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She knows what he meant by “anyone”
of course she cares

Tyler Seguin - Again Pt. 2

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It had been four months since you had left Tyler. You know had a bump that said you were carrying a baby, something that was still new to you. You still weren’t sure what you wanted to do. All you knew was that you were having a baby.

Since, you left Tyler you moved in with your best friend Alex. Who was nothing but helpful about everything. He never liked Tyler, but as long as you were happy, he was happy. Of course when he found out everything that was happening between you and Tyler all he wanted to do was kill the man.

“What’s wrong, almond?” Alex smiled as he sat down, next to you on the couch. He was still in his work suit, which looked funny on him.

Alex was in a punk band, but when the band was on the off time, he went to work at a small office for his dad. You always made fun of him for it.

“50 times.” You said not looking at him.

“Calls or text?”

“Little bit of each. He know has his teammates call and texting too.” You sighed as you turned the tv off and faced Alex. His eyes were sad, but filled with anger as well.

You and Alex had been friends since birth. You’re mom’s were best friends. He knew everything about you, from his first time, down to your first date. You two went to each other for everything. So, when he saw you hurt, it killed him.

Alex pulled you into a hug and placed a kiss on your forehead as you kept talking.

“God! Why can’t he just leave me alone. Can’t he see that I hurt, that looking at him hurts. It’s not enough that I have to be reminded of him every time I look down.” You cried into his chest.

“Do you want him back?” Alex said.

“No. I can’t be with him. I can’t live in fear every time he has to leave town. He already said he wasn’t going to do it again, and he did.”

“What about little one?” He asked placing his hand on your swollen belly making you smile.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean are you going to let him in the beans life?”

“I have too. His mom would fight it, and I don’t have the money to fight it.” You said. “I need some happy news.” You sniffed.

Alex smiled as he got off the couch and grabbed you hand. He led you to the second guest room.  He shoot you a big grin before opening the door.

“Alex.” You smiled as you looked around the room. “I can’t ask you to take us both in.”

“Hush! That is my nephew in there and I am not letting you do this alone. I love you and I love this one.” He smiled as he touched your bump again.

“Thank you Alex. I hope your ready for no sleep.” You giggled.

“Oh, sleep is overrated.”  Alex joked.


The rain on the coffee shop gave you a relaxing feeling. Something you were in need of. You took one last look behind you to make sure Alex’s was still there. He smiled before placing the newspaper up. Just then the door rang, he was here.

“Y/N.” Tyler smiled as he came up to you. You didn’t dare move from your seat. His smiled faded as he sat across from you. His eyes darted to your belly. A small smile made it’s way on his face.

“It’s a boy, ya know.” You said placing your hands on your belly.  His smile grew bigger and you swore you saw tears.

“May I?” He said.

“Sure you said sitting up closer to the table. Tyler softly places his hand on your belly. As he did there was a big kick. Tyler laughed as he sat back down.

“I want you to be in his life, if you want to. But I need you to be 100% sure. I mean it.” You said.

“Yes. I want to be his dad. Thank you.” He smiles.

“However, We….we are done.” You said kindly.

“Far enough.” He said words laced with hurt, and sorrow. “Do you have a name?” He weakly smiled.

“Parker. Parker Alexander Seguin.” You smiled.
“Thank you, Y/N. Thank you.” He said.

“I will call you next week and we can figure out how we are going to do all this.” You simply said as you got up.


courting miss sætre (6/6)

Fandom: SKAM
Ship: Noora x William
Summary: Miss Noora Sætre has ambitions of spinsterhood; Mr. William Magnusson has other ideas.

(The wildly anachronistic regency era au that literally no one asked for)

Notes: Thank you so, so, so much to everyone who’s followed this story! It’s been insanely fun to write, and it means SO much to know that other people have enjoyed it too. Noorhelm and historical romance novels are two of my very favorite things, trying to combine the two with this fic was seriously like my Dream Project – every like and reblog and comment on this story made me over the moon happy, I love this fandom more than words <3 <3 <3


“I’m never forgiving my parents for this,” Eva declared.

Noora only had a few things left to pack; she’d started upon returning to the Mohns’ townhouse last night, before Mr. and Mrs. Mohn had even hinted that she’d need to leave as soon as possible, and had risen early to finish. “Eva…” She’d expected the dismissal. Keeping a scandal in their home, as their daughter’s principle companion, would do their reputation no favors.

“I haven’t forgiven you either.” Sitting beside Noora on the floor, Eva shook her head at the ground, loose hair spilling about her cheeks. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about Mr. Magnusson!”

“As you tell me everything?”

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life update:

even tho its summer I’ve been super busy going to doctors appointments, check-ups, and things and then finding small problems that lead to more appointments lol. I have also been seeing my friends a lot before they leave town (2 already left). I joined a band but it’s super hard cause we all live really far away lol.

Tomorrow I start my film internship, and I also got a part-time job at Subway (super proud of myself!!) 

Life has just been a mix of stress and excitement, with some really bad mental health days thrown in lol

I’m gonna be super busy from now on though, but I’ll probably still go on Tumblr sometimes, don’t worry! Love you all xo


A bit of speculations on who might have survived the storm, where they were and how much time they had to find shelter.

In the first timeline Warren texts Max around 8:45 Friday morning saying that he can feel something in the air and that the clouds are bubbling. By 9am he says the storm is in full effect and he is now hiding out at Two Whales. When Max first escapes the darkroom it’s 12:19pm, add in some driving time across town and you’ve a minimum of 4 hours before the storm moves in to destroy Arcadia Bay. So that’s 4 hours for people to stop the storm and start working out a plan.

As for what everyone’s plans might have been and where they are, I did a little thinking about this under the cut.

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Requested: I'm actually so obsessed with your blog!!! could you please so a fic where sam and dean are teens and they have a younger sister. and theyre all stuck in the car with john and since the boys are bored theyre picking on her

You were hanging outside of the school building, your book bag slung over your shoulders and a couple of notebooks in your hand. You were dressed in your usual attire: dark jeans and a flannel cardigan.

You were standing in front of Anthony Perio, the cute boy who sits across from you in math class. You two have slowly become friends writhin the few weeks you’ve been at this school, and soon it developed into a crush. A huge one at that.

You were in midst conversation–one that was leading to Anthony asking you out on a date. But the two of you were interrupted by a familiar car honk. Two known beeps, that made your eyes roll.

You turned around. The familiar black shiny Chevy Impala was parked right on the curb. Your dad was behind the wheel, Dean in the passenger seat, and Sam in the back seat. The usual. All three were staring at you through the windows.

“Uh, do you know those guys?” He asked, pointing over to the three morons.

“Yeah, it’s my dad and brothers,” you grumble. “I should go before my dad gets mad”

“Wait,” he stops you as you turn around. “Do you wanna…maybe catch a movie later? I hear Sinister is crazy scary with good ratings.”

You felt the blush rise to your cheeks. This is the day you’ve been waiting for, “Yeah, I would love to.”

“Great,” he smiled. A look of relief crossed his features as well. “We’ll talk about it tomorrow then. Goodnight, Y/N”

“Bye, ” you walk back to the car. At this point there was no hiding the smile on your face.

“Oooo Y/N’s got a boyfriend,” Dean cooed from the front seat.

“Shut up, Dean,” you turned your face as much as you could, feeling the red deepen on your face.

“So what’s his name?” Sam questions, a smirk evident on his lips.

“His name is none of your business,” you reply.

“Look, Dean she’s blushing!” Sam pointed his finger at you.

You slapped his finger away. “Shut up, Sam. Remember the first time you ever kissed a girl? You didn’t stop smiling for days. Your glee was pissing everybody off.”

Sam looked away, his own blush creeping up on him.

“So what did the slick fellow say? Huh?” Dean smiled. “Did he use the famous ‘I’m not really good at this but…’”

“What?” You look at him confused.

“Never mind,” Dean waved his hand dismissively. “So did he ask you out on a date? Did Mr. Anthony Perio win your heart over?” Dean mocked.

“Win my…” Your eyes widened. “Dean! You read my diary?!”

Sam laughed and clapped his hands as the plot thickened.

“I had to!” Dean defended himself. “There was this one day that you were eating everything in sight…and you were just so do moody for like a week. I had to make sure you weren’t pregnant!”

“It’s called a period Dean!” You yell back at him. “Every girl gets one. You should know since you spend every waking moment fucking one!”

“Y/N!” Your dad barked. You know you have went too far but your anger was boiling inside. This was no longer about teasing, Dean went though your personal property. You were betrayed and embarrassed.

“Sorry, dad,” you mumble giving Dean a glare as you say back in your seat. You crossed your arms over your chest.

No one said a word for another hour, afraid to piss your father off even more. However, when you saw a sign that said “Welcome to Wisconsin.” You couldn’t help but speak up.

“Wait, are we leaving town already?” You look at your father through the rear view mirror. He glanced your way but didn’t say anything. “Dad we can’t leave now. I’m supposed to go to the movies tomorrow with Anthony.”

“The movies? Classic,” Dean says. “What were you going to see?”

“Sinister, I think,” you reply.

Dean turns quickly in his seat, “sinister?! Well thank god were out of that town.”

“Why?” You ask.

“Because anyone who goes to see a scary movie with a date never make it to the end. They get caught in the cuddling that leads to more….” Sam tries to explain.

“Sam, that’s enough.” Your dad says. Sam nods his head.

“How would you know that?” You glare. Sam glades back at you.

“Y/N it’s better this way, trust me.” Dean says. He reaches in his jacket and pulls out a sandwich that looks smushed. He smells it before taking a bite of it.

“That’s disgusting,” your face cringes.

“you’re disgusting,” he retorts.

You roll down the window, getting a wif of mustard that God only knows is how old. “I’m gonna be sick.”

“Oh would you stop your whining,” Dean rolls his eyes.

“Stop giving me things to whine about,” you retort.

“Would you both just shut up,” Sam rolls his temples as he feels a headache coming on.

“Shut up, Sam,” you and Dean say at the same time.

“She’s just mad that she’ll never see her possible true love again,” Dean says.

“Shall I remind you of Alicia Duggar your freshman year of high school? She cheated on you with the bass player and you took out all your anger or Sam and I by threatening us to do your chores,” you raised an eyebrow.

“Oh I remember that,” Sam says.

“Dean,” your dad looks at your eldest brother questioningly.

Dean sighs, “Oh come on dad. A man with these kind of looks shouldn’t be getting dissed on by girls.”

“you’re right,” you say. “They shouldn’t be getting girls at all.”

“Just for that, you’re taking her round of chores when we stop. Cleaning, supply runs, and food stop-”

“But dad-”

“Don’t test me son,” your dad warns. “I’ve been in the car for far too long with three bickering children. I’m not in negotiating mood right now. Okay?”

“Yes sir,” Dean sighs, crumbling up his paper bag his sandwich was once in.

Three hours later your dad pulls into another grimy motel room, checking out two rooms. One for him and Dean, the other for you and Sammy.

Getting out of the car, you notice many girls dressed in 'clothing’ or undergarments. Then you see the strip club they must be coming out of right across the street.

“Hey, Dean,” I point to the strippers. “It’s your dream town.”

That earned you a slap on the head from your oldest brother. However he couldn’t stop his staring.

“Are you guys going to help me with this or not,” Sam complains at the back of the trunk of the car.

“Nope,” You and Dean say at the same time. Sam looks at you two with an agape mouth.

Dean holds out his fist for you to bump. You raise your fist, missing his and hitting him in the stomach. Dean cowers over, not hurt much, but taken by surprise. You shrug your backpack on and bend down so that your lips are by his ear. 

“And if you ever go through my things again, I’ll make sure you wake up under water.”

Dean’s eyes went big. When Winchester’s want revenge, they get it. That’s why there prank war’s always go to far. Someone either gets arrested or put in the hospital. Sometimes both. 

You give Sam and smirk and walk inside. You flop down on your bed and close your eyes, basking in the silence, knowing that once the sun rises, you and your brothers will be at each others’ throats again.

A/N: I hope this is what you were looking for! You can use your imagination with what age you want them to be. Please send me more requests! I love them. Also, I got an ask, saying if I considered doing one shots where the three Winchesters are younger? The answer is yes. As long as you send in a requests with a plot with it, I’ll be happy to do it for you! I love you all(:

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Hello Nurse from Animaniacs

I’m thinking there’s a certain type of man who’d cite the nurse from Animaniacs as his choice for sexiest cartoon lady. Like I’m thinking maybe a guy in his mid-50s? A Beard, a Hawaiian shirt? Maybe carrying a car horn around with him everywhere he goes?

Maybe he punctuates every sentence with ‘Zoopity boopy, I love to chuckle!’? Maybe he announces his arrival at your house by coming to your window and yelling ‘Honk honk honk! Who’s at the door??’ which doesn’t make sense on any level he’s at the WINDOW and that’s NOT A DOORBELL NOISE.

Maybe he arrives at the office before everyone but doesn’t dare enter the building until more people arrive. He sits in the café next door and tries to engage the staff in conversations about TV and movies, it’s invariably stuff they haven’t seen.

Maybe he reviews candy on youtube?

Maybe he was once caught masturbating to Martian Queen Rule 34 at work and literally no-one acknowledged it or has ever mentioned it since it happened.

He owns a dog called Sherri and he absent mindedly feeds it chocolate every day despite being fully aware that that’s advised against.

He’s had to leave three towns already before he moved here.

Y’know the type?

What if Free! ends more or less the same way High Speed 2 did?

High☆Speed! 2 (BIG SPOILER) Chapter 8

By the time he had finished practicing for the day, he had completely grasped the sensation and such things as breaking his balance didn’t happen anymore.

Short of breath, he goes home with Makkou. When he does, as if he had been seen, the telephone rang. It’s from Makoto’s mother. She says that Makoto had gone out and hasn’t come home yet. After informing her that he didn’t come to the Swimming Club, he put down the receiver.

The scarlet of the setting sun shining in through the window quietly stretches into the house. Feeling something like a strange trepidation from that red color, Haruka rushed outside like he was being hurried.

Coming out the first torii, he looks down. Makoto’s bicycle is left at the bottom of the stone steps. He hasn’t gone far. Haruka climbed up to the second torii that’s at the very top of the stone steps and went out into the shrine. Misagozaki Shrine’s grounds weren’t wide enough to survey, just a small shrine stood there, while seeming like it’s about to reach the end of its days.

Going round the back just to be sure, he looks down at the sea from the gap between the Japanese zelkova and the maple. There was nothing other than the waves hitting the rocks and breaking with a flash of white.

The sun sinking in the west, it was already trying to fall into the horizon. He got the feeling that if it gets dark, it’ll turn into trouble. The dusk makes people uneasy. Thinking that he has to look for him before it becomes serious, Haruka ran down the stone steps.

When he went into the port, there were several white masts, each casting long shadows while quietly swaying. He runs while making sure to peer into every single boat, every so often there were just seabirds resting their wings, but there wasn’t a single human figure.

Like that, he runs out of the port chasing his own shadow and goes out to the breakwater. The complicatedly tangled tetrapod was being washed by the waves while half sinking itself into the sea. Once in a while, the anglers take a seat on it, but no one’s there today. Going until the edge of the levee, after going in a circle around the small lighthouse that will cast light before long, he retraced his steps to the concrete straight road.

Crossing the pier, by the time he came out onto the road alongside the coast, the streetlights were starting to light up one by one. It’s a small port town, but if one person felt like hiding, it makes them realize that anything can happen. Or, did he leave town already……

As he’s running on the road alongside the coast, he could see a silhouette at the very edge of the beach where the streetlights didn’t reach. The lighthouse’s light illuminates that silhouette for just an instant.


Going down to the beach right after shouting, Haruka ran with full strength. It’s the beach he always runs on with Makkou. He’s supposed to have gotten used to running on it, but he’s tripped up. His balance breaks. He can’t run as fast as he wants. It’s frustrating. It’s irritating. Only his feelings become rash.

The second flash of light illuminates Makoto again. He stood still, facing the sea. The rising tide was already trying to reach his feet.


He shouts once more. He runs while shouting. Makoto reacted at last. He turns just his neck towards Haruka.


It was a dull voice. Haruka reaches him at last, breathing roughly.

“Haahaa, I looked for you.”

His eyes remaining hollow, Makoto shows a smile.

“You found me unexpectedly fast.”

Could he have been intending to play hide-and-seek or something? He wants that to be it, he thinks. He wants something ridiculous like that to be it, he thinks.

“Haahaa, what were you doing. With something like this.”

“……I thought of going to a place where Haru isn’t.”

Haruka’s heart leapt. Where was he trying to go. What was he trying to do. What would’ve happened if he were a little slower.


Asking that was the most he could do.

“Will I be alright even if Haru isn’t here? …..I wanted to make sure of that.”

Raising his eyebrows, he shows a lonely smile. Makoto was fighting all along. He was suffering, all along. In a place where Haruka’s thoughts couldn’t possibly reach……

“Would Haru be alright even if I weren’t here?”

He can’t lie to him anymore. He can’t deceive him. He can’t trick him. Neither Makoto, nor Haruka himself.

“–– I wouldn’t have looked for you if I were.”


Makoto laughs. He was the usual Makoto. The amiable smile with up-slanting eyebrows. He came back to being the usual Makoto. To Haruka’s side––, he came back for him.

“Don’t worry me so much.”

For now, just that is enough, he thought. If Makoto’s here, just that is enough.

“Yeah, sorry. Haru.”

Quickly getting away from the surging waves, Makoto starts walking. Haruka walks side by side with Makoto. For just a moment, the lighthouse’s light illuminated the two footprints remaining on the dusk coast.


hi 🍀🐱 i was trying to make it through and not do this but ive had an anxious day. me and my kitty toulouse really need some donations bc foodstamps dont cover pet food, and he’s got something weird on his paw, and i can barely afford shots from this volunteer pet clinic who’s too short-staffed to do it for free anymore…. if i dont get him checked out, no one is going to foster him when i leave town 😢 im already essentially houseless but i need to take care of my animal before me. literally anything helps because it’s $1 for a can of soft food, and the checkup is supposed to be $8 but since im not a student right now, i need to drop pocket money on bus fare too. my paypal is beanspineda@gmail.com please reblog, thanks for reading! 🐈