leave your body behind

Are you ticklish? they ask, knowing full well what their fingers could do to you. How much damage they could do to your stoic, put-together reputation.

Are you ticklish? they ask, knowing full well what the tiniest touch could leave behind. What one poke could do to your sensitive body.

Are you ticklish? they ask, but you know it’s not really a question. They are waiting for the reaction they know their words will get. They are waiting for you to confirm it without them having to even reach out.

Are you ticklish? they ask, not caring about what your verbal response will be. They already know the truth, and they know that you know how this will all play out.

Are you ticklish? they ask, barely audible over your already hysterical giggling. They know exactly how to move their hands to get this reaction, and they know exactly what to do to break you completely.

Are you ticklish? they ask, knowing full well that you are as they have you at their mercy. Knowing full well that you’re enjoying this even more than they are. You deny it, but they know.


Continuation of: http://asongofmanyfandoms.tumblr.com/post/136746948979/more-you-know-who-vanished-the-head-of-the

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mending the eyes of a hummingbird

The boy
loves me but he holds my hand too hard. My skin splits
and separates, a tuned glass instrument in the grip of an untaught
player. My mother loves me without satisfaction, I am too much her
yet too much not. My father loves me like salt. I want to be loved
as if I am light, an untouchable presence, a passing grace.
Under hot running water, my body becomes alien, waxes
strange and brilliant, learns to leave gaze behind, if only for
a short while. The riverbed is filled with teeth. I don’t want to dive,
I never learned how to swim, I scream but find myself neck deep in
anyway and swiftly sinking. Arms outstretched like a holy word
I reach the whiteness. It greets me not, instead tears holes
into the creases of my neck and knees. My head rests
on some primordial creature’s fossilized fang. A hummingbird cries as it 
falls from a swaying leaf. I haven’t ever dared to ask but i always wonder  
if God is merely a death without ending. A multiplying massacre
of souls that never knew what to do with love yet always found
themselves with an excess of it. I love
Everything but only if Everything does not expect Anything of me.

 Amrita C.

50 Shades of V-Min [SMUT]

Group: BTS
Members: Taehyung & Jimin
Type: Smut [Contains threesome, strong volcabulary, punishment]
Word Count: 2159

“Did you really think that we’d be going all cupcakes on you sweetheart? You’re so cute.” He says as he lets his finger run over your bruised lower lip, collecting the blood from the edge. “You didn’t behave like a good girl, so why should we treat you like one, monster?

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Parrish bringing your dead body to Nemeton, only for  you to resurrect as a Hellhound to stand by his side.

A loud crack was heard from the forest as Parrish turned around, still tearing in his eyes from leaving your body behind at Nemeton.

You stood frozen, while you stared down at your shaking hands. “Y/N?” Parrish asked as he ran towards you, just to grab your hands in his.

“How are you alive? I carried your lifeless body to Nemeton just five minutes ago.” You couldn’t say anything so he grabbed your face to tilt it up to his. When your eyes met he saw your original eye color replaced by glowing orange orbs.

“I was sent back.. to be with you.. to fight alongside you.”

~ credit to the gif owner *3*

Reiya's Guide to Astral Travel

What is it?
- Using your astral body to travel in this or another realm while leaving your physical body behind.

Where can you go?
-Your home
-Your Astral Temple
-Your Astral Home
-Safe places
-Feel good places
-The Otherworld/Astral Plane
-Wherever it takes you
You can go just about anywhere when you travel, just be careful about it. Going to unfamiliar places can lead to you getting lost, which can make it very hard to get back to your body.

What can you do there?
-Talk to your Guide
-Talk to your Familiar
-Talk to you Deity
-Talk to Spirits
-Be alone with yourself
-Grow as a witch
-Strengthen psychic abilities
You can do just about anything you want! You can even shape shift if that’s your thing. Just be aware that it’ll still take practice. You might have to try things several times before you start to get the hang of it.

Dangers of astral travel
-Dying in the Astral Plane
-Meeting malevolent Entities
-Fighting with said Entities
-Astral wounds can carry onto the physical body
-Getting lost in an unfamiliar place and unable to make it back to your physical body
-Being kept from re entering your physical body by a spirit
-Dark things clinging to you and being brought into the physical world
Remember to protect your physical and astral self before you travel. Set up a shield or circle around your bed, make protective/dream pouches to put under your pillow, etc. traveling can be extremely dangerous on it own, so this is crucial if you want to avoid any physical or mental harm and the possibility of carrying things back with you. Be sure to cleanse the area and center and ground yourself before and after travel.

How can you get there?
-Meditation and Visualization
-Lucid dreaming
-Out of body experiences
There are many ways one can astral travel, however not all of these will work for everyone. Play around and figure out what works for you, just be aware that this might take a lot longer than you think.

How can you get back to your body?
-By going back the way you came. For example, if you rose from your body and left it in your bedroom and left from there, retrace your steps back to your room.
-Many people simply fall into the same position as their physical body. Like if it is laying down, they will lay down inside of it.
This is where going to familiar places comes into play. If you know the area you are in it becomes much easier to find whatever doorway or what have you that you came through to begin with. When you enter into a place you do not know it’s easier to get lost, so if this happens either leave immediately or do not stray far from where you arrived.

Remember that not everyone can use the same method to travel, so what works for me and the next person probably will not work for you. There are a few things that you can try and tweak that tend to work better than others. These things include:
-Opening doors without thinking about what might be on the other side
-Visualizing the place you would like to visit prior to and during meditation or as you are falling asleep.

Happy Travels!!

The Plug

Little lotus eater, your spirit needs sleep and ease,
Do you want to live in your dreams?
Take this pill, have your fill,
Its the real deal and its a steal.
The price you pay to stay is the life you leave behind,
Your mind and soul will rest, but your body will be mine.
The first one is free, on me,
Just eat it and you’ll see what its like to be free.
Sunshine through kaleidoscopic eyes,
Unfiltered happiness, love, hope, and the high,
Confined only to what you can conceive.
For a small fee, you can make your dreams your only reality.
I’ll be the life support that feeds your body while you rest.
As long as you pay your bills, you’ll be my honored guest.
But if you don’t pay me my dues, I’ll make sure you’re aware
That I control your dream world, and I can make it become your nightmare.

  • Wizarding world: *postal system depends entirely on trained birds*
  • People: yes, of course
  • Wizarding world: *actual creatures can suck the soul out of a body*
  • People: perfectly reasonable
  • Wizarding world: *uses time travel for educational purposes*
  • People: sounds about right
  • Wizarding world: *can inject a portion of ones soul into an object* *can transform into animals at will* *straight up ghost teaches history class* *can literally leave parts of your body behind when you magically teleport thousands of miles in a split second*
  • People: obviously, there are no flaws in this logic
  • Hermione: *could possibly be black, depending on how you read in to the context clues*
  • People: wHaT?? HERMIONE?!? BLACK??? thats impossible!!?
Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.
—  Anthony Bourdain

tabithq  asked:

A headcanon on Evolution or a headcanon on Alba's feelings towards the other alola starters.

Tell me what you want me to write a headcanon (or more headcanons) about! Let me know what part of my Muse interests you.

“ My evolution, you ask?

I’m not exactly aware of what happened, specifically.

But one thing is certain.

It hurt, a LOT.”

I’ve always found it very interesting to talk about how in the heavens did a Grass / Flying type suddenly turn into a Ghost/ Grass type. While I am not very certain on a way to explain such process, I’ve always liked to think that the process was not very pleasant, being so unusual and overall strange, it is to be expected that having your body leave some of its corporeal qualities behind must truly take a toll on the person, right?

I’d say that all Dartrix goes through this pain when evolving, some have it so bad that are left with some traumas and maybe even worse. It is where I’d say that it’s the reason that the species stays with their parents until they evolve so these can help their offspring cope with the awful sensation that is evolving into their final forms.

Maybe even say that most of the Alolan nativity have become aware of this, so those who are provided with Rowlet as their starter, are given a few warnings about this process and about the care and support that their Pokemon will need after they evolve for the last time, which has to be both emotional and physical, the last depending on the amount of pain they went through.

“Primarina is okay, I guess.

She is beautiful, tranquil and has a voice capable of soothing even the most troubled of minds.

However, Incineroar?

Probably the most pompous, smug cat I’ve ever met. I’ve yet to meet one that manages to get on my good side, so I am safe to say that they’re all idiots.“

You heard it from the bird itself.

Alba’s fond of Primarinas and all that, but Incineroars are a big no no. He’s simply not delighted by that stereotype they follow and will gladly fight them all if necessary, or even if it’s not, only to prove that he’s better than them. Even though, he’s lost most of his battles against these fiery felines - probably another reason why he hates them so much.

He salty.

There is a legend.

Hidden away by the tallest trees of Sherwood Forest is a woman. A ghost, lurking in the shadows. A lone, tormented soul who never found peace, resting (maybe unresting is closer to the truth) in the ruins of the Dark Castle, haunting the northernmost part of the woods, killing everyone who dares cross her path. It is said that the last thing you hear as she rips your soul away is her shrill, desperate cry. The mere sound of it is enough to rouse fear, to chase away animals and humans alike, as the echoes of your own agony ripple through the forest, your soul leaving your lifeless body behind, relieved to not have to listen to her voice any longer. 

Hide by @queenoflocksley

Getting a taste of a different person isn’t the same. He hasn’t the same touch, the same sweet breath moaning your name. It doesn’t matter. As long as the void is temporarily filled. But, you crave his sweet embrace. Those hands that once traced your body, leaving his tenderness behind. He’s your addiction; but you’ve run out of that drug.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #249 // @rruubalinn on instagram
Your body is a loss I leave behind
and you are the books of my departure
I take you, a land I do not know
hills and valleys covered with the herbs of seeking
mysterious stretches
and I take you
None but you convinces me
I take you
in my sighs
in waking, in sleep
in the states between
and in what time promises me
I take you
fold by fold
and I open my entries to you
I stretch within you and do not reach
I circle and do not reach
I stretch like wire, I thread myself into yarn
I rove your expanses and do not reach
You are beyond distances, beyond victories
You are Where and If, and What and How and When and you are
not you
—  Singular in a Plural Form, Adonis.
I just want to lay down with you and leave everything behind us. I want to feel your body next to mine and forget the problems we’ve been passing through these past few days. I want to feel your breath kissing me as it was taking away the distress and pain. I want you to lay down beside me, and feel the friction of our skin. I want to wrap up my arms around you so that you wouldn’t feel that you are alone, that I left you. No talk, no arguing, just an ecstatic moment with pure silence. I will close my eyes and feel your heart beating and pumping blood as it was going directly to my veins. We will fall asleep together as it will be the last time. The room noise will devour the struggles that we are experiencing right now. We will leave this reality and live on behalf of our dreams, happily.