leave the fandoms alone

people like to hate on otayuri and then turn right the fuck around and ship leoji like hmmmm okay rebecca okay i see you i see your hypocrisy sourrounding the “pedophilic” argument


Let him be everything because he is everything.


wth is going on with the shit that some shippers of a certain ship wish for a certain member’s death so that their ship can be happy?

are you guys effing kidding me? grow the f up seriously

I don’t give an f about you little shit but if Jimin ever sees those shits I can’t even imagine how hurt he will be.

Shipping is for fun, please don’t be ugly. 1st they dragged him into their ships and trashed him for blocking their ship, then thanked him for sailing their ships, and now wanna kill him? Seriously?

I ship Jikook/Kookmin but I’d never say shit about any member. I appreciate each and every moment between each of them.

I just read about it but I really don’t wanna find out, but if you guys ever come across those things, please help by reporting them so that they can never reach any of the member.

And also that thing about him not loving international Armys too. 

I don’t understand why people are being like that to Jimin, esp. people who claim to be fans.

Jimin is shy, and timid, we all know, esp. when it comes to having to use foreign languages. Those English he spoke during the short clips promoting Wings tour and similar stuff, it was clear that he read it from a script (most of the members tbh). He’s a perfectionist, so it’s likely that he doesn’t wanna make any mistake speaking nor writing. And not everyone is good with learning foreign languages, esp. Korean and English have different linguistic systems and origins.

And Korea is his home, Korean Armys are what they started with. It’s not even worth debating that they have a special place in his heart. But it doesn’t mean that international Armys aren’t special nor have less space in his heart or anything. I hope people can be more understanding and actually place yourself in his place before they judge him.

He’s so precious to me, and seeing so many things happen to him caused by fans these days really break my heart.

I love and adore voltron, we have been blessed with such a fantastic and welcoming cast, and we have all these fantastic characters we get to explore.

So why is the fandom fucking disgusting.

okay but like……get this. this is a fucked up and uncomfortable situation with the link redirecting and everything but everybody understands that so like ???? stop acting like larries are vile enough to enjoy the fact that someone did that to harry, and you’re a terrible human if you have to resort to guilt-tripping, blaming, and using harmful insults to one group within a fandom to let out your frustration.


NOW LEAVE ME ALONE AVI. @too-many-goddamn-fandoms 

i am kidding. lol

Also I don’t know what this is really, I just haven’t KuroMahi-ed in awhile. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Mahiru just thought about kissing him… but chicken out HA. Kuro is confused now. 

-EDIT: I’m just low key stalking the tags and I just gotta say I seriously didn’t intend for this to be so “suggestive”. I didn’t really think so until now, thanks guys lololol


Godammit! Have you people never been 15/16 before?! They’re horny teenagers!! I know I was! And he’s a guy! I’ve seen plenty of young boys show off WAY more than what we saw! His exhibition was beautiful, Kubo made something amazing and you antis and assholes wanna keep bashing it. Go find another fandom and leave our lovely haven alone.

Confession:  I rate my first Andromeda playthrough an 8/10 and will play it again. Sure the game is far from perfect but I enjoyed it. I’ve had people send me hate mail and tell me to kill myself for enjoying it. Its one thing to have constructive criticism but to threaten people because they enjoyed something is sick. I just wish the authoritarian segment of the fandom would leave the rest of us alone