done talking the rest of the group was giving me death stares.

“Let’s go check on her,” my little brother said, grabbing his jacket and avoid eye contact.

“Fine,” I groaned, taking my keys out. Truth was, I was just as worried about Y/N as Sammy was. She was my everything and I have given my heart to her since we were little. When I found that she was to be dragged to hell forever one year from now, I just can’t. I had to find a way to let go. The hurt in her eyes when I told her I wanted to break it off was devastating, all I wanted at that moment was to hug her, kiss her, and hold her in my arms forever.

“Y/N?” Sam called out, examining the room.

“Sammy,” said I, picking up the note that was left on his bed. “This is for you.”

Sam took the piece of paper out of my hands, opened it up, and read it out loud, “Sammy, I could not deal with it for the rest of the year. I have left to hunt on my own, please don’t try to look for me. I wish you luck for future hunts. Y/N.”

Silence fell after my little brother finished reading Y/N’s note. It’s all my fault. However, it’s too late to admit it and now she’s gone.

“We got to go find her,” I said, my voice breaking. “Pack up. I’ll meet you in the car.”

My Deal

Title: My Deal
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Other Characters: Sam and Bobby
Request: anonymous asked: Can you do a dean x reader where it’s reader who makes the deal to save Sam instead of Dean in season 2. And then when Dean finds out he starts being mean and Ignores her and flirts with other girls in front of her. Then one day she has enough and leaves and everyone has to find her
Word Count: 2,851
This is the longest request I’ve written! I got carried away I guess but I hope that you like it! Message me any feedback that you might have about this. I don’t know how to feel about his yet. I’m liking it but I’m disliking it. Anyways, enjoy! Have a lovely night <3Thank you for requesting and reading. Muah!

9 Months is all you had left before you took a little trip down to see Lucifer. The deal that you had made in order to save Sam’s life and avoid Dean going through unbelievable pain, left with you a year to live. Most people get 10 years but demons love making your life impossible, so a year was all you got. It didn’t matter. You were doing it for someone you cared about deeply. Did the guys know? Did Bobby know? Nope. Nobody knew about your little deal. Nobody knew how Sam came back to life but nobody did any investigations either. It was better like that. Though, you were in the process of telling Bobby.

“You mean to tell me that you sold your soul to save Sam’s life?!” Bobby almost screams, furrowing his eyebrows. His tone didn’t sound very nice at the moment and you were glad that you’re a girl or else he probably would’ve smacked the living crap out of you.

“Shhh!” You put your finger to your lips and sigh. “Dammit, Bobby I don’t want them to find out! I want them to think that my death was just random. A case got me.”

“And if you’re not a damn case?!”

You didn’t think of that. Well, crap. He was right. What if you weren’t on a case when your time was up? What if you were randomly at home when it happened? “I didn’t think of that..”

“How long you got?” Bobby sighed, realizing that there was nothing that he could do to help you.

For a brief moment, you could’ve sworn that you saw his eyes get glassy. He was like a father to you and he saw you as his daughter. Losing you would devastate.  “A year.”

Bobby’s silence tells you that shocked him and hurt him even more. “How?”

“I don’t know. I got a year or no deal.” You confess. “So, I took the deal. I couldn’t watch Dean suffer because he lost his brother and I couldn’t lose Sammy either.”

You and Dean had a thing for each other. A hook up here and there. Unadmitted feelings for each other but almost never really acted on.

“I can’t believe that you did that.” Bobby shakes his head, bringing you into a tight hug. “You idjit.”

“Y/N!!” A roaring Sam and Dean pushed through Bobby’s door, searching the place for you.

You jumped up and rushed to their side. “Woah. What’s up?” You furrow your eyebrows, slightly confused because they’re yelling and they have no reason too. You haven’t pranked them or anything.

“You want to tell us what the hell a demon was talking about when he said that you sold your damn soul to save Sammy’s life!” Dean screamed at you. He was demanding answering, not asking if you would be nice enough to give them an answer.

You froze in place, Bobby coming out confused as well. “What is going on?”

“Y/N sold her soul to save my life..” Sam’s voice was quiet and hurt. He couldn’t believe you did that for him. He hated the fact that you did that. It was sweet and nice that you care about him so deeply but he didn’t want you to give up your life for his.

Bobby stayed quiet and glanced over at you. “Well, there’s your secret now.” He walked away, ready to pour everybody a drink because quite frankly, you all needed it.

“Wait, you knew about this!?” Dean grew angrier. “Are we the only ones this isn’t worth mentioning to?!”

You sighed loudly and cursed under your breath, running your hand down your face and almost wanting to pull your hair.

“Dean, calm down.”

“Calm down!?” Dean growled and turned to you, angrier than before. By now, you knew that you had lost his trust for good. “I cannot calm down. You are dying in how long?! The demon said you had a damn year, Y/N! I am losing you in a damn year!”

“Technically 9 months..”

Dean glared at you. “That was the stupidest decision you’ve ever made, Y/N and you’ve made some pretty fucked up decisions. Do you not use your brain at all?”

“Dean.” Sam put his hand on his brother’s shoulder as an attempt to calm him down. “Let’s you get out of here before you say too much.” Sam pushed him out of the door and turned to look back at you. “But he’s right. I’m not supposed to be here and I am and because of that you’re going to lose your life, Y/N. That’s not right.”

A small ache started in your chest by having Dean being mad at you and to top it all off, Sam didn’t approve either which ultimately, you didn’t expect them to.

6 months left. Dean ignores you, barely talks to you and he talks the only thing that comes out of his mouth are insults. In his head, he’s thinking that by doing this, he’ll get you out of his head faster and out of his heart as well. By the time that you’re gone, he won’t feel it as bad but he’s wrong. The cut runs deeper than that. As much as he’d like to get over you, he can’t. He’s going to have to face the pain that he’s going to feel when you’re gone. He hates thinking about the day but it’s engraved in his head.

“Will you freaking watch it!” Dean pushed you behind with a low growl. “I’m not your damn baby sitter, Y/N. I shouldn’t have to watch over you 24/7 since you can’t do anything right.”

Ouch. Another cut in your heart. “You don’t have to watch me, Dean.” You push past him, looking for the demon that might be hiding anywhere.

“Guys! I got it.” Sam comes running from behind you. “He didn’t know anything about saving you.” He tells you.

You never told them to look for a solution, but they are. Dean is forced to. In your head, if It was up to Dean, you’d be dead already.

“Oh, sad.” Dean rolled his eyes and walked back to the Impala. “Let’s go to the bar.”

Sam looked over at you. “He doesn’t mean any of that, you know that right?”

It still hurt whether he means his insults or not. It still cuts freaking deep because you lost what you had with him in a minute. The trust, the-possibly-love, the care and connection. It’s all gone. There’s nothing but resentment in his eyes.

The ride to the bar was dead quiet. Nobody spoke a word. Well, on occasion, Dean would speak to Sam but ignore you like most days now. If he wasn’t ignoring you, he was insulting you. Point is, he was always a douche to you now.

“I want to go home, Sam.” You look over at Sam, hoping that he would take you home.

“Walk.” Dean mumbled. “My car is not an option until I want to go home.”

You sink back in your seat, tears building up in your eyes. You’ve apologized to him over and over and over again and he still gives you the silent treatment or just tells you straight up he doesn’t care.

“Dean, come on.” Sam looks at his brother, pleading with his eyes to stop this nonsense.

Finally, Dean parks and gets out, shoving the keys in his pocket. He enters the bar, making you and Sam sigh at the same time.

Sam glances over at you quickly. “Let’s go?”

Shaking your head no, you look down at your shoes. “I’m just going to stay here. Don’t worry. Being alone kind of sounds good right now.”

Sam frowns. “I’ll talk to him.” He heads out, following his brother.

When he’s finally out of sight, you sink down in your seat again and let the tear rush down your cheeks, wondering of a way to get Dean to forgive you and treat you like he used to. Like his princess and the one that he loved being next. The one he came to with whatever was on his mind. You were more than just someone in his life. You were his best friend, the one he was slowly falling in love with. The one he was experiencing with what love truly was and meant.

In a matter of minutes, Dean was outside with a girl by his side; kissing and touching each other. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. You closed your eyes and shook your head, hating the image that was playing over and over in your head.

Dean pulled away slightly, glancing over at the car and noticing that you were still in there. Tears streamed down your cheeks, making his heart ache a little. Instead of going over to you, he pulled the girl closer to him and crashed his lips to hers again, making you get out of the car and walk back to where you guys were staying at.

The whole way there you cried your eyes out and at one point you stopped to scream at the top of your lungs, letting everything out.

You didn’t stop at the motel, no you continued until your legs couldn’t carry you anymore. Then, you asked a random girl for a ride and she took you all the way back to Bobby’s. Nice of her but you were prepared for anything that she might’ve tried to pull. On the way, you received many calls from Sam and Bobby. Lots of texts from Sam too, demanding to know where you were and if you were okay. You never answered.

You pushed through the door of Bobby’s and went straight to your room, packing everything that you had and grabbing the big duffle bag,  You walked down the stairs, Bobby standing at the bottom with a pissed look on his face.

“I called.”

“You did, congratulations.” You drop down your bag and go over to where you hide your money. “Now, you saw that I’m okay and now I’m leaving. Screw Dean!” You scream which shocks you and shocks Bobby. “Screw everything! If I’m going to die, I’m going to die alone! Far away from everybody!”

“Stop.” Bobby walks over to you. “Stop right there, Y/N.”

You don’t listen and instead grab your things again and walk to the door. “I’m so sorry Bobby but I have to go. If I stay, Dean is going to end up killing me with his actions and words and trust me… “ Again, your eyes get glassy. “That’s a more painful death than anything else..” With that, you walk away from them again. Ready to start the quest on your own until it was your time. By now, you had accepted it. That was your faith, so be it.

“She left because of you.” Bobby said straight up, not keeping it from Dean or Sam.

Dean looked down and grabbed another beer. “No. She left because she wanted too..” The pain eating at him again. You still a few months left and now you were completely gone and the pain was worse than he’d imagine it.

“No, Dean. She left because you really were being a douchebag.” Sam corrected him, standing by Bobby. “I’m going to look for her.”

“She doesn’t want to found, boy.” Bobby objected, knowing you more than anybody else. “I want to find her as bad as you do but trust me, we’ll make her angrier. She wants.. She wants to die alone.”

‘She’s not going to die.” Sam objects, shaking his head. “She’s not going to die. I can look for her myself, it doesn’t matter.”


Twenty minutes away from your death, you decided to go on a hunt that has been there for a while and you finally couldn’t wait any longer. You’re going to die anyways. Might as well finish this job before your time is up.

Just as you’re getting out of the car you hear another car pull up. A very special car though. And you know exactly who it belongs to. The Impala.

You don’t turn, instead you continue walking ahead of you and pretending like you didn’t hear anything from the start.

“Y/N!” Three voices were heard from the distance. Dean’s. Sam’s. Bobby’s. Dean’s. Dean was here. Dean came.

Your legs keep walking, not stopping for a minute. Just as you turned to your side, you noticed that the neighbor that was walking towards them was a demon. “Demon!” You yell, pointing at the man and running after them.

In seconds, Sam’s holding the knife that kills demons and the demon is gone. You stop and sigh. You’re never going to stop worrying about them.

“Y/N.” Sam embraces you tightly, smiling at the fact that you’re okay. “Gosh. Where have you been? We’ve been trying to find you!”

“I’m fine. Now go.” You hug Bobby quickly and stop at Dean. His eyes beg for a hug but you stop and walk back. “Go. I don’t want you guys here.”

You knew exactly what was coming for you and you didn’t want them to watch you die.

“Y/N ple-“ Dean starts but you cut him off.

“I don’t want you here.” The tone of your voice is cold, which hurts him because he’s suffered so much without you. He’s ready to apologize and tell you that you’re going to see this one though. That he’ll be there by your side.

In the distance, a growl is heard and you knew exactly what is. Instant tears rush down your face and you push them all away. “Go! Please! Please! Just go!” You plead at them, trying to keep them safe.

They all stare out into the distance. Dean pulls you by his side, trying to protect you. You push him away and look at them. “Go. Get in the car. Drive. Drive as far as you can and don’t you look back, you understand?” Your eyes are fixed on Dean’s. A tear slides down his cheek, shaking his head he steps closer to you.


“10 minutes.” Bobby says quietly, glancing at his watch. “Get in the car with us. You can run.”

“But I can’t hide.” You reply. “I don’t want to hide.”

“Y/N.” Dean looks at you as the growls get louder.

You push them all away. “Get out!!” You scream at them and in a matter of seconds, you’re all running away. You could’ve gotten them in the car but they didn’t want to. You’d take them to a safe place and then walk away from them without them noticing.. If you made it.

The clock is ticking and the growls get louder and soon enough you’re being chased by a hellhound. You can see it. You can see how it looks like and the fact that it’s coming just for you.

When your terrified scream is heard, it’s the signal for them that it’s 12 am. Your time is up. They all stop running. Time stops for them, frozen in place, they can’t move or do anything to prevent what’s happening to you. Their hear pounds hard in their chest. Dean screams as he watches you get tore apart. He’d give anything to have you safe and sound and him being there instead. Sam watches horrified, pleading but he’s pleading into the thin air because there’s nobody else there. Bobby’s eyes get glassy again, no sound is heard from his mouth. He’s frozen in place too.

When it finally stops, you’re in a pool of your own blood. Your body is tore apart, blood still pooling at your side. There was no way of saving you from that. The hellhound finish you. Mauled you to death. Dean holds you in his arms and for once, Bobby and Sam saw him cry, scream your name into the thin air, hoping and begging for a miracle that didn’t come. They watched him curse and apologize to you over and over again. He told your lifeless body, he loved you. Again, he screamed as if that would relieve his pain. It didn’t. It felt as if he was dying too but it wouldn’t end. The nightmare would continue. There was no end in his pain.

Hey, guys! As you’re reading this, I’m stuffed in a van with 15 other people on my way to FLORIDA SUPERCON! I’ll be there the whole weekend, performing in various shows and panels with Pineapple-Shaped Lamps.

If you’re in the area, come check it out!

But of course, I can’t leave you guys hanging. So every day of the con, I’ll be posting a picture of Sombra dressed up as whatever character I’ll be playing that day! HOORAYYY. Story updates will resume next week!

Such Anger...

I am looking under the Anti-SS stuff, and I am both shocked and appalled at how harsh these people are. I understand not liking a ship/story, but seriously?! Is saying that KIDS should DIE really necessary?

People are also claiming that Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura/ Hinata should die! I mean, is all of this anger really worth it? I have had ships not become canon in other fandoms, and I don’t act like THAT.

And calling the characters obscene words is really out of line. Especially if you claim that you are/were a fan.

I mean, c'mon people: it’s just a manga.

EDIT: Apparently, I am cruel for simply stating my opinion. I have taken off the tags. I hope those of you who felt the need to respond to me in a harsh manner do not feel upset anymore. However, I would please, PLEASE ask that you leave me alone. PLEASE! I have had enough, OK? I have done what you have asked. Please be happy and leave me alone. I really would like to continue to enjoy Tumblr. It is the one place where I can act like the nerd I am, and get away with it. Please, and I am begging you here, just stop. I can’t come through the computer screen and kiss your feet. Just let me be. I have enough crap offline. Online is my “happy place.” Please don’t ruin that for me. I am begging you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t possibly phrase it any other way. Thank you. 😊

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Who wrote the last 3 episodes which kai is sociopath again?

I’m pretty sure he wasn’t supposed to be a sociopath again, it was just that he supposedly snapped because he was betrayed by the one person he cared about(Bonnie). Meh, it was still out of character. The real Kai would have been more empathetic to Bonnie’s actions because he recognized what he did to her and in 6X17 it seemed as if because he wanted to really relate to her pain, that he allowed Bonnie to do what she did to him. Notice he didn’t retaliate in the 1903 prison world when he could have? He could have even physically stopped Bonnie from leaving him behind but he didn’t. I assumed that he would come back and them agreeing with each other that they are even with each other now. Or maybe him targeting Damon, but really they made Kai kill Jo? For what? That was the most out of character thing Kai did. Let me get this straight, he kills Jo but doesn’t kill Damon? Doesn’t kill any of the other Mystic Falls gang? Killing Jo because she had “twins” was stupid logic because he was going to kill himself anyway so how were they a threat to the coven leadership? This was just done for shock value.


Episode 20 written by: Brett Matthews, Rebecca Sonnenshine

Episode 21 written by: Brian Young 

Episode 22 written by: Julie Plec, Caroline Dries

Keep in mind though, the horrible change in direction for Kai’s character was all Plec’s doing. 

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Do you have any prompts for a polyamorous relationship where A and B are together, B and C are together, but A and C aren't? Anything from A and C being friends / brotp to hating each other but loving B so darn much.

  1. Character A is in hospital. Character C supports Character B (and Character A?) during the time.
  2. Character A and Character B are out together when they run into Character C.
  3. Character B has to leave the town for a while and Character A and Character C support each other during their absence.
  4. Character A needs professional help from Character C.
  5. Character A has known Character B longer and helps Character C pick a gift for Character B.
  6. Character A and Character B are considering having/raising children together and Character C isn’t sure how to feel about it.
  7. Character A and Character C decide to hang out to get to know each other better.
  8. Character B has to decide whom to spend the holidays with.
  9. Character A hates hearing Character B talking about Character C.
  10. Character B hates Character A and Character C talking ill about each other.
  11. Character B accidentally double schedules dates.
  12. Character A’s family/friends don’t know Character B is also involved with Character C.
  13. Character B forgets a gift for Character A at Character C’s place.
  14. Character A breaks up with Character B and it affects Character B and Character C’s relationship as well.
  15. Character A and Character C think Character B may be interested in another person so they band together to investigate.

Another prompt set on polyamory can be found here.

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Which side are you speaking out against? The people who got angry about Vivi (and other female characters) being shoved aside in favor of slash ships or the people who got angry about the first group getting angry and started accusing individual bloggers of being 'toxic'?

I’m speaking out against anyone on whom the shoe fits.  Anon, I understand that you’re trying to place me on a side, but from where I’m standing pointing fingers is never a good thing, no matter who’s doing it.

Don’t like somebody?  Leave them alone.  Ignore them.  Don’t get huffy when they do something that doesn’t surprise you or that you personally don’t like.

Far as I’m concerned, people like to get offended super easily, as long as they can play “victim.”  This is the real thing people are afraid to talk about for fear of looking like some giant monster: being a victim is fashionable.  Being the underdog means you get support and comfort and get to have the moral upper ground.  It means you get to make whoever you don’t like look like an oppressor or a demon.  And it means that other people, by moral obligation, will feel compelled to rush to your aid and against this other person in a veritable witch hunt because tearing down the “oppressor” earns them brownie points.

Do I sound angry?  If so, good.  Because I am.  This has gone on long enough.  Too long.  And I’m sick of being associated with people who do this, of being expected to put up with it to avoid stirring the pot.  I’m gonna get a lot of angry messages for this.  Good.  If people wanna paint me as a scapegoat, that’s fine.  If I can draw one bit of unnecessary negative attention away from the other people who don’t deserve it, I will do so happily.  But I’ve had enough of people tiptoeing in ice skates on eggshells to avoid offending somebody who might explode and turn a swarm of people against them.

I’ve been caught up in that swarm before.  When I realized what happened, I looked back and was horrified at myself.  I refuse to let it happen again, to myself or anyone else.

a guy asked me a question the other day… about why people run when things get tough. that’s easy — you can become someone else, wherever you land, right? who’s gonna know the difference? so why stay? why set yourself up for more failure? for more pain? also easy — because we don’t know how to do anything else. so why stay? why open yourself up to all the bad you’ve tried to leave behind? the only variable you can control is yourself. you can forget who you are or you can be who you want to be. that’s why you stay. you stay for A SECOND CHANCE.

I Care About You In My Own Way

Tittle: I Care About You In My Own Way
Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Other Characters: Sam and Dean
Request: anonymous asked: Hey <3 I love your writing c’: Can you write a one shot or drabble or whatever about the reader being the younger sister of the Winchesters and Crowley trying to explain his feelings for her but cant really make them out right because he’s a demon and they dont have typical human feelings? <3 And Dean and Sam understand almost immediately and get very upset about it and leaves it up for the reader to decide if she wants to be with him or not? C: thank youuu <3
Word Count: 1,710
A/N: This is kind of long! It’s 1:09 am and I am very tired so I might of made some mistakes even though I re-read it, but I might miss something. Anyways, I hope you like this and enjoy reading this! The French Mistake One Shot is coming up later in the day today. Thank you for requesting! Message me if you have any type of feedback, good or bad! Love you all! xx

“What do you think of demons?” Crowley popped the question without any warning and leaving the topic that you guys were discussing.

A puzzled look takes over your face, making Crowley smile. “Uh.” You take a deep breath, unsure of how to tell him how you really feel about demons. “They are sons of bitches.” You shrug. That was the simplest way to put it. “But, I believe that there is some good demons out there. They didn’t all ask for it.”

Crowley furrows his eyebrows and looks at you a little confused. “What do you mean?”

“I believe that there’s saving for some.” You answer quietly and look up at him. Little did Crowley know, you were talking about him when you said that some could still be saved. “Some pretend to be big scary monsters but deep down, I believe that they actually want to be saved.”

Crowley nods and thinks about it. “Hmm. I guess, I kind of see your point.”

“You should go. If my brothers find out that you’re here, they are going to kill you forreals and ground me for the rest of my life.” You roll your eyes, knowing that the guys would actually follow through with their threats.

“No they won’t. They need me, darlin’.” Crowley smirks, thinking that he was right. “Plus, they know I don’t hate you. You’re different than them. You’re funny, smart, unlike them. I wouldn’t hurt you.”

You blush slightly and let your hair fall in front of your face like you always did. “Yeah, I guess that’s true. But they will lock you up again.”

“Fair point but I don’t care as long you visit me.” He flashes you a foolish grin.

You shake your head and smile, looking down at your phone. Sometimes you wondered what on earth this man was doing to you. It seemed like he had a spell on you or something. You’re calm around the guy for fuck’s sake. He’s the King of Hell and at any minute he could snap your neck if he pleased but someone that didn’t seem to bother you at all.

“What are you thinking about?” Crowley looked at you cautiously. Sometimes with one look he could figure out what it was that your mind was wondering about.

“Nothing.” You shrug it off. “I just don’t get why I’m so calm around you.”

He stays quiet for a moment, thinking about it himself. Sure, he didn’t understand it either but he didn’t mind it. It was nice to have someone who wasn’t always trying to kill or blaming him for the things that go wrong in the world. “I don’t get it either, sweetheart. It’s strange but it doesn’t matter.”

You nod slightly. “Have you ever been this careful with any human before? Or am I your first?” You smirk lightly at the last part of your comment.

Crowley chuckles and returns the smirk. “You’re my first, darlin’. I’ve never done this with a human before.”

“Well, I’m glad then.” You smile softly at him.

“You know how demons don’t have the same feelings that humans do?” Crowley questions, looking at you attentively.

You nod.

“But you know that they care about someone still right?”

“But how?” You inquire, growing confused again. “They don’t have feelings.”

Crowley sighs and shrugs. “I personally don’t know, but like me. I find myself caring about someone I know. In my own way of course because you know, we can’t feel the same thing that humans feel. To put it in a simpler way, we want to do what a human would want to do, keep that person safe. Make her happy and be with her. But it’s kind of different for us?”

You stay quiet for a minute. Not to be cocky or anything, but you were sure that he was talking about you. “I still don’t get it.”

“We care but differently.”

You nod. “I get that.”

“Then what don’t you get?” Crowley scoffs.

“Who are you talking about?” You become anxious to know even though you have an idea of who it is.


Your heart beats faster, a smile creeping onto your lips. “So you care about me? But you can’t show it like a normal human being because well, you’re not normal.”

Crowley nods. “Exactly.”

You stay quiet again. Now, Crowley is the one that’s getting a little impatient and anxious. Usually, how he thought about it, you would say something back like ‘Oh, yes. I like you too.’ But you weren’t saying anything. He even began to think that telling you was a bad idea and he should’ve just continued with the normal visits. Eventually, you would’ve found out anyway but that could still be far away.

“I’ll talk it over with my brothers. I like you, Crowley. I really do but my brothers. They would kill you if they found that I was falling for their biggest enemy and didn’t say anything.” You finally crack, looking at him. “Give me today? Come back tomorrow?”

Crowley nods. “Alright. Call if you need anything.” He stands up, ready to poof out.

You get up and kiss his cheek slightly. “Thank you.”


“He what!?” Dean yells, slamming his fist on the small table that was next to the bed. “Are you crazy, Y/N?! Have you lost your friggin’ mind?”

Well this definitely did not go how you planned. “Dean, it’s not a crime to fall in love!”

“With a demon!?” Dean growls.

Sam sighs and looks at you kind of disappointed and kind of understanding. After all, he wasn’t the one to judge because he had a thing with a demon too. “How did this happen?” He didn’t understand. As far as he knew, you hated demons. You hated almost every supernatural creature, especially ones that have harmed your family in any way and well, Crowley didn’t fall behind in the list of supernatural creatures that have harmed your family more than once.

“I don’t know, Sam! I didn’t ask to like him but I do! He—He’s a complete different person around me! He’s not going to harm me.”

Dean shakes his head, pacing back and forth. He, too, didn’t understand how this came to happen. “You’re crazy if you think we’re going to allow this.”

“Dean please! It’s not so crazy!”

“You’re a hunter, Y/N. He’s a demon. A powerful one.” Sam tries to reason. “It’s not right.”

“And what? Drinking a fucking demon’s blood is?!” You fire back, growing angrier by the minute.

Sam looked taken back by your comment. You’ve never pulled that against him. Dean has, but you never have and you never thought you would but at the moment, you were pulling every card you that you knew would crack them down.

“Y/N. It’s Crowley.” Dean runs his hand down his face in frustration, not knowing what to say or do to make you understand their thoughts. “We hate Crowley.”

“You hate Crowley.” You correct. “Dean, he’s not so bad. You can’t blame me for wanting to be with him. I like him. I feel safe around him and I know he wouldn’t dare to hurt me. He’d protect me every day, every moment… Dean, I can’t tell my heart to not like him. I can’t do that. He’s good to me.”

Dean and Sam sigh in sync. Part of them knew that what you were saying was true in a way. You couldn’t tell your heart to not like him. It was foolish to think that.

“Fine. You really want to be with him?” Sam breaks the silence, making Dean turn to look at him like if he was crazy. “You are sure that this is what you want? You can choose what to do. Go with him or forget this crazy idea.”

Dean shakes his head but agrees with his brother, “Do what you want about this. You’re right, we can’t tell you not to like him.”

You sigh in relief. Did you really just win this? “Yes, I want to be with him guys. I know that it sounds crazy but I do want to be with him. I really want to.”

“Then go ahead.” Dean and Sam both say in sync.


“What did they say?” Crowley stands in front you, asking with a hint of hope in his eyes but expecting the answer to say no. He didn’t think that the Winchesters would let their little sister be with a demon who has done nothing but make their lives a living hell.

“They said I could be with you.” You grin at him and hug him.

He wasn’t expecting that, so at first he was reluctant to hug you back but eventually he did. “They did?”

You nod and look up at him. “They trust me and they love me. I know they want me to be happy and they know that you’re that happiness that I’m looking for.”

“I guess I’ll have to thank them personally, then.” Crowley smiles, easing his grip on you, giving you a passionate kiss that you didn’t think a demon could ever give.

Did… did Callie and Roxy… wait, seriously… I… wha??? Okay, so Roxy took Callie to Jade’s planet to leave her with the Mayor (if we have any panels with them I will die because MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS INTERACTING AAAHHH) and then leaves to take the Matriorb to Kanaya after they were being cute… but before she says “ca’mere” and then it pans out to the planet??? Like… uhhh??? Is Hussie trolling us again, or did Roxy and Callie actually kiss? Or perhaps they hugged, and this is just to annoy the fandom? Either way, my brain is screaming, “HOLY SHIT THEY KISSED HOLY SHIT SHIT SHIT!” so I’m just gonna go with that. In the selection screen, it seems like other romances are blossoming as John and TZ are blackroming it all over the place and Rose may or may not be feeling that way towards Jasprosesprite^2, Meenah is missing her old life as the Vriskas battle it out, Dirk is lying on the ground in awkward agony while Dave is done with… whatever he was doing on Karkat’s computer, and Nannasprite and Jane are just meeting each other. Now to wait for more Strider awkwardness… unless Dave finally decides to break the ice… but I doubt it. Cannot wait. (I’m lying)

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I've been in love with Loki for like 4 years and I thought I'd never get over him. But then Daredevil came along and kicked him right out of the way and now Matt Murdock is all I think about.

It’s always the ones you don’t expect that come along and kick everyone else out of the way, isn’t it?  I had zero intentions of having Real Feelings about Matt and, hell, I was more into other characters at first.  But then.

Matt hits all those buttons for me re: his sense of… idk, it’s not that he has self-esteem problems, more… he doesn’t value himself enough and, I mean, no wonder, the message from his childhood is pretty much:  Ask for anything and they’ll leave.  It’s amazing that he still manages to reach out and ask for help, to say that he can’t do this on his own, he can’t take one more step alone.

He’s so determined to be independent, partly because people treat him like he’s made of glass because he’s blind, but also partly because he’s trying not to really need anyone.  He has all these issues with needing friends and loved ones that make him feel like it’s a weakness, that’s literally what Stick was teaching him and what he hammered into Matt by leaving when Matt reached out on a personal level.  That’s stayed with Matt, no matter how much he recognizes that Stick is a giant dick and should not be listened to.

And I will 100% defend Foggy’s right to be pissed and to leave that night, because Matt was lying to him for years and he’s not going to stop what he’s doing, he readily admits that he likes doing it, and you can see that it’s the way Matt lets all his anger out, that some part of him genuinely believes he’s got the devil in him, that there’s some fundamentally “wrong” part of him that’s being channeled into this fight and that’s why it feels so damn good to him, I think he never sleeps better than when he’s gone out to beat the shit out of some people, and there’s a whole hell of a lot of guilt and shame about that.

But Foggy leaving shows Matt just how much he does need him and I think that freaked Matt the hell out, it certainly caused him to break down, that’s what that entire “I can’t take one more step by myself” conversation was about, because Foggy leaving made Matt crumble.  Because Foggy just barged right through Matt’s defenses and became his friend, became someone that Matt needed in his life, someone who got him to actually reach out to people, to have inside jokes with, to call him a nerd, to get him to not just be an angry wounded duck who would fight everyone and everything.

Matt is such a goddamned mess even still, but he’s trying to do the right thing, he’s trying to help, and he’s better at accepting the support system around him, but it’s still a struggle.  It’s really hard for him to trust people, it’s really hard for him to let them in and put parts of himself in their hands, but watching him struggle with holding himself apart versus opening himself up to them, jesus, I am just reveling in that about this stupid dumpster sunshine prince that I love so much.


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Turned out mostly Jonathan and Arabella, with some Lady Pole, Stephen Black, and The Gentleman. I feel a little bad leaving out most of the other characters but the song seems to fit the Stranges best.

the quote prompt meme

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Pen / Marker only Challenge.

Rules: Use only pen/marker to draw a(or multiple) character(s), post the result and show the tools used, then tag people to also do the challenge. 

[[ I have not used marker in a long time, and never on an A3 piece of paper. Working large is hard. It turned out well enough though. ]]

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Omfg so me and my cousin were looking at some fun zodiac posts the other night, ya know things like "which oitnb character are you?" and "what ice cream are you?" type of shit, when all of a sudden my grandma runs in out of know where and yells "Astrology is the devils work!" and fights w/ me for awhile then leaves. I think I've finally figured out who made it so hard for Christianity to click for me... - a Scorpio

That made me chuckle a bit! Lol