leave your job

Dance…. Something I fail at! Let’s get this how on the road before I begin studying rapidly

The boys were pretty bored since you had to leave to go to your job but they still had to do something And Kaede told them to come to this good theater with amazing dancers but one after Kaede started begging relentlessly for them to come no matter who they agreed despite some warnings from [COUGH Hoshi] saying “I’ll probably ruin the show somehow…” But the thing that was the weirdest was seeing you dancing on that stage

Shuichi Saihara

-He can’t help but blush while you dance. Perfectly across that stage he would cheer you on but…
-His nose was bleeding.. And it was bleeding BAD [Mod Kaede silently cries in the corner]
-Not looking at Kaede as she scream yelling for him to stop looking at you
-He saw as you suddenly looked towards him somehow not noticing the line of blood coming out of his nose as you smiled
-He felt himself go limp suddenly but he felt as if he had no regrets…How…Strange
-[I’m kinkshaming]


-“AMAZING S/O!!!!”
-He couldn’t help but yell with awe at your flawless beauty… How were you so good!!?
-He wanted to watch you forever….
-Of course you stopped but… He still had to ask you how you were so amazing!!!
-So he askes you and you ANWER you just do it learn some moves but really just do it.. [I’m sorry]
-..But if he askes you to dance some things with him it may or may not be because he wants to impress you
-Currently your learning the Tango… He’s failing of course……But he broke 1 thing this week!!! New record!

Ouma Kokichi

-Oh god damnit
-He will make dirty jokes about it
-“Wanna dance in the be-”
-“Ouma no”
-It wasn’t that bad just the standard dirty joke…
-Until he fucking did them while you were sleeping
-Don’t ANWER that
-“OUMA N-”
-“Ouma YES”
-[Forgive…. Me]

Kaito Momota

-He didn’t know you could dance!
-He yells rapidly as you dance on that stage you look so… So pretty!
-As you finally stopped he rushed towards you tackle-hugging you yelling on and on about how good you were
-He’ll even try to help you when your trying to learn some new dances
-Since he’s weirdly…Good at dancing
-He’ll even make dates about it if your really interested
-He’ll always support you!
-[Space boy :,)]

Amami Rantarou

-Well this is a surprise
-He didn’t know you could dance… And so beautifully!
-He doesn’t cheer until the very end
-And you seem happy at the praise
-You start slowly getting off the stage running towards him
-He’s so happy for yo-
-And than he sees your shoes
-How the fu-….How did he not notice….HOW?
-Damnit who in the world told you to wear that?
-As you slowly ran towards him face lit up with hope…
-But no matter what no matter what you wear your happy face makes it seem a bit more apealing
-“Amami? Did you know where I left the shoes for my show? You have to use a cer-
-"Eh? How strange I just brought you new ones…”
-“Oh you did? That’s good… I wonder where I put them though…”
-As you said that you had no clue…
-While in the trashcan they lay stabbed 53 times
-[That’s actually a joke]

Korekiyo Shinguuji

-How graceful..
-How Ineffable
-You looked so angelic dancing across that dimly lit stage
-He was in a state of complete limerence
-Sadly that show was only for a brief moment of time
-But he couldn’t help but smile underneath that mask watching you
-So until everyone left you ran towards him asking if the show was good or not
-He could only say… some words
-“It was truly magnificent”

Gokuhara Gonta

-“Gonta feels happy for you!”
-He couldn’t help but praise you all the way after your show and you seemed happy so that was even better!
-Sadly Gonta doesn’t know how to dance… But he can watch you practice!
-Just don’t hurt any mrs/or mr bugs okay!
-So he’ll most probably watch you dance cheering you on saying how amazing you are
-And you seemed so… Proud.. So happy!
-It made him feel nice..

Ryouma Hoshi

-He feels happy for you
-You seem to be happy from gaining that praise so he’s happy
-“MARRY ME S/O!!!”
-He looked to the guy right next to him seeing he…he was yelling your name and taking pictures He seemed old too..,
-“Ah…Hey you shouldn’t really yel-”
-Before he could finish he saw the guy take another picturing of you smiling
-“…You perverted son of a bitch….”
-With that he tackled the male yelling something about ‘Sunshine’ or whatever
-It was only after the show he somehow didn’t get in trouble
-He sat next to you something clenched in his hand
-“Hey Hoshi what are you holding?”
-He looked back at you he seemed to freeze for a moment
-Only a moment though before saying
-“Just something I found….”
-He slowly looked back to the picture of your smiling face

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Alright you can hate the trump family but leave Barron alone please. He’s just a kid, he has no say in what his father is doing. Hes stuck in a bad light for all the world to see because of who his father is and throwing hate at him is just going to teach him to hate more.
Although his father is horrible, theres still room for Baron to grow to be a good person. But belittling him because of who his father is is going to do nothing but harvest more hate in that boy.

Things your parents never told you:

The entirety of your life will be an uphill battle. There will be plateaus, of course, where you sit back, relax, and look out at all you’ve accomplished. But don’t expect the climb to get easier, because it won’t. You just adapt to its gradient.

Experience is the best teacher of them all. You can sit in class your entire life but class won’t teach you how to comfort your best friend whose father just died or your sister whose heart just broke. Class won’t teach you how to be a decent human. 

You can leave whenever you want- your job, your apartment, your town, your life, your relationship. Excuses are unnecessary.

Those nights when you’re so drunk that the room spins and the laughter of your friends overpowers the music and you’re crying about a person who doesn’t love you anymore- those will be some of the best nights of your life.

Your sexuality is yours to decide. The only person who can judge you about who you want to sleep with and how many people you want to sleep with and if you want to sleep with anyone at all is yourself.

But never judge yourself.

You’ll find freedom flying down a back road at midnight. Alone. Windows down. Music up. Singing at the top of your lungs. The stars lighting your path. Embrace that moment.

At some point, you’ll be knocked down like the houses in a seaside town when a hurricane storms through. Your glass will shatter. Your doors will come unhinged. But you can rebuild.

It’s okay to cry, to break down. It’s okay to have days or weeks or months where you collapse and crumble and dissolve. Pain is what makes you a warrior. Wear the war paint proud.

Happily ever after isn’t always that white picket fence. Happily ever after is whatever the fuck you want it to be.

The entirety of your life will be an uphill battle. Adapt to its gradient.

Monsta X Reaction To Their Girlfriend Waking Them Up With a Blowjob
| BTS | iKON | Big Bang | Extra - Jungkook | Vixx | SHINee |


*His whole body stiffens and he just stares with a tiny smirk*
“Is this a new way to wake me up? I see, it’s very… effective”


*Expect his voice to crack as he shrieks*
“Jesus, Y/N! What is this? I mean… What?”


Y/N: “Oh, I’m sorry, I’ll just leave then”


*Becomes a shy mess*
“Babe? What are you doing in the morning?”


*Gets really shy and starts laughing at his own shyness. He’d really like what’s happening though*


*Either gets shy or…*
“Oh my God, YES”



I hope you liked it~
Feel free to request more!

Get off your phone. Stop texting. And do your goddamn job.

Invitation (Jacob Stone X Reader)

Fandom: The Librarians
Pairing: Jacob Stone X Reader
Word Count: 2,370
Prompt Given: Reader is a detective who was chosen to become a Librarian, but didn’t become one until Dulaques tries to have her killed, but the others stop him before he can.

“The Librarians,” You mumbled aloud, looking at the slip of paper in surprise. It made no sense, there were dozens of libraries, which one was this an invitation for?, and even so, you were a detective.

You had no desire to leave your job to work at a library. With a shrug, you tucked the piece of paper back into its envelope and deposited it on your counter. You could chuck it in the trash bin later, but there was something urging you to not do so just yet.

You sighed and slipped your gun into the holster near your ribs before tugging a deep blue blazer on over top of it. You made your way into your bathroom, your heeled boots clacking ever so slightly on the tile beneath your feet.

You pulled your hair into a high ponytail and applied just a dash of lip gloss and eyeliner before deciding that you looked good enough (it was just work, you didn’t need to win any beauty contests). You smiled at yourself in the mirror and walked back out of the room, grabbing a pile of folders for the latest case you were working on and tucking them into your purse.

You shut the door to your apartment with a soft click; any thought of the library and odd invitation completely gone from your mind.


“Morning, __y/n__.” Your partner greeted cheerfully, and you offered the blue-eyed man a small smile.

“Hey, Eddie.” You replied back, clapping him on the shoulder before dropping into the chair behind your desk. You noticed Eddie yawn widely, and there was a creakiness in his limbs that made your eyes twinkle mischievously. “Late night with Iris?" 

Eddie’s eyes snapped over to yours, and you could read the sheepishness on his face easily enough. "That obvious?” He asked, frowning.

You shook your head. “Just to me. I’m your partner, remember? I’m literally trained to notice this stuff about people.” You grinned at him. “Tell her I say hi, yeah? I like her.”

Eddie smiled, more to himself than anything. “I do too.”

You rolled your eyes fondly and turned your head to the pile of work that you needed to get started on. With a sigh, you turned on your computer, your fingers flying across the keys as you filled out a report about the most recent robbery downtown. It had not been stopped by the Central City Police force, instead it had been stopped by the vigilante known as The Flash. Honestly, you didn’t understand why some of your coworkers didn’t like him. He was saving people and catching criminals better than the police force could, and you appreciated him for it.


You walked into the store, your feet sore and your shoulders sagging. It was a little past midnight, thank goodness the grocery store was open twenty four hours, but your apartment was almost completely devoid of food.

You trudged behind your cart wearily, and maybe if you hadn’t been so tired, you would’ve noticed the man trailing behind you before it was too late. As it was, you didn’t notice him until you reached for a box of pasta, turned your head just a bit, and caught a glimpse of the shimmering knife tucked under his sleeve.

You had your gun drawn and pointed at him before he could move closer, but you didn’t pull the trigger yet. “Listen, buddy, if you need money or something, you can have whatever’s in my wallet. I don’t want any trouble.”

The man snickered, a cold, almost metallic sound that sent shivers down your spine. “Please, I don’t need your money.” He huffed as if the idea offended him. “I just need to kill you.”

You quirked an eyebrow at him. “Why exactly do you need to do that?”

The man shrugged lazily, letting the knife slip out of his sleeve and fully into his hand. “Reasons you wouldn’t understand, you simple minded fool.”

Okay, that was a bit rude. You graduated at the top of your class at Harvard, but you know, whatever floats this guy’s boat.

You bit back a remark that would probably get you stabbed instantly and chose to try talking to this man instead. “I don’t know what your problem with me is, but I’m sure we can talk this o-” Before you could finish speaking, the man lunged. You winced as the knife nicked your skin, but gritted your teeth and swept your leg underneath him, knocking him to the ground.

You stepped on his wrist until he dropped the knife, which you then kicked away far out of his reach. You pulled a pair of handcuffs out of your pocket and you were just starting to snap them around his wrists when you felt something sink into your neck.

You cursed under your breath as the room instantly started to sway, your fingers finding the metal protruding out of your neck. “A poison dart, really?” You asked in annoyance, your legs giving out of from underneath you as you dropped to the ground.

The man chuckled once more, and you thought you heard a woman talking before you were enveloped in darkness.


“Oh man,” Ezekiel sighed, running a hand through his hair in annoyance. “She’s not looking too good, guys.”

The other Librarians in Training and Eve ran towards the sound of Ezekiel’s voice, and they all winced at condition of the woman before them. She was on the ground, her eyes were closed, her skin was deathly pale, and her breathing was shallow and rough.

“What can we do?” Cassandra asked, her usually bubbly voice full of anxiousness.

“I’m not sure.” Eve pressed her fingers to the __h/c__-haired woman’s neck and sighed when she felt how weak her pulse was. “Let’s get her back to the Library, maybe Jenkins can help her.” Ezekiel and Jacob moved to pick up the girl, and they carried her over to the grocery store’s front door.

With Eve and Cassandra’s help, they led her through the open doors and across the street to an old book shop. The door to the shop was currently a portal to the Library, and they carried her through it easily enough and deposited her on a table.

“What is that?” Jenkins asked, peering over at the woman in surprise.

“Your fifth Librarian in Training.” Eve said dryly, Cassandra trailing behind her. “Assuming she lives through the night.”

“What happened to her?” Jenkins questioned again, already digging through some drawers for a remedy.

“Dulaque.” Everyone was surprised when it was Jacob that spoke, his voice dripping with venom and his arms crossed. Before anyone could question what he meant, Jacob spoke again. “We met online, okay? I didn’t recognize her at first, hell, she never even told me her real name so I had no idea she was who we were looking for, but it’s definitely her.”

Jenkins nodded instead of commenting and let out a triumphant “Aha!” when he pulled a glass vial full of some type of liquid out a drawer. He uncapped the top and tipped half the contents of the bottle into her mouth.

The woman choked, and Jenkins rubbed her throat and tilted her chin to help the fluid down. After a moment, everyone almost simultaneously noticed that her chest was no longer rising and falling steadily.

“Great, you’ve gone and bloody killed her.” Ezekiel pointed out, but Jenkins shook his head and held up three fingers. For each second that went by, he put a finger down, and on the third finger, the woman bolted up, her breath coming in short, harsh pants.

“Where am I?” You asked, blinking as you tried to get your eyes to adjust to the bright lights of the Library. You felt a dull pain in your side, lifting your shirt up just enough to see a small gash trickling out blood. You raised an eyebrow at the people who were surrounding you. An older man, two men, the brown haired one was cute and oddly familiar, a very pretty, petite red-headed woman, and a blonde woman. The way she held herself reminded you of yourself, so you directed your question at her. “Do you have a first aid kit around her somewhere?”

The woman nodded and dug around behind a desk before pulling out a small white tin with a red cross on it. She tossed it to you, and you caught it easily enough, snapping it open and pulling out a small roll of gauze and a tube of antiseptic ointment.

You blinked when you realized that all the people in the room were still staring at you. “What are you all looking at?” You asked, shrugging out of your blazer and tugging your shirt up enough so you could see the wound properly.

“You almost died,” The dark haired man said, and you were surprised to hear that he was Australian. “We’re all in a mild state of shock, I suppose.”

“Oh.” You said and shrugged because you didn’t know what else to say. You started rubbing the antiseptic ointment onto your wound when you felt a warm hand on yours.

“Let me do that for you.” The man’s voice was smooth and deep, and it took you a solid five seconds to realize who he was.

“Believe it or not, I can handle myself, Jake.” You muttered, but you didn’t fight him when he took the tube from your hand. You shivered as he grabbed a cloth from the first aid kit and wiped away the ointment.

“Then you should know that you should always clean your wounds before dressing them.” Jacob pointed out, and you rolled your eyes.

“It would’ve been fine.” You grumbled, but let him wash the wound with a small spray bottle of saline solution. “Will someone please tell me what’s going on? I’m kind of ridiculously confused right now.” You winced ever so slightly as Jacob applied a fresh coat of antiseptic ointment onto the wound, now that the wound was clean, it stung a bit, and Jacob offered you a small smile.

It wasn’t until Jacob started winding the gauze around your torso that someone finally spoke up. “You’re in the Library.” The pretty red headed girl piped up. “I’m Cassandra,” She introduced. “And that’s Ezekiel,” Cassandra pointed to the Australian man. “We, along with Jacob, are the Librarians in Training.” Before you could ask what that was, she spoke again. “And that’s Eve, our Guardian.” She gestured to the blonde woman who offered you a stiff smile and a nod. “And that is Jenkins.” She pointed once more to the older man who merely tipped his head at you to show that he was listening. “And you’re our new Librarian in Training!” Cassandra said excitedly.

You quirked an eyebrow at her. “A Librarian in Training?” You shook your head. “Actually, wait, I’ll come back to that in a minute, can someone please explain to me who the guy was that tried to kill me?” Jacob finally finished dressing your wound, and you gave him a small smile as he tugged your shirt back down, his hand lingering on your skin for a moment longer than necessary. When he pulled it away, you couldn’t help the way your skin suddenly felt cold.

“It’s kind of a long story.” Ezekiel chimed in, and you shrugged.

“I almost died, pretty sure when I tell my boss that he’ll understand why I didn’t show up for work. So,” You crossed your legs underneath you and rested your chin of the back of your hands, leaning forward to show that you were ready. “Hit me with your best shot.”


“Are you going to join the LITs?” Jacob asked, leaning against the doorframe of the Library. The portal was currently across the street from your apartment, and you were getting ready to go home and get some sleep. Jenkins had done a spell on your home to make sure that it was empty and that Dulaque couldn’t get in, so you knew it was safe, at least for the night.

“Do I have a choice? Doesn’t seem like I’ll be too safe once Dulaque realizes I’m not dead.” You pointed out, sighing. You liked your job, you always had, but you didn’t think you could keep doing it. Not after everything you’d learned tonight.

“No boyfriend you can call to move in with you until we catch Dulaque?”

You snickered. “Smooth as ever, Jake. But no.” You shook your head. “Still no boyfriend.”

“Still don’t understand how that’s happened, what with you looking like that.”

You raised an eyebrow at him. “Like what?”

“Like some kind of badass angel.”

You grinned. “Your flirting skills have definitely improved since we first started talking.” You teased, and Jacob groaned. When you had first found Jacob on the online chat room for art fanatics almost two years ago, he had tried out almost every cheesy pick up line imaginable.

“Don’t remind me about that. Dark times, __y/n__, dark times.”

You laughed and leaned forwards, brushing a kiss across his jaw. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Jake. Thanks for patching me up.” You tilted your head just the slightest bit, catching his bottom lip in-between yours and sucking on it for a moment. When you pulled away, you looked thoughtful, whereas Jacob looked dazed. “On second thought, I think you should come to my apartment with me. Purely in case Dulaque decides to come back, of course.”

Jacob could tell by the twinkle in your eye that you were just teasing, and with a grin, he tossed you over his shoulder and carried you across the street.


Jacob wasn’t happy that Dulaque tried to kill you, absolutely not, but he figured, looking down at you in his arms, that he was a little bit grateful to him. The only reason you and him had never met in person was because you were both too busy with work and too poor to fly out to see each other. Now, you were going to be working together.

Jacob was a little more than thrilled at the thought, and unbeknownst to him, so were you.

End. <3

Somewhere In Neverland

(gif credit to the creator)

Part 1 - The Interview

Summary: Jensen Ackles wasn’t looking for love, he had all but given up on finding it. One thing was for sure, he wasn’t expecting to find it in his best friend’s nanny.
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1,088
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: For the purpose of this story Danneel and JJ don’t exist, you shall see why as you read :)
A/N: Here it is! The first part to my new series! I hope you guys enjoy it! Feedback is cool :)

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You are not entitled to fanfic updates

I don’t want to see anyone bitching that @zenwisterias / @taylordraws  hasn’t posted the next chapter of Heartstrings yet.

The story was originally going to stop at chapter 8 when we were talking about the plot, and because of jerks who were hassling her for how popular the story was (which was stressing her out) - she was gunna wrap it up and you wouldn’t have had anymore.

She decided to write more FOR FUN and because her nice fans were so awesome. Any chapter you get from chapter 9 on is a favor she’s doing you, not something you are owed.  Taylor’s REAL LIFE remains more important. She has a job now that she desperately needed and needs to keep, and she has commissions and original stories and other things she wants to work on. What YOU want her to work on does not matter unless she asks for your preference. 

DO NOT message an author/artist with rude “encouragement” to work on the story you like - it makes you an asshat and it REDUCES motivation to do the thing because who wants to make assholes happy? Fuck off and wait. There are plenty of other fanfics to read in the meantime. 

You want to ENCOURAGE an author to work on a story? Send them messages about how much you liked it, your favorite bit, or draw fan art of the story. But know that doing one of those things does not ENTITLE you to it. They could never update it again and you would not have been wronged, because it is a free thing that they are GIVING to you.

Same goes for @miraculer / @caprette and her fic Boutique, which she has clearly said she has lost motivation for and will probably not be continuing. Sometimes that happens. Deal. You aren’t entitled to shit. If you want new content that badly GO WRITE OR DRAW SOME. If you can’t do that, sit the fuck down and be patient.

Be My Brother - One Shot

Request: can you do one shot of the Kylo ren sister imagine? ”Imagine being Kylo Ren’s sister and saving Han Solo from dying by taking his place.”

Requested by: Anonymous

Words: 1549

~ A/N: Thank you for sending in the request! It was so fun to write because I got inspired by it and I’m happy that you liked that imagine. I hope you like this just as much and that you’ll enjoy reading it xxx

You shouldn’t have been there. Both of your parents had been more than strict when you had asked them. It was interesting though, because neither had actually checked to see if you did stay behind. They didn’t even look through the ship before leaving. It had made your job a lot easier.

You were creeping around the hallways, trying to not get caught by anyone. In your hands you held a weapon that you were pretty sure of that you could use, although you had never tried it. At least not that model. It was probably not that different from the weapons you had used.

The reason why you had wanted to go on that mission, even when you had little interest in other, was of course your brother. Him leaving had been harder on you than it had been on either of your parents. Your dad had accepted and given up on him. Your mother still hoped but she no longer showed any signs of missing Ben.

Ben. That was his name. No matter how hard he tried to be Kylo Ren, no matter how hard he tried to be someone else, he would never be that person to you. That was why you sneaked onto the ship. You knew your brother, better than anyone and he would always be in there. The dark side could consume him but he would still be there. Even if was just the tiniest bit. You wished that there was more than that.

”Hey!”, you heard someone yell seconds before the wall to your left got hit by a laser beam. Your body moved automatically as it crouched slightly, turned around and fired two shots as soon as you had found your targets. There wasn’t even anything dramatic and thankfully the weapon wasn’t that different from the ones you had used in your life. Although the incident made you realize that you might need to hurry and find your brother. It was risky to be as exposed as you were and you didn’t want anyone else interrupt the hopefully heartfelt moment you were planning to have with your brother.

As you continued to sneak around your mind started to wander. There were thoughts of your brother on your mind. What did he look like? What was he like? Had he missed you? What would he say when he saw you? Of course your thoughts were mostly questions. You hadn’t seen Ben in years, if you hadn’t been wondering about him it would have been strange.

When you suddenly saw a red haired man about to turn around in the corridor ahead, turn around towards you, you quickly ran around the nearest corner to hide. It was at that point you got busted. Right there in front of you stood not only your father but also Chewie.

”Y/N? Are you kidding me?”, was the first your father said with slightly widened eyes. In your mind you were throwing every swear word known to the galaxy, but of course you wouldn’t say them out loud. Your father could be cool with you swearing but if he was angry he wasn’t as cool with it.

”I… I mean… You guys were really sloppy. You didn’t even check the ship before leaving. Did you really think I wouldn’t try and follow you guys when I actually have a chance of seeing my brother?”, you spoke in defense without really thinking about your words. It was the truth, it really was. The problem was that the truth might have not been what they wanted to hear. You could at least see it in Han’s eyes.

”You can be mad later, okay? We need to go another way before that important looking guy comes here and sees us”, you therefor spoke to distract them. It worked and they all shared a really serious look. With a last look at you, a disappointed and angry look, Han started to take the lead towards one of the hallways.

”I will be mad later. The time you stole Luke’s lightsaber will seem like a vacation”, Han spoke as he continued, not looking at you. He was probably honest, but you still couldn’t help but smile. Sure, it hadn’t been fun when you had gotten caught. That being said, it had been incredibly fun to play with it. You had gone around chopping off branches of trees.

”Okay, but let’s go and find Ben”, you told him right before you were led towards the place you imagined Han and Chewie had been looking for. At least you got that idea when they stopped all of a sudden and looked around.

”Y/N, you’re with me. Come on”, Han spoke before he started to lead you towards different places around the huge room. When stormtroopers started to roam the room you also saw a glimpse of someone wearing only black walking over the empty hole that stretched out over most of the room.

”Dad”, you whispered and pulled his arm before pointing towards the guy. Even though you hadn’t been told much about Kylo Ren, you could imagine that would be him. His look had the whole sinister feel to it. By the look of Han’s face you were right. It was Kylo Ren, Ben, your brother.

”Wait here, and do not move. This time you need to listen to me”, your dad spoke as he turned towards you with both of his hands grasping your shoulders. He looked at you with seriousness in his eyes and you could feel the same emotion filling you. After a few seconds of silence you nodded, reluctantly. A few more seconds of silence passed before he let you go and started to head out. The only thing you could hear after that was your father calling out your brothers name. The rest you weren’t able to hear from where you stood. You could see it though, you could see everything.

Maybe it was your nerves, or maybe it was just the painful feeling inside your chest. Whatever it was, you couldn’t help yourself. Your father had gotten pretty close to your brother and Ben still hadn’t changed his expression. He still didn’t seem that emotional. It frightened you while it also filled you with determination. Your promise to Han had flown out the windows as you ran out from where you were hiding.

”Ben!”, you called out, making both of the men on the platform turn towards you. The look on Ben’s face changed for the first time. Instead of that plain unemotional look he had a frown on his face. Without thinking deeply about what it meant you started to run down the platform too, feeling the rush inside your body that made you act without thinking.

”Please, Ben. Please, don’t be what everyone says you are. Please, be the person I know. Be my brother”, you pleaded as you got closer. You stopped right behind Han, your eyes never leaving Ben’s. You could see the emotions finally in Ben’s eyes, but it wasn’t that simple. He was experiencing a battle inside himself. Before you could get the chance to say something that would win him over to your side, a glimt caught your attention. You knew what it meant and it broke your heart to see that. When you looked down towards Ben’s hands you saw what you feared. In his hands were his lightsaber and in the same time that you got in front of your father that same lightsaber lit up and moved straight through you. The pain forced a strangled gasp out of you.

”Y/N! I didn’t… I never”, Ben fumbled with his words as his wide eyes looked at what he had done. The regret was evident in his eyes, so was the pain. You couldn’t lift your hand, your body already shutting down. What you could do was force a few last words out.

”I know, it’s okay”, you croaked out, your last powers going to saying those few words. It was all you wanted to say though. Even though you knew what he had done what he had wanted to do you couldn’t be mad at him. All you ever wanted was for your brother to come back home, for him to be the same person you had known. Maybe your sacrifice would be the sign he needed to do so.

“No, no, no, no”, Ben muttered over and over again as he saw his sister fall over the edge. He hadn’t meant to kill you, never you. After leaving the family he had always regretted leaving you. Realizing what he had done hurt more than anything he had ever felt before.

“No!”, he yelled one final time as he bent over the edge with tears in his eyes. Han’s arms went around his son in worry of what he might do because of the emotional pain. In that moment Ben knew exactly how the dark side worked, and he never wanted anything to do with it again. That had been his sign.

Today I realized life is too short, and if you really think about it anything could happen to you at any point in time. So why waste life being unhappy? If you aren’t happy in the place that you’re in, leave it. If your job makes you unhappy, quit it. If you aren’t happy with whoever you’re with, then leave them behind because you deserve nothing more than happiness in such a short life you have on this earth to enjoy.

Be happy.

The One I Really Want

Tentoo/Rose. ~2k. This was inspired by something Billie may or may not have said at Montreal con about Rose ditching Tentoo. My bae shutupandlovetennant​ was very upset and really needed some cheering up, so I hope this helps her, and anyone else who was offended by even the idea of her saying this (i’m still not convinced tbh, I want a video). I hope this can help you a little bit! Unashamedly fluffy, though it starts out rough. I won’t mess with you guys right now!

The Doctor fidgets a little with his bowtie in the floor mirror, pulling the ends then loosening it again at the collar in a vicious cycle. He’s never like wearing these unlucky tuxedos, but Rose changed all that the first night they came home from a Vitex event and she thanked him gratuitously for dressing up for her. With her mouth. He shivers pleasantly at the memory even now, though that was weeks ago now, and shakes his head to will away a stiffie before it can make them late. He’s much less hesitant to go anywhere ‘black tie’ now that he’ll always have Rose to save him from any misfortune that may arise. Still, the bowties always rub his neck the wrong way. They just feel tighter than the regular ties he likes.

“Doctor!” Rose calls from somewhere outside their bedroom.

“Sorry, love, I’m nearly done!” he calls back, remembering how frustrated she was the last time they planned a proper date and he made them miss the play by fussing a minute too long with his hair.

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wanna rant so bad. but everyone would say, “just leave your job!”

seriously feels like a rock on my chest and a lump in my throat being dragged around on my boss’ serial entrepreneurship escapades. 

while i’m here working, barely able to pay my bills; his son went to piano lessons and is now at private tennis lessons. 

i just can’t & just wish one of the jobs i applied for would call.  

Well today I’m gonna talk about working as an animator in Japan.

It’s quite heart-aching but I really hope to share these information with you guys.

Recently P.A WORKS (The animation studio who made Shirobako or Angel Beats or Charlotte) posted about the conditions to become an animator, I’ll pick some important point:

  • For the first two months, the company will provide you some studies so that you knew how company works with their animation
  • And from that onward, for the first year, you must draw 350 pieces of storyboard per month persistently. From second year onward, you must increase to 500 pieces per month.

If you couldn’t handle that, you are advised to leave your job.

So let’s just do a simple calculation on how much a new animator can earn.

We assume that a new animator works for 24 days per month and 12 hours per day, without MC or any leaves. 

If he/she is required to draw 350 pieces, he/she will need to draw 15 pieces per day, meaning he/she will have to finish a piece in 50 minutes.

If he/she is required to draw 500 pieces, he/she will need to draw 21 pieces per day, meaning he/she will have to finish a piece in 30 minutes.

Japanese animator are payed according to the total number of storyboard they drew, and they earned  220~240 yen per piece, let’s go with 300 yen to simplify the calculation

350 pieces per month= 105k yen per month (approximately 980 usd)

500 pieces per month=150k yen per month  (approximately 1400 usd)

For a fresh graduate in Japan, their basic salary is at least 200k yen per month, but for a new animator, they can only earn approximately 120k per month. 

And you guys know how expensive is to live in Japan. 

I just want to let you guys know how overwork and underpaid is as an animator in Japan. Let’s just give all those hardworking animators an applause for creating so many fabulous animation. 

Just like…do you ever stop to think about the fact that after Emily “died” Hotch took an assignment in Pakistan, away from his son whose mother had died only a year prior, even though he knew Emily was not really dead?

That is an epic level of grief right there. To leave your child and your job for a combat-proximal assignment is not something you do because your boss is mad at you. It’s something you do because you’re punishing yourself and can’t face waking up day after day.

I’m not convinced the writers had the intention of conveying that when they wrote it because my faith in them goes about as far as I can throw a stove (not far) but with this show, retrospection is a big thing and fuck, it’s hard not to see that as Hotch being utterly destroyed by losing her.