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zimbits. “Less homicidal thoughts about your annoying coworker right now, please. I’m in a meeting over here.” pLEASE

Charlie asked for this about 30 years ago but I’m just getting around to it now. It’s prompt from this list. 

If he thinks I’m going to let a single tart anywhere near his ruinous Trump-sized hands he’s got another thing coming. Actually, no. He can have as many tarts as he wants. Kill ‘em with kindness, and arsenic worked into the whipped cream. I’d have to add more vanilla to balance it out but–

If Jack wasn’t in a sponsorship meeting, he would be inclined to promptly bash his head into the wood of the table. It had been like this for a few weeks ago, a voice filtering in at the most inopportune times, going on diatribes against who he was presuming was the voice’s coworker (”–even the way he counts out change is annoying. The Lord is testing me. We should’ve kept the antique register, it would have hurt more when I ‘accidentally’ shut the drawer on his fingers that he just licked to count out the bills. Yes, I would LOVE my spit covered change. THANK YOU.”)

Unfortunately, Jack thought it was unlikely that NIKE would appreciate their new brand ambassador actively giving himself a concussion, so he shot the representative across the table a smile and nodded to whatever was being said before reverting back inside his head.

As ambitious as your assassination attempt is, if you could keep it to yourself I would appreciate it.

There wasn’t even a moments pause before he got his reply.

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Fairy Lights

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Chapter notes: I’m having some writer’s block so this is just to get some creativity juices flowing again. Short and (hopefully) sweet.

Pairing: Moxiety (platonic) 

CW: Absolutely none, this is pure fluff. This could give a cavity to cotton candy.


Sometimes, when things get really bad, Virgil will leave his room at night and tiptoe down the hall toward Patton’s. 

It’s an arrangement they’ve never spoken about aloud. They’ve never had to. Patton understands what Virgil needs and Virgil knows he won’t be judged. 

He’ll push at the door to Patton’s room and it will always open for him. Always. The room on the other side is never completely dark, either; Patton’s ceiling is speckled with tiny fairy lights, like stars, that twinkle faintly on the high vaulted ceiling. 

Patton’s bed is huge, covered with big fluffy blankets and more pillows that could ever reasonably be needed by one person. That’s just part of it, though: everything about Patton is more and plenty and extra, like Patton himself. Everything about him was made to give. To share

Patton always seems to know when to expect Virgil, too. Virgil has yet to figure out how he does it, but he has thus far never failed to be awake, when Virgil peeks in at night, no matter how late it is. 

He is tonight, too, his eyes glittering in the darkness. He is not wearing his glasses, but apparently he can see better than he pretends without them because he smiles when Virgil opens the door. Virgil smiles back, feeling shy warm and just…good. It’s how he usually feels when he walks into Patton’s room, and it’s hard to put more eloquently than that. He feels…good. Safe. Wanted. 

Patton doesn’t speak. He does peel back his comforter and pat the open space on the mattress beside him. 

Virgil slips inside the room and closes the door behind him, then pads, barefoot, over to the bed. It’s tall so he has to hoist himself up, which makes him feel a little like a kid crawling into his parents’ bed. Which is not a wholly inaccurate comparison, come to think of it. 

He slides in next to Patton, close but with a little bit of space between them at first. He always needs an invitation for this part–no matter how many times Patton does this for him, Virgil doubts he’ll ever be self-assured enough to be absolutely certain of his welcome–but Patton never fails to offer it to him. He opens his arms, and Virgil immediately melts into them, relaxing for the first time since the nightmare had awakened him in the first place. He breathes in deeply of Patton’s beloved, cherished scent, nuzzling his nose into the flannel of his pajamas (ridiculous, they’re ridiculous, fluffy and soft and pale blue and covered in little white clouds and little yellow moons and Virgil loves loves loves them, just like he loves loves loves Patton, oh God so much) and when he breathes out it shudders a little and maybe a tear or two escapes. 

Another great thing about Patton’s pajamas: they’re super absorbent. 

Patton wraps his arms around him and strokes his hair, fingers finding all the places on Virgil’s scalp that feel so good when they dig in and scratch a little. His other arm loops around Virgil’s back and snugs him in, until they are pressed together chest to knee. Then Patton flicks the blanket back over the pair of them, leaving them cocooned in warmth. 

Patton speaks the first words of the evening, after Virgil’s body stops shaking and his tears run dry. “Better, kiddo?” 

Virgil nods, and burrows in closer. “Yes,” he whispers. 

“You want to sleep in here with me tonight?” 

This offer never fails to come, either, and Virgil is beyond grateful for it. “Yes, please.”

“Okay.” A firm, gentle kiss on his brow, a squeeze. “Sleep tight, kiddo. Love you bunches.” 

And Virgil smiles, a few more tears making their escape. “Love you too, Dad.”

Mean - Part 2 [Harrison Osterfield series]

A/N: Hello there!! Thank you so much for the support for this series. Honestly I’m really scared that I’ll lose inspiration and motivation to write this story, so I’m trying to churn out a new chapter every few days. Hope you guys enjoy this! Do like and reblog (here’s me being desperate)

Summary:  You and Harrison share the same group of friends, but somehow you can’t stand each other. All of your friends wonder how long it’ll take for you two to get along, or maybe even fall in love.

Word Count: 1, 311

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x reader

Warnings: swearing, Asshole!Osterfield

Masterlist | Mini Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Three years later

You sat down in the chair by your desk, facing the wall in front of it. The pictures on the wall seemed to stare back at you, memories pouring out of them. Your eyes drifted to a picture of your boyfriend, now ex boyfriend. You frowned. The sound of paper ripping echoed in your room as you tore apart the pictures of him. You scanned the wall for any pictures of him, ready to get rid of them.

You spotted a picture of you, your boyfriend, Tom and Harrison at a party. Harrison was frowning. You remembered that party. A fight broke out between your boyfriend and Harrison. It took you and Tom ages to break that fight up. You never knew that that fight was about, probably a disagreement. Harrison never liked your boyfriend. He always had something to point out about him. Flaws, his actions, all the little things that your boyfriend did seemed to bother him. Even his presences seemed to put Harrison off.

“Finally. He’s gone.” Harrison sighed as he plopped down in the couch. Your boyfriend just left your apartment, in which you shared with Harrison and Tom.

“Why do you dislike him so much?” You fired back, looking at him for answers. Was your boyfriend that bad?

“He’s such a dickhead. He cheated on his previous girlfriend you know…”

“And you cheated on my sister.” You said flatly.

“At least I learnt my lesson. At least I’m a decent human being.” Harrison spat. “All he does it flirt with girls when you’re not around. He’s terrible! Why can’t you see that? What do you even see in him?”

“I see a caring, charming and supportive man. He’s a decent human being. Unlike you.” You said in disgust. “Why? Are you jealous? That he’s getting all of my love?” You smirked at Harrison.

“God. Why would I need love from such a desperate and pathetic girl? I’m pretty sure no one wants love from you. Your boyfriend is just your charity case.” He rolled his eyes.

The words pricked your heart. Pathetic? Desperate? Charity case? How could he? You were not a charity case. You were annoyed, and your pms made annoyed you even more. Anger bubbled inside of you as you thought of a comeback, or any statement. You had no words. You were at the end of your rope. You were mad. So so mad at him. You grabbed your keys and wallet. You needed to think.

You sat in the booth of your favourite diner, sipping a chocolate milkshake. You needed some chocolate to soothe your nerves and to satisfy your cravings. You though about what Harrison said. Would your boyfriend cheat on you? Does he flirt with other girls? Was he really what Harrison had described?

You wanted to text your boyfriend so badly, but he was on the way to the airport for a flight. You sighed. Megan? No, she’s at her parents place. Harry? No, he’s filming overseas. Sam.

You picked up your phone and was about to text Sam Holland. Suddenly, a strong grip pulled you up, dragging you out of the your seat. You looked up at the person who was dragging you. Harrison Osterfield.

“Let go of me!” You struggled. Why was he here?

He remained silent as he pulled you out of the diner. It was pouring.

“What were you thinking?” He grabbed your shoulders, shaking you, as if he was trying to shake you into reality. The rain pelted down onto you, soaking your whole body. Not a bit of skin was left untouched by the rain.

“Y/N! What were you thinking? You could’ve gotten hurt! It’s late.”

You stared into his striking blue eyes. They searched you for an answer, a reply, something that could put his worry at peace. You shrugged.

“I needed to think. Calm my nerves. I don’t know. Why do you even care?” You hissed.

“Because…” he searched for words.

“Because what? You need to ship me off to my charity case boyfriend so I can leave you alone?” You snarled.

“Gosh damn it! It’s because I car-” He started, but was interrupted by Tom.

“Nice one Haz! You found her!” Tom handed you and umbrella. “Let’s head home shall we?”

You stared at the picture. You’ve wondered about what Harrison was about to say. You tried to get him to say it, but he always brushed you off when you asked.

You jumped when you heard the sound of keys rattling. They were home. Tom and Harrison had been away for the past eight months. They were on a press tour for Spiderman: Homecoming and filming for Chaos Walking.

You walked to the front door, ready to welcome them back. Your eyes lit up when you saw your contraption that you had set up earlier.

“Thank God we’re back. I’m so tired. I want to mu-” Tom said as he walked in. He stopped when pink slime trickled down his face.

“What the fuck is this?” He asked, looking at you.

“Surprise?” You smiled cheekily.

Tom rolled his eyes and walked past you, bumping into you in the process. You frowned. What’s up with him?

“He’s not in the best mood. Paparazzi went way out of the line today.” Harrison said as he walked in with his luggage.

“I guess I should start cooking dinner.” You said sheepishly.

You stir fried minced meat, you chopped garlic and onion. You were cooking pasta, their favourite. You were stirring the sauce when suddenly, sauce started splattering, and a large amount of it got onto your shirt.

Tom was probably still mad, so you called for Harrison to get you another shirt. He passed you the shirt and took over cooking. You slipped off the dirty shirt and put on the clean one while his back was turned.

You stood next to him, wanting to take over. He refused to let you take the spatula from him, because he wanted to learn how to cook. You looked at his face, his blue eyes focusing on the pan.

“Oh my gosh Haz! You ruined it!”

Harrison looked at you, colour draining from his. He realised that all of your hard work had gone to waste.

“I’m so sorry… I could help you make another one.”

“I’m kidding. You’re doing great!”

He nudged you playfully, causing a giggle to escape your lips. You

“That was the first time you ever called me Haz.” He stated. He was right. It was. You never called him Haz. Always ‘Harrison’ or ‘HARRISON OSTERFIELD’ or even ‘HARRISON FUCKING OSTERFIELD’. You flashed a small smile and put your attention on your dinner.

“Be careful! Don’t burn it!” You pointed out.

“Y/N don’t worry… it’ll be fine.” Harrison smirked. “Don’t try to change the topic ya?” You looked down again. You didn’t know what to say.

“You know… We’ve changed. We’re both more mature now. I’m sorry for what I’ve done in the past. It was stupid. Forgive me.” He looks at you, warmth is in his eyes. He seemed genuine. He looked like he really wanted to be forgiven, unlike before when his apologies were empty.

“I know you may not be ready to forgive me. So I’m offering you a deal. Let’s be friends. For one month. We treat each other like friends. It’ll be a trial, so after a month, you can choose if you want to continue disliking me or we can officially become friends.” He offers as he scoops the sauce into the bowls.

What an offer. You furrowed your brows as you weighed the offer. Pros and cons. There weren’t many cons to be honest, it wasn’t like you disliking him would create some distance that could potentially ruin the whole sharing an apartment thing. Right?

“So what do you say?”

“You have yourself a deal Osterfield.”

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A Matt/Foggy rec list

I went through the entirety of the ao3 tags (well, complete fics only) and I bookmarked my favourites…i’m sure i missed some good ones BUT i snagged quite a few, i hope some people get some enjoyment out of this list…it makes me feel worthy and useful to compile these damn things 

I’ll Most Likely Kill You in the Morning - 46, 465 words 
Foggy and Matt never met at school. They cross paths for the first time while working opposite sides of a case, and Matt doesn’t leave an impression beyond the superficial: a blind, pro-bono crusader who Foggy will feel really guilty about having to oppose in court one of these days. Seemed like a nice guy, but no one Foggy will worry about a week later.He has more important things on his mind, like the masked vigilante who keeps cornering him in dark alleys to threaten him for information.

In the City of Blinding Lights - 26,893 words
Matt’s come up with a long list of lies to cover for his night-time activities. Foggy pretending to be Matt’s boyfriend wasn’t on that list for a very good reason.

Boy Wonder - 19,170 words +++
In 1999, Foggy Nelson was the secret weapon in a now-forgotten boy band. Sixteen years later, he meets his biggest fan: music critic Matt Murdock.

Touch Me, Don’t Feel Me - 21,859 words
Foggy struggles to navigate a casual sexual relationship with Matt after the events of season two. It’s predictably complicated.

Hold Me Fast and Fear Me Not - 25,142 words
Something in New York has everyone walking around with iron in their pockets, and it seems like the vigilante they’re calling the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is at the center of it all. Foggy knows how to steer clear of that kind of trouble, but when the Devil seeks him out, he ends up in the middle of it with him. A Janet and Tam Lin AU.

Easy As Lying - 1,073 words
5 times Matt let Foggy get away with lying to him, and one time he didn’t. (or something like that, idk. just something where Foggy pretends that he isn’t attracted to Matt and Matt lets him, until he doesn’t.)

Ex Delicto, De Novo Ad Infinitum - 12,009 words
From a transgression (consequences of a crime), anew (a restart) to infinity (continuing on forever)

Matt and Foggy get back up again.

jump, check parachute - 11,945 words +++
Foggy Nelson: good at law, terrible at feelings.

Say You’ll Still Be By My Side - 7,291 words
Bless me, Foggy, for I have sinned.

Daredevils Don’t Drink Decaf - 20,553 words ++
“I really, really want to make a joke about bats and blindness. Will you punch me if I make a joke about bats and blindness?” Matt shakes his head, grinning. “Okay, so we’re Superspud and Blind-As-A-Batman.”

In which Foggy uses his law degree to peddle coffee to unsuspecting caffeine junkies, and Matt is his favorite customer. Who may or may not be Batman.

A blessing - 4,516 words
“I can’t wait until we are not-broke enough to afford air conditioning…” He sighed to himself, voice low. “The day we get one, I’ll dance naked in the office, I don’t even care.”

Red Cross - 12,455 words ++
Foggy is perfectly happy being a law-abiding physician with a weakness for cupcakes. No one else seems to understand this.

The Boxer-Puncher - 11,036 words
“Matt, you’re my best friend, but you’re a goddamn idiot sometimes. It’s not about you. I’m not training, I’m not looking to get in a ring or do what you do. I just wanted to know a little more.” He says it fiercely, strongly, right into Matt’s ear like that’ll get it through to him any easier. “It’s not like I’m any good at it,” he adds, which is probably a mistake.

His heartbeat definitely spikes on the lie, because Matt flinches.

if ever joy surrounds you (you have to let it) - 9,323 words ++
“I mean, I did think that maybe vigilantism is actually good for you in terms of, like, self-actualization or whatever, but - have you been seeing a therapist or something? Good talks with your priest?”

(Or, it’s weird how weird things aren’t between Matt and Foggy. Particularly when they’re talking about boners.)

a baker’s mile in your shoes - 12,508 words +++ (I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!)
“Foggy, listen to me. This isn’t going to make any sense at all, but just – just listen. I need you to come by my place and – walk with me over to Murdock’s, because I… need him to tell me how to call in sick.”

Matt Murdock + Brett Mahoney, body swap.

Prayer Beads - 13,728 words +++
Matt doesn’t know if love or lust is the deadlier sin. Either way, he’s going to hell.

The Good Little Wolf - 13,801 words ++
Foggy’s been training for this day his whole life. As long as he follows the Rules and finishes the Story, everything will be perfect.

Tempt Little Red Riding Hood. Eat Granny. Dress in Drag. Eat Little Red Riding Hood. Eat Little Red Riding Hood’s Basket of Goodies. Live Happily Ever After.

Gazelle, Lion, Gun - 22,731 words +++
The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen has got some competition. Sassy sharpshooters do not make good crime-fighting partners, except that they really do.

The Lawyer All the Wickedness - 24,098 words
Matt Murdock is the Kingpin’s right-hand man and a stain on New York City’s legal system. Whatever he wants from Foggy, it can’t be anything good.

So why can’t Foggy stay away?

(my heart) never could lie to you - 28,050 words +++
Foggy wishes he had something more interesting to talk about than cyclists and sharks and dessert samplers, but Matt doesn’t really seem to mind.

Just Our Hands Clasped So Tight - 8,490 words
If there’s one thing Foggy Nelson knows about Matt Murdock, it’s how tactile he is.

Fitter. Happier. More Productive. - 6,325 words
Matt tries to let go. He’s not too good at it.

through the bookcase, imagining a scene - 5,145 words +++
librarian!foggy AU

my name on your lips - 10,084 words +++
It starts when Matt and Marci have coffee. Then Foggy and Claire have coffee. Then Claire throws a Christmas party, and really, it isn’t like Foggy means to keep almost confessing to Matt, but can anyone really blame him?

I Decided This - 5,298 words +++
“I’m contributing yet another lovely sign to our office,” Foggy says, brandishing the finished product with a flourish. Matt can’t see the sign, but he can probably sense the flourish, which is what matters. “It says, ‘It has been ‘0’ days since Matt made an idiotic decision.”

“Doesn’t seem like it will inspire much trust from our clients.”

What the sign instead inspires: debates, understanding, a patented Murdock-level guilt trip, ice cream celebrations, a kiss, and perhaps even a way to finally move forward.

mr houdini you’re a freakshow - 21,087 words +++
You can’t plea bargain out of marriage, Foggy. Consider yourself guilty as charged.

The Brotastic Adventures Of The Avengers And The Long Suffering Foggy Nelson - 23,962 words +++
Where Foggy accidentally becomes bros with the Avengers, Foggy and Matt talk it out, and the Avengers and Matt don’t seem to grasp the concept that the “s” in “friends” is there for a reason.

OUAT ending with a reboot

Now I like to live in my happy fanfiction land but I can’t help seeing all the current OUAT happenings on social media, and living in Vancouver and being fortunate to actually watch OUAT tapings there have been certain things that have come to light.

Since OUAT has become a craptain h00k barfest the show normally plays quietly in the background while reading actual great storylines. I remember hearing a line by the Black Fairy and thought nothing of it until I saw the gifset of it on tumblr and holy shite a bunch of things just clicked. The line “So you’re the big bad queen who cast MY curse?” said by the Black Fairy now takes on a whole new meaning when you put together a bunch of spoiler pics from fans who went to watch them film and also press release photos. 

The one photo C$ers want to ignore is this: 

interpreting that Emma has been imaging the current storyline in her head, no one believes her and her only connection to the outside world is Henry. Now since the release of this photo some are saying it’s a hoax to throw off fans. No first off I know where they filmed that scene and what day. There are records of where tv shows film, that’s in fact a hospital most shows use, so why would they blow a day’s budget filming a hoax scene? Because it most likely is part of canon storyline and Emma has been imagining the current canon storyline but only Henry believes her because of his book. 

Which brings me back to the Black Fairy, she comes from the darkest realm and confirmed she is part of the reason of why the dark curse was enacted by Regina in the current storyline. She sees Regina failed at it because Regina has never really been pure evil, she has always had good in her. The Black Fairy’s mission is to enact the dark curse as she intended. The scenes in which Jaime Murray most recently filmed is her not dressed as the Black Fairy but as a normal person living in Storybrooke. 

Anyone recall seeing the Gold’s pawn shop sign change to Gold & Son? That was fairly recent and saw the sign myself. And I know for a fact they do not film in chronological order but put all the changes and the spoiler pics together, things are clicking into place for the so called reboot.

Yes the wedding happens but that’s where the canon storyline ends. The Black Fairy steps in to enact the dark curse as she intended so she is free from the dark realm and gets to live in the new canon Storybrooke. Here’s the kicker, with the dark curse working in her favour it takes Emma out of the equation as the savior. 

Here’s where Henry comes in, everyone is going WTF why is Henry carrying around the book in all his recent scenes. Where the dark curse is all evil, the book is the opposite which is the epitome of light to battle the dark. The book is the only thing that stands in the way of the dark curse staying in the way the Black Fairy intended. It can reverse everything she does and Henry has the power to wield it but needs the help of the savior but with his mother no longer the savior the reboot will be all about looking for the new savior to restore things as is.

The season ending is literally set up for new characters to come into play. Who is the new savior? All the current characters can exist but in a new capacity. They all will have a part but will interact with each other in a different sense. They may get their happy ending but not the way the audience believed they would.   

In exactly 3 years it’ll be 40 years since the Potters died.

In less than a year it’ll be 20 years since Severus died (bravely).

It’s freaking me out and I can’t sleep at night because they’re all so young in my mind…

Severus? Yeah, he’s 37 or something, having fun avoiding the sun in Jamaica, but no, he’s fucking 60 in 3 years and has been (not canon ‘cause he’s alive but whatever) dead for almost 20 fucking years.

  • Me: Man there's some great artists out here in the Voltron fandom! Oh look, this one draws klance nic-
  • Me: *looks into camera like in the Office*
Whamilton Fic Recs

So, I’ve learned that the Whamilton corner of the Hamilton fandom is small but mighty. I’ve only been active in it for maybe a month now (been reading fic since last year) and have overall really enjoyed engaging with all of you. One thing I haven’t really done yet, though, is recommend a few things *I’ve* been reading. 

I’m going to try and tag some of you if I have your tumblr url but otherwise - just bear with me here. If I leave you off it’s 100% not a slight, it’s just because I’m an idiot. Honestly, going through the ao3 tags made me realize I still have SO MUCH to go through. OK here we go. In no particular order.

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anonymous asked:

I cant believe you're so intolerant of pro life people. A majority of women make up the pro life movement and that's because there's no need to be against bringing a child into this world. The only exception I leave is when there is a medical emergency because if the baby cannot be delivered and this places a risk to the mother and any other childs(twins/triplets) life in the womb then there are no other alternatives but to do what's necessary.

Then you’ve obviously never read a single thing on my blog. Search pro life or abortion in my tags. 

I’m intolerant of people who would rather a woman bleed to death on a floor after getting an illegal abortion than having a perfectly safe procedure because they place a ball of cells above a real life human being and think that if they have an opinion every other woman in the world should obey it. I’m intolerant of people who want to deprive a woman the right to decide what to do with her own body. I’m intolerant of people who are stupid enough to think that a woman working two jobs to try and make ends meet can afford to be pregnant for 9 months, get the necessary healthcare, and take the time off work to give birth. I’m intolerant of people who are ignorant enough to think that forcing a woman to raise a child she doesn’t want or think that children should be put in to the unreliable, often traumatising, social care system is a better option. I’m intolerant of sexist people who think that having a womb qualifies them to force other women in to decisions they don’t want. 

Abortion has existed for as long as human beings have and will continue to do so for the rest of human existence. The choices are either to make it legal and safe, or illegal and kill women. You choose the second. I can’t accept that

Some reasons to ship IH and RR...

 -They’re both alive and the same age

- Both live in the living world

 - Orihime was bullied as a kid, and had her HAIR forcibly cut off (And now keeps it long thanks to Tatsuki), and Ichigo gets teased because of his HAIR color. (Both have something with HAIR.)

- Orihime has canon feelings for Ichigo, and Ichigo is shown being more gentle towards her than others.

- Ichigo vows to protect Orihime specifically, to her face.

- They’re part of the same friend circle. (Tatsuki, Chad, Uryu, etc.)

- Ichigo trusts Orihime to aid him in his fight with a REALLY strong opponent.

- He came back from the dead, as a mindless monster to protect her from Ulquiorra. (With only HER protection in mind, as he attacks Uryu, but never her.)

- Ichigo got 2 big holes in his chest, and kinda died for a bit trying so hard to save her.

- Ichigo knew about Orihime’s brother. She brought him to their clinic.

- Orihime’s feelings for him still remained after Tsukishima brain washed her.

- Ichigo forgot about everyone else and attacked when Ulquiorra mentioned Orihime. (Even though one of his friends was literally dying in a pool of her own blood.)

- Sword and Shield

- Ichigo wants to protect his friends and Orihime can Shield and Heal.

- Ichigo always notices when Orihime is worried

- His tender looks towards her

- Orihime knew Kon wasn’t Ichigo

- Tanabata lovers

- Ichigo told Ulquiorra, Grimmjow and Nnoitrora to let go of/get away from Orihime.

- He blushed like crazy at her new outfit

- They’re dorks

- It’s cute af.

- Kazui

- Rukia approves

- Tite Kubo approves


- They’re both souls and about the same age.

- Both live in the soul society

- Both are captain level soul reapers

- They’ve known each other for 100+ years

- Renji has canon feelings for Rukia

- Their bond grew stronger than ever, even after being apart for so long.

- They’re attached at the hip.

- They had a common friend circle like IH has. (Their deceased friends from their childhood, and maybe Byakuya. lol)

- He trained hard and got bankai to save her life.

- Renji BETRAYED his own captain, and tried to defeat him to save Rukia.

-Rukia was VERY distraught when she couldn’t sense Renji anymore, yelling out his name.

- They’re almost always side-by-side.

- They tag team style, beat up Ichigo.

- Renji was happy that Rukia was gonna become join a noble family and have a better life, even if it meant that she’d leave him, but Rukia was saddened that he’d let her go so easily. 

- He clung tightly to her, saying he’d never let her go again when protecting her from Aizen.

- Stray dog and the Star, Dog barking at the moon.

- Ichika

- Adorable dorks

-Byakuya Approves

- Tite Kubo Approves

+MANY more. (It’s 2:34 am rn, feel free to add your own. XD) 


Leave me and my sheith aLONE

So, you’re a simple minor. With a simple wish. You want people to stop shipping a ship, stop doing things you don’t approve with in general. You’re right there, about to send nasty asks and harassing fandom-creators, perhaps dedicate a blog to this anti-shipping and fandom policing.

But what if i told you, that the way to go, is actually, doing your homework.

By doing your homework, you will be able to learn new things. And when you learn new things, you are capable of understanding the world better. Perhaps doing your homework may help you develop a few very special skills such as:

  • acknowledging fiction is not reality
  • not harassing/suicide baiting/being nasty to people over fiction
  • how to blacklist tags you don’t like

and many more the Nasty Shippers have been known for owning. But this is truly the secret on how we have fun in fandom.

“But i don’t have any homework!”

We all know you’re lying. Now close the tab and start doing your homework. And soon you’ll be able to have fun, when you make up your mind, like all of us.